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430 thoughts on “Baghdad Conference Photos

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  • Mary

    FYI Privatisation of the Royal Mail happening this year

    Session: 2012-13
    Date tabled: 05.12.2012

    That this House expresses its alarm that the regulator, Ofcom has failed to register the dangers to Royal Mail’s provision of the universal service obligation; notes in particular, that Ofcom has allowed the introduction of delivery competition without putting into place any safeguards to ensure that Royal Mail can fund the universal service, in the event of the loss of a substantial amount of delivery work; further notes that Ofcom has placed no obligation on competitors to meet Royal Mail delivery standards, or even to publish details of delivery performance in a manner accessible to customers and the public; and therefore calls on the regulator to reconsider its decision and ensure that Royal Mail is not subjected to unfair competition in delivery provision.

  • Fred

    “There are better and easier ways of uniformly warming up our brains. Try an i.v. injection of live streptococcal bacteria. Should anyone survive the fever, then I would love to hear what it was like.”

    I had a really bad fever one time. Made me hear voices in my head.

    I remember seeing on one of the conspiracy sites, BBC I think, that they are using sound to make people think they are on fire. Must be some very stupid people about to believe that.

  • outsider

    @ Nextus, Thatcrab & Karel, here is the ‘impossible’ US Patent:
    As for the Satanic Abuse, it not only goes on, it is covered by the 1947 National Security Act.
    It became the policy of the CIA, DIA and certain branches of the Military to experiment and develop the ideas brought to the US by Nazi scientists and doctors in ‘Project Paperclip’. It was a continuation of Hitler/Himmler/’Dr.’ Mengele’s Mind Control experiments in the Camps in WWII.
    If you read the books, or even watch the videos I linked to, you would see that Cathy O’Brien and many other surviving victims name very prominenet people, including Presidents, Congressmen & Senators as abusers and torturers, yet NOT ONE has sued. That in itself is an indicator of the veracity of the charges; another is the verification from many different sources. Children are kidnapped, sexually abused and tortured (and sometimes ritually killed) in order to bring them under total Mind Control (the killed are ‘por encourage les autres’).
    And it goes on all over the world. In the UK, a child goes missing about every 3 & 1/2 minutes; many are later found, but many stay ‘missing’.
    It does indeed impact us (or should) as much as economic collapse; it is a building block of the NWO (& that’s just what Hitler was working on).

  • Nextus

    @Outsider: Microwave otoacoustics involves creating vibrations in the cochlea by rapid pulsed microwave heating, and in quiet environments these vibrations can be perceived as tones. But this sonic phenomenon which has serious limitations, as noted in the patent.

    “Although pulsed carrier modulation can induce a subjective sensation for simple tones, it severely distorts the complex waveforms of speech, as has been confirmed experimentally.
    The presence of this kind of distortion has prevented the click process for the encoding of intelligible speech. An example is provided by AM sampled data modulation.
    Upon demodulation the perceived speech signal has some of the envelope characteristics of an audio signal. Consequently a message can be recognized as speech when a listener is preadvised that speech has been sent. However, if the listener does not know the content of the message, the audio signal is unintelligible.
    The attempt to use the click process to encode speech has been based on the assumption that if simple tones can be encoded, speech can be encoded as well, but this is not so.
    A simple tone can contain several distortions and still be perceived as a tone whereas the same degree of distortion applied to speech renders it unintelligible.”

    The patent proposes a way to reduce the heating effect of the carrier signal on the brain – another effect which makes it impracticable as a means of information transmission. The science is very interesting.
    However, there are many dubious references on the web linking this phenomenon to mind control – and even mentioning the need to protect against it by wearing, yes, tinfoil hats. The pseudoscience has some entertainment value, at least.
    It’s true that the military was examining ways to exploit the technology (which they weren’t being especially secretive about); however, even if they could manage to make it work in a practical way, it would hardly constitute a breakthrough. There are other, more conventional and less harmful ways to make people hear sounds, and there are more effective and direct ways of subliminally influencing their psychology.

  • outsider

    @Nextus: That patent was 2002, it is now 2013, and Mind Control techniques are one of the corner-stones of building the NWO, so it is extremely important to the Mega-Criminals that control us.
    I think I have made my point, that these technologies, or ‘conspiracies’, are not to be scoffed at without at least a reasonable attempt to assess the evidences available.
    I’m sure we’ll cross swords again, but hopefully this issue can be closed now?

  • macky

    @Fred, I’ve just remembered our little discussion on Hate which I rudely abandon due to New Year travels, and had completely forgotten about to now !

    “Well logically the ones that hated the Nazis feared the Nazis therefore they are probably expecting a knock on the door from the black shirts”

    Sorry, but that’s a cope-out; I repeat the scenario: in view of the likelihood of a campaign of threats & bribes aimed at those sheltering Jews, would you feel safer sheltering with those who professed to disliking the Nazis, or with those who were obviously filled with loathing & hatred for the Nazis ? In other words, who would be most likely to turn you in ?

    “If they hate Nazis chances are they hate Jews as well.”

    Very bizarre comment ! I thought that the opposite would be true !

  • Cryptonym

    Interesting report on EMF, RF, electromagnetism and effects on health. Released on 7th January 2013. The evidence-based case for safeguards, not just The Precautionary Principle. Prepared by world-recognized experts in science and public health policy. Outside reviewers also contributed valuable content and perspective. It was concluded even in 2007 [the previous report] that existing public safety limits were inadequate to protect public health.

    If nothing else read the summary of conclusions:

    “The most serious health endpoints that have been reported to be associated with extremely low frequency (ELF) and/or radiofrequency radiation (RFR) include childhood and adult leukemia, childhood and adult brain tumors, and increased risk of the neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Recent studies largely reinforce the potential risks to health (rather than reducing our concerns, or providing actual indications of safety). In addition, there are reports of increased risk of breast cancer in both men and women, genotoxic effects (DNA damage, chromatin condensation, micronucleation, impaired repair of DNA damage in human stem cells), pathological leakage of the blood–brain barrier, altered immune function including increased allergic and inflammatory responses, miscarriage and some cardiovascular effects. Insomnia (sleep disruption) is reported in studies of people living in very low-intensity RFR environments with WI-FI and cell tower-level exposures. Short-term effects on cognition, memory and learning, behavior, reaction time, attention and concentration, and altered brainwave activity (altered EEG) are also reported in the scientific literature. Biophysical mechanisms that may account for such effects can be found in various articles and reviews.”

    Quoting one our transient trolls here –Karel “Our brains do not normally contain anything that can serve as an antenna capable of pickin up external signals.”

    Which do you want a believe a random unqualified internet troll and shill or 29 authors from ten countries, ten holding medical degrees (MDs), 21 PhDs, and three MsC, MA or MPHs. Who state that the body, the brain in particular contains, quite naturally, trace elements of at least half a dozen RF sensitive metals, even without accumulated environmental toxicant heavy metals.

    Human beings are bioelectrical systems. Our hearts and brains are regulated by internal bioelectrical signals. Environmental exposures to artificial EMFs can interact with fundamental biological processes in the human body.

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