Baghdad Conference Photos

by craig on December 18, 2012 9:55 am in Uncategorized

A photo essay here on the Baghdad conference on Palestine, including a very unflattering picture of me!

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  1. My best wishes to you all, enjoy a few days off, pampering R&R to you all, hope Craig’s guts will stand up to the winter wiski cure, guaranteed to burn the last virus out of you.

    Thanks for your last essay on Assange’s malaise and how badly these people really are trying to speed him away in some sort of fashion, John Goss, a great collaborative effort.

    Enjoy the solstice and the slide into another year of uncertainty. Just opened a bottle of Glenkeir Treasures, 15 years of the finest single malt from the Ledaig distillery, see how that goes…..

    can i just say that I have and am thoroughly enjoying our discourse here and that it is educational and exciting at times. Thanks to the mods, great job.

    be merry, he says, slowing letting the spirit nectar slither and burn its way down his throat…..

  2. Agent Cameron has guilefully endorsed Motorway tolls with the added kicker that “a cut in fuel duty and excise duty” for ‘certain’ drivers must accompany the new bill.

    Leasing roads by private companies is of course a swindling stealth tax that will further increase the outgoings of an already screwed British public.

    George Osborne has doubled the number of six figure treasury staff to help enact this and other impending bills intended to favour the richer 1% establishment zombies.

  3. doug scorgie

    25 Dec, 2012 - 5:18 pm

    The season of good will to all men

    The Tony Blair Faith Foundation:

    “And so, in and through Jesus Christ, whose birth we commemorate at Christmas, God has revealed the secret about Himself and about His unconditional love, mercy and compassion for us human beings. In this sense, Christmas is the celebration of God’s personal self-disclosure in human history as a God of infinite love and goodness.”

    As January cometh let us prepare to continue and promote God’s will. Let us restart the drone strikes; the hellfire missiles; the white phosphorus and assassinations; the killing of women and children and the theft of other people’s land and resources.

    Not to worry though:

    Matthew 5:5

    “Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth.”

    Like shit they will!!

    Anyway; merry whatever and a happy thingy

  4. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    25 Dec, 2012 - 5:22 pm

    ” whose birth we commemorate at Christmas,”

    Another myth which serves the agenda…..just ask Constantine.

  5. The nanny state and the military state.
    See the comment.


    Appalling military and war propaganda on all channels today.

    I don’t know how many times I have heard about P Harry being ‘deployed’ (omitting mention of his killing spree of course) or how many live links there have been to Camp Bastion today.

    Caroline Wyatt speaking to a curator of the National Army Museum on presents from the monarch to troops over the years

    publicity for this charity whose patron is fish eyed Duke of Westminster, the richest person in Britain or should that be the queen?

    HM queen recognizing contribution of her brave boys with a bit of film included

    endless repeats of the red, white and blue images from the jubilee events and Limp Ics inc the Red Arrows

    the military wives choir under the baton of the twerp Gareth Malone included in the queen’s speech and then tacked on to the end, and given the setting of the lavish grandeur of the ballroom.

    I see that HM queen’s speech was a Sky 3D HD production!! and that her 3D specs in the trailer were diamond encrusted.

  6. “Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth.” Matthew 5.5…

    “-But not the mineral rights.” J.Paul Getty

    Best wishes of the season to Craig and his family,and to the mods,for enabling this blog.

    Best wishes also to all who post here in Good Faith.You know who you are.

    To all spammers,scammers,fakes and trolls….Go away.


  7. Netanyahu’s Christmas Message to th rest of the world : “Fuck You”

    Netanyahu: I’ll strengthen settlements during next 4 years

    PM kicks off Likud-Beytenu campaign with promise to continue settlement construction “despite international pressure”; commits himself to lowering housing prices, tackling Iranian nuclear issue.

    Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday promised to continue strengthening the settlement enterprise in the West Bank, kicking off his Likud-Beytenu campaign ahead of national elections on January 22.

    “We did a lot to strengthen the settlements [in the past four years], and in the next four years we’ll continue to do a lot to strengthen the settlements,” he said at the campaign rally.

  8. Christmas- strength and unity to all.

    Bring on the peacemakers.

  9. Some small satisfaction in reading this:

    The Spirit of Christmas: George W. Bush and Tony Blair banned from the Birthplace of Jesus Christ
    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

    War criminals George W. Bush and Tony Blair were banned for life in April 2003 from the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, widely believed to be the birth-place of Jesus Christ. The ban was announced at the height of the illegal US-allied bombing and invasion of Iraq.

    Below are the original 2003 press reports pertaining to that decision as well as a subsequent introductory note published by Global Research in December 2006.


  10. In sharp contrast to our former Archbishop of Canterbury (a close friend of the Chief Rabbi) who has an advanced case of Christian Zionism, viz

    Professor of International Law, Francis Boyle wrote these words.

    ‘It was December of 1991 and I was serving as Legal Advisor to the Palestinian Delegation to the Middle East Peace Negotiations in Washington DC.

    The Israelis were stalling, not even negotiating in bad faith, and the Americans under Baker and Ross were doing nothing to get the negotiations started.

    (O Little Town of Bethlehem – image: Banksy)

    This had been going on for 3 weeks and Christmas was fast approaching. Those of us on the Palestinian Team who were Christian were wondering if we were going to be able to get home for Christmas–many Palestinians are Christian, the original Christians, going back to Jesus Christ and the Apostles themselves.

    I would periodically check in with my wife and 2 sons at the time–little boys. My poor, sweet wife had to do all the Christmas preparations by herself without me. So the weekend before Christmas I called her up to say I still did not know if or when I would be coming home. Israel, Palestine and Christian Hypocrisy.’



    Radio waves and melatonin production.

    Be carefull folks, Love you all.

  12. English Knight

    26 Dec, 2012 - 8:08 am

    I have always suspected this anecdotal epidemic of short-term memory loss in entire populations, including even the young, has something to do with all our synapses swimming in a sea of mobile telephony waves? Ama?

  13. I think you might have a point English Knight … about, whatever it was.

    It doesn’t mean I agree with you at all on anything else however –this shouldn’t require saying but this is the internet after all.

    If you regard it as simply more electromagnetic radiation, then we’ve been bathed in it really since widespread radio and tv transmission began, everything from high-powered police and military radio comms to CB and taxi radios contribute, but theres also been a certain amount of it coming from space, with bursts from solar activity and electrical storms, static and rays from space. Proximity to high voltage lines and transformer stations for power distribution also factor in, as does every piece of wire and appliance in our homes. We’re swimming in a thick broth of electromagnetic soup; the brain and the nervous system even the heart and muscles certainly rely on the faintest of electrical signalling, but the high-powered bombardment we get now, attributable to mobile phones is unprecedented; I’d certainly never use a mobile phone for those and for reasons connected with privacy, and try to minimise my exposure to mobile phones and their users. Lead-lined walls and traditional lead roofing might be of use, but would tinfoil hats and those foil ponchos wrapped round marathon runners screen it or simply act as perfect antennae?

  14. Boxing Day emetic.

    Charles pays tribute to troops serving abroad Charles recorded the message in London for broadcast from Camp Bastion

    The Prince of Wales has told British forces fighting in Afghanistan that the nation owes them “an everlasting debt of gratitude”.

    He thanked them for their “fortitude and relentless courage”.


    He said: “I… wanted to pay tribute to the extraordinary contribution made by those of you who belong to our Armed Forces, in all sorts of different parts of the world.

    “Nowhere is your fortitude and relentless courage more clearly on display than in Afghanistan, where your resilience, patience and determination to see the job through – usually in impossibly difficult conditions and circumstances – is, quite simply, humbling.”


  15. “An’ it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ anything you please;
    An’ Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool — you bet that Tommy sees!”

  16. Mary – Sadly in the game of war it is recursive thinking and the sense of entitlement that has brought us this far. The apparent short-term memory loss since the killing fields of Iraq is really a cognitive map reworking of the colonial conceptualisation of space that deems it right, acceptable and necessary that unpleasant things take place in far away places so that a certain lifestyle dominated by Queen, country and bullshit can be aspired to at home.

  17. What would you expect him to say? “It’s all utterly futile and the deaths and maiming of your mates has been a complete waste”?

  18. “I… wanted to pay tribute to the extraordinary contribution made by those of you who belong to our Armed Forces, in all sorts of different parts of the world.

    “Nowhere is your fortitude and relentless courage more clearly on display than in Afghanistan, where your resilience, patience and determination to see the job through – usually in impossibly difficult conditions and circumstances – is, quite simply, humbling. It would all be utterly futile, the deaths and maiming of your mates, a complete waste, except it is acceptable and necessary that such unpleasant things do place in far away places, so that a certain lifestyle dominated by Queen, country and bullshit can be aspired to at home.”

    There, fixed it by merging the last Posts.

  19. 5* Macky! Thanks Mark and Fred too.


    DND removes report on killing of Canadian soldier by Israeli forces

    he Defence Department has quietly removed from the Internet a report into the killing of a Canadian military officer by Israeli forces, a move the soldier’s widow says is linked to the Conservative government’s reluctance to criticize Israel for any wrongdoing.

    Maj. Paeta Hess-von Kruedener and three other United Nations observers were killed in 2006 when the Israeli military targeted their small outpost with repeated artillery barrages as well as an attack by a fighter aircraft.

    IN early 2008, the Defence Department posted on its website a 67-page report from the Canadian Forces board of inquiry into the killing. The board found Hess-von Kruedener’s death was preventable and caused by the Israeli military.

    But less than a year later, the report was quietly removed from the DND website and has since remained off-limits to the public through official channels.

    Hess-von Kruedener’s widow, Cynthia, told the Citizen that the decision to remove the document from the public domain was made by DND and the government in an effort to protect Israel’s reputation.

    “They don’t want people reading about it,” she said. “It’s embarrassing to the Israelis and, as we know, Prime Minister (Stephen) Harper has given his unconditional support to the Israelis.”

    The circumstances surrounding Hess-von Kruedener’s death and the attempts by DND and the Canadian Forces to limit access to the board of inquiry report are outlined in an article in the new edition of Legion magazine, an Ottawa-based publication sent to members of the Royal Canadian Legion.

    Hello, my name is Cynthia Hess von Kruedener – I’m the widow of Major Paeta Hess von Kruedener. My husband was killed along with 3 fellow Peacekeepers during the Israeli bombing of the UN Patrol Base Khaim, in southern Lebanon on July 25th, 2006

    I’m speaking to you today following the release of our Department of Defence / Board of Inquiry. I’ve prepared this statement, instead of an interview – because it’s important to me to address the central issues – at this time – without being misspoken.

