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430 thoughts on “Baghdad Conference Photos

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  • Mary

    I had heard that there were 16 bars. This says that there are 20.

    The official version, which is obviously economical with the actualite, says 4! Note however the cost of supplying the troughers with food and drink.

    ‘The net cost of the House of Commons Catering and Retail Service met from public funds was £5.7m in 2009/10.’


  • Yonatan

    In response to the question: “Are they [those who hate the Palestinians and Arabs] emotionally unstable and to be avoided?”

    Fred wrote: “Yonatan. I wouldn’t want to depend on anyone who hated anyone.”

    That is an answer to an unasked question.

    Meanwhile, in the US, the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ charade is exposed. The decisions were not made, so the mandatory cuts that should have come into force have been deferred. Whilst everyone’s mind was supposedly on averting this fiscal cliff, the US passed a law “The Countering Iran in the Western Hemisphere Act” on Dec 28. The law refers to Hizbollah and Hamas, which is a dead give away.

    “The Iranians are coming!”

    Nice to see laws favouring foreign countries can be passed so easily by the US government, whilst it’s own financial problems remain unresolved.

  • Mary

    Insufficient evidence for the Home Office to charge him for terrrr offences here, but extradited by the same Home Office to the US who are charging him with offences committed in the UK. You could not make it up. Poor man. They’ll get him on whatever pretext.

    Terror suspect extradited to US
    By Steve Swann BBC News Home Affairs team

    US authorities want Mr Naseer to face trial

    A man accused of leading an al-Qaeda plot to set off bombs in Manchester has been extradited to the US.

    Abid Naseer has been described by a High Court judge as an “al-Qaeda operative” who “poses a serious threat to the national security of the UK”.

    UK prosecutors said there was not enough evidence to charge him.

    However, the US wants to put him on trial, arguing the Manchester plot was part of a wider conspiracy to also bomb New York.

    In December his bid to stop the extradition was thrown out of the European Court of Human Rights, where his lawyers had argued he could be tortured if returned to Pakistan from the US.

    Mr Naseer was arrested in 2009 along with 11 other mainly-Pakistani nationals in counter-terrorism raids in Manchester and Liverpool but no-one has been charged by British prosecutors.

    Four police forces carried out the dramatic raids in daylight and Prime Minister Gordon Brown was quoted as saying “we are dealing with a very big terrorist plot”.


  • Kempe

    “Insufficient evidence for the Home Office to charge him for terrrr offences here, but extradited by the same Home Office to the US who are charging him with offences committed in the UK. You could not make it up. Poor man. They’ll get him on whatever pretext. ”

    Absolutely; and yet people still insist it would be easier for the US to extradite Julian Assange from Sweden.

  • Jay

    Hospitals are truly wonderful places,
    People who choose to work in the caring environment are beacons of light.


  • outsider

    I’ve been meaning to join this blog for a long time. I campaigned along with others for Craig in Blackburn.
    Before I start, I’d like to give y’all a quote from Albert Einstein: ‘To condemn without examining the evidence is the height of ignorance’. That is just a forewarning, as I am bound to be condemned as a ‘conspiracy theorist’.
    Karel previously castigated people who checked out Alex Jones and Jeff Rense sites. If he checked what he would label ‘conspiracy sites’, he would be aware that microwaves can be used to send ‘voice messages’ into people’s heads:

    “An academic paper written for the Air Force in the mid-1990s mentions the idea of a weapon that would use sound waves to send words into a person’s head. “The signal can be a ‘message from God‘ that can warn the enemy of impending doom, or encourage the enemy to surrender.” In 2002, the Air Force Research Laboratory patented precisely such a technology: using microwaves to send words into someone’s head. The patent was based on human experimentation in October 1994 at the Air Force lab, where scientists were able to transmit phrases into the heads of human subjects.“
    – Washington Post article on electronic harassment and voices in the head, January 14 2007.
    Mary comments on the Israeli murder of the Dutch Major and his three UN colleagues; they have no qualms about killing peacekeepers,foreign monitors or virtually any one else; check out another Israeli massacre of 34 and injuring of 173 US personnel on board the USS Liberty, when they intentionally attacked the US spy ship in the ‘Six-Day War’ in 1967. For the best information, read ‘Operation Cyanide’ by Peter Hounam; also search ‘Dead in the Water + video’ and ‘Loss of Liberty + video’.
    For more Sandy Hook information, try ; I am mainly a 9/11 Truth campaigner but recently came across something even more horrific, the continuation of Hitler/Himmler Mind Control experiments by the US using initially Nazi scientists and ‘doctors’ brought to the States by Project Paperclip. Their work was merged with CIA knowledge of trauma-based mind control, and the Catholic Church’s knowledge gleaned from tortures inflicted during the Inquisition. Below are some links, and they are NOT conspiracy theories, but witness testimonies. I have been involved in Human Rights campaigns since the ’70’s, but this info is the worst I have ever come across:

