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7,405 thoughts on “Not Forgetting the al-Hillis continued

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  • Good In Parts

    Not Forgetting Haydar Thayer continued

    Nary a mention of the non compos mentis dependent son of Suhalia. I guess the media do not consider him a deserving victim.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Winder if the Israelis ever gave William Hershkowitz compensation to his family for his murder after he went bonkers over the assassinations of the al-Hillis et al. in the French Alps.

    The Mossad went to considerable trouble to recover Eli Cohen’s watch for his family after he was executed in 1964 for spying on Syria.

    It just dismissed Hershkowitz as a crazy person who should never have been allowed into the program because he was suicidal.

    Members of the Diaspora thinking of returning home, please take note.

  • Skeptic

    Did anyone see the two deaths that occurred in the France World Cup victory celebrations? All the hallmarks of cover up murders – well the car crash is maybe not the canal; dive.

  • Good In Parts


    Nope, but I did watch The Take (Bastille Day) which is just like Chevaline but with more Banlieues and less Banjos.

  • Skeptic

    Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington and Anthony Bourdain were all ‘suicided’ as they knew about the high profile Paedophile ring commonly referred to as Pizzagate.

  • Good In Parts

    Anyone got any views on the state of the investigation with respect to the search for the Luger?

    I have some thoughts which I shall cobble together when I get a chance.

    • intp1

      To hide a sensitive, fully de-briefed, extracted source? Mississippi, couldn’t be more out of the way. Thompson = a cooperative asset, paid to marry her for immigration/protection purposes. The Klan is fully penetrated and isn’t actively committing atrocities these days and there are people it wouldn’t cross. I.e. was she originally a high value relative of someone high up in the Saddam regime?
      The huge elephant in this particular room though, is that Thompson died the same day Iqbal did. The chances of that being a coincidence are literally astronomic.

  • Good In Parts

    Not forgetting the al-Hillis as we again approach the anniversary without anyone being brought to book.

    Justice delayed is justice denied.

    • intp1

      I do not understand why the Mod tolerates you on this site. Personally I don’t believe you simply randomly spew irrelevant confused anti-Semitic or apparently pro-terrorist, un-supported blabber. I personally think your contributions deliberately try to confuse and potentially smear this site by association.

      The big question re. Khalid Masood is why, at The most obvious target in London, (which has c. 2000 armed officers) armed officers were stood down, effectively facilitating damage and injury. In other words How he wasn’t lawfully killed earlier, by an affective security cordon. The Why, I can easily figure out for myself.

  • michael norton

    I wonder if Lucas Clerc was shooting near Mark Sutton, to intimidate him.
    Mark was running a vegan restaurant.
    I expect hunters, sometimes shoot to frighten off non-hunters.

    Could it really be true the hunter was using a Kalashnikov?

  • ReCogNito

    I wonder why we have never heard any proper description of the attacker/ or number of attackers witnessed by the eldest girl who actually saw the shooter ????

  • Skeptic

    The first thing any investigator needs to ask is Cui Bono? That of course leads to Motive. We already know the Means and the Opportunity. And if these resemble any other similar event we then have a Modus Operandi.
    MH370 may seem to have no similarity to the Alps Murders …. unless we look at Cui Bono again … It is well know that Freescale Employees who hold the patent rights to a very high tech piece of gadgetry were on MH370. We know that Boeing patented QRS-11 and QRS-14 remote control of vehicles devices. Most likely also used to control the planes that smashed into the WTC on 9/11. We also know an unrelated building went down on the same day despite not being hit by a plane. Once again who benefits?
    We know there was a systematic program of eliminating Iranian and Iraqi scientists. Who benefits?
    By way of deception ….

  • michael norton

    A good question might be
    Why was Nicholas Mollier Thomas killed?

    If you could get to the bottom of that, you might solve the al-Hilli Massacre

  • michael norton

    We have an address of Nicholas Mollier-Thomas next to the French Intelligence Headquarters in Paris
    and in 2014 next to the French Tontouta Spy base in New Caledonia.
    Nicholas died at about three o’clock in the afternoon, on a Sunday, after visiting his mother in his childhood home, on the way back to his wife and children, in the next village, yet he barrel-rolled of the bridge of Flumet, Haute-Savoie

    • michael norton

      We have never actually been told where Sylvan Mollier hung his head at night but his nuclear fuel factory is just two and a half miles from the home of
      his killed relative, Nicholas Mollier Thomas.

  • michael norton

    Was French cyclist the target? New Zealand Herald
    The cyclist shot dead in the Alps may have been the main target of the massacre, French police say, not the British al-Hilli family.

    Investigators made the extraordinary claim as Sylvain Mollier, who worked in the nuclear industry, was temporarily buried in a secret ceremony yesterday.

    This went against the wishes of the 45-year-old’s family, who had asked for him to be cremated.

