A Most Peculiar Triumph

by craig on September 10, 2012 10:01 am in Uncategorized

According to the ebuzzing (formerly wikio) rankings, this is the third most influential political blog in the UK – and the fifth most influential blog of any kind. It beats, hands down, the heavily funded ConservativeHome and Labourlist propaganda operations.

Of the two political blogs ahead of it, Guido Fawkes has permanent paid staff, whereas Liberal Conspiracy is a collective of 32 high profile ultra politically correct guardianistas; many of whom are paid by mainstream media.

Yet this blog has total funding of precisely nil and is only me, an ageing and disillusioned man sickened by the growing gap between rich and poor, the domination of mainstream political parties by corporate interests, and the continual promotion of aggressive war.

This blog does everything wrong. There are frequent gaps between posts, sometimes of weeks on end, because I get too depressed at instances of the callous disregard of the powerful for ordinary people.

I do not tweet, except that the start of each blog entry automatically gets tweeted, which someone set up for me.

This is an SNP supporting blog based in Ramsgate, Kent, written by a manic depressive sacked diplomat of eclectic views, whose guiding lights are the deeply unfashionable John Stuart Mill and William Hazlitt, whose favourite book was written by Michael Foot, and who is still metaphorically on his knees begging forgiveness for advising people to put Nick Clegg into government.

This blog, like all the other top blogs, could make substantial money from advertising, but is the only one not to carry advertising because it does not desire money.

It is webhosted for free, and kept running by a team of techies and moderators who do it for free also, not because they support a party or policy line or everything I say, but because they like the blog. It has the most free, well nigh anarchic moderation policy of any major blog. You can say what you like, including being very critical of me. Racism is pretty well the only red line. Opposing voices are very welcome.

I don’t do political correctness.

Even more heretically, this blog succeeds despite the fact the ebuzzing rankings show the majority of its posts are about international relations. Not only is it interested in foreigners, it tends to concentrate on Africa, Central Asia and other places the mainstream media scarcely believe exist. This blog succeeds so well because the mainstream media leaves unmet an active desire for information by very large numbers of people who are not as stupid as they think.

I have been lucky to have led a fascinating and varied life and as a result not only have a large number of high level contacts who would be the envy of any journalist, but am prepared to publish facts that mainstream political discourse finds uncomfortable.

To give just a few examples, this blog made public that Adam Werritty and Liam Fox had eight meetings with Matthew Gould, now British Ambassador to Israel, not the two reported in Gus O’Donnell’s whitewash “report”. At least two included Mossad, and the purpose throughout was to coordinate on the ramping up of official support for an attack on Iran.

This blog made public the deal whereby the US obtained Arab League support for the attack on Libya in return for US support for the Saudi invasion of Bahrain.

This blog revealed Lord Taylor of Blackburn’s role as bagman for New Labour, and for Jack Straw personally, in collecting from the defence industries, and BAE in particular.

This blog revealed the dirty deal between the British government and the Karimov regime to resume arms supplies and military training in return for logistic support for Afghanistan.

You would be surprised by how many people actually embedded in the establishment, including Members of Parliament and very senior mainstream media journalists, have told me they regularly read this blog to see what is really happening. it is an antidote to the model of single propaganda narrative that now characterises mainstream media.

The stratospheric rise of this blog up the industry rankings is not actually caused by a sudden increase in popularity. That popularity has been there for years. But at last it is being measured.

The old wikio rankings measured the number of links from other blogs; in the case of political blogs, only from other political blogs. So clusters of New Labour, Tory and Lib Dem blogs, by constantly linking to each other, could collectively drive themselves up the rankings.

But over 70% of incoming links to this blog are from outside the UK; they did not count for anything at all in the rankings. Nor did the frequent links to this blog from the sites of major newspapers and broadcast companies in the UK and around the globe.