    I thank the members of the Board of Inquiry: I believe they did a thorough job investigating, within the bounds of their mandate. I encourage all interested parties to review the findings of the BOI, available to the public (almost in their entirety) on the National Defence Website. (

    First, I want to make it clear that it’s not my intention to place inappropriate blame for the events that led to my husband’s death; and

    Secondly, I want to draw attention to the questions that have not been answered through this investigation.

    I direct your attention to Paragraph 72, indicating that the Israeli Defence Force has clearly accepted responsibility for the incident that killed my husband and his colleagues.

    Just so we’re clear “the incident” refers to the 500 lb, precision guided bomb that was dropped on the UN bunker containing my husband and his fellow Peace Keepers; who were unarmed and serving the world community in the pursuit of peace.

    The IDF have attributed the targeting and subsequent attack to an operational error; but offer no explanation of how that error occurred.

    Further in paragraph 72, we find that the IDF acknowledges receiving multiple protests regarding their artillery rounds hitting the post. They even acknowledge communication from the UN Force Commander stating: “You are killing my people” – and yet; the IDF fail to explain why the subsequent J-DAM Bomb was NOT halted.

    There are questions unanswered:

    · If 6 hours of artillery shelling was an operational error – and bombing a UN bunker was an operational error – what are the odds that two operational errors (land and air) occurred within an hour of each other and in the same place? Keep in mind, that the UN Patrol Base was a solitary structure; not surround by any other buildings; painted white; marked UN in big, black letters; flying a UN flag; well mapped; and located in exactly the same place for more than 30 years!

    This, and many other questions, will never be answered unless, and until, the IDF reveals the complete findings of its own internal investigation. (An investigation that we know has been performed.) Without complete disclosure, we (the rest of the world), don’t have the necessary information to draw lessons and prevent further, similar loss of UN Peacekeepers:

    · It’s clear, and sad, that the sanctity of the UN was not respected and provided no protection to the UN Peacekeepers.

    · The Board of Inquiry, conducted by our Defence Department must be the first – NOT the last, step in the process of searching for truth and accountability.

    The world needs to know: What were the ‘rules of engagement’ for the IDF pilot who dropped that bomb? I believe that, the IDF lost the privilege of secrecy, on this issue, when they targeted a UN Post.

    I call upon the House of Commons to debate the findings of the BOI; and through our Foreign Minister, take this issue to the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly:

    · This was not an accident.

    · Paeta’s death, with his fellow Peace Keepers: Hans of Austria, Jarno of Finland, and Du, of The Republic of China: was entirely preventable.

    · The Security Council (as an instrument responsible for maintaining international law, international peace and security) must condemn violations of UN Protection – in no uncertain terms.

    I ask Canadians not to turn away from this issue; as if it doesn’t concern you. The security of Peace Keepers, in this extremely distressed world, affects everybody.

    Join me, by contacting your Members of Parliament; ask them to “Make the Safety of our World’s Peace Keepers a Priority!”

  21. To the dark knight and cryptonym,
    unless you hear voices, like many US residents nowadays do, there is no sufficient evidence that an antenna has been implanted into your brains. The subhuman and subsequently human brains have always happily bathed in a soup of electromagnetic radiation and their bearers have against all odds succeeded in developing from clever monkeys to stupid hominids. Our brains do not normally contain anything that can serve as an antenna capable of pickin up external signals. This mishap of nature makes them pretty resilient to any electromagnetic radiations (the destructive x-, gamma and cosmic radiation excepted)unless their owners become voracious consumers of websites run by Alex Jones or Jeff Rense.

  22. The Prince of Wales has told British forces fighting in Afghanistan that the nation owes them “an everlasting debt of gratitude”.

    He also said that to Jimmy Savile when he presented him with gifts:

    “Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that.”

    Then Royal humbling appears spread throughout the MSM:

    Charlie boy said to the troops:

    “Nowhere is your fortitude and relentless courage more clearly on display than in Afghanistan, where your resilience, patience and determination to see the job through – usually in impossibly difficult conditions and circumstances – is, quite simply, humbling.”

    And earlier our humble Queen:

    The Queen has used her Christmas message to reflect on a year of major events in the UK, saying she was “humbled” by the public’s response to her Diamond Jubilee.

    So, now that the Royals have realised that they have an exaggerated sense of self importance, is it not time to kick these parasites and their managers at Clarence House onto the streets and let them fend for themselves in these difficult times. I’m sure they could afford bed-and breakfast accommodation and if not they could join the queues at the food banks. We’re all in this together after all.
    Or, perhaps we could just deport the bastards.

    Meanwhile; Prince Harry has proved himself in battle by pressing a button, whilst sat on the knee of a real helicopter pilot, and killed someone in Afghanistan.

  23. Let’s face it, our troops are not in any way defending our country, they are corporate mercenaries. They are not risking their lives defending the people of Britain, they are defending the route from one of the most energy rich regions of the world to one of the fastest growing economies.

    Afghanistan wasn’t going to be invading Britain any time in the foreseeable future.

  24. ‘So, now that the Royals have realised that they have an exaggerated sense of self importance, is it not time to kick these parasites and their managers at Clarence House onto the streets and let them fend for themselves in these difficult times.’

    Quite so Doug Scorgie. A case in point. The newly weds too. I happened to see the Mail online photospread of Kate looking wan and William serious, plus the Middleton sister, mother and brother, leaving the local church on Christmas Day. Now these photos have been erased by royal command and the Mail pretend that they never published them.


    The media were requested to ‘respect the privacy’ of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge despite their decision to attend church with family and friends in Berkshire yesterday.

    All national media acceded to the request.
    But a small number of freelance photographers turned up, including representatives of the Reuters international news agency.

    The couple’s Scotland Yard police protection officers made no attempt to stop them taking pictures, as they often do, and even moved their vehicles to provide a clear view of William and Kate.

    The photographs subsequently went round the world but St James’s Palace requested British newspapers not to publish them.’

    Pathetic liars.

  25. A terrible story Anon and pity that Canadian widow and all the others left bereaved from yet another example of Israeli planned murder and mayhem called Operation Grapes of Wrath. They excel at naming their killing sprees.

    Shelling of Qana /Qana massacre
    Location UNIFIL compound, Qana, Lebanon

    Date April 18, 1996

    Attack type 155 mm gun shelling

    Deaths 106 Lebanese civilians

    Injured 116 Lebanese civilians and 4 Fijian UN workers

    Perpetrators Israeli military

    More information here

    The bombs used. (Five references to Israel within)

  26. The plight of the Palestinian refugees.

    ‘Before the US invasion of 2003, a small community of 35,000 Palestinians resided in Iraq. They were intentionally shielded from any political involvement in the country and unlike Palestinian refugees in Lebanon were treated well. But when the US invaded, they became an easy target for various militias, US forces and criminal gangs. Many were killed, especially those who couldn’t afford paying heavy ransoms haphazardly imposed by gunmen. Most of the refugees fled, seeking safe havens in Iraq and when that was no longer possible, they sought shelter in neighboring countries.

    Allowing Palestinians entry into Arab countries is not so simple. For this reason thousands were stranded in newly constructed refugee camps at the Jordanian and Syrian borders. They subsisted, some for years, fighting the elements in punishing deserts and surviving on UN handouts. Finally, many of them were sent to various non-Arab countries. It was a pitiful spectacle of an Arab betrayal of Palestinians. The more passionate Arab regimes seem to speak of Palestine, the more inconsiderate they actually are of the plight of Palestinians. History has been consistently cruel this way.’


    ‘If the tragedy of the refugees in Iraq seemed insufficient to iterate the centrality of the Palestinian refugee crisis, and the inalienable right of those refugees, the unfolding calamity that has befallen them in Syria should leave no doubt that the refugee issue is an integral part of the Palestinian narrative as it should in any serious political discourse.

    The Right of Return is not simply a reminiscent discussion of sentimental history and memories of a dying generation. It deserves to be treated as an extremely urgent political priority with an equally pressing humanitarian dimension. Palestinians are once more dying and on the run and all sincere actions have to be geared towards helping those refugees cope with the conflict in Syria and return to their homeland in Palestine.’
    Ramzy Baroud

  27. the page set up by a Norwegian friend/supporter of Harry Fear, now fearlessly cruising the world with his message.
    As yet have not found out who Margarita Rojas was. remember reading of a journalist of that name, some time back.

  28. Merry* Christmas to all.

    *I prefer this to ‘Happy Christmas’ as I believe ‘merry’ is cognate with ‘Marian’ in the ‘Maid Marion’ sense – a pagan, pre-Christian, woodland goddess. I think it’s suggested somewhere in Robert Graves, maybe ‘The White Goddess’. It’s a solstitial greeting that runs with the hare and hunts with the hounds.

  29. I agree with Kempe, what else would you expect the heir-apparent and the next head of the armed forces to say, for God’s sake?

    I also note, in, passing, that at least the royal family – although certainly not the instigator of our military adventures (that’s our government) – is at least not afraid to put its younger members into operational theatres and thus, potentially, into harms way. I do not, on the other hand, recall either of Mr Blair’s sons, or Jack Straw’s son, volonteering to do their bit in the armed forces; not, I suspect, did their fond parents suggest that they should.

  30. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    27 Dec, 2012 - 4:19 pm

    Well, there is some good news in the world. A nascent beginning……

    “Since the dark days of 1999 and 2000, when the Taliban forbade girls’ schooling, there has been very substantial progress. Over 3.2 million girls are now in school, and via UNICEF programs the Afghanistan government expects a 20% increase in primary school enrollment in 2013. Since 2001, female literacy has tripled. But it still stands at only 13%, among the lowest in the world.

    Despite the hatred for UN agencies among the US right wing, especially the Neoconservatives, UNICEF is among the main drivers of increased female education and literacy in Afghanistan, and deserves our support”.

  31. Well, like Ben Franklin, I find the figures about how many girls are now able to go to school in Afghanistan to be GOOD NEWS. Civilisation as against obscurantism and barbarity, I should say.

    I now of course look forward to at least one poster telling me that it’s not good news at all and that I’m just a filthy neocon (or worse).

  32. Unlike the suffering of Palestian refugees in Iraq Mary, some communities like the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq are useful to British colonial ideology despite killing Americans in Iran in the 1970s and an attack on U.S. soil in 1992.

    The MEK according to my source is operating in Syria against government soldiers by infiltrating Iran’s Quds forces who are attempting to provide intelligence on foreign terrorist interference in Assad’s attempts to fight the incursion. It is of course part of the effort to win a now strong propaganda based Western driven revolution designed to implode similar to Libya.

    In the words of Robin Cook, the MEK is now another ‘product of Western intelligence’ in the fight against a revitalised and reformed Soviet Union called ‘Putin’s Russia’ that is moving with the economic strength of China to compensate a soulless, unexceptional America; a country that has done more harm than good over the last 70 years.

  33. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    27 Dec, 2012 - 5:11 pm

    Well, I was just looking for a needle of hope in the haystack of tragedy.