    It is believed forensic experts still want to examine his body for clues, which would have been impossible if the remains had been destroyed. French investigators are examining the theory that he may have led a double life and been the intended target of the shooting.

  • michael norton

    olice are to look into whether a suspected serial killer could be behind the unsolved Alps murders in which a British man, his wife and mother-in-law were killed in a forest car park.

    Saad al-Hilli, Iqbal al-Hilli and her mother Suhaila al-Allaf were shot dead on holiday in Chevaline, near Annecy, in September 2012, along with a passing French cyclist, Sylvain Mollier.

    Despite a massive manhunt, the investigation has all-but petered out.

    Police are now questioning a 34-year-old ex-soldier who is the main suspect in two other cases in the area.

    Now twelve months, since the new French Prosecutor, re-opened the al Hilli case, I wonder if they have yet come to any conclusions?

    • michael norton

      Annecy prosecutor VΓ©ronique DΓ©nizot confirmed to the Telegraph that the case will be re-opened to probe Lelandais’ possible involvement.

      “There is no particular urgency but verifications will be made.”

      No motive has been found by police despite exhaustive investigations in Britain, France and Iraq. Investigators have previously suggested the murderer’s profile could be military.

      No urgency, how many years do they need to solve a mass slaughter?

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    You are on the right track, Micael Norton. in thinking that associates of Sylvain Mollier might have been murdered for looking into the killings of the al-Hillis et al.

    You just have the wrong guy and his murdered associate. It was William Hershkowitz and his associate supervisor in Israel’s covert government. And dead murderers tell no tales, and are never convicted of any thing…

  • Good In Parts

    /aΚƒ/ [tʁwa] – Mobylette Madness. . .

    I suggest that the killer rode up the combe on a motorcycle via Arnand then left it concealed and approached Le Martinet parking on foot.

    SM is assumed to have been the principal target and that he was observed by the killer setting off from Ugine or observed in-transit on the cycle track.

    14:10:00 – Approx time SM sets off from Ugine, heading along the cycle track

    14:52:00 – ONF1 (heading up) passes LFR
    14:52:30 – LMC (heading up) passes LFR

    15:00:00 – ONF2 meet LMC at second hairpin and exchange a few words
    15:01:00 – LMC start descent from Martinet parking
    15:02:30 – ONF2 start descent from Martinet parking
    15:09:00 – LMC (heading down) passes LFR
    15:09:30 – ONF2 (heading down) passes LFR

    15:09 to 15:15 – MOTO ridden by the killer (heading up) passes CA (his first mobylette)

    15:10:30 – SAH (heading up) passes LFR then turns back to Arnand
    15:11:00 – SAH (heading down) passes CA before entering Arnand
    15:12:00 – WBM spots SM crossing the T junction ahead of him
    15:12:10 – WBM spots LMC and ONF2 (near the eglise)
    15:16:00 – SM (heading up) passes LFR (but not seen by him)
    15:16:30 – WBM (heading up) passes LFR (but not seen by him)
    15:17:00 – TBR (heading up) passes CA (his second mobylette)
    15:17:30 – TBR overtakes WBM shortly after the old mill
    15:17:30 – SAH passes CA heading up the combe (his second voiture)
    15:18:nn – SAH party last photo taken

    15:21:00 – SAH passes the sign by the old mill heading up the combe
    15:27:30 – ONF1 (heading down) passes TBR at Martinet parking
    15:29:00 – ONF1 (heading down) crosses SAH (the 4Γ—4 seen by Zainab)
    15:29:00 – ONF1 (heading down) crosses SM

    15:30:00 – ONF1 (heading down) crosses WBM (the 4Γ—4 seen by WBM)
    15:32:nn – SM phone call
    15:36:00 – WBM (heading up) crosses TBR exiting side track 550m down from the barrier
    15:36:00 – ONF1 (heading down) passes CA
    15:37:00 – TBR starts up side track towards Mont Benoit (where he will hear the shots)
    15:37:00 – SAH arrival at Le Martinet
    15:37:00 – PB+2 (heading up) passe CA (his third voiture)
    15:38:30 – SM arrives at Le Martinet parking – shooting starts
    15:39:30 – Killer leaves Le Martinet parking – runs back towards MOTO

    15:40:00 – WBM arrival at Le Martinet
    15:43:00 – WBM departs
    15:44:59 – First emergency call
    15:47:00 – WBM and PB return to Le Martinet
    15:48:00 – Second emergency call

    16:03:00 – Emergency services pass old mill

  • Good In Parts

    Shot in the back

    It was commonly assumed that SAH was shot in the back as he hurried to get into his BMW. However EM denied this, stating ‘he was not shot at this time’.

    My current thinking is that SAH was shot in the back when inside the car, in the drivers seat, leaning sharply over to the left.

    The killer probably shot him through the drivers side window when the BMW slowed down as it ran over SM.

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