Ebuzzing now has abandoned the old wikio algorithm in favour of a much wider measurement, which draws on more reference sources, including twitter and newspaper sites. The result reflects much more the actual readership and influence of a blog than did the old wikio rankings:

More than 2 million sources are catalogued and analysed. The semantic content ranking is performed automatically. Blog and article popularity are calculated using our algorithm, which takes into account content shares and recommendations on Twitter, Facebook and the primary content exchange platforms.

I think it is hilarious that the huge wedges of cash put by Lord Ashcroft or Unite into the Tory and New War Criminal blogging propaganda arms cannot see off this old chap with his ancient laptop.

The internet remains a great leveller, and that remains reason to hope.

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  1. Well done, Craig and strength to your keyboard for many, many years.

  2. NotSoProudGerman

    10 Sep, 2012 - 10:27 am

    Craig, thank you so much for your incredible work – on-line, off-line, in-between.

    This blog of the few places that reminds me that there is still some sanity left in this insane world.

  3. I read this blog because I remember you from university.

  4. I think it’s a shame that you don’t carry advertising – at least so you can pay for the webhosting. Ultimately, someone’s forking out of their own pocket for that, and it would be better if it was advertisers.

  5. Congratulations Craig and many many thanks for being such a sane voice in this mad and disordered world.

  6. Well, I love to read your blog! And I am a nobody from a little village in East Sussex who believes you care!! So, thanks.

  7. Craig, I remember picking up your first book in hardcover (and I usually avoid hardcovers like the plague) after hearing whispers about it on the net. A truly great book, very much like a more modern Graham Greene. In my opinion your work is made much more powerful by the fact you readily acknowledge certain shortcomings, it makes your actions all the more heroic. There are a million political leftist blogs around, very few actually break stories or have met the people they are writing about to provide character insights.


  8. Craig,

    I don’t agree with everything you write, but I admire enormously the fact that you have the courage of your convictions.

    And it does seem that you are quite widely read by your former colleagues as well. By chance (at, would you believe, a well-lubricated Scrabble club meeting!) I happened into quite a long discussion the other day with a senior member of the consulate here in Hong Kong who was well-versed on your thoughts in several areas. And seemed, as far as diplomatic speak allowed, to be broadly in agreement with you on a lot of things, albeit that he clearly wished you were still inside the tent pissing out!

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Awesome news Craig – keep it up!

  10. Wow Craig, fantastic, you always have been a star. Humanity needs you more than ever. Good job, keep it up.

  11. Jari Markwort

    10 Sep, 2012 - 10:59 am

    Congratulations from Finland – keep up the good work !

  12. Congratulations fron the Netherlands.
    Keep it up.

  13. Craig, I am sure noone would mind there being some advertising on this site if it was made clear the revenue was being used for charitable purposes? Maybe support for refugees, students or even projects in Africa.

  14. Well done!

  15. It’s a pat on the back,that’s for sure Craig and I hope that you feel like you are making a difference.
    Your websites’s a rallying point for the other disillusioned ! You’re not alone !

  16. Keep going Craig. Your words have brought tears to my eyes. You probably have no idea of how much you are loved and also admired for bringing light to shine above the dark morass of evil we are witnessing and experiencing.

  17. You deserve all the plaudits. I have come to check your blog daily for updates. Your writing is measured and insightful, and you continually expose the mainstream media’s deferential treatment of the elite. The next time you are feeling down, take solace from the fact that in your efforts to expose the corruption of this world, you have no doubt opened many more eyes than mine, and will inspire many more to follow your example.

  18. Gillian Kalter

    10 Sep, 2012 - 11:56 am

    Great blog Craig. You have vision and goodness which are currently in very short supply.

  19. Well done, Craig,and amen to all the plaudits on here already.I think there’ll be many more to come.

    What’s more, I agree so much with most of what you say, which is like a breath of fresh air amongst all the putrid hypocrisy of the MSM.

    Lang may your lum reek, as they say in Scotland, which posssibly,just possibly has the opportunity of becoming a beacon of a fair, egalitarian humane society after independence. A model for so many other countries and entities around the world.

