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7,335 thoughts on “Not Forgetting the al-Hillis continued

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  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Winder if the Israelis ever gave William Hershkowitz compensation to his family for his murder after he went bonkers over the assassinations of the al-Hillis et al. in the French Alps.

    The Mossad went to considerable trouble to recover Eli Cohen’s watch for his family after he was executed in 1964 for spying on Syria.

    It just dismissed Hershkowitz as a crazy person who should never have been allowed into the program because he was suicidal.

    Members of the Diaspora thinking of returning home, please take note.

  • Skeptic

    Did anyone see the two deaths that occurred in the France World Cup victory celebrations? All the hallmarks of cover up murders – well the car crash is maybe not the canal; dive.

  • Good In Parts


    Nope, but I did watch The Take (Bastille Day) which is just like Chevaline but with more Banlieues and less Banjos.

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