Baghdad Conference Photos

by craig on December 18, 2012 9:55 am in Uncategorized

A photo essay here on the Baghdad conference on Palestine, including a very unflattering picture of me!

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  1. Arsalan, it’s this photo:

    I think he must have borrowed the tie from Frazer.

  2. Tony Blair made his finest contribution ever:

  3. Loving it Clark! The hangman’s rope is missing though.

    btw the video on the BBC link about Julian is still down. Bastards.

  4. Fred More on that Murdoch Petraeus story from Jonathan Cook.

    Why the Washington Post Killed the Story of Murdoch’s Bid to Buy the US Presidency
    Jonathan Cook / 12/21/2012

  5. Mary, thanks for your support. There were at least five news crews covering Assange’s address, yet the BBC still haven’t fixed their video of the event. Biased paragraph here:

    “A crowd of some 80 supporters gathered outside the building, in Knightsbridge, to listen to the 41-year-old Australian – whose website published a mass of leaked cables embarrassing a number of countries.”

    Merely “embarrassing”, eh? That’ll be why some of the more extreme politicians have accused him of “aiding the enemy” and have called for his murder, a drone strike, or threatened his family. They always do that when they’re “embarrassed”.

    I don’t know how many people were there, but I couldn’t get through and had to go around the block. The police were moving people on and ushering people off of the road and onto the pavements. I was a few minutes late, and found it impossible to get close enough to see or hear; there were loads of people wandering around.

  6. Hi folks!

    I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas!

    Try to have a little bit of fun and a few mince pies.

    I am going to spend my time reading a few books, studying about language and getting boozed up if I can. I’ll try not to get into the kinds of trouble I have in the past, honest.

    I’m thinking about reading a Flashman book or two, maybe a bit of Evelyn Waugh or Kazuo Ishiguro, and perhaps a bit of Mr. Saadi. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen him around here. Where is he?

    Anyway, try to cheer up a little. I sometimes found the atmosphere around here a little bit insufferably gloomy. Just saying.


  7. I estimate about 400 to 500 people at the Assange Christmas message. Perhaps the BBC got there late.

    Some more disturbing news. A Pakistani man, Mr Khan, has been stopped by Lord Justice Moses from finding out if GCHQ is providing the US with intelligence for their drone attacks, like the one which killed his father.

    Although the military might claim that this information is sensitive if GCHQ were not providing that intelligence why would they not deny any involvement? So they are.

    Drones are repulsive. They kill innocent children. They should all be called Herod’s swordsmen. So who is Herod?

  8. Hello Angrysoba, I’m glad you survived the End of the World! Do go and have a look at the Al Hilli threads; I expect you’ll find some wonderful conspiracy theorising to make fun of. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some nuggets of truth in there as well, though.

  9. Arsalan: “Craig I thought you dye your hair? Is that you in the dogcoller in the first pic?”
    Ye Gads! That looks like Stephen Sizer to me!

  10. Clark: “Do go and have a look at the Al Hilli threads; I expect you’ll find some wonderful conspiracy theorising to make fun of.”
    Hi Clark, unfortunately I don’t know what the Al Hilli threads are. As for conspiracy theories to make fun of, it really is a glutton’s paradise, sometimes. I think the one just north of here, the one about the Israelis being behind Sandy Hook is not much fun at all, but rather boring and depressing. I see that your responses to that suggestion were very good.

    Anyway, I am not sure if I will be posting again here this year so I wish you the best for the new year.

  11. “This is a planetary passenger announcement. Due to a signalling failure at Alpha Centauri, the arrival of Planet Nibiru has been delayed. We apologise for the inconvenience. Those wishing to simulate a pole-shift may stand on their heads on the platform without being suspected of terrorism. Please keep all your belongings with you at all times, or they may be removed or destroyed by security. Thank you.”

  12. Angrysoba, I finally discovered the “Jews are responsible for all evil” crowd you were on about. They don’t state it outright, but the subtext becomes clear after a while; the Illuminati, “The Protocols…”. You have to look earlier in this thread if you want more context, but this is where it started for me:

    Thanks for causing me to question my assumptions about nuclear power. I discovered the story of Alvin Weinberg, the Molten Salt Reactor Experiment, and the reason we have so much nuclear “waste”. I remain opposed to water-cooled solid-fuelled reactors, as did their primary developer:

    “When Weinberg became convinced that reactor safety was an issue of the greatest importance, that loss-of-coolant accidents were not unthinkable, he was punished by the nuclear advocates. In the book Weinberg quotes what, to me, is the most bizarre statement of the whole story. In a conversation about reactor safety, Chet Holifield, then chairman of the Congressional Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, told him, “Alvin, if you are concerned about the safety of reactors, then I think it might be time for you to leave nuclear energy.” Soon after, Weinberg was fired from his job as director of ORNL. That was in 1972. In 1979 Three Mile Island fully justified Weinberg’s concern, setting in motion events that led to much enhanced safety of U.S. reactors but also leading to cancellation of many reactor sales. No new reactor orders have been placed by U.S. utilities since then.”