  20. Congratulations, Craig.

  21. Keep up the great work. Your blog and MediaLens are essential reading. Great antidote to the mainstream propaganda.

  22. Most advertising causes want and want is the precursor to greed. We can survive and grow without advertising. Admirable comment Mary and hats off to Craig Murray for faith in himself and to the loyalty of his believers.

  23. you are the bringer of truth.

    Please Craig how can we reverse the trend of degeneracy or as a liberal are your concerns only with the ruling elite or are talking degeneracy accross the board.

    My concerns are us British are going to drag the rest of the world down to our level.

    It seems to me our culture is driven around all guns blazing when as liberals are we not striving for the best.of everything or is it anything goes policy whic
    h seems to be the doctrine of the left.

  24. Yayy! Only read this now, from a comment made by Anders7777777777 on the French shootings thread. Many congratulations!

    Don’t let the bastards ever get you down.

  25. The truth is very popular.

  26. Scouse Billy

    10 Sep, 2012 - 1:16 pm

    Indeed Craig, we are not stupid – nor passive consumers of the vaccuity that passes for “journalism” in the MSM.

    The only time I willingly choose to hear another’s pontifications is via the blogosphere and you are the first port to call.

    Your independence, compassion, honesty and integrity make you literally Top of the Blogs!


  27. Thank god there is an antidote to the poison of Rueteurs and Associated Press. Congratulations to Mr Craig Murray and all who work to keep this blog going

  28. technicolour

    10 Sep, 2012 - 1:46 pm

    Only third?


  29. Congratulations Craig. This is a very important blog. And this recognition is a remarkable and heartening achievement.

    I also enjoy the fine contributions from your regular commentators. And, for me, the lack of advertising is a very important statement in itself.

    Thank you.

  30. The guy getting the bronze medal often has the biggest smile

  31. Well done Craig.

    I recall many times over the years when you were a bit down and questioning whether to keep this blog going.Shows just how much impact your honesty and courage has had and just how much appetite for truth and integrity there is out there.

    Well done again.

  32. I take my hat off to you Craig for your forthright candour in an insane world. I enjoy reading your commentary and the opinions of the many others who follow you.

  33. Keep up the excellent work! Your effort are truly appreciated.

  34. Thanks so much Craig for all the pounds you saved me over the years since I have been reading your Blog. I can’t remember the last daily i read except for doing crosswords. Congratulations for an excellent site.

  35. Bravo Craig! Been reading for years although contributing rarely to discussions. I hope that knowing how much you are appreciated lifts you through some of your darker days.

    Don’t let the buggers grind you down!

  36. My first reaction to certain developments: what has Craig got to say about this?

    I was tempted to say, never mind the metrics, go for the beef. But then I figured the metrics are a great consolation when you are trying to communicate with people, and the next bit might suggest taking ads from McDonalds or Burger King.

    So, mind you, I’ve said nothing.


  37. Well done Craig.

    What can I add to what’s already been said !

    Thank you for your courage in shining a light in dark places.

  38. Craig you are honest decent and courageous. In a just world you would be sharing the nobel peace prize with Glenn Greenwald. I hope you continue for many many years

  39. Good job! Congratulations from ordinary Uzbeks.

  40. I had no idea how popular this site is until reading this–my hearty congratulations! I am now following you on Twitter and Facebook. Just got a new 23 inch LCD monitor and the blog displays much better than on my old clapped out CRT job that finally conked out last week.

    My interest in the blog was re-kindled by your powerful and brave speech outside the Ecuadorian embassy.

    If you ever depressed, perhaps these beautiful pieces by Latin American classical guitarists might cheer you up:

    1. John Williams playing Barrios’ Vals No 3, Opus 8. He also discusses Barrios’ importance in the classical guitar repertoire. William says that Barrios is the greatest ever composer-guitarist. I agree.


