What The Public Really Think 6

Here is a list of some of the search terms which have brought people to this blog via search engines in the last hour:

tory bias in sky debate

sky biased against clegg

adam boulton bias debate

was adam boulton biased

why civil liberties not on debate agenda

murdock pushing tories in debate

sky bias

sky news bias debate

yougov murdoch

sky news biased moderator

yougov bias lib dem smear

questions fixed PM debate

yougov anti Lib Dem survey

Interesting isn’t it? I expect hundreds more in the course of today. There are a substantial number of people out there who have seen through the corporate media and are searching the internet for some truth.

Which is why we have had 68,104 unique visitors so far in April.

I am also on Facebook and I believe you can follow this blog on Twitter, though I confess to not having mastered the best use of Twitter yet. And of course you can purchase my books from the top left hand column.


“Craig Murray” has been displaced for the first time ever as the most used recent search to bring people to this site. The most used search this morning is “Debate sky bias”, And that is only those who used that precise search – there are 78 searches relating to Sky or Murdoch bias in the most recent 100 searches that brought people here.

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6 thoughts on “What The Public Really Think

  • Leo

    You’ve got two Facebook fan-pages to choose from. 🙂

    Looks like the “Politician” one is more official (or at least has a lot more information on it) than the “Author” one.

    The “Politician” one could do with an update, if it’s under your control, as it’s still about campaigning in Norwich.

  • Fitz

    Former Conservative MP and TV presenter Giles Brandreth was on This Week last night waffling on about why we should ignore the tiddly Lib Dems with their relatively small number of seats and concentrate on the only two parties who can win.

    Andrew Neil pointed out that the Lib Dems weren’t so tiddly when you looked at vote share, the Lib Dems on a % in the mid 20s against the other two parties in the mid to high 30s.

    Giles Brandreth was very visibly lost for words.

    We need to end this anti-democratic obscenity of first past the post immediately and replace it with proper PR immediately.

    I’m surprised really that media aren’t more concerned about this democratic deficit in Britian itself. They surely waffle on about it enough where Europe is concerned.

  • Ed Davies

    For those who don’t know, pretty much all of Craig’s blog posts are signalled on Twitter:


    Ironically, last night’s posts which were pretty much in the form of tweets (some may have been over the 140 character limit) mostly weren’t posted their. Don’t know why.

  • Rob Lewis

    Slightly o/t, but very possibly a genuine Cleggy compliment in this typically acidic piece from satirical news site The Daily Mash (www.thedailymash.co.uk):


    SERIOUSLY, either stop this shit or kill us, Britain’s electorate begged last night.

    As the country once again found itself watching a political debate on television, voters said they would now be willing to surrender to some form of non-military, quasi-dictatorship like they have in Singapore.

    Roy Hobbs, form Hatfield, said: “The first one was fucking shit but then Sky News spent 170 hours telling me that the second one was going to be really good, so I watched it and it was fucking shit.”

    Last night’s highlights included Tory leader David Cameron getting angry about a leaflet that went straight into 20 million bins and a politician who thinks he’s Spiderman telling a 16 year-old public schoolboy to get real.

    Meanwhile Gordon Brown has assured the man in the audience who was caught yawning that he will watch the third debate with Alistair Campbell gripping the back of his head and pressing his face really hard against the TV screen.

    Viewer Helen Archer, from Finsbury Park, said: “When I looked at these three men I did actually feel a creeping sense of pity and an awareness that maybe they should be doing something with their lives that is true to who they really are, instead of going on live TV and daring me to hunt them down with a crossbow.

    “So I looked at David Cameron and I realised that he’s actually fighting with himself and that he should just give in, become a merchant banker, make millions, have a laugh with his posh friends and free himself from the weight of public expectation so he can finally send his kids to a decent private school.

    “And I reckon he’d probably be the sort who’d give quite a lot to charity and run marathons and stuff. Y’know, rich but not a total dick.

    “And then I looked at Gordon Brown and thought that if he really wants to share his ideals with the world then he should go back to university and study to become a Presbyterian minister so that he would then have his own, beautifully carved wooden pulpit where he could moralise until he bursts and where his weird smile, his pathological seriousness and his laughable self-regard would all be huge assets.

    “And then I looked at Nick Clegg and thought he should be a politician.”

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