    I got into an imbroglio with my antagonists on the subject of LBJ’s presidency. They were trying to mitigate Obama’s imperfection by comparing him to the Texan. They touted his success in Social safety nets (medicare, social security) and the Civil Rights Act, while at the same time expanding the war in Viet Nam. I say he paid for those things in blood by enlisting the help of the war mongers (Joint Chiefs) promising; “Just get me elected [1964] and I will give you your war.”

    58,000 American dead later, of which 20% where African Americans, one of the chief beneficiaries of the safety net and civil rights.

    Quid Pro Quo

  34. @nevermind 27 Dec, 2012 – 10:15 am

    As yet have not found out who Margarita Rojas was. remember reading of a journalist of that name, some time back.

    Seems she was a grandmother who went to incredible lengths to look after her severely handicapped grandson …. a role model for those who take on huge responsibility when there is no-one else to do it.
    Hard for an English-speaker to extract much information about her … any Spanish-speakers out there?

  35. WebCameron I believe was conceived in 2006 as a video blogging site modelled on YouTube – At some ‘recognised’ risk it was unveiled with a clip showing Cameron, ‘the family man’ at his home washing the dishes while the children ate breakfast. In 2007 Cameron morphed into ‘Agent Cameron’ when he was witnessed on several occasions entering a side entrance at Thames House and after a spook called ‘theRealElvis’ seemed to be a permanent visitor to the WebCameron ‘open blog’ with vacuous, insipid, purposely puerile questions like, ‘You seem to know a lot – tell me more but only if you have time…’

    The name ‘Agent Cameron’ was also spawned it seems after aPayback speech to ‘Friends of Israel’ recently when Agent Cameron said:

    “We promised to stand up for Israel and in Government that’s exactly what we’ve done. We said it was ridiculous that Israeli officials felt unable to visit Britain because of the malicious and unfounded use of arrest warrants so we changed the law to end it.”

    I have no need to remind readers here that Tzipi Livni, was responsible for launching the pre-meditated blitzkrieg four years ago which caused the deaths of 1,400 defenceless Gazans (including 320 children and 109 women) and thousands more horribly maimed. Livni was proud of Operation Cast Lead and speaking later at Tel Aviv’s Institute for Security Studies, she said: “I would today take the same decisions.”

    I simply ask, is that, “unfounded” !?

  36. Great minds….Mark.

    Why They Call Him “Agent” Cameron
    by Stuart Littlewood / December 15th, 2012

    Britain’s prime minister David Cameron has again shown why he should stand down from British politics.

  37. He says it but does he mean it and what’s he going to do to stop the building?

  38. Ben and Habbabuk

    Both the CIA factbook and Wikipedia have Afghan female literacy at 12.6% in 2000. I’m not quite how Juan Cole’s tripling of female literacy from the “dark days” of the Taliban only gets us to 13% female literacy today. Doesn’t seem much of an improvement to me, but then I already know that US involvement there had nothing to do with improving the lives of women, girls, or anyone else for that matter.

    Isn’t this then just propaganda and not good news at all and indeed wouldn’t it be reasonable to conclude that anyone touting it might not unjustifiably be described as just a filthy neocon or dim or ill-informed or something worse?

    Literacy rates amongst Afghans male and female are the lowest in the world, and it seems they remain so.

    Of course if the Americans and British were only to murder illiterate Afghans, they may in time increase the overall literacy rate and then certainly that would be something to celebrate.

  39. It’s very easy for media to make up stories about Harry in Afghanistan. There’s simply no one to gainsay them.

    And make them up they do. All the lads love him. He’s so ordinary. He’s in mortal danger. The Taliban have targetted him specificly. His dad’s worried, just like so many dad’s up and down the country. He feels their pain, and on and on ad nauseam.

    It’s all simply made up. His only function is to put on a uniform, avoid the nightclubs for a few weeks and serve his class.

    Look at this “story” from February, “Harry’s first kill”:

    Now, look at this story from a few days ago, Harry’s first kill, AGAIN:

    You see, it doesn’t matter what they say – they don’t even care what they write- so long as it’s hagiography of some description. They know it’s all fiction. It’s all bollocks. Made up, but to a purpose, most recently for Christmas and all those worried families up and down the country.

    “A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said: ‘We do not comment on an individual’s deployment in Afghanistan.'”

    Course ya don’t. Funny though the way there are so many syndicated stories in media just when they’re useful to the monied classes.

    This is media 101!

  40. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    27 Dec, 2012 - 8:28 pm

    CIA has a FB page? Holy Moly.

  41. Don’t suppose they’ve considered that the best way to honour the troops would be to tell them the truth?

    Seems not.

  42. This makes unbelievable reading.

    and Amerika might fall over the fiscal cliff!

    Beware of landslips in the West Country too.

  43. Why this secrecy and who made the application?

    She responded by inviting the now-disgraced DJ to lunch at Chequers, spending 11 consecutive New Year’s Eves with him and overseeing his knighthood.

    The letter, part of a Savile file released under the 30-year rule by the National Archives at Kew today, reveals how well connected to the establishment he was.

    But parts of some exchanges between Savile and Mrs Thatcher were censored in October this year – eight days after claims that he had sexually abused people surfaced in an ITV documentary.

    The text of a letter from Savile to Mrs Thatcher and a phone message that he left for her were deleted from the file under the Freedom of Information Act on October 11.

  44. Norman_Schwarzkopf ‘A true patriot’ – George Walker Bush
    Norman Schwarzkopf ‘A true killer’ – me

    Casualties and Losses


    190 killed by enemy action
    44 killed by friendly fire
    248 killed by in-theater accidents.
    Total: 482 Killed

    458 wounded
    776 wounded

    200 KIA

    Kuwaiti civilian losses:
    Over 1,000 killed


    20,000–35,000 killed
    75,000+ wounded

    Iraqi civilian losses:
    About 3,664 killed

    Other civilian losses:
    2 Israeli civilians killed 297 injured
    1 Saudi civilian killed, 65 injured

  45. A good grounding.

    His connection with the Persian Gulf region began very early. In 1946, when he was 12, he and the rest of his family joined their father, stationed in Tehran, Iran, where his father went on to be instrumental in Operation Ajax, eventually forming the Shah’s secret police SAVAK, as well.,_Jr.

  46. Vile bodies. Reid, Chertoff, Blair et al.

    UCL thinktank backed by arms firm raises concern

    Institute for Security and Resilience Studies is supported by Ultra Electronics, which is involved in drone technology

  47. Yes the Gulf War was all “Stromin’ Norman’s” fault and Saddam wasn’t to blame in any way, shape or form.

  48. Yes, our man in Iraq Saddam, who went slightly awry after the oil price was hiked after the war against Iran, was never sold/allowed to buy Matrix Churchill, plans factory hook line and sinker, that was all an illusion, but thanks for the reminder.
    Saddam must have felt really bad about his Halabja strafing of Kurds, mainly, when the US released some 500plus million funding within 48hrs. of the horrific incident. Did he feel that he was paid to be nasty? Hmmm.
    When Saddam told the US that he will walk into Kuwait and help himself to oil, which he could not afford to buy and which his own interrupted facilities were not able to supply. They said that they would not interfere, but his previous muttering of wanting to be paid in a basket of currencies rather than chocolate dollars really meant that Kuwait was his Rubicon and that the US assurances were porkies.

    Saddam was always under western control, just as Maliki is.

  49. Cyber-security is a major push by agent Cameron’s National Security Council which links to British industry via the ISRS. The connection provides a conduit to R&D effort that will advance the technology of miniature ‘endurance’ drones powered by fuel cells that are capable of analysing and retrieving information from ad hoc wireless networks favoured by hacktivists groups.

    Stuxnet, Flame and other state sponsored cyber attacks are prone to human flaws that propagate then into the wild allowing hackers to exploit the code and potentially use it to attack exposed industrial control systems such as the National Grid wireless infrastructure and more.

    Intelligence based information will initiate a drone response to spy on suspect wireless router data to pin-point the exact IP location. A silent inconspicuous stealth mini-drone is obviously far better at gathering information than a conspicuous ‘detector’ van at the end of the street, especially at night.

    I await further UK CAA amendments to ‘small unmanned aircraft’ or a new law by this ugly UK coalition (another amendment to the Magna Carta ;) ) in the New Year that will approve by license this use of mini-drones by approved operators..

  50. English Knight

    28 Dec, 2012 - 4:23 pm

    @LfromStl – if a picture speaks a thousand words, watch the free fall video of WTC7 it speaks a million. WTC7 47 stories, 100 yards long and 70 yards wide, fell UNIFORMLY along its ENTIRE length and at all 4 ends, despite umpteen steel columns engineered to hold up 47 stories. Not one resisted. Will there EVER be pools of molten metal for weeks after demolition in ANY BUILDING EVER until the Last Day? All caused by some kerosene and office furniture !! The real tragedy of 911 is all the good people who have had to become hasbara accessories after the fact, and ended up losing even their slim chance of finding safety in another Manchester (like good Kaufman), when the time comes.

  51. Weep Indeed
    by Jon Taylor / December 28th, 2012

    Twenty seven
    innocent civilians killed –
    women and children
    in Newtown, Connecticut.

    That’s about one
    for every hundred thousand killed –
    barefoot peasants in Vietnam,
    Laos and Cambodia.

    That’s about one
    for every one hundred killed
    when they bombed the slums of Panama
    to flush out Manuel Noriega.

    That’s about one
    for every twenty thousand killed –
    children under five years of age
    by sanctions against Iraq.

  52. @ Kempe, 2.32pm : exactly right, Saddam was entirely blameless, I have this on the authority of the Kuwaiti ruler himself. And while we’re at it, here are some more people who were entirely blameless of everything and anything, generally and specifically :

    – the Argentinian junta under General Galtieri ( it was those filthy, fascistic, colonialmist Falkland islanders!)

    – the Taliban government of Afghanistan (everyone knows that Osama was never there and even if he was, 9/11 was organised by Isreal and the CIA)

    – Saddam again (Gulf War 2) ( he was just a patriot and he he hadn’t been a Muslim you xcould have called him a Christian gentleman)

    – the Al-Hilil family ( purer than the driven snow; Mr A.H’s business was manufacturing childrens soft toys).

    Etc etc etc

  53. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    28 Dec, 2012 - 5:29 pm

    “Heh what do you 911 truthers think about the fact that the CIA director couldn’t even keep his personal affairs secret? Kinda defeats your imaginative interpretation of the world, doesn’t it?”

    Well, he did allow his personal trollop to access his securitized emails That is truly a loose cannon loaded with the highly charged ordinance of sexual reciprocity; and that’s a nasty combo.

    After all, one of the most potent tools they employ is of a sexual nature, and they understand the pitfalls. They can’t exercise absolute control over a woman, scorned.