    2. This is an interesting multicultural combination: Iranian classical guitarist Dr Lily Afshar, “first woman in the world to gain a Doctorate of Music in guitar performance” at Florida State University. She is playing in this clip Paraguyan/G
    uarani native American composer-guitarist Augustín Barrios Mangoré’s “Una Limosna por el Amor de Dios” (An Alm for the Love of God) also known as “Ultimo Tremolo” or “Gran Tremolo”.


    3. Another Latin American composer/guitarist genius Agustín Barrios Mangoré playing a “Julia Florida”. Barrios was a mixed race Paraguyan/Guarani native American who was very tall and had huge hands which made long stretches easy. His compositions are exquisite but mostly a bastard to play.


  41. One more:

    Classical guitarist John Williams playing Venezuelan guitarist Antonio Lauro’s beautiful Vals Criollo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iyRLD9YYSg

  42. Anna Nicleoid

    10 Sep, 2012 - 3:09 pm

    Thanks Craig. I am a Cornish Girl living in Ireland basically as a Political Refugee. I have 2 Young Kids who I didn’t want born as Subjects and wished for them to be educated not brainwashed, it’s therefore vital for me to know whats really happening in this World so I can properly educate my Children-I do not wish them to be ignorant or subservient! You really are a light at the end of a very long Dark Tunnel.

    ps:If you really want to “give out” as my Irish Friends would say, take a look at the machinations of The Duchy of Cornwall, Cornwalls real Constitutional Position, The 50,000 Signaturies that Blair ignored for a Cornish Assembly and the sly Anglicisation of the Cornish People….then You will understand why I’m a political Refugee here in Ireland though born and bred in Penzance!

  43. “The truth is an offence, but not a sin”

  44. Well done on your blog. I learn from it.

  45. The Craig Murray blog is my most visited website. It cuts through the meeja crap, and the comments examine stories from all perspectives. It’s a unique resource.

    Craig is an amazing example of humanity, honesty and sound judgement. He rescued me from a crisis some years ago and asked for nothing in return; for which he deserves my eternal trust and loyalty.

  46. “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.”
    Samuel Adams, American Revolutionary

    I’m sure Samuel Adams would also have logged on here every day for updates too.

    Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  47. It’s because even although everybody does not implicitly agree with all your posts we recognise that they are honestly offered, contain a lot of common sense, are topical and interesting, are well-written, and are mostly right. You deserve to be higher up the list. Guido Fawkes by comparison is a cartoon blog.

  48. Good for you, Craig!

    Your website is always my first port of call in the mornings.

  49. Cheers and thanks too to moderators Clark and Jon and to Tim Ireland (Bloggerheads) who set Craig’s blog up I believe.

  50. Mr. Murray,
    You write well. That’s talent I don’t have, so write about autumn leaves or dogshit, I’ll be looking forward to reading about it.

    And while I’m at it, good job to the chaps who help out around here (you know who you are).

  51. LeonardYoung

    10 Sep, 2012 - 6:03 pm

    It is staggering how apparently intelligent, independent people not only accept most of what they read in the “quality” press, but almost aggressively write-off or discount anything on the internet as conspiracy-obsessed rubbish. Of course much of the internet is indeed full of incoherent, wild, baseless allegations and theories, but no more so than the conventional media. It is up to the reader and viewer to engage his or her critical faculties.

    What is disheartening is how so many otherwise savvy people are prepared to regard almost everything they read in the Guardian, Independent and particularly the BBC as reasonably truthful. Very little of it is. But in the case of the BBC I doubt whether it was ever different, since before the internet, there was very little opportunity to research or absorb any contrary views, opinions or facts. It is the growth of independent internet blogs and websites which at least give the discerning reader the opportunity to access other angles.

    Like many commenting here, by default almost everything I see and hear on the BBC is automatically discounted. What staggers me is how the BBC news editors can continue to imagine that any reasonably aware person believes hardly a single report they publish.