    Satanic subversion of the US Military:

    Ritual Abuse and State Controlled Child Torture and Sexual Abuse:
    Roseanne Barr introduces Cathy O’Brien:

    Mind Control & MK-ULTRA + Cathy + Mark Phillips:

    ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ + John DeCamp:

    Johnny Gosch Foundation: (note MSNBC airing program December 16, 2012):

    Books: John DeCamp ‘Franklin Cover-Up’; Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips ‘Trance Formation of America’ & ‘Access Denied’.

    This information, sickening though it is, needs to be disseminated as widely as possible.

  • Nextus

    @Outsider: sending voice messages by microwave into people’s heads? Jeez! It’s clear enough you’re not a cognitive scientist, then. Such amusingly ignorant hogwash would only appeal to the uninformed and gullible. It’s completely apposite to what we know about how the brain processes information. Contrary to what the layman might think, you can’t transmit coded messages between areas of the brain, never mind between different brains. If you’re really interested in neuroscience you’d do better to read proper educational resources rather than conspiraloony websites.

  • thatcrab

    We have environmental chaos looming in the near future, a need to reorganise and equip for major resource difficulties, at haste. An opportunity to reconnect and care about important challenges together, supportively with no hope for greed left. We have politics and society confused by technology and systematic breakdown, commercial predation, spin. We have war mongers to sack and a world to save through work and vision.

    These narratives about microwave brain speakers and satanists and even nnelven now, whatever substance their might and might not be to them, they are mostly a twisted useless noise around real hard dark goings on, many of them quite visible but not covered by the msm. Most of the far out stories are smoke and mirrors for the few really far out stories. The truth of the really far out stories, is something for only the most knowledgeable analyst to seriously try to discern. Not I, certainly not people who circulate sensational and phantasmagorical blarticles and youtube vids.

    Sorry Outsider, put it down for a while, pick up a good book. All you could ever do about the kind of problems which you are concentrating on, eg satanist cabals and brainwave weapons etc – real or not, is avoid them. Me too, chances are that’ll be easier for the vast many of us to do, than avoiding the degradation of our lives and starvation due to militarism, climate chaos and energy and resource crisis in the near future. Its going to take much more work and much clearer vision than the murky tales which you are focused on contain.

  • Clark

    Nextus at 4 Jan, 2:47 am, please read what you’re objecting to more carefully; ““An academic paper […] mentions the idea of a weapon that would use sound waves to send words into a person’s head.”

    “Head”, not “brain”, and “words”, not “ideas”. I see nothing inherently impossible in this; modulated microwaves can be used to induce modulated heating, with associated expansion and contraction, ie. sound. I’m pretty sure that I’ve heard of some application of similar technology, but I can’t think what it is right now.

  • Clark

    outsider at 4 Jan, 1:52 am, I suspect that such techniques do get used, but I think that such discussion is beyond the core subjects on this blog.

    The power of Craig Murray’s writing is that he so often finds undeniable truths that go unmentioned in the mainstream corporate media. Not possibilities that require additional evidence, but things that are obviously true, once they have been pointed out. For instance, he will compare establishment calls for military intervention in certain countries with the complete absence of similar calls for intervention, depending upon the alliances of the establishment.

    Another thing Craig does is to use of Freedom of Information requests to expose hidden government policy, or the involvement of those outside government, as was the case with Werritty. Similarly, he occasionally reveals information from within government departments.

    Outsider, the problem with the material you mention is that it is inherently unverifiable in specific instances. Yes, such techniques could be employed, but to claim that they have been used in any specific incident is to resort to speculation.

  • Nextus

    @Mary: Don’t worry about Craig. I spoke to him at the New Year, and he is in very fine shape (as indeed is Nadira). There are things he’d like to blog about, but he just doesn’t have time at present.