    More info and links from this site:

    Oops, that site has all changed since I last visited, so I can’t direct you to the article I intended. Anyway, these liquid fuelled reactors run without pressurisation, cease reaction if they spring a leak, and can be designed to burn nuclear “waste”, which is actually fuel that is less than 2% used, the other 98% being our radioactive disposal problem. It looks like there could be thousands of years of electricity generation available, just cleaning up the existing mess. And they can “burn” weapon cores, too:

  13. O/T – some praise for Craig from an unusual source (a partner of Deloitte’s, one of the big accountancy firms):

    Q: Who/what inspires you?

    A: I’m not really into sport, but even the most
    cynical spectator cannot fail to have been
    inspired by the Olympic Games. I cycle to
    work most days, a round trip of 50km, so it
    was especially inspiring to watch some of the
    road cycle races that passed close to my home.

    One of life’s most challenging experiences is
    feeling pressured to make statements you
    think are not wholly true. It is inspirational to
    see people who blow the whistle on bad
    practice, even in the face of commercial
    pressure or active persecution and sometimes
    at the expense of their career.

    Joe Darby, the US sergeant who revealed
    the prisoner tortures at Abu Ghraib, Iraq, in
    2004 is one example. Another is Craig Murray,
    the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan,
    who revealed appalling human rights abuses
    and the inconsistency between our apparent
    support for the Karimov regime while
    attacking Saddam Hussein. Many Russian
    journalists have lost their lives reporting
    abuses that the Kremlin would have preferred
    to keep quiet, with Anna Politkovskaya
    perhaps the leading example. In the financial
    sphere, Jim Demopoulos exposed the Madoff
    pyramid scam to US regulators who didn’t
    want to hear it.

  14. oops sorry, forgot to give page number: page 25 in source given above (PDF)

  15. Angrysoba, the al Hilli threads, over seventeen thousand comments in all, completely dwarfing the unmentionable! Which itself has been expanded since you last visited.

  16. LOL. Did this inspire you Clark? ….Passsengers’ getaway hit by signal failure….

    What is this annual getaway all about? So like the annual migration of the wildebeest to new grazing grounds except here it is a huge waste of fossil fuel so that families can get together to overeat food they don’t really need, drink too much booze and then end up quarrelling with each other.

  17. And yet more of it. Have they nothing else to say or report?

  18. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    21 Dec, 2012 - 3:56 pm


    I guess if we had wanted to take the fun out of the Mayan Apocalypse, we could have shared that link to the new Mayan Calendar found earlier this year, but that wouldn’t be as much fun.

  19. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    21 Dec, 2012 - 4:00 pm

    So, I guess we can just equate Newtown with all the other aberrant nut-case lone shooters throughout the history of the most violent society on earth. Hmm. That sounds like a conspiracy too.

  20. Why would someone kill 20 children?

    Either as a threat, “do as we say or we kill your children”.

    Or for revenge, “I’m killing your children because of what you did to me”.

    After the massacre in Norway people are tending to assume the former and a list of groups that would do such a thing is not very long and unfortunately the Israeli government is on it.

    However I think this one will eventually be proved to be the latter. In America everyone has to be best at something, doesn’t matter what but whatever it is second best isn’t good enough. The poor kids that aren’t actually best at anything tend to get depressed about it so they give them pills to take that screw with their brains. Then they decide they’re going into the history books.

  21. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    21 Dec, 2012 - 4:44 pm

    They weren’t just killed. Reports say each child was shot multiple times with carnage making the classroom look like a demented slaughterhouse. The Horror of it. Part of the point?

  22. Doesn’t sound like mossad, the French Alps murders, that’s more their style.

  23. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    21 Dec, 2012 - 5:16 pm

    I didn’t say Mossad. In fact, I’m highly dubious they had a hand. I think I’m being repetitious, here.

    Have you seen the reports of second perp?

  24. Thanks Clark – connection secured – happy alignment! – in fact a huge awareness is ascending; it seems to begin with Mary’s picture – a very human bodhi.

    To experience this leap in consciousness I suggest one must:

    Question more
    Vaporize ego

    Then amplify the experience and connect. One Mind Won Victory.

  25. Ben

    I’ve seen loads of speculation, that’s all.

  26. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    21 Dec, 2012 - 6:12 pm


    Plenty of sources for the alleged second shooter. If someone was arrested, in error, questioned and released, where is that story?

    I’m not offering the link below with any other recommendation than to read and assiimilate.

  27. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    21 Dec, 2012 - 6:24 pm

  28. Mark Golding, “Question, see, and wonder”; with these I agree 100%.
    “Wait”; yes, when things are yet to be determined. Beyond that, we must act.
    “Vaporise ego”; this is too extreme for most people, and I for one do not aspire to being a monk or a saint; I like sex and drugs and rock and roll. For others like myself:

    “Mental health is an ongoing process of dedication to reality at all costs.”

    Ego, or ones mental model of ones self, is OK so long as one strives for honesty and accuracy, which requires regular self inspection