    There is now a large amount of historical evidence to show that the BBC not only misreported the impending financial crisis beginning as far back as 2007, but it continues even now to give exposure on its news programmes to the very “experts” (economists, business leaders, analysts etc) who were part of the whole mechanism by which the UK virtually bankrupted itself, while rarely seeking other less vested-interest views. When you widen the scope of BBC reporting into other areas, such as its appallingly biased stance leading up to the Iraq war, its eventual obsequious position on the Kelly affair, its early acceptance of now proven lies regarding the Charles de Menezes shooting, its misreporting of 9/11, 7/7 and its refusal to even consider that at least some aspects of Global Warming might be the result of hype and exaggeration, you cannot conclude other than that the Beeb, and many other shamefully lazy and compliant news gatherers, are living in some kind of parallel existence which involves sticking fingers in their ears and shouting “la la la”.

    This blog is a breath of fresh air.

  52. Better keep on doing everything wrong.

  53. Craig,

    Some inspiration for your path…

    “Seven social sins: politics without principles, wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, and worship without sacrifice.”–Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

  54. Phil:

    “I also enjoy the fine contributions from your regular commentators.”

    Really? A toad changing its spots? Btw, i believe the correct word here is ‘commenters’.

  55. Craig, well done, this is a ranking you well deserve, and well done Clark Jon and Tim and the ultra fast finders and seekers, Komodo dragons with bad breath, tea swigging Glasgow cowboys, fury fingered Mary and so many more.

    When this blog is buzzing you can almost feel it in your hyper cortex, it must be almost addictive to a journalists fed up with the daily regurgitations.

    hipp hipp hurray, fireworks, who dare’s to say this is worth a celebration, a bring your own booze garden party even?

  56. Congratulations from California! Keep on keeping on…

    …and continued best wishes.

  57. Craig, well done in keeping this site going and free of crass advertising.

    Commenters – error, not found


  58. Congrats Craig from Tottenham, North London,

    (It’s not as bad round here as the MSM would have you believe by the way!)

    Have got somewhat addicted to your blog over the last year reading it in some far flung places round the world for intermittent, irregular dose of sanity, lucidity and integrity. Hopefully this recognition and all these commenter’s heartfelt plaudits will keep yer chin up when the storm clouds gather, as they probably do for many of us. You’re an inspiration, don’t ever let those bastards get you down. Shelley is ringing in my ears as I type, something like… (Rise like lions after slumber / In unvanquishable number / And shake your chains to earth like dew / that in sleep had fallen on you / Ye are many, they are few!!!)

    Congrats and KUTGW to all those regular sources that also make this blog the best, Komodo, Mary, John Goss, Mark Golding, Nuid, Nevermind and chums.

    More power to you all!


  59. comment [ˈkɒmɛnt]
    1. a remark, criticism, or observation
    2. talk or gossip
    3. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a note explaining or criticizing a passage in a text
    4. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) explanatory or critical matter added to a text
    1. (when intr, often foll by on; when tr, takes a clause as object) to remark or express an opinion
    2. (Literary & Literary Critical Movements) (intr) to write notes explaining or criticizing a text
    [from Latin commentum invention, from comminiscī to contrive, related to mens mind]
    commenter n


  60. And for many others like myself who feel that that the neocon infiltration of our freedoms continues unreported and unabated-this blog will continue to be our first port of call on the internet, Craig. Many thanks.

  61. Inept – a person who cannot ditinguish between nouns

    Eg Comment vs Commentator


  62. .. Or spell distinguish.

  63. Lol give yourself a second chance on this one again:
    comment [ˈkɒmɛnt]
    1. a remark, criticism, or observation
    2. talk or gossip
    3. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a note explaining or criticizing a passage in a text
    4. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) explanatory or critical matter added to a text
    1. (when intr, often foll by on; when tr, takes a clause as object) to remark or express an opinion
    2. (Literary & Literary Critical Movements) (intr) to write notes explaining or criticizing a text
    [from Latin commentum invention, from comminiscī to contrive, related to mens mind]
    commenter n


    Commenters make comments.
    Commentators give commentaries.