    @Clark: Yes, I agree that reading carefully before objecting would be a good idea. For example, the bit where Outsider said:

    Karel previously castigated people who checked out Alex Jones and Jeff Rense sites. If he checked what he would label ‘conspiracy sites’, he would be aware that microwaves can be used to send ‘voice messages’ into people’s heads:

    which was in fact the bit I was referring to (rather than the academic quotation below it).

    Microwaves can be used for many wonderful things, including beeping information between computers, but they can’t beep information between brains. It’s a very different paradigm of information transmission.

    Interestingly, evidence has emerged that (very) strong magnetic fields can have a similar effect on the brain as electroconvulsive therapy. But it uses huge machinery in very close proximity to the skull. The required intensity of electromagnetic waves certainly couldn’t be beamed surreptitiously at some unwitting target’s brain. (Anyway, there are psychotropic drugs that would do a much more effective job. But even they can’t implant specific ideas – or words.)

    @Outsider: I forgot to say … kudos for helping Craig in Blackburn!

  • Clark

    Nextus, thanks for the update about Craig and Nadira; I’m glad they’re doing well.

    Ben Franklin, thanks for your message, 1 Jan, 6:09 pm…

    Happy New Year to all.

  • Clark

    Robert Fisk:

    “Iran? Well, the Iranians understand the West much better than we understand the Iranians – a lot of them, remember, were educated in the United States. And they’ve an intriguing way of coming out on top whatever they do. George Bush (and Lord Blair of Kut al-Amara) invaded Afghanistan and rid the Shia Iranians of their Sunni enemy, whom they always called the “Black Taliban”. Then Bush-Blair invaded Iraq and got rid of the Islamic Republic’s most loathsome enemy, Saddam Hussein. Thus did Iran win both the Afghan and the Iraqi war – without firing a shot.”

    That’s an interesting way of looking at the situation. Each time the US diminishes one “enemy”, the resultant power-vacuum creates a successor. This dynamic coincides well and converges with the ambitions of the Neocon war-mongers, the arms manufacturers and “security” providers such as Xe, and through the location of hydrocarbon deposits, corporatism in general.

  • Phil

    “a weapon that would use sound waves to send words into a person’s head”

    Sounds like the television to me.

  • nevermind

    I’m glad to hear that the occasional poster here is in fine fettle and has too much work on to appear here. Sadly Norwich has lost in its last three encounters with ‘bigger boy’s’,

    Clark’s pointing to Robert Fisk’s article.

    “That’s an interesting way of looking at the situation. Each time the US diminishes one “enemy”, the resultant power-vacuum creates a successor. This dynamic coincides well and converges with the ambitions of the Neocon war-mongers, the arms manufacturers and “security” providers such as Xe, and through the location of hydrocarbon deposits, corporatism in general.”

    It is the successor model that has served the purveyors of the Monroe doctrine so well. Hence the importance to watch Venezuela should Chavez die soon. The US will try all tricks in the books to overturn thwe course Venezuela has taken and I expect vote rigging and violence in the run up to the elections as well as afterwards, whichever way the result will fall.

    If a left’ish successor is elected, the CIA will try and destabilise the newly elected Government and if there is a right leaning Government elected, I can see the equivalent of a Venezuelan FARC taking to the jungle. By destabilising Venezuela, as Columbia was destabilised, the US guarantees access to the countries wealth via division and chaos.

    Saddams nasty human rights violations could have been averted by the powers that suckered him, the Dujail and Halabja massacres were reactions that could have been foreseen, but it was in the interest of the US to see the Kurds strafed, many of them Iranian due to Halabja’s position near Iran’s border. That’s why they awarded Saddam a massive loan within 48 hrs. of the massacre.

    Fisk is right, his observations in the ME are crucial as there are only few sources one can rely on for straight information.

  • Mary

    Kay Burley on Sky News just now, referring to the North Korean state machine, when questioning the reason for the Google’s Schmidt visit there….

    ‘Even if they (the people) have a radio, there is only one channel on it’.

    Oh then just like the state propaganga machine here Ms Burley. Little difference between the BBC, ITV and Sky.

    She throws away these little lines in a deadpan manner. All scripted of course.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)


    Howzit hangin’, Dude?

