A Real Treat in Store 116

But I can tell you that after I am through with the piece on Jennifer I will write a piece on Craig Murray that will make people think that I was very nice to Naomi Wolf. What is important that YOU DO NOT TELL ANYBODY OF THIS AND WHAT IS COMING.

UPDATE – I published this without explanation and caused some confusion. The quote and link above are from an email exchange in which someone called Goran Rudling says he is planning to publish something about me, but it is a secret. I thought it amusing to repost it. I look forward to seeing what Mr Rudling comes up with.

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116 thoughts on “A Real Treat in Store

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  • Martin

    Bit random this one craig. Can you provide a paragraph of background. Sounds ominous anyway.

  • craig Post author


    If you click on the link you will know as much as I do! I was sent the link by “anonidougal”.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Who is “Jennifer”? What on earth are you talking about, Craig? was this a mistaken post? has someone else posted on your blog without your knowledge? Or do I just need a cup of cioffee this morning?

  • Suhayl Saadi

    It is interesting that whoever wrote this feels the need to attack you, Craig. One wonders what they will write? Perhaps they will accuse you of being a giant lizard with eyes that rotate through 360 degrees, or of being into giant lizards (with eyes thast rotate 360 degrees), or else of being a freemasonic, illuminatory, hail-fellow-well–met, slow-bowling, Rotary Clubby, British Library card-holding, Alexander Burnes fetishistic, President of the Tuesday Transvesiture Insitution, whip-toting reptilian breast-fed dominatrix.

  • Sunflower

    No, no Suhayl. This is the Swedish state sponsored rabid femi-fascistoid army of brainless idiots that are upset because someone (way way smarter than them) dares to question the stinking crap they produce.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    I know, Sunflower (11:49am on 14.10.12), thanks.

    It is suggestive, when such entities – whether Swedish, British or American, or a combination of all three – through their various instruments, spend time attacking, or otherwise impinging upon the existence of, whistleblowers, that the whistleblowers must have something useful and effective to say. Anything to do with Assange/Wikileaks is almost certain to garner such malevolent attention from the aforementioned entities. Craig recently has referred to this dynamic on this blog. This may be a further manifestation of it, though of course we may wish to take anything coming from some other party with a pinch of salt. Nonetheless, through their songs and their silences do they reveal themselevs.

    Now, let us join in singing the Hymn of the Dominatrices.

  • Derek

    First Kevin mails Craig accusing him of”refusing” to state a position on gay marriage, now Göran Rudling accuses Craig of being a “homophobic and prejudiced bigot”. Not a description of Craig I would recognise.

    The mary rose lenore eng Rudling is corresponding with seems to have been associated with Assange at some point. There are photos of her with him on her blog, but the layout is such a mess I did not have the patience to wade through it.

  • Matthew

    I have by chance met the woman who writes this braingarbage blog. She is as mad as cheese.

  • Clark

    Matthew, you wrote: “She is as mad as cheese.”

    More information would be helpful. Looking at Braingarbage, yes, it looks so mad that I can’t even tell what point it’s trying to make.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Conflict

    Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf is dead and Queen Victoria’s grand-daughter Margaret of Connaught is also dead.

    Dr.Sc. Håkan Mogren is a Knight of the British empire and King Carl XVI Gustaf’s mother, H.R.H Princess Sibylla, was born a British Princess.

    Says it all…

  • Arbed

    @ Derek 12.19pm

    “The mary rose lenore eng Rudling is corresponding with seems to have been associated with Assange at some point”

    No, never associated with him, AFAIK – just a pushy (ex-)supporter good at self-promotion and getting her photo taken with people. She claims to be a “journalist”. I heard she got into a lot of trouble for – wait for it – breaking into the media centre at the Supreme Court during the Assange hearing. She’s lucky she didn’t get extradited along with Assange for that.

    As someone else said, mad as cheese.

  • larry Levin

    think they are going to reveal that Craig Murray is a al queda commander who’s real name is Rashid Bin Pedal, he is a “sleeper” who can be activated if or when the word “Lollipop” is posted in the comments section of his blog.

  • José Esteves

    As for @braingarbage [https://twitter.com/braingarbage ]: she has been in a smear spree in Twitter, to the point of trolling J P Barlow https://twitter.com/JPBarlow/status/246112930863644672
    and then complaining to the EFF:
    Either informally or in some other way, @braingarbage ended up as part of a group of accounts [not sure how many of them are but sock puppets] engaged in daily relentless smearing of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Christine Assange, Jennifer Robinson, Craig Murray, Jacob Appelbaum, Nadim Kobeissi, everyone else daring to show some support for WL or Assange — including but not limited to
    https://twitter.com/PGPBOARD [a sort of ‘conductor’ for the chorus]
    https://twitter.com/Wikiwatcher [more on this below]
    and more (in addition to by now well-known UK “source based legal bloggers” even if those in a somewhat different style)

    @Wikiwatcher is the account for http://www.wikiwatch.org.uk/ which has become a common publishing ground for at least some in that ‘collective’ [wikiwatch.org.uk & pgpboard.com both having “Alan Taylor” [@PGPBOARD] as registrant].
    A text by @abuVeliki illustrating their modus operandi:
    From all I’ve been able to see (pity I lack the time to document it except for occasional tweets)
    the above is not an exception but actually quite characteristic of the way they operate. Some openly insulting & trolling, others more subtle, polishing their smear with apparent reason, even kindness — until, after some tweets of debate, one starts noticing their intellectually dishonest techniques. Anything goes.

  • Arbed

    Jose Esteves 3.48pm

    “Göran Rudling making a career in smear? Months ago, targeting Ferrada de Noli”

    Here’s an even clearer breakdown from Ferrada de Noli of what Goran’s game is. Worth reading, at least the first section, in preparation for what is likely to hit if Goran’s “secret” article on Craig gets published.


    Many thanks too for supplying the Usual Suspects full rosta at 4.48pm. I ‘spect this will come in handy too if the Real Treat in Store actually shows up (v. likely – Goran is RELENTLESS, especially when his arguments have been comprehensively proven wrong).

  • John Goss

    There are suggestions from other Swedish commentators on this blog that Göran Rudling is being paid to smear against Assange. He started off supporting Assange but his wife is apparently a journalist and Swedish people who believe the ‘condom’ business is getting Sweden a bad name are questioning who is paying him. This cartoon questions who is paying Claes Borgstrom and Marianne Ny.


    Please let me know if it does not play properly.

  • Sunflower

    Attention whores does that stuff for free. His reward is that some deluded people forget for a moment that he is a taxi driver.

  • Rico Santin

    I have mentioned in previous posts that Goran Rudlings site “Samtycke” which focuses on rape, incest and other sexually related issues is very very probably receiving funds from the Swedish state. He can claim these funds if registered as a non profit idealistic organisation or entity dissiminating community value information to the general public. All swedish media are entitled to claim funding. The more traffic generated to the paper, radio or site the more funding can be claimed. I believe though not 100% certain that the Rudlig site was set up in early 2010. The Assange condom affair in August 2010 was good for his business, hence his almost fanatical committment to this matter.

  • Villager

    Suhayl, thanks for that link. It made your comment the most unequivocally vibrant and real comment on recent threads which sound now like chickens cackling in the barn.

  • Villager

    Poor judgment by Goran to have his private emails floating around the net! What you say Goran?

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