    Get it!

  64. Jeeze, did you have to cut and paste the whole bloody page? Besides, those aren’t my comments. Someone called Ghandi posted under my name.

    PS – this is also a commentary. Now do you get that?

  65. I quite often disagree with what you say and even more often with what seems to be the consensus among your contributors. But I am always impressed with your intelligence and how well-informed you are, and also you are extremely articulate and witty. Just cut out the remarks about Rooney.

  66. @mary, thanks; nevermind, great idea, set up some fireworks!

  67. @Conjunction: consensus? You didn’t read the immigration thread, then? ;)

  68. @Jay:

    how can we reverse the trend of degeneracy … ?

    I’ll assume that’s not rhetorical! I think challenging media power is the single biggest obstacle to sustainable global social justice. So, more funding into media criticism, more groups like MediaLens (all taking a slightly different perspectives/motivation, perhaps) and more organisations like Glasgow Media Group. More Paul Foot Awards too and the like, and of course more establishment whistleblowers.

    The money available for the above is limited, so challengers would have to operate on a shoestring, out of raw principle. Such financial support would have to come from private philanthropy, since the Lottery mightn’t touch it.

    Oh yes, and of course groups willing to shine a light into some very dark corners, so WikiLeaks. Other similar groups may also set themselves up – and all power to them – but establishing the necessary trust with potential leakers is very hard.

  69. It is only a year since we could not muster enough representation to stop ‘our’ Home Office from sending the Malyshevs – an Uzbek mother and son who sought asylum here escaped, from one of the worst regimes on the planet; RIGHT BACK to Uzbekistan, where they were immediately dissappeared on return…

    But of the many Triumphs, i loved reading Shillings getting told where to shove their various legal threats, its hillarious.

    Craig, keep on keeping on. Thankyou for all the news and the exceptional opportunity to share in the thoughts of an exceptional man.

  70. Brian Mount Fujisan

    10 Sep, 2012 - 10:41 pm

    Congratulations from…Scotland Craig…i have commented before that your blog is the first place i come to..when i fire up my p.c…. it does depress me though how many of my friends just dont want to know whats being done in thier name…so its great to see you have so many followers..You, and your commenters…are surely the best in the world

  71. Keep ‘em coming….

    Depression is only a state of mind….

    Congratulations from Oz…

  72. Craig who…?

  73. Congratulations to Craig, and to all the contributors that make this blog what it is.

    It can seem so pointless at times, like when link after link on this site confirms something which the corporate media just ignore. It can seem like trying to be heard above a cacophony, like all the effort makes no difference and is just a waste of time and energy. So I really appreciate ebuzzing’s ranking; this is just the encouragement I needed to return to the moderator’s interface.

    Jon, thanks for your extra effort while I was Doune the Rabbit Hole!

  74. Brian Mount Fujisan

    11 Sep, 2012 - 1:20 am

    Thats a beautiful post Clark….Somewhat Poetic Words..a couple of my friends were doune the hole…i’m going next year..hope its the same location…Great work those Biker Dudes are doing up there

  75. Brian Mount Fujisan, Doune the Rabbit Hole was excellent, the best time I’ve had in years. I was hoping to meet some of the people who comment here, but it seems there was only myself and Craig. Duncarron is a lovely site, but it has its drawbacks, particularly the limited space available for pitching tents, and some locals who don’t like hearing the music. If the festival is to get bigger, or if the music isn’t to stop at 11 pm, another site may be needed.

  76. John Robertson

    11 Sep, 2012 - 2:53 am

    Congratulations Craig and all who help and comment, from a really old bloke in Oz.

  77. If you enjoy this page and haven’t yet read ‘Murder in Samarkand’ get on with it – it’s a page-turner and an eye-opener. Craig Murray is a hero.