    Do you have any opinions on the Fiscal Civil War in the US?

  • BrianFujisan

    Great To see Craig and Family are in fine Fettle. I was Starting to worry that the trip to Iraq had gotten to him. Brave man for going. And thank you for the effort.
    I see the Spineless Bastards at the un are falling over themselves to deny complicity in the west Led Quest for Genocide in Syria….Makes Me sick at what the west are getting away with in the Middle East. it also depresses me that amongst the friends I have, hardly a single soul Gives a shit. It seems the Criminals in the Corporate media, are doing the Job well, with their incessant bullshit Propaganda war crimes. C*nts.

  • karel


    get back to school and try an O-level or whatever in physics. The only influence electromagnetic waves have on our brains is rather slight energy deposition, that heats up the tissue somewhat. It is hundreths of a degree rather than hundreds of degrees. The resulting temperature rise depends on the frequency and intensity of the radiation but it is not much unless you stuff your head into a microwave oven after disactivating the security switch or lean your head against a high energy C-band (UHF) radar trasmitter. The warming up effect is nonspecific in that it is distributed uniformly throughout the entire brain. One does not feel much in an NMR scanner (I have not tried more the 3 Tesla) but there are some reports of dizziness in 4 Tesla magnets where the RF frequency pulses, that make protons in the brain resonate, are already about 170 MHz, which is still outside of the microwave but somewhere in the middle of the radar VHF band. But the dizzines could be a psychological problem or caused by the high magnetic field. In any case just ask a physicist to design a set rf pulses to selectively stimulate your brain so that you can hear the voice Abraham and he would just laugh at you. if you do not believe me enquire at GE or Bruker who make these machines.

    There are better and easier ways of uniformly warming up our brains. Try an i.v. injection of live streptococcal bacteria. Should anyone survive the fever, then I would love to hear what it was like.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    “Anger, is a very poor instructor.”—-Phil Jackson

    He was a lucky sonofabitch in that he had owners willing to pay to play, but his ‘Triangle Offense” was total bullshite. It completely de-nutted offensive rebounds, and that slowed-down game, provided minimal difference in final result.

    But he understood people. Maybe that was the diff.

  • A Node

    Welcome to the bear pit, Outsider.
    If you’ve been watching from the sidelines for a while, you’ll have already realised that those who respond to you in insulting terms are best ignored.
    Fortunately you’ve had some considered and helpful responses too.

  • thatcrab

    Brian, well said.

    Outsider – I possibly over protested to your comment, just hang on to your discernment and positivity reading on that stuff, pace it well, a lot of it seems like a toxic burden on all concerned.

    Clark, good call there.

    Ben, that alien clip is a hoot. Hardly realistic on any levels to me.

    The Harry Patch video – that is a wonderful one, has to be watched.

  • Mary

    This very interesting LRB book review has been posted in full on Medialens.

    I want you to know I know who you are
    Katrina Forrester

    Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark: Corporate and Police Spying on Activists by Eveline Lubbers
    Pluto, 252 pp, £19.99, June 2012, ISBN 978 0 7453 3185 0

    Five years ago, I helped to unmask a corporate spy. Climate activism was at its peak: the second ‘climate camp’ had spent a week at Heathrow the summer before, and many environmental groups had reported an upsurge in membership. Ken Tobias was one such new member. He came to his first Plane Stupid meeting at a pub in Russell Square in December 2007. Posh, eager, with a Palestinian keffiyeh around his neck, Ken was fresh out of Oxford and very keen. He never missed a meeting, and was always offering to arrange extra ones. He thought environmental activism should take bigger risks, he said.

    This was all very welcome but some things about him made us uneasy. Activists love meetings, but they never arrive early, as he did, or ask to hold more. We began to get suspicious. The one protest he knew about in advance the police knew about too: they were there when we arrived. Ken was there too but he stood on the sidelines. To test him we made fake plans: the plans were leaked to the tabloids. The Evening Standard reported where some of our meetings had taken place – but only the meetings he had attended. Shortly after that, we asked all new members of the group to provide postal addresses, with the excuse that sensitive material is better sent by snail mail than email. Ken didn’t show up on the electoral register at the address he gave. Gradually, we realised he had no internet presence. Back then, activists often weren’t on Facebook. But a former Oxford rugby player like him not being on Facebook?

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