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It is really wonderful to be back home again after almost six weeks travelling. It is also a tremendous pleasure to be able to announce this:

A play by
Robin Soans
A World Premiere
Directed by
Jessica Swale
One Turbulent Ambassador follows the career of Craig Murray on
his appointment as Her Majesty’s Ambassador and Plenipotentiary
to the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2001.
Murray’s proximity to post 9/11 Iraq forces him into a political
minefield that neither he nor the Foreign Office could have
envisaged. When he walks into a bar in Tashkent late one
Monday night and sees a beautiful belly dancer arching her
limbs, his personal life threatens to become as turbulent as
the political landscape around him.
Don’t miss this opportunity to see the world premiere of Robin
Soans’s newest play, researched and developed in collaboration
with LAMDA students.
Please note that this production contains strong language and
scenes of an adult nature.
Lyric Hammersmith Ticket Office:
0871 22 117 22* (Mon – Sat, 9.30am – 7.30pm, 5.30pm on
non-performance days) or book online at**
* Calls cost 10p per minute, plus network extras. **Agents, industry guests and LAMDA
Angels should continue to book through The LAMDA Linbury Studio Box Office.
Venue Lyric Hammersmith
Dates 7.30pm Mon 02 July
& Times 7.30pm Wed 04 July
2.00pm Thu 05 July
7.30pm Fri 06 July
2.00pm Sat 07 July
7.30pm Mon 09 July
2.00pm Tue 10 July

195 thoughts on “One Turbulent Ambassador

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  • Jay


    I couldnt stomach the economist as a mouthpiece for the global fiat money printing grow, grow, grow.

    Please the rotjschilds liberal pro mix it all up and degrade sociery through mass media and family values destruction is not right wing.

    See bouegeios left and geopolitical decay.

    Ask most working mothers, they woild rather be at home

  • Philip

    The title is reminiscent of Thomas Becket, which prompted me to raid the archives for the following unreliable translation from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and North Westminster Advertiser.

    And when for the seventh time a letter arrived from Tashkent, asking why it was that the people of that realm should be suffered to be put to the question at the whim of an ungodly tyrant, and proclaiming that a lawful and virtuous government should never barter its soul for dross, then it was that Anthony the Lord’s anointed, being at meat, did hurl his trencher at the Chancellor and did rave with his hands in the air and exclaim, Who will rid me of this turbulent Ambassador? And lo, Sir John the Grass did up and pursue the said Ambassador with much alacrity, and many convenient discoveries were made concerning the many sins and proclivities of the aforesaid Ambassador, who was found to be a traitor and a madman and a despoiler of women and a card-sharp and an enemy of God and an unrepentant breaker of wind in the Holy Places. And he was taken and confined in the asylum, and instructed in the ways of sanity by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office until it was almost as if the top of his head had been sliced off, but he would not be silenced. And at last it came to pass, that Anthony the Lord’s anointed and Sir John the Grass were made to resign their offices, and lived out the rest of their days in pious works and much denial.

  • Mary

    Miriam Clegg profits from the dispossession of Saharan tribespeople by the Moroccans.

    Similarly Glencore’s activities in the DRC are poisoning the people and the environment.
    See Panorama tonight.

  • Mary

    Breivik gave a far right salute as he entered the court. He does not recognise the court or the judge. Not a flicker as the DA is reading out the names of those who died and were injured in the Oslo bomb explosion and giving details of how they died and were injured. On live on Sky News now.

  • Komodo

    Good to see Craig back, and his name up in lights…
    Re. Scotland, I lived there for three decades, and never had the slightest bother on the grounds of nationality (I’m English) When in Scotland, do as the Scots do, and you can’t go wrong. The Manx have a word for the kind of Englishman who incenses people worldwide…a wennaye. “Wennaye was in Bagshot, we did things very differently…” To which the only possible response is “English bastart”, really.

  • Komodo

    Thanks, Clark. Noted, but I think I said all I wanted to before revealing the horrifying depth of my ignorance completely!

  • Clark

    “Breivik acted alone but it was the ‘Counter-Jihadist’ ideology that inspired him and gave him the reasoning to carry out these atrocious attacks.
    “As our report graphically highlights the ‘Counter-Jihad’ movement is a loose network of foundations, bloggers, political activists and street gangs. Sometimes they act alone, sometimes they join together. The individuals sit on each other’s boards and the organisations share platforms and co-host events. The actions of one inspire another while the writings of some justify the actions of another.
    “They are neo-Conservatives. They are Christian evangelicals. They are hardline racists. They are football hooligans. They are nationalists. They are populists. They are hardline Zionists. They are former leftists. The ‘counter-Jihad’ movement comes in all shapes and sizes but they are united in a common loathing of Islam.”

  • Clark

    Komodo, it’s your ability to reason and your talent for hunting out links I was hoping for, rather than any specialist knowledge. All the “experts” seem to have already taken sides, and I find the degree of polarisation in the energy debate confusing and difficult to penetrate.
    The intent of the debate itself is to reduce our mutual ignorance.

  • Mary

    A strange coincidence Avvakum but I was walking along the banks of the River Wey this morning with my dog. Usmanov owns the Sutton Place estate which adjoins the river. Not a soul to be seen over the three rows of barbed wire and mesh fencing with notices warning of guard dogs on patrol and to keep to the towpath. I greatly resent that this man has been able to purchase and occupy this lovely piece of our country England.
    A helicopter was taking off and flying SW in the direction of Gatwick Airport.
    There are many gaps on the page – extensive editing has obviously taken place.
    {} Google map

  • Clark

    Usmanov again. I see that his Wikipedia article has been “sanitized”:

    The Supreme Court [of Uzbekistan] vacated the judgment of 1980 and terminated the case for the absence of the constituent elements of a crime. Usmanov was thus conclusively found to be innocent of the crimes which were alleged to have been committed.