  78. Col Richard Kemp (warmonger and killer of brown skinned people) helpfully reminds us of the date. Vile.


    2h Richard Kemp ‏@ColRichardKemp
    RT @RickMoore Our British friends. God bless ‘em. @ColRichardKemp 9/11 American National Anthem Buckingham Palace: http://youtu.be/xwrX-LN9-L0

    2h Richard Kemp ‏@ColRichardKemp
    @michelelfrost @KurtSchlichter Thank you for saying so Ma’am.

    2h Richard Kemp ‏@ColRichardKemp
    RT Col @KurtSchlichter Thanks to our UK friends for standing beside us when needed! RT @ColRichardKemp: 11th anniversary of 9/11.

    2h Richard Kemp ‏@ColRichardKemp
    We have long fought and I hope will always fight shoulder to shoulder. @KurtSchlichter
    Everything is OK in the end. If it isn’t OK it’s not the end. Keep attacking.

  79. The only time I have ever seen you depressed is when we run out of whisky !
    Kudos mate…

  80. Do bears etc…?
    Do governments lie?
    Does the media carry those lies?

    US ‘hushed up’ Soviet guilt over Katyn
    Those killed were officers and other members of the Polish elite

    Russia publishes Katyn archives
    Remembering Katyn, 70 years later

    New evidence appears to back the idea that the Roosevelt administration helped cover up Soviet guilt for the 1940 Katyn massacre of Polish soldiers.


  81. As you quite rightly point out Craig ‘The internet remains a great leveller, and that remains reason to hope.’

    My little blog seeking the truth about Dr Kelly’s death has a miniscule readership in comparison with yours but the important thing for me is getting all the available information out there. By the end of this week I should have written 200 posts … with plenty more to come!

    The mainstream media might largely dance to the government’s tune but it is the internet that they must be truly scared of. So more power to your elbow in shining a light into so many murky corners.

  82. The other Mr Murray managed to find his Rolex in time for the presentations. LOL.


  83. Craig, please keep taking the happy pills or whatever it is you need to keep this blog going.

    I miss it dreadfully when you go off-air for strange and lengthy gaps!!

  84. Good news – well done. I’ve been reading your blog for years and occasionally commenting. I don’t always agree with you but you are always interesting. Yours is definitely one of my favorite websites.

  85. As another old man gazing in ever increasing bewilderment at a world he no longer understands, I sympathise with you Craig. Of course, I have to agree that grumpy old men like me never did fit in that well in any society that changes constantly, where age no longer, rightly, has any particular reason in itself to demand respect or acknowledgement of wisdom…..and yet, surely age does have some virtue, as one’s long-lived perspective provides the wisdom to differentiate between fashionable dogma and sober intelligence, and perhaps rather more simply, between telling the truth and lying. Your experience and your understanding, Craig, allied to your own sensibility as to the frailties of human existence, including your own, and to the fact that you are now a self-reliant outsider, really does give you a unique place in helping others learn to look at present events through a different and enlightening resource. Keep up the good work.

  86. “British Foreign Policy”

    “Out of 193 countries currently recognised by the UN, Britain has invaded 158. That’s 82 per cent.”


  87. Conall (11 Sep, 10:52 am), Craig’s extended breaks from blogging are because he is so busy writing his book about Alexander Burnes. Craig was telling me about this at the Doune the Rabbit Hole festival; he said that it is using up most of his time, that it’s the most demanding thing he has ever written, and that he wants it to be an authoritative, scholarly work, suitable as reference material. Consequently, he has been travelling extensively in search of original sources. He has already been to, at least, the British Library, India, and Afghanistan, and after the festival he was off to another part of Scotland, camping for several days whilst researching original manuscripts at a library.

    And Craig doesn’t take the “happy pills”, preferring to experience the full range of his emotions; we see the results here! I agree; “stability” is over-rated.