  54. LfromStl Why would he want to keep it secret? The real reason he had to resign, that’s what they want to keep secret.

    Now Bletchley Park, that was a secret and a half. Over ten thousand people worked there, probably the most significant factor in winning the war yet nobody knew it even existed, even after the war, not for 30 years. They say there was a married couple who had both worked there but didn’t find out till the 70s.

    You see they can keep secrets…when they want to.

  55. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    28 Dec, 2012 - 5:58 pm

    And, I think you’ll find the principles in the FBI who allowed this to come into public view, won’t be getting the career they wanted.

  56. It is documented beyond question that Saddam was installed and maintained in power by the West. However, it is equally beyond question that he was a better person than either of the men behind his removal, Bush and Blair.
    If he had been willing to sign over his country’s oil and allow US military bases into Iraq, he would still be there now, rich and feted. But he wasn’t prepared to completely sell out his country to foreign powers.
    And that’s where he differed from Bush and Blair.

  57. No lunatic fringe here Larry, only ‘lower income’ defunct Zogby poll targets.

    The Petraeus affair was a slam-dunk put-up enacted after the Benghazi terrorist attack.

  58. Nevermind, thank you for your comment on Christmas Day (the first on this page) regarding our article on the Swedish Ambassador to Australia, Sven Olof Petersson, his complicity in rendition and torture of, among others, two Egyptian refugees, and his efforts to get Julian Assange to Sweden so the CIA can pick him up.

    This is a follow-up article which casts suspicion that there is Zionist involvement to protect Petersson’s reputation and get Assange to Sweden.

    “Who did the independent Swedish government call to its aid in its attempt to prosecute Julian Assange on allegations to which he has already answered questions in Sweden and been acquitted of any charge? It is the firm of Borgström & Bodström. How independent is Mr Bodström from Mr Petersson? Not at all independent. In fact Mr Bodström was foreign minister when Mr Petersson was minister of justice. Both were privy to the rendition of the aforementioned Egytian refugees, and both approved of the rendition that led to such abominable torture.”

  59. Second that John.

    btw where is Craig? Has he gone off to sunny climes with the family leaving us to slosh around in the mud and puddles?

  60. Habbabuk.

    Broke my heart when this only reached page 7.

    What do any of us know.

  61. Mary, it’s that time of the year. My wife sometimes thinks I’m married to a computer.

    I guess Craig is preparing for Hogmanay after which we will not hear from him for a week.

  62. English Knight

    29 Dec, 2012 - 1:51 am

    @LfromStl – hows the forex business neil? Or are you in the “by deception you shall wage war” business?

  63. Thatcher’s secret plot to dismantle the welfare state and privatise the NHS revealed

    She and chancellor Sir Geoffrey Howe commissioned confidential report
    It suggested ending free healthcare and the introduction of school fees
    It proved so contentious it sparked what was described as a ‘riot’ in cabinet
    New documents contradict Thatcher’s own account in her memoir

    By Daniel Miller
    28 December 2012

    Planned in the 80s. Happening in the Noughties under NuLabour and now under the ConDems.

    See Enthoven Rand Corporation – Introducing the Market to the NHS

    Enthoven was a key figure in the introduction of the internal market to the NHS in the UK. This was accomplished under the Conservatives in the 1980s and then built on by New Labour – though they claimed to have abolished the internal market. Enthoven seems first to have come to the UK as part of this work in 1984 when he was a Fellow funded by the Nuffield Provincial Hospitals Trust, London.

    Later Enthoven reportedly described New Labour’s reforms as ‘a logical extension’ or his own plans. Enthoven said that instead of the “comparatively timid Thatcher-Enthoven” model, Milburn was describing “a bold wide-open market”. He added: “Whether he means it or not, and whether he can or will deliver it, it is a logical extension of the internal market ideas.”

    Professor Enthoven told The Times: “I find it really rather irksome when I hear the Labour Party saying it abolished the internal market because it did not work, all of which is not true. It was a Thatcherite proposal to create the trust hospitals and the fundholders, which have now become the basis for the primary care trusts. You could say, ‘Look, Mr Milburn, what is different?'” “If the Thatcher Government did not go further it was because they were vilified for doing what they did. The attacks were extremely vicious and Labour said they would abolish it, but they have done no such thing. They have built on it.”

  64. Laughing in our faces time again.

    Cherie Bliar gets CBE for her charidee work. No, it’s not for her work in the UK property market where she has enhanced the income of estate agents, surveyors, builders, interior decorators etc. Oh yes of course it’s for her work in women’s charities. Any branches of your Cherie Blair Foundation for Women in Iraq Cherie? And pleased to see that you got your name in big letters included in the title just like your friends the Gates did with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation!

    Cherie Blair made a CBE for charity work in New Year Honours Disability charity Scope said Mrs Blair was one of its most ‘committed supporters’
    Cherie Blair has been made a CBE in the New Year Honours for her services to women’s issues and charity.

    PS Melinda Gates was the guest editor on yesterday’s Radio 4 Today programme.

  65. “Cherie Bliar gets CBE for her charidee work.”

    Well in my estimation that puts her right up there with the likes of Jimmy Saville and Cyril Smith.

  66. “Who do you think you are?”

    “Who, me? I am the heir to the throne.”

    Prince Charles held private meetings with eight ministers in 12 months

    Details of meetings with ministers including Michael Gove are not disclosed, prompting calls for greater transparency

    ‘Paul Flynn, a Labour backbencher who has been campaigning for greater transparency in lobbying, including by royals, called for the government to provide information about what Charles discussed with ministers.

    “No lobbyist is more influential than Prince Charles,” said Flynn. “We should know what is discussed, what subjects he is pushing and why, and whether it is influencing government policy.”

    Clarence House said it was Charles’s duty to hold meetings with ministers. “The Prince of Wales regularly holds official meetings with government ministers as part of his role as heir to the throne, and these are disclosed in the court circular,” said a spokesman. “It is a longstanding convention that the meetings are confidential.”

    Secrecy around the process is coming under pressure from the courts. In September three judges in an information tribunal ruled that allowing a cache of Charles’s letters to ministers to remain secret was an unjustified “massive extension” of the convention. The court order to publish the letters was then vetoed by Dominic Grieve, the attorney general.’

  67. One rule for them (the Gov) and another rule for us (the people) . Our communication – emails – URL’s visited etc have to be retained for official scrutiny within one year and the government can hide crucial communication that directly affects our lives -for thirty years – Saville and the safety of our children comes to mind – Not right – John Goss – Can you organise a petition buddy?

  68. LftomStl whined: “You people seem to hate Jews, or, as you say, “Zionists”. Are you so dumb that you think the Jews were behind 911?”

    Mossad were trailing Atta & co during the time they were taking flight lessons. Israel knew Atta & co were up to something. The question is – how much did they know? They could deduce that Atta & co intended to take control of aircraft flying out of US airports. What next? Did they assume it would be a conventional hijack, as all such actions had been until then? Or did they know that Atta & co intended to fly the aircraft into buildings? Either way, they did not pass their knowledge on to the US government. They were happy to let Atta go ahead and do the deed, as illustrated by the dancing Mossad agents (moving company ‘employees’ – the perfect front)caught in New York and Netanyahu’s statement that 911 (ie the death of 3000 US citizens) was good for Israel.

  69. Mark G. this is a terrible development that will skew justice, inquiries and investigations into Government measures something rotten, so much so, that the judiciary, already blindfolded on one eye, becomes unwieldy, too nebulous for the normal person to follow.

    Now will they prefer to keep encrypted or unscrambled emails? do we know their preferences and what they are planning to make available to ‘commercial’ organisations?

    Do we all have to talk to each other in future, rather than using servers or search engines such as google? will this mean the return of the honourable carrier pigeon?

  70. LfromStl:

    One further point. Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jewish. So your attempt to conflate anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism doesn’t work.

    The wheels fell off that barrow ages ago.

  71. Looks like the NRA is not contempt with running the US national gun owners like puppets, now they start to dictate and twist arms with UN states.
    Its about time those 50 senators who continually sign every nuts and bolts yobs job at the NRA are opposed electorally on thios specific issue.

    Are US politicians trying to make out that the widespread proliferation of guns can only be answered by issuing more guns?

    Guns shops, fearing a ban on these automatic weapons, had their shelf’s emptied over the last four days, not your usual Christmas run, but the speculation of gun nuts that they better get one of those weapons that are out there, just in case, to be sure to be sure.

  72. An interview By the Spiegel with Ali Akbar Salehi, stopping over in Germany for a day, on his way from NY to Tehran.

    Such interview here would be censored and cut to shreds, or would it?

  73. “unless we all start to believe in conspiracy theories and that the officials are lying, that I am lying, that behind this there is some kind of secret state which is in league with some dark forces in the United States … there simply is no truth in the claims that the United Kingdom has been involved in rendition.”

    Jack Straw, 13 Dec 2005

    Who was telling lies then?

  74. Humans of the Year

    by Kim Petersen / December 29th, 2012

    The JTA staff has published “In the spirit of the holiday season, … its annual ode to the non-Jews who helped write the Jewish story this past year.”1

    I’m quite uncertain about the practice of 0.65 percent of the world’s population2 determining who outside of them is to be singled out as a “Gentile” of the year.

    I never call myself a Gentile, and I’d prefer if other people not refer to me in a way I do not wish to be identified. Human is sufficient for me. I am a human just like every other member of Homo sapiens. I see no need to separate myself out. Admittedly, this poses a bit of a logical conundrum because my inclusive preference has already, in essence, separated me from those who wish to separate themselves from others. Other physical and behavioral traits will also allow others to categorize me relative to other humans. This is true. Despite all this, I remain human and so does every other person: Muslim, Jew, Hindi, Arab, European, Chinese, White, Black, Green, Blue, gay, old, young, female, male, etc.

  75. “there is absolutely no evidence for any of the silly 911 truth claims made above”

    Larry: as I recall, your grasp of 9/11 evidence is precisely zero. Whenever you are challenged to cite evidence you are unable to do so. Your only contribution to the subject is this gormless-aggressive nonsense.

  76. “Salehi: We insist on our right to enrich uranium for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. There is no proof that we are pursuing nuclear research for military purposes. ”

    Hmm. He refuses to deny that Iran is developing nuclear weapons; just that there is “no proof”. I seem to recall that for many years there was “no proof” that Israel had nuclear weapons either.

  77. Well Hillsborough wasn’t much of a conspiracy theory. It was pretty obvious who was to blame from day one but this and the Jack Straw comment represent typical “Troofer” logic, that if one or two minor conspiracy theories are true then all other conspiracy theories, no matter how outlandish, must also be true.

  78. Kempe

    I have made no mention of 9/11.

    I was just pointing out that labelling something a “conspiracy theory” does not mean it isn’t true.