  • Smeggypants

    Rcki says: “I have heard through Wikileaks Al Jazeera is a paid mouthpiece for the CIA.”
    This has been obvious for years given all the fake Bin laden videos and tapes that were always delivered to it.

  • Pee

    BBC Radio 4 this evening at 20.30 was….Crossing Continents – Forced Sterilisation in Uzbekistan.
    Reporting on “evidence that women are being sterilised,often without their knowledge, in an effort by the government to control the population”. Very disturbing.
    Listen again on i-Player

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq Association

    Agree Smeggy – laugh indeed — Some years ago Al-Jazeera refused a reciprocal link to my site while Iran World Service requested a link.
    Poignant posts on the plight, misery, distress and sadness of Iraq children – thank-you, appropriately Fallujah, where America war crimes were enacted or conducted, esp. with regard to using phosphorus and a variant of napalm, the Mark 77 bomb.
    My involvement with a number of Iraq’s childrens’ hospitals esp. Tikrit and Samarra Generals has allowed me to document such crimes (leukemia, burns, asphyxiation and poisoning from banned weaponry).
    Maybe my many letters to Laura Bush in 2004/5 squeezed her conscious hard enough to ensure the Children’s Cancer hospital in Basra was realised, who knows, she never replied.
    The Fallujah Project – – is a good primer – i.e. It is not widely known the British c1920 bombed what is now Fallujah and murdered thousands of children. Sadly the incident has been wiped from the pages of history (and Wiki) only to be fingered by Robert Fisk and documented by the Brussels Tribunal in abstract.

  • nevermind

    Looks like the IDF’s over reaction and threats to airlines has not managed to keep activists from showing thier disperate actions in defense of the3 undefendable.
    Israel is further undermining its legitimacy, its population does not agree with what Netanyahu’s Government is doing. Will this be the beginning of the end, another shism of Judaism.

    Here is another Guardian article one cannot comment on, safer that way, keeps the shareholders happy.

  • nevermind

    Don’t know what you’ve all seen of yesterdays coverage of Breivigs trial, but its sinister start, coupled with the pictures of a fisted nazi salute, shown worldwide to rightwing supporters, made me feel physically ill.

    Our tax funded BBC, who previously showed Breivig aiming a gun and pointing it at an imaginary target, yesterday choose to show him as the saluting Nazi, together with his message of anti immigration and anti Islam.

    The BBC has become a mouthpiece to rightwing messages, they could have showed Breivig in cuffs being led into court by two police men, they could have made something of the fact that they had heard nothing of his brethren freemasons, but they choose to amplify a powerfull anti islamic message and image.

    This contribution will most likely not appear on the Guardians article today, here it is anyway.

    “Norway has always looked at outsiders as incomers, visitors from somewhere else whop will eventually go again.
    What is disturbing is, that this cover up trial, holding evidence given by freemasons behind closed doors, using the argument that it might glorify Breivigs actions to fellow rightwingers, has been covered here in boisterous fashion.
    Our BBC, paid for by our license fee/tax, portrayed Breivig initially carrying and pointing a large rifle at an imaginary target, yesterday, the pinnacle of all bad taste, they choose to show him making a fisted Nazi salute.
    They could have shown him in hand cuffs, but the choice of picture said it all.
    THE BBC HAS GO THE HOTS FOR BREIVIGS RIGHTWING MESSAGES…..WHY? Is this what they want to see here in Britain? Why are they glorifying a mass murderer when they full well know that an explosive EDL is watching every minute of their coverage?
    Will our favourite fury Melanie phillips be called before the courts to give evidence of her manifested bad taste? i.e. will she have to explain why here bile ended up on Breivigs manifesto together with Pamela Geller’s rightwing support for this calculated murderer?
    Every Norwegian should watch this trial carefully, see what support the brethren give to a fellow free mason and how it was possible that not a single purchase of fertiliser and or gun aroused suspicion.
    Breivigs international connections and travel patterns should show what he and others knew. Did he attend a rally held by Pamela Geller in support of the Ghaza massacre? did he meet here afterwards? why did she support his murderious plans on her website and erased her support instantly after the massacre?
    Questions that will not be raised, whilst the profile will fall on the person, the action and nothing else, what drove, financed and supported Breivig, his masonic connections and allures, why he choose to feature Ms. Phillips slurs and missive’s, will not be debated and his wider circle of fellow rightwingers can breath easily, the establishment and system will protect them.
    Watch out Britain, the BBC loves Breivig not just for managing consent and for covering up bad Conservative news, they seem to like his cleancut rightwing image, why else would they want to depict him in a way they have, saluting all rightwingers around the world.”

  • Komodo

    Presentation aside, I think Breivik’s on a legal hiding to nothing – anyone claiming that shooting 70 of his unarmed fellow countrymen – mostly white – is in any sense self-defence is a slice or two short of a gjetost butty, however he plays it. But he has the full attention of the media, and that is what he wants. Some more emphasis on the fact that this Aryan superhero lived with his mother while planning the murders, and that his combat experience was obtained on Playstation, would be welcome.
    Actually, this guy comes from the same mould as Thomas Hamilton, the Dunblane killer. A complete fucking inadequate, who finally takes out his resentment at society, or some aspect of it, on a convenient collection of wholly innocent and defenceless people. Pity he didn’t have the embryonic decency to do as Hamilton did, and shoot himself when he’s finished.

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