  88. @Frazer, heh! Amongst others I am currently stocked with Talisker Distiller’s Edition 2000 – am a fan of peaty ones generally – and Jameson’s Redbreast Single Pot Still, which is very smooth for the price. No danger of me running out any time soon :)

  89. Clark, did Craig get a chance to do a talk on the Assange affair?

  90. Jon, I don’t think Craig gave a talk at the festival, but we did talk to some people about Assange. One of the traders had a van painted with the Wikileaks logo etc., marked “Wikileaks Information Collection Unit – TOP SECRET!”. I got my face painted like the Anonymous mask, and went around telling people the sequence of events in Sweden. Lots of people said they could smell a stitch-up, but they’d never seen nor heard the story in full. Most of the festival-goers were 20 to 30 years old, and I found distrust of the corporate media to be close to 100%.

  91. I endorse all the positive things that have been said about Craig, the mods, and the lovely commenters (or commentators – actually you can be both; sheesh, and I thought I was a pedant :-))

    I also think this site is good because Craig has a sense of humour, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

    However, I have noticed that internet success brings trolls,and I hope we can ignore them, and also be civil with each other, however much people may disagree. Trolls are the white noise of the internet and hamper communication, which is their main function.



  92. Uccello, that’s a great poem you quote from, Shelley’s The Mask of Anarchy. Not wishing to perpetuate the conspiracy theory ad infinitum but if you read Paul Foot’s biography Red Shelley there is a clear attempt by the British security services to either kill Shelley or frighten the living daylights out of him in Wales, if I recall correctly. It makes you wonder if they succeeded in Italy.

    The hypocrisy of Oxford University in sending Shelley down and then erecting a naked statue to his memory stretches my comprehension to its limit.

  93. Liberal Conspiracy aren’t politically correct, they’re just right-wing.

  94. CraigMurray.org.uk ranking on Alexa:
    No matches for ‘craigmurray.org.uk’ in the ‘Politics’ category.

  95. Diogenes

    I think you have to register for Alexa

  96. “Liberal Conspiracy aren’t politically correct, they’re just right-wing.”


  97. We will have to watch out! The ConDems are pushing this bill through and are debating it at the moment. Another lawyers’ paradise in the making.

    Summary of the Bill
    The aim of the Bill is to reform the law of defamation to ensure that a fair balance is struck between the right to freedom of expression and the protection of reputation. The Bill makes a number of substantive changes to the law of defamation, but is not designed to codify the law into a single statute.

    Key areas

    includes a requirement for claimants to show that they have suffered serious harm before suing for defamation
    removes the current presumption in favour of a jury trial
    introduces a defence of “responsible publication on matters of public interest”
    provides increased protection to operators of websites that host user-generated content, providing they comply with the procedure to enable the complainant to resolve disputes directly with the author of the material concerned
    introduces new statutory defences of truth and honest opinion to replace the common law defences of justification. and fair comment.


    Internet trolls targeted in new bill to tackle defamation online
    Websites will get greater protection from being sued if they help identify people
    posting defamatory messages under new plans
    Press Association
    guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 12 June 2012 08.04 BST


  98. Cheers John Goss, it was brought to my attention recently when I was wandering around a museum memorial to Jallianwalla Bagh in Amritsar, India, scene of British massacre of hundreds of peaceful demonstrators, requesting that the collective punishment the British were meting out to all Indian men for the accosting of a British lady one night, (all men had to crawl on their bellies down that particular roads with Privates dishing out indiscriminate whippings) be ended. It said that Gandhi used to recite large chunks of it to Indian massed gatherings.

    Just been teaching it to my A-Level kids who loved it and have a healthy distrust of establishment lies. There is hope yet, we just have to guide the youth on a more enlightened tolerant path!

    Keep doing what you’re doing.


  99. ‘There are frequent gaps between posts, sometimes of weeks on end, because I get too depressed at instances of the callous disregard of the powerful for ordinary people. ‘

    Still, many of us are very grateful for your work!

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