  79. This one is now a peer of the realm, having been around Thatcher and now back with Cameron.

    We have him to thank for police commissioners Bill Bratton NY style, and ultimately for a national police force I reckon.,_Baron_Wasserman

  80. LfromStl/Larry from St. Louis is banned here, by Craig, for longstanding and persistent derailing and disruption. Newer visitors may be interested to know that this is extremely rare here: there’s about five people on this list, over the many years this blog has operated.

    With this in mind, I’ve deleted a number of items from Larry just now. It would be best if genuine contributors didn’t respond to him, since there’ll only be conversational gaps when I get around to deleting his disruptive material.

  81. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    29 Dec, 2012 - 5:09 pm

    I just emailed Bowser, this a.m..

    “I just wanted to say thanks to Barbara Boxer for her principled stand on the overwhelming Democratic vote in favor of expanding and extending the Warrantless Wiretapping of American Citizens.

    Her ‘not voting’ during Roll Call was a masterpiece of political expediency

    I also wish to thank Diane Feinstein for leading the charge against all amendments which would provide some transparency, for the unconstitutional bill.

    When Rand Paul is to the Left of Democrats, it’s time to Primary their asses”

    Heh. I’m even thinking of running against her…….Pyrrhic Victory===

  82. Good for Ken.

    Former mayor of London Ken Livingstone has revealed he turned down a CBE in the New Years Honours.

    Mr Livingstone, 67, said the accolade would have been for services to the Olympics but he did not believe politicians should get honours.

  83. Thanks Mary you have a long reach indeed. I have interfaced with Gordon Wasserman a strong advocate of aliyah while working on the UK paf raw data files. Wasserman wanted a postcode interface to a police database. A number of Israeli software consultants were involved in the project to tag postcodes with `other`data useful to marketing and more.

  84. @Fred

    “I was just pointing out that labelling something a “conspiracy theory” does not mean it isn’t true.”

    It’s coming to mean that it is the truth or very close to it, else the labelling is redundant.

    Good, Jon, for deleting Larry. That contrivance has been here before and is triggered by mention of 911, which is why older posters who remember him/it use locutions like ‘ix/xi’ or ‘–/–‘ whenever that suspicious interlude needs mention. Mind you, I’d ban anyone who starts a post with ‘heh’.

  85. Thanks Mark. A version of ‘we know who you are’ and ‘we know where you live’ coupled with ‘we know what you think’ and ‘we know what you say on the web’. Orwell had nothing on these people.

  86. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    29 Dec, 2012 - 6:34 pm

    I did not realize Grover Norquist and the Tea Party have Global reach…

  87. James Corbett has wound up his radio reports but his website continues.

    This is the last podcast.

    It is one thing to be motivated by our outrage at the lies and manipulation we are subjected to each and every day. It is another thing entirely to be driven by blind hatred of this system. Tonight on the final episode of Corbett Report Radio James warns against the temptation to define ourselves by hatred of the way things are and offers an alternative: to define ourselves by love for our friends and family, the world around us, and the world we can help to bring into being. Join us tonight for the final voyage of Corbett Report Radio.

    Any thoughts on what he says?

  88. Terrrrrist alert

    The Dept of Homeland Security Krazies ….

    Double Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah quizzed by customs officials in ‘terror bungle’ at U.S. airport
    Olympic star accuses border guards of hauling him in for questioning
    London 2012 star blames their suspicions on his ‘Somali origin’
    Said he received letter saying he was ‘under investigation as terrorist threat’
    Revealed he was allowed to re-enter when his American coach intervened

    Farah previously moved to the U.S. to train before his Olympic glory

  89. Whilst their colleagues in the other branch at Creech, Nevada pressed their buttons three months ago.

    US Kills 12 Civilians and Destroys a Community
    Anatomy of an Air Attack Gone Wrong (sic)

    By Letta Tayler
    December 29, 2012 “FP”

    SANAA, Yemen — The villagers who rushed to the road, cutting through rocky fields in central Yemen, found the dead strewn around a burning sport utility vehicle. The bodies were dusted with white powder — flour and sugar, the witnesses said — that the victims were bringing home from market when the aircraft attacked. A torched woman clutched her daughter in a lifeless embrace. Four severed heads littered the pavement. “The bodies were charred like coal. I could not recognize the faces,” said Ahmed al-Sabooli, 22, a farmer whose parents and 10-year-old sister were among the dead. “Then I recognized my mother because she was still holding my sister in her lap. That is when I cried.”


  90. You missed this one:-

    Or is the killing of civilians only to be deplored when the Yanks (or the Israelis) are responsible?

  91. I think the killing of civilians is something which must always be deplored.

    However a country killing someone else’s civilians to further their expansionism has to be deplored a great deal more.

    So to save you the trouble of keep posting I think I can speak for everyone here and say we all deplore the killing of innocent people as who they are and will argue against the root cause of much of it best we can. However we can’t mention every single death so we will concentrate on the most important ones.

    Let’s face it, Abraham Lincoln killed one hell of a lot of innocent civilians but they were American civilians and there was a civil war going on so nobody blames him for it too much.

  92. Jonangus Mackay

    30 Dec, 2012 - 11:51 am

    Where there’s a Wilen there’s a way?
    Questions, questions:

  93. Which reminds us of the other disappearing character, his fanciful, the king of access to all offices, Adam Werritty. Were is this gilded cage, surely someone should entice some crowd funding to look for these characters.

    If people can fund businesses and ventures, they can also fund a few private detectives to look for Wilen and Werritty. Once they are successfully photographed and detected, we’ll make the info available, cause the newspapers will all want to keep on message.

    Would this not be a way of finding them. How many PD will it take, there will be sightings and some tell tales somewhere.

    Looking forward to the next tranche of wikileaks releases, without the newspapers who so clearly could not handle the heat first time round.

  94. Perspective on what is happening in Syria from:

    Alex Thompson Channel 4 News

    and Pepe Escobar on Counterpunch

  95. “Any thoughts on what he says?”

    I think trying to separate outrage from hatred, is a bit like having your cake & eating it too; the powerful feeling of outrage is a product of, or is derived from, a strong feeling of something being objectionable; things that we find strongly objectionable are things that we strongly dislike, and surely it is just a matter of degrees between strongly disliking and hating. Can somebody really say that they have a strong dislike for Cruelty/Injustice/Evil, but not have an absolute hatred for it ?

    Although hatred has a very bad connotation for being associated with bigoted narrow-mindedness, it is a natural human emotion that is not exclusively confined to “bad” people ; it is a passionate emotion, that expresses itself not in outrage, but more accurately, in angry outrage, and I agree with this chap: that ‘There isn’t enough anger in politics’

  96. No, hatred and dislike are not the same. For hatred there has to be fear.

  97. Apologies if this has been posted already:

    from Ron Paul:
    December 10, 2012 Expanding Covert Warfare Makes Us Less Safe

    and this from Glenn greenwald
    HSBC, too big to jail, is the new poster child for US two-tiered justice system

    DOJ officials unblinkingly insist that the banking giant is too powerful and important to subject to the rule of law

  98. “No, hatred and dislike are not the same. For hatred there has to be fear.”

    I hate to disagree with you, but I fear that you are wrong.

    Does this mean that I am actually afraid of you ?!

  99. No, it means you don’t actually hate to disagree with me nor fear that you are wrong.

    You are using what are known as “figures of speech” which are not meant to be taken literally.

  100. I agree with Zephaniah.
    We should be angry with not being given a choice over the electoral systems avail;able, absolutely pig sick over the postal fraud that is carried out at every election, how postal votes are carried our in old people’s homes and how people are forced to vote along tribal lines in places like Blackburn.

    We should get angry about party politics on the whole and how it has failed Britain miserably, always tugging along corporate lines and making false promises. We really ought to get active in fostering Independent minds that represent all in the constituency.

    Looks like Benji’s Shaolin training is taking effect, lets hope he does ot follow the Blur/red examples of following main party politics, get old and be contempt with honours and accolade, a poet Lord, angry but contempt in his literary anger and willing to share it with other angry birds in their arm chairs.

    Angry is fine, its controllable. The ruthless anger we are seeing in Gaza, Newtown, Yemen and North Waziristan, were remote killers strike with modern weaponry, is predetermined, self perpetuating anger that will guarantee that if you shoot to kill children in a society, you are hurting it at its most innocent core, and guaranteed to raise emotions of fear hatred and more anger, you are sustaining the arms industry, a chimera that use to lumber from boom to bust, has now found a sustainable edge in a world of finite resources and the self perpetuating war on terror.

    how will people cope with the vacuum that is left by anger, is determined by how much love they have left for each other, those who have felt anger and hatred can only be healed by those around them.

    To give dead families kalashnikov’s and money to buy ammunition, when hatred is at its highest, is the devils sustainability policy writ large, an arms producers dream.

  101. @Fred,

    Yep, it was a tongue in cheek reply, but here’s another a little less so; perhaps you can explain how the fear factor works iro some big macho homophobic men towards little effeminate gay guys

  102. It’s themselves they are scared of, not the little gay.

  103. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    30 Dec, 2012 - 5:47 pm

    ” if you shoot to kill children in a society, you are hurting it at its most innocent core, and guaranteed to raise emotions of fear hatred and more anger, you are sustaining the arms industry,”


    I assume you refer to the panic-buying of late, post Newtown. I really think it has more to do with this;

    There is an agenda here, but I think you have misplaced the direction, and source.

  104. “It’s themselves they are scared of, not the little gay.”

    Perhaps so, on a sub-conscious psycho-analytical level, which you can also probably ultimately strip down most things to, that you have negative feelings towards; but I still contend that stating that you dislike rather than hate such things as Cruelty/Injustice/Evil etc, is rather like saying you are only half pregnant; dislike is a such a weak & self-contained feeling, hardly enough to cause actual outrage, whereas to be filled with enough emotion as to positively hate something, implies an anger that motivates you, and perhaps enough to do something; I rather suspect that those who successfully fought against Apartheid in South Africa, were acting from more than just a feeling of dislike.

  105. No doubt they were but that doesn’t mean that the feelings extended to hatred.

  106. @Fred,

    Let’s examine your absolutist position on this further: Say you were a Jew in Germany during the Nazi period, and you needed to go into hiding by seeking shelter with one of your German neighbours; those on the left, you know don’t actually like the Nazis, but the one on the right, you know for a fact detest & passionately hate the Nazis: who would you choose to protect you the most if the Nazis started to threaten or entice people to turn hidden Jews over ?

  107. Well logically the ones that hated the Nazis feared the Nazis therefore they are probably expecting a knock on the door from the black shirts. The safest place would be with the neighbours who just didn’t like the Nazis, less likely they will get a knock on the door and if they aren’t scared of them they have no reason to give you away.

