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430 thoughts on “Baghdad Conference Photos

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  • nevermind

    And whilst OAPs and young people suffer, not to speak of the disabled and those on benefit used as targets for Government policies, this Government is playing footsie with our money.

    This from Kent CC, Craigs principal council, they spent close to 12 million on ‘compensation’ and thanks to the laws governing such releases and re-employment for local Government officers, our coalition feels unable to do anything about it, after 2 years in power…

    ” The biggest were made by Kent county council where, in the past two years, five officials were given a total of £1.2 million.

    Katherine Kerswell, the council’s former managing director, received a £420,000 pay-off after less than 20 months in the job, on top of her £139,806 salary and £29,359 pension contribution. She is now the Cabinet Office’s director of civil service reform on a salary of £142,000 a year.

    Lynda McMullan, the former corporate director, was paid £172,000 in compensation and has since joined the National Audit Office as assistant auditor general. Mrs McMullan, who now earns £145,000, said after her appointment that “value for money” was one of the most important issues facing the public sector. ”


  • doug scorgie

    Good news for Rebekah Brooks:

    Chipping Norton gets own yacht club.

    The fact that the small town is more than 100 miles from the sea and perched on the highest point in the Oxfordshire section of the Cotswolds is neither here nor there.

    The Chipping Norton Yacht Club will officially launch early this year in one of the most landlocked areas of Britain, its website reveals. Helpfully, it adds: “You don’t need to be a boat owner to qualify for membership.”
    [BBC Online]

    It’s a bit like having a mountaineering club in Holland!

  • Phil W

    Re Chipping Norton Yacht Club.

    Dougie, maybe you have the wrong sort of yacht in mind – think more Britannia, or Robert Maxwell – a club for people with Yachts, sort of like the Carlton Club, makes perfect sense!

  • Kempe

    “But what about using them to disrupt and destroy the supply lines through which weapons and “rebels” are entering the country?”

    Unlikely to be any more successful than American attempts to shut down the Ho Chi Minh trail during the Vietnam war.

  • MJ

    Not a very useful analogy. It is likely however that Russia will not allow Syria to fall, at least not without a fight. Its only Mediterranean naval base is in Syria and its western-most early warning installations are located there too. Russia is probably discreetly controlling the military operations as well as providing the hardware and, battle-hardened as it is from operations in Chechnya, should not to be under-estimated in a situation like this.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Glad he’s keeping in touch, nevermind. cheers

  • Mary

    Posted on Medialens by someone with a Canadian e-mail address using links from the European Union Times.

    Obama told to prepare for Hillary Clinton’s death – brooks Today, 4:59 pm

    was Hillary Clinton injured in a plane crash in Iran? – brooks Today, 4:54 pm

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    That sums it up. Thx Mary.

    I do think the serious nature of her injury (bloodclot) and her physical condition (exhaustion) makes the possibility of her demise, less than implausible.

  • Jives

    @ Ben,

    Ben,instincively i warm to you,but also,just please be yourself?

    You’re good copy Ben,but also,please just be yourself?

    We’ll ALL benefit i sense?


  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Jives; Few appreciate my prose, so I must restrain. I am a fool for alliteration and onomatopoiea, which is sometimes worse than being a fool for love.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    BTW; ‘sirrah’ is contemptuous, in nature. Have you some other intent?

  • thatcrab

    Ben your old self is fine and your lyrics, i never heard a convincing complaint. Beam up Jives 😛

    I felt a pang of sympathy for the idea of Hilary Clinton haunted into ill health by a remnant of conscience. The warmongers who are less than entirely monstrous must be tormented by their reflexions. Little trauma it is compared to what they sow, but horrible to each soul the questions of conscience, memories of youthful innocence. Poor girl. Long may the monster stay out of business.

  • glenn_uk

    Mike Malloy is always worth following, if you listen to nothing else that comes out of America.

    A broadcaster unafraid of telling the truth – a rare opportunity, so catch him before he gets cut off the air completely. Subscribe to his podcasts, support the programme.

    Anyway, he referenced and discussed this video that is – in keeping with the themes of his show – pretty urgent and alarming:

    It concerns Arctic methane, and why the (rapidly melting) sea ice matters.

  • Anon


    I have never ever seen anything posted by Internet Hoax Queen(King) Sorcha Fall (David L. Booth) turn out to be true.

    Not a fan of Christians whoever is really behind David L Booth/Sorcha Fall

    “Dirty, Filthy, Christians”: Treatise On The Most Dangerous Death Cult In Human History
    Special Offer: $37.88 plus $4.50 Shipping and Handling [US Funds] !!!

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Crab; You are a softshell, like me. I could tell you an anecdote about Hillary which sets her apart from the rest of the politicos.

    Glenn; Thanks for another interesting link.

    Anon; There is a report Hillary returned to the hospital.

  • Mary

    Obama starts the New Year as he means to continue through 2013.

    3 January 2013

    Pakistan militant Mullah Nazir ‘killed in drone attack’
    Mullah Nazir had been accused of sending fighters to support the Afghan Taliban

    Senior Pakistani militant leader Mullah Nazir has been killed by a US drone strike in Pakistan, local security officials say.

    He was killed along with at least five fighters when two missiles struck in the north-western tribal district of South Waziristan, they said.

    He had been accused of sending fighters to support the Afghan Taliban and fight foreign and pro-government troops.


    Signed off when in Washington on his short break from his Hawaiian holiday presumably.

  • Jives

    @ Ben.

    No contempt intended whatsoever ;.) I just want you to really riff y’know?


  • Mary

    We have ways of making you slim! says Fuehrers Carr-West and Roe.

    Overweight or unhealthy people who refuse to attend exercise sessions could have their benefits slashed, in a move proposed by Westminster Council.

    Carr-West ex Common Purpose needless to say

    Roe – such a lovely Tory gal

  • Fred

    “We have ways of making you slim! says Fuehrers Carr-West and Roe. ”

    Yeh I was reading that. Just who the hell do they think they are? Who died and made them God? It wouldn’t be so bad if they had any brains whatsoever but having our entire lives dictated to by the terminally stupid is recipe for disaster.

    Didn’t anyone tell them that obesity is a symptom of poverty? Don’t they know that people are over weight because they can’t afford to eat healthy food?

  • nevermind

    Whilst an obese Eric Pickles is giving the go ahead for this newest attack/intrusion into overweight people’s lives, a FoI attempt to find out how much alcohol is consumed in the House of commons is being batted off as ‘too trivia’ a reason.

    Since when is the health of politicians being assessed to different parameters than ours. As our representatives they mainly mirror societies self abuse with drugs and alcohol, and they are not exclusive of official stats.

    So why ‘fattie buoar’ Eric’s department alone spends £ 10.000/year on biscuits, that’s gotta stop, they are refusing to be held accountable and come up to their own mark.

    Off their trolleys or what.

    sorry to some, this is a politics UK photo from FB.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    It’s simple nevermind. They operate Through the Looking Glass where vice is virtue, for them; vice-versa for the rest of us peons.

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