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I learn the interesting news that David Aaronovitch tweeted to Joan Smith and Jenny Jones that I am:

“an angry and dangerous man who could as easily be on the far right as the far left”.

I had no idea I was on the far left, though I suppose it is a matter of perspective, and from where Mr Aaronovitch stands I, and a great many others, look awfully far away to the left. I don’t believe you should bomb people for their own good, I don’t believe the people of Palestine should be crushed, I don’t believe the profit motive should dominate the NHS, I think utilities and railways were better in public ownership, I think education should be free. I guess that makes me Joseph Stalin.

But actually I am very flattered. Apparently I am not just angry – since the invasion of Iraq and the banker bailouts everybody should be angry – but “dangerous”. If I can be a danger to the interests represented by a Rupert Murdoch employee like Aaronovitch, I must have done something right in my life. I fear he sadly overrates me; but it does make me feel a little bit warmer, and hold my head that little bit higher.

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  • Mary

    Excellent comment Craig. He lurks in the hay like a snake waiting to sink his fangs in and spill his venom.

  • lucythediclonius

    I presume im not alone in thinking the idea that Craig is either hard left or a misogynist utterly ridiculous.Is there any indication circumstantial or otherwise as to why you would be at home on the far right?

  • Fedup

    Fat tub of lard David Aaronovitch the infamous ziofuckwit indeed has a lot to worry as the cheerleader and enabler of Iraq war. Come the day of Justice, that shall happen for certain, his kind is the very bunch of tossers whom will be put on trial for their part in crimes against humanity, and crimes against peace.

    The fat wanker can see the seething and searing anger of the masses who will never forget the role of the enablers on the way to Iraq war. Too right he will find us all dangerous and most of all Craig, because each one of us is working towards getting his kind of war criminality put before an international war crimes tribunal.

  • Vronsky


    “an angry and dangerous man”

    A first rate compliment. Just worth pointing out that Craig is not the only angry and dangerous man and (as this blog shows) there are also some very angry and dangerous women.

    “who could as easily be on the far right as the far left”

    Oh dear. Aaronovitch doesn’t know what words mean. My old French teacher would have scribbled ‘vocab!’ in the margin of that sentence.

  • craig Post author

    Far right? Seems unlikely. Europhile, internationalist, anti-war, most of my closest friends are immigrants in the UK or Ghanaians in Ghana.

  • Eddie-G

    This is a very helpful development, I will never have to worry about finding a better example of projection.

  • Clark

    So that’s why he didn’t turn up for Newsnight; scared you’d thump him, and didn’t know where you’d be sitting. A wise choice.

  • nuid

    “Fat tub of lard David Aaronovitch” … “The fat wanker” …

    I really do not see how that kind of juvenile name calling — or indeed accusing other commenters of having psychiatric illnesses — does the reputation of this blog any good at all.

    Btw, Fedup, here’s a little something for you:

    Commentator vs. commenter

  • JimmyGiro

    It’s an intriguing thought, but who do we know that could be either far left or far right? Or put another way, who has been both far left and far right?

    Practically all the members of New Labour were once full paid up members of CND, only to be pushing through Trident II once they where in power.

    Lord Archer is now an evangelical feminist… but then he always was a twat.

    Aaronovitch famously appeared on University Challenge as a contestant for Manchester University, of which the team spoiled the game by answering “Trotsky” to all starters-for-ten questions. So if he doesn’t know left from right, does he know arse from quimm?

  • VivaEcuador

    Trust Aaro for some comic relief. Man, there’s another one I’d love to put in uniform and send off to Kandahar.

  • Prinz Harrrrrry

    Aaronovitch has been whining on Twitter about Ecuador allegedly putting journalists in jail. He seems to have forgotten Clive Goodman and with any luck Rebekah Brooks and Andrew Coulson, and of course that Al Jazeerah cameraman who spent years in Guantanamo Bay being interrogated by the Wanks about…Al Jazeerah.

  • craig Post author

    There are things about Ecuador I don’t like either. But last time I looked they hadn’t invaded Iraq and killed a million people in search of non-existent WMD – a crime which Aaronovitch actively supported and still does support.

  • nuid

    “and (as this blog shows) there are also some very angry and dangerous women” — Vronsky


  • nuid

    “in the fat stakes I fear there is little to choose between us”

    I don’t know about that, Craig, but it did cross my mind that I wouldn’t describe you as ‘skinny’. 🙂

  • Eamon

    Projection indeed…

    David Aaronovitch, a frightened and therefore dangerous man who HAS been on the far right as well as the far left.

    I am aware that DA has never been a member of the BNP but there is nothing remotely moderate about his views on economic or international issues, therefore he is currently on the FAR right.

  • Keith Crosby

    That telly you did seems to be working out rather better than it seemed at the time. Curious use of words though, you seemed cool calm and collected despite provocation. Does “angry” have a euphemistic connotation, like those code-words that American politicians use?

  • Prinz Harrry

    Frankly I can understand why Ecuador might need fairly aggressive media regulation. I’m not saying it has, but that seems to be the gist of the accusations.
    When a country like the UK has corrupt media and corrupt politicians then they can play along with each other, but when at last the people manage to elect a decent principled President and they’re stuck with the same old slimeballs in the media, who do everything they can to undermine the new government and its reform programs, then it’s absolutely necessary to protect the President from outrageous libels.
    AFAICS Dr Correa is a good guy.

  • nuid

    “I must have done something right in my life. I fear he sadly overrates me; but it does make me feel a little bit warmer, and hold my head that little bit higher.”

    And why not indeed. Well deserved. There were some very ignorant people attacking you (and Galloway, of course) all day on Twitter, and I spent a large chunk of my day defending you to all and sundry. I’m now going to send out this link


    just to reinforce what I’ve been saying. (And then I’m off to buy one of those posters that I mentioned on the previous thread.)

  • VivaEcuador

    Correa’s relationship with the Ecuadorian press is not good but here are his real sins in the eyes of the pro-US media:

    1) He is a friend of Chavez and Morales
    2) He has brought Ecuador into the ALBA group
    3) He withdrew the US lease on the naval base at Manta
    4) He wins democratic elections

  • Fedup

    This fucking specimen has been rooting for death and destruction for a along time;

    Here he is “debating” against the known fact that isareli lobby has been outlawing any kind of criticism of ziofuckwits.

    As ever the fat tub of lard David Aaronovitch along with his pal the absolutely corrupt Martin Indyq holding fighting for the settlers right to invade, steal, and mass murder, and fighting the “good war”, without anyone daring to criticise, or denounce these murderous bastards.

    You are portly mate, for the righteous can never be offensive in appearance or in conduct.

    On the other hand David Aaraonvitch is a Fat Wanker

  • craig Post author


    On the super posters, can you tell them its James Yee not James Lee


    Please do tone it down a bit,

  • Vronsky

    “David Aaronovitch, a frightened and therefore dangerous man who HAS been on the far right as well as the far left.”

    Aaronovitch doesn’t appear to have any views on anything definable as left or right. He places on that alternative spectrum where the unit of measure is not the angstrom, but the dollar. This being so, his opinions are ‘right on the money’ as the Yanks say.

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