Resonance 16

I hope and pray April Jones is found alive and well. It brought back forgotten memories of cries of “April” in the woods, walking behind a line of adults near Roman Camp, looking for a girl called April Fabb who disappeared from a small village close to me when I was ten. My friends and I were searching the woods for weeks afterwards hoping to find her, and I remember the chill and fear that descended on parents in North Norfolk. I don’t think she was ever found.

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16 thoughts on “Resonance

  • March

    I pray that the girl April Jones is found alive & well.
    Re disappearances in Norfolk, it is shocking when a child dissappears, but there are some terrible stories about goings on in Norfolk….

  • nevermind

    They have just arrested a ‘local man’ age 46. As yet no notice of her, but I’m sure they will soon get an answer to their questions.

  • falloch

    ‘I too hope that the little girl from Machynlleth is found alive and well. A five year old child was out playing in the dark at 7pm??’

    7 p.m. in Machynlleth in late September is NOT dark – another week or two it will be, but kids are out playing afer school, before dinner, even after dinner – once the clocks go back, it’ll be dark around 4.30-5, so the last few autumn days when the sunset’s still going are precious. So sorry this child is still missing, but the ‘dark’ has nowt to do with it.

  • Mary

    Sorry if I got it wrong Falloch. It was just that the Det Supt said that the colour of the vehicle would have have been difficult for the children to identify as they saw it under street lighting.

    Sky seems to have four reporters, an ‘anchor’ and a helicopter there. Just like Yankeeland’s Fox News etc.

  • Mary

    Her mother Coral has just been put through an unbearable-to-watch press conference. You could hardly hear her sobs over the sound of cameras clicking. Poor poor woman.

    I expect that everyone knows that photos of the car and of the suspect have been released.

    Sky can’t decide whether to broadcast from Machynlleth or from Manchester where the funeral of one of the policewomen is taking place at Manchester Cathedral.

  • falloch

    S’okay Mary! Even though it’s not dark, it’s near dusk, and street lights come on automatically as light levels get lower. And then it’s true – colours change under the orange sulfide streetlights.

    It’s horrible – this was the first time that the UK used the all-country alert for a missing child, a procedure that is now commmonplace in the US (sorry, don’t know where you’re located in the real world outside blogland), the theory being that the first couple of hours are the most important when a child goes missing, and an all-out alert is the way to get this info out. But the problem with this procedure is that once the first few hours are over, if no child is found, then people feel more distressed and futile because the rescue ‘scenario’ has not worked. This is not to say that it shouldn’t be implemented, but it does have an unspoken edge to it.

    Just hope hope hope she is found alive – and I think of every other family that’s lost a child in this way, and how they must be reliving their own turmoil watching this on the news.

  • Kempe

    I see it’s being widely reported that Bridger collects guns and edged weapons as if that automatically makes him a bad man. I can’t see the relevance myself. I just hope we’re not going to see a repeat of the Christopher Jefferies case.

  • Mary

    Sadly the police are now describing the case as a murder inquiry this morning although they have not found her body. Poor little April and her siblings and mother. I have not heard anything about her father but maybe he wants to avoid the media storm.

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