    Avoid people who hate, they are emotionally unstable, no telling what they will do. If they hate Nazis chances are they hate Jews as well.

  108. ” if you shoot to kill children in a society, you are hurting it at its most innocent core”
    – ‘Occupy’ rose again from the shadows to help the innocent.

    “I would love to live in a country where the government fears its citizens – not the other way around.”

    “We have the ability top break military strength code within 24hrs…”

    We do not forget.

    Expect us.

  109. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    30 Dec, 2012 - 11:38 pm

  110. My car was stolen last week. Can I get a rebate from my council tax for the police not being able to find it by ANPR?
    I think it’s had its number plates changed anyway.

    The Alawis of Assad fame have been driving around on false Islam plates for centuries in order to disguise their absolute absence of monotheistic beliefs from any of the three local faiths.

    They share some deviancies with their neighbours across the Golan heights, such as avatars and ruthless violence.

  111. “US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is trying to buy time after having been questioned about the planned attack and coordinated US-sponsored al-Qaeda use to facilitate the murder of the late US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.”

  112. “Why are we there?

    We are in Afghanistan to protect our own national security by helping the Afghans take control of theirs. We do not seek a perfect Afghanistan but one able to maintain its own security and prevent the return of international terrorist groups, such as al Qaeda.

    On 11 September 2001 al Qaeda carried out the worst terrorist attack in history. Nearly 3,000 people, including 66 UK citizens, were killed – the biggest loss of UK life in a single terrorist incident.”

    Robin Cook MP RIP told me that al-Qaeda was the product of Western intelligence and Al Qaeda forces were responsible for the destabilization and ultimate destruction of any nation that was simply unwilling to play ball with globalist organizations such as central banks, war profiteering corporations, etc.

    To me Robin spoke the truth. There exist proof that factions, like Ansar al-Sharia, have been in overall control of the war-torn Libyan state and the so-called “terror” attacks that continue to happen there.

  113. The revolting Human Rights Watch and what lies behind. Professor Falk has been ejected following objections from one of their groups. See Peter’s contribution here

    Atzmon’s take

    From The Wandering Who
    ‘I wrote it because I, too, am a wanderer who decided, instead of dwelling on someone else’s land, to leave my homeland. Perhaps Professor Falk endorsed my work, because, like myself, he too is a wanderer. He self-reflects, examining his identity and his notion of justice from a transcendental point of view. Like myself, he is an artist, a poet, a man who searches, against all the odds, for beauty, peace, and truth.’

  114. Just spotted this by Hidari on Medialens. How outrageous. No need for lobbies or lobbyists. They are embedded.

    “Energy company staff working at climate ministry”
    Posted by Hidari on December 31, 2012, 12:53 pm

    “Almost two dozen employees from companies including the energy giants British Gas and npower are working at the Department of Energy and, in most cases, are being paid by the government to do so, documents released under freedom of information rules reveal. Oil companies such as Shell and ConocoPhillips also have staff inside the department, and civil servants have travelled in the opposite direction to work for the companies.

    The Green party MP Caroline Lucas, who made some of the FOI requests, said: “Fossil fuel giants should have no place at the heart of government given that their current investment strategies run contrary to the need to build a low-carbon future that delivers both security and prosperity. It’s even more outrageous that taxpayers are footing the bill for some of these secondments, including from British Gas-owner Centrica, at a time when British Gas customers are struggling in the face of a 6% rise in their energy bills, and the company is expected to make £1.4bn profits after tax this year.

    “These corporations obviously don’t lend out their employees without expecting something in return.””

  115. There is now a bounty on the head of the US Ambassador to Yemen, Feierstein. His son Adam did ‘two tours of duty’ in Iraq as a Marine, so one way or another, Feierstein Snr and Jnr have quite a lot of Muslim blood on their hands.

    Such crap from the Ambassador here in 2010 when he took up his appointment by Obomber. More like a poisoned chalice in the light of events.,%20Gerald%20M1.pdf

  116. This is what the Americans are up to in their latest manifestation of paranoia – warrantless spying – that is, they can spy on anybody.

    The solution to my mind is for everyone to develop some kind of catch-phrase like “The rabbit has taken the lettuce. Ha. Ha.” Change it on a daily basis, several times a day. If everybody did this, as well as creating a bit of fun in a drab drab world it would ‘fox the furrytails, ha, ha’ till they would have to employ so many people to try and decode the nonsense it would ‘jam the starter motor, ha, ha’. The ‘ha, ha’ is important because those really concerned in subterfuge would also be able to add ‘ha, ha’ too to real coded messages. It would cause so much confusion the spooks would eventually ‘vanish in a puff of ectoplasm, ha, ha.’

  117. Why is the BBC going on and on about this supposed “fiscal cliff”, when it really is for the most part a non-issue? It’s led every news bulletin for a couple of days now. It’s bad news for the long term unemployed, about 2M of them, who will stop receiving income support almost right away. For everything and everyone else, it will take a while to even notice any effect. And that effect is hardly a bad thing in any case. What’s with the hysteria?

  118. I’m surprised to hear ‘fiscal cliff’ mentioned on the mainstream. It’s usually just folk like Golem XIV and ClubOrlov (Google them) who talk about that stuff.

    I was having some seasonal musings though, looking at the informed predictions for the great cinema hits of 2013. Apparently it will be more Marvel comics superheroes. I’ve got a sort of intuition (worry?) that there is some deep psychological thing going on in the USA. Have ‘superpowers’ something to do with Superpower? What’s so sexy about invulnerability, when you know it ain’t possible? There must be some parallel from the past, there is nothing new under the sun. What were the final fantasies of the Caesars? I must get back into Gibbon and Graves, it will be predictive.

    And I get so pissed off when someone proudly tells me they won’t be buying ‘Call of Duty’ for their kids, but they’re off to see the latest Bond movie.

    In short, harumph.

    But at this time, to all,

    slàinte mhath

    and to some,

    saor alba

  119. The aircraft that crashed yesterday after landing at Moscow airport belongs to Lebedev.

    What doesn’t he own?

  120. They seek him here, they seek him there….

    Makes a change from the fiscal cliff rhubarb.

    BBC BREAKING NEWS:Police seek a man, who is the subject of terror control measures and is believed to have absconded

  121. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    31 Dec, 2012 - 5:41 pm

    ” What’s with the hysteria?”

    In a word…Petrodollars. A default will spin us out of control.

  122. Hey Ben – but a default is not what’s being talked about here. That’s about the raising of the debt ceiling, a failure to do so would amount to a default and pretty serious consequences all round.

    This “fiscal cliff” is more like a gentle slope, or even a speed bump, which is not the massive must-get-it-done super-important economy-wrecking disaster being portrayed by the lazy, ignorant hacks in the news media.

  123. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    31 Dec, 2012 - 5:53 pm

    “This “fiscal cliff” is more like a gentle slope, or even a speed bump, which is not the massive must-get-it-done super-important economy-wrecking disaster being portrayed by the lazy, ignorant hacks in the news media.”

    They’re tied at the hip, here. But, you are right about the level of hysteria about raising taxes (both payroll and Federal taxes), Glenn. That’s the boogeyman the public understands.

    We, in the US can’t be bothered with the nuance

  124. Happy new Year to all here.May it bring you happiness,safety and light.

    Trolls excepted..:.)

  125. May I echo Jives’s Happy New Year to all (with similar exceptions.)

  126. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    31 Dec, 2012 - 6:29 pm

    Another year has passed without our species becoming extinct….Huzzaaaaaahhh!

    May your year proceed, swimmingly, with you and yours enjoying the good health and happiness which should accompany Life.

    Trolls, included !

  127. “which is not the massive must-get-it-done super-important economy-wrecking disaster being portrayed by the lazy, ignorant hacks in the news media.”

    I thought it was the massive must-get-it-done super-important economy-wrecking disaster which the media hacks knew nothing about or had been instructed to leave unmentioned.

    Vamos a ver.

  128. I dont feel sentimental this NYE, im saving my juices for Burns maybe.

    Sorry for some pigheaded comments from me this year, especially to Dreolin.
    Much appreciation for everyone’s fine efforts to keep a light here and in this Time, in this wild World.

    To Everyone and Craig -inspirations.
    Look with hope, Love to do!


    India are comfy bedfellows with the US/UK/’Israel’ axis and smart on suppressing speech but not so hot on prosecuting rape. Incidentally, that young female medical student would have suffered terribly. She was brought back from Singapore where she was sent to be hidden and then returned to her home for almost immediate cremation. Any post mortem?? Probably not and due process was again mangled.

    I have seen this man, the Prime Minister, toadying around the western criminals at the G20 meetings. He usually wears a blue turban.

    Manmohan Singh – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Manmohan Singh’s government has also been especially keen on expanding ties with Israel. Since 2003, the two countries have made significant investments in …

    Manmohan Singh Israel, Jewish & Israel News | …
    You +1’d this publicly.
    Post Tagged with: “Manmohan Singh Israel”. Top 10 Non-Jews Positively Influencing the Jewish Future 2012 August 9, 2012 See No 4

    Israel and India move toward free trade pact – Globes
    10 Oct 2010 – Economic relations between Israel and India are set for a significant … Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh accepted Israel’s proposal for a …

    etc. for Israeli Indian ties.

  130. The mood in India is very sombre tonight.

    India gang rape: New Year celebrations scaled back

    ‘The Indian government was heavily criticised for its response to the attack, which many called “slow” and inadequate.

    According to official figures, a woman is raped in Delhi every 14 hours, while women across the country say they are frequently subjected to sexual intimidation and violence.

    Officials have since announced a series of measures intended to make the city safer for women.’

    “Clearly, many Indian women face threats to life at every stage – violence, inadequate healthcare, inequality, neglect, bad diet, lack of attention to personal health and well-being”

    Soutik Biswas
    India correspondent

    Poor girl. You are unnamed. RIP. Poor women.

  131. Happy new year to everyone here, and to Craig and family. Warm hugs to all, especially the trolls. Trolls need good hugs most of all!

  132. Happy new year to the lot of yer.

  133. Felt: like early Cure. Listened to: Screamadelica. Together as one, brothers & sisters. Happy Twenty Thirteen to all.

  134. “Ev’rybody’s talkin’ ’bout
    Bagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism, Ragism, Tagism
    This-ism, that-ism, ism ism ism
    All we are saying is give peace a chance
    All we are saying is give peace a chance

    Ev’rybody’s talkin’ ’bout
    Minister, Sinister, Banisters and Canisters,
    Bishops, Fishops, Rabbis, and Pop Eyes, Bye bye, Bye byes
    All we are saying is give peace a chance
    All we are saying is give peace a chance

    (Let me tell you now)
    Ev’rybody’s talkin’ ’bout
    Revolution, Evolution, Masturbation, Flagellation, Regulation,
    Integrations, mediations, United Nations, congratulations
    All we are saying is give peace a chance
    All we are saying is give peace a chance

    Ev’rybody’s talkin’ ’bout
    John and Yoko, Timmy Leary, Rosemary,
    Tommy Smothers, Bobby Dylan, Tommy Cooper,
    Derek Taylor, Norman Mailer, Alan Ginsberg, Hare Krishna
    Hare Hare Krishna
    All we are saying is give peace a chance
    All we are saying is give peace a chance”

    Will we ever get beyond the ‘ism’s? I wonder…..

    I’ve lost the meaning of the words happy new year…they are just words. Ineffectual.

    May our lost civilisation find its way. Compassion and love is the answer, but there isn’t enough in this world.

    Good health to everyone here.

  135. Happy New Year All!

    Craig – where the Fuck are you?

    hope all is well

    Have a good one :-)

  136. John Robertson

    1 Jan, 2013 - 7:30 am

    “and that her 3D specs in the trailer were diamond encrusted.”
    Mary, like Dame Edna’s?

  137. Yes, only the gladioli were missing.

    The caption read –
    Bling: Queen Elizabeth II in her 3D glasses, which have a glittering Swarovski ‘Q’ on the side

    and we the stupid ‘subjects’ paid for them.

    Her words could be heard last night in a rerun of the jubilee/limpics celebrations stuff in the fireworks display. ‘I thank you all’.

  138. I am with this wonderful man. He says pretty much what I think and feel.!

    I like the way he pauses before he says something meaningful, so unlike our pocket politicians.

  139. doug scorgie

    1 Jan, 2013 - 12:32 pm

    From BBC Online:
    Pregnant US woman Caitlan Coleman missing in Afghanistan with husband
    Caitlan Coleman, 27, is due to give birth in January and needs urgent medical attention, her father told the Associated Press news agency.
    [Her father] James Coleman said she had been travelling with her Canadian husband across Central Asia.

    There are fears they were abducted, but no ransom has been demanded.
    The couple last contacted their family on 8 October from what Mr Coleman described as an “unsafe” part of Afghanistan.
    It is not clear how they entered Afghanistan and what exactly they were doing there – they had also travelled through Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

    WTF is a heavily pregnant US woman doing in an “unsafe part of Afghanistan” with her Canadian husband? Sightseeing?

  140. Health and happiness to you all, may everyone get what they wish and work for.
    My chickens have finally overcome their moving stress and are now laying, bless.
    India’s internal struggles, political as well as sociological, will eventually tear it apart and make space for a real democracy.

  141. doug scorgie

    1 Jan, 2013 - 1:25 pm

    Keep your eyes on Venezuela it looks like Hugo Chaves may not last much longer; he is still in Cuba and suffering “complications.”

    Venezuelan cabinet ministers have gathered at the presidential palace to pray for his recovery. If Chaves does not attend the inauguration ceremony on 10th January there may have to be another election. If so you can guarantee the CIA will be working overtime with the opposition and media to influence the outcome. There may even be another coup attempt.

  142. Well done Nevermind – my chickens give a couple of eggs a day – no artificial light just love and good food…

  143. Message for John Goss: John, there’s a couple of posts with extra info on an area of the Swedish Assange case I know you’re particularly interested in that have just been added to the “Why I’m Convinced Anna Ardin is a Liar” thread:

    Love your suggested method (yesterday, 3.02pm) for running rings round the fuckers. Sorry, I mean “putting the dormouse back in the teapot, ha ha”. :)

  144. Fred wrote: “Avoid people who hate, they are emotionally unstable, no telling what they will do. If they hate Nazis chances are they hate Jews as well.”

    What about those who hate the Palestinians and Arabs? Are they emotionally unstable and to be avoided?

  145. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    1 Jan, 2013 - 3:53 pm

    Thanks for the memories, Villager. I had forgotten how closely I identify the Holidays with that awesomely human event.

  146. Yonatan.

    I wouldn’t want to depend on anyone who hated anyone.

  147. Have some proper bells with that Fred and three hail Mary’s, forgive Mary.
    How do you think the Spartans won against all odds? surely not their fancy haircuts and oiled loins?

    From 5.18 minutes onwards.

    Its exactly those human emotions, the propensity to not think clearly, the impotency when faced with economic situations out of our control, which makes untrained, and trained, for that matter, individuals unfit to bear arms.

    But that should not stop anyone getting angry, use the 2013 May county council elections to change the equation.

    ‘Who needs a Party to follow a mandate’

  148. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    1 Jan, 2013 - 6:09 pm

    Has anyone talked to Clark, lately. Please send him Happy New Year wishes.

  149. So it was organised by the banksters. Surprise, surprise.


    The science of social engineering.

    Sow what!

    Good luck for the New year.
    Here’s to civilisation, “damn we nearly had it.”

  151. The Russians now have the upper hand in Syria. They’ve put some serious missile kit in there over the last few weeks and, if its used, the Free Syrian Army won’t be able to gather in any large numbers in a country that’s 3/4 flat (unlike Afghanistan).
    Now is when we’ll see two things: how strong are the democratic credentials of the opposition, and how wise are Assad and his inner circle. Both sides will have to compromise (apart from the savages Qatar and Saudi have paid for, who seem to enjoy killing). Russia’s agenda setting is the best option for keeping Syria as a functioning nation state (unlike Lybia). Let the talks commence.
    Meanwhile, Iraq descends further into authoritarian rule. Ah, I love the smell of bullshit in the morning!
    Happy New Year.

  152. Russia has continued to supply Syria with weaponry, it’s an important market for Russian military equipment which they don’t want to lose, but they don’t appear to have much confidence in Assad’s prospects.

    Launching tactical ballistic missiles at one’s own people, with the inevitable civilian casualties, is a pretty desperate strategy and one not likely to win Assad much support at home or abroad. It might even provoke the UN or NATO into actually doing something.

  153. At the trough, while the going is good.

    £100,000 pay-offs for council chiefs
    Councils have given pay-offs of £100,000 or more to 135 officials leaving their jobs in the past year, The Telegraph has found.

  154. The survival of the fittest in 2013. Letters on that theme to the Guardian yesterday.

  155. “Launching tactical ballistic missiles at one’s own people, with the inevitable civilian casualties, is a pretty desperate strategy and one not likely to win Assad much support at home or abroad”

    Well no. A pretty pointless exercise and not very tactical either. But what about using them to disrupt and destroy the supply lines through which weapons and “rebels” are entering the country? Now that really would provoke the UN or NATO into actually doing something.

  156. And whilst OAPs and young people suffer, not to speak of the disabled and those on benefit used as targets for Government policies, this Government is playing footsie with our money.

    This from Kent CC, Craigs principal council, they spent close to 12 million on ‘compensation’ and thanks to the laws governing such releases and re-employment for local Government officers, our coalition feels unable to do anything about it, after 2 years in power…

    ” The biggest were made by Kent county council where, in the past two years, five officials were given a total of £1.2 million.

    Katherine Kerswell, the council’s former managing director, received a £420,000 pay-off after less than 20 months in the job, on top of her £139,806 salary and £29,359 pension contribution. She is now the Cabinet Office’s director of civil service reform on a salary of £142,000 a year.

    Lynda McMullan, the former corporate director, was paid £172,000 in compensation and has since joined the National Audit Office as assistant auditor general. Mrs McMullan, who now earns £145,000, said after her appointment that “value for money” was one of the most important issues facing the public sector. ”


  157. Clark is fine, Ben, reality beyond the screen has caught up with him….:-)

  158. doug scorgie

    2 Jan, 2013 - 12:14 pm

    Good news for Rebekah Brooks:

    Chipping Norton gets own yacht club.

    The fact that the small town is more than 100 miles from the sea and perched on the highest point in the Oxfordshire section of the Cotswolds is neither here nor there.

    The Chipping Norton Yacht Club will officially launch early this year in one of the most landlocked areas of Britain, its website reveals. Helpfully, it adds: “You don’t need to be a boat owner to qualify for membership.”
    [BBC Online]

    It’s a bit like having a mountaineering club in Holland!

  159. Re Chipping Norton Yacht Club.

    Dougie, maybe you have the wrong sort of yacht in mind – think more Britannia, or Robert Maxwell – a club for people with Yachts, sort of like the Carlton Club, makes perfect sense!

  160. “But what about using them to disrupt and destroy the supply lines through which weapons and “rebels” are entering the country?”

    Unlikely to be any more successful than American attempts to shut down the Ho Chi Minh trail during the Vietnam war.

  161. Not a very useful analogy. It is likely however that Russia will not allow Syria to fall, at least not without a fight. Its only Mediterranean naval base is in Syria and its western-most early warning installations are located there too. Russia is probably discreetly controlling the military operations as well as providing the hardware and, battle-hardened as it is from operations in Chechnya, should not to be under-estimated in a situation like this.

  162. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    2 Jan, 2013 - 5:11 pm

    As you may have heard Hillary clinton has been treated for a bloodclot which was the result of a fall. This source says something different.

    Do you guys have an opinion of this news source?

  163. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    2 Jan, 2013 - 5:16 pm

    Glad he’s keeping in touch, nevermind. cheers

  164. @ben

    This is the real source

  165. “Do you guys have an opinion of this news source?”

    Yes. Sorcha Faal=nonsense.

  166. Posted on Medialens by someone with a Canadian e-mail address using links from the European Union Times.

    Obama told to prepare for Hillary Clinton’s death – brooks Today, 4:59 pm

    was Hillary Clinton injured in a plane crash in Iran? – brooks Today, 4:54 pm

  167. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    2 Jan, 2013 - 6:28 pm

    That sums it up. Thx Mary.

    I do think the serious nature of her injury (bloodclot) and her physical condition (exhaustion) makes the possibility of her demise, less than implausible.

  168. The MSM/corporate media version so it must be true! ;)

  169. Killary has just left hospital according to the BBC.

  170. @ Ben,

    Ben,instincively i warm to you,but also,just please be yourself?

    You’re good copy Ben,but also,please just be yourself?

    We’ll ALL benefit i sense?


  171. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    3 Jan, 2013 - 12:28 am

    Jives; Few appreciate my prose, so I must restrain. I am a fool for alliteration and onomatopoiea, which is sometimes worse than being a fool for love.

  172. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    3 Jan, 2013 - 1:34 am

    BTW; ‘sirrah’ is contemptuous, in nature. Have you some other intent?

  173. Ben your old self is fine and your lyrics, i never heard a convincing complaint. Beam up Jives :P

    I felt a pang of sympathy for the idea of Hilary Clinton haunted into ill health by a remnant of conscience. The warmongers who are less than entirely monstrous must be tormented by their reflexions. Little trauma it is compared to what they sow, but horrible to each soul the questions of conscience, memories of youthful innocence. Poor girl. Long may the monster stay out of business.

  174. Mike Malloy is always worth following, if you listen to nothing else that comes out of America.

    A broadcaster unafraid of telling the truth – a rare opportunity, so catch him before he gets cut off the air completely. Subscribe to his podcasts, support the programme.

    Anyway, he referenced and discussed this video that is – in keeping with the themes of his show – pretty urgent and alarming:

    It concerns Arctic methane, and why the (rapidly melting) sea ice matters.

  175. Ben,

    I have never ever seen anything posted by Internet Hoax Queen(King) Sorcha Fall (David L. Booth) turn out to be true.

    Not a fan of Christians whoever is really behind David L Booth/Sorcha Fall

    “Dirty, Filthy, Christians”: Treatise On The Most Dangerous Death Cult In Human History
    Special Offer: $37.88 plus $4.50 Shipping and Handling [US Funds] !!!

  176. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    3 Jan, 2013 - 2:34 am

    Crab; You are a softshell, like me. I could tell you an anecdote about Hillary which sets her apart from the rest of the politicos.

    Glenn; Thanks for another interesting link.

    Anon; There is a report Hillary returned to the hospital.

  177. Obama starts the New Year as he means to continue through 2013.

    3 January 2013

    Pakistan militant Mullah Nazir ‘killed in drone attack’
    Mullah Nazir had been accused of sending fighters to support the Afghan Taliban

    Senior Pakistani militant leader Mullah Nazir has been killed by a US drone strike in Pakistan, local security officials say.

    He was killed along with at least five fighters when two missiles struck in the north-western tribal district of South Waziristan, they said.

    He had been accused of sending fighters to support the Afghan Taliban and fight foreign and pro-government troops.


    Signed off when in Washington on his short break from his Hawaiian holiday presumably.

  178. Psychopaths do not have ‘pangs of conscience’. La Clinton is one of the 0.4% of the female population who are psychopaths.

    How many women could say this?

    ‘We came, we saw, he died’ What Hillary Clinton told news reporter …

    and be responsible for this?

  179. Madeleine Albright clone Mary with scales…

  180. @ Ben.

    No contempt intended whatsoever ;.) I just want you to really riff y’know?


  181. We have ways of making you slim! says Fuehrers Carr-West and Roe.

    Overweight or unhealthy people who refuse to attend exercise sessions could have their benefits slashed, in a move proposed by Westminster Council.

    Carr-West ex Common Purpose needless to say

    Roe – such a lovely Tory gal

  182. “We have ways of making you slim! says Fuehrers Carr-West and Roe. ”

    Yeh I was reading that. Just who the hell do they think they are? Who died and made them God? It wouldn’t be so bad if they had any brains whatsoever but having our entire lives dictated to by the terminally stupid is recipe for disaster.

    Didn’t anyone tell them that obesity is a symptom of poverty? Don’t they know that people are over weight because they can’t afford to eat healthy food?

  183. Whilst an obese Eric Pickles is giving the go ahead for this newest attack/intrusion into overweight people’s lives, a FoI attempt to find out how much alcohol is consumed in the House of commons is being batted off as ‘too trivia’ a reason.

    Since when is the health of politicians being assessed to different parameters than ours. As our representatives they mainly mirror societies self abuse with drugs and alcohol, and they are not exclusive of official stats.

    So why ‘fattie buoar’ Eric’s department alone spends £ 10.000/year on biscuits, that’s gotta stop, they are refusing to be held accountable and come up to their own mark.

    Off their trolleys or what.

    sorry to some, this is a politics UK photo from FB.

  184. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    3 Jan, 2013 - 4:30 pm

    It’s simple nevermind. They operate Through the Looking Glass where vice is virtue, for them; vice-versa for the rest of us peons.

  185. I had heard that there were 16 bars. This says that there are 20.

    The official version, which is obviously economical with the actualite, says 4! Note however the cost of supplying the troughers with food and drink.

    ‘The net cost of the House of Commons Catering and Retail Service met from public funds was £5.7m in 2009/10.’


  186. In response to the question: “Are they [those who hate the Palestinians and Arabs] emotionally unstable and to be avoided?”

    Fred wrote: “Yonatan. I wouldn’t want to depend on anyone who hated anyone.”

    That is an answer to an unasked question.

    Meanwhile, in the US, the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ charade is exposed. The decisions were not made, so the mandatory cuts that should have come into force have been deferred. Whilst everyone’s mind was supposedly on averting this fiscal cliff, the US passed a law “The Countering Iran in the Western Hemisphere Act” on Dec 28. The law refers to Hizbollah and Hamas, which is a dead give away.

    “The Iranians are coming!”

    Nice to see laws favouring foreign countries can be passed so easily by the US government, whilst it’s own financial problems remain unresolved.

  187. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    3 Jan, 2013 - 5:10 pm

    No worries yonatan. This propaganda will be promulgated, more and more. Such ‘success stories’ need to be played, on-the-hour for maximum effect.

  188. Insufficient evidence for the Home Office to charge him for terrrr offences here, but extradited by the same Home Office to the US who are charging him with offences committed in the UK. You could not make it up. Poor man. They’ll get him on whatever pretext.

    Terror suspect extradited to US
    By Steve Swann BBC News Home Affairs team

    US authorities want Mr Naseer to face trial

    A man accused of leading an al-Qaeda plot to set off bombs in Manchester has been extradited to the US.

    Abid Naseer has been described by a High Court judge as an “al-Qaeda operative” who “poses a serious threat to the national security of the UK”.

    UK prosecutors said there was not enough evidence to charge him.

    However, the US wants to put him on trial, arguing the Manchester plot was part of a wider conspiracy to also bomb New York.

    In December his bid to stop the extradition was thrown out of the European Court of Human Rights, where his lawyers had argued he could be tortured if returned to Pakistan from the US.

    Mr Naseer was arrested in 2009 along with 11 other mainly-Pakistani nationals in counter-terrorism raids in Manchester and Liverpool but no-one has been charged by British prosecutors.

    Four police forces carried out the dramatic raids in daylight and Prime Minister Gordon Brown was quoted as saying “we are dealing with a very big terrorist plot”.


  189. “Insufficient evidence for the Home Office to charge him for terrrr offences here, but extradited by the same Home Office to the US who are charging him with offences committed in the UK. You could not make it up. Poor man. They’ll get him on whatever pretext. ”

    Absolutely; and yet people still insist it would be easier for the US to extradite Julian Assange from Sweden.

  190. Hospitals are truly wonderful places,
    People who choose to work in the caring environment are beacons of light.


  191. I’ve been meaning to join this blog for a long time. I campaigned along with others for Craig in Blackburn.
    Before I start, I’d like to give y’all a quote from Albert Einstein: ‘To condemn without examining the evidence is the height of ignorance’. That is just a forewarning, as I am bound to be condemned as a ‘conspiracy theorist’.
    Karel previously castigated people who checked out Alex Jones and Jeff Rense sites. If he checked what he would label ‘conspiracy sites’, he would be aware that microwaves can be used to send ‘voice messages’ into people’s heads:

    “An academic paper written for the Air Force in the mid-1990s mentions the idea of a weapon that would use sound waves to send words into a person’s head. “The signal can be a ‘message from God‘ that can warn the enemy of impending doom, or encourage the enemy to surrender.” In 2002, the Air Force Research Laboratory patented precisely such a technology: using microwaves to send words into someone’s head. The patent was based on human experimentation in October 1994 at the Air Force lab, where scientists were able to transmit phrases into the heads of human subjects.“
    – Washington Post article on electronic harassment and voices in the head, January 14 2007.
    Mary comments on the Israeli murder of the Dutch Major and his three UN colleagues; they have no qualms about killing peacekeepers,foreign monitors or virtually any one else; check out another Israeli massacre of 34 and injuring of 173 US personnel on board the USS Liberty, when they intentionally attacked the US spy ship in the ‘Six-Day War’ in 1967. For the best information, read ‘Operation Cyanide’ by Peter Hounam; also search ‘Dead in the Water + video’ and ‘Loss of Liberty + video’.
    For more Sandy Hook information, try ; I am mainly a 9/11 Truth campaigner but recently came across something even more horrific, the continuation of Hitler/Himmler Mind Control experiments by the US using initially Nazi scientists and ‘doctors’ brought to the States by Project Paperclip. Their work was merged with CIA knowledge of trauma-based mind control, and the Catholic Church’s knowledge gleaned from tortures inflicted during the Inquisition. Below are some links, and they are NOT conspiracy theories, but witness testimonies. I have been involved in Human Rights campaigns since the ’70’s, but this info is the worst I have ever come across:

    Satanic subversion of the US Military:

    Ritual Abuse and State Controlled Child Torture and Sexual Abuse:
    Roseanne Barr introduces Cathy O’Brien:

    Mind Control & MK-ULTRA + Cathy + Mark Phillips:

    ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ + John DeCamp:

    Johnny Gosch Foundation: (note MSNBC airing program December 16, 2012):

    Books: John DeCamp ‘Franklin Cover-Up'; Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips ‘Trance Formation of America’ & ‘Access Denied’.

    This information, sickening though it is, needs to be disseminated as widely as possible.

  192. @Outsider: sending voice messages by microwave into people’s heads? Jeez! It’s clear enough you’re not a cognitive scientist, then. Such amusingly ignorant hogwash would only appeal to the uninformed and gullible. It’s completely apposite to what we know about how the brain processes information. Contrary to what the layman might think, you can’t transmit coded messages between areas of the brain, never mind between different brains. If you’re really interested in neuroscience you’d do better to read proper educational resources rather than conspiraloony websites.

  193. We have environmental chaos looming in the near future, a need to reorganise and equip for major resource difficulties, at haste. An opportunity to reconnect and care about important challenges together, supportively with no hope for greed left. We have politics and society confused by technology and systematic breakdown, commercial predation, spin. We have war mongers to sack and a world to save through work and vision.

    These narratives about microwave brain speakers and satanists and even nnelven now, whatever substance their might and might not be to them, they are mostly a twisted useless noise around real hard dark goings on, many of them quite visible but not covered by the msm. Most of the far out stories are smoke and mirrors for the few really far out stories. The truth of the really far out stories, is something for only the most knowledgeable analyst to seriously try to discern. Not I, certainly not people who circulate sensational and phantasmagorical blarticles and youtube vids.

    Sorry Outsider, put it down for a while, pick up a good book. All you could ever do about the kind of problems which you are concentrating on, eg satanist cabals and brainwave weapons etc – real or not, is avoid them. Me too, chances are that’ll be easier for the vast many of us to do, than avoiding the degradation of our lives and starvation due to militarism, climate chaos and energy and resource crisis in the near future. Its going to take much more work and much clearer vision than the murky tales which you are focused on contain.

  194. Has Craig emigrated? I hope he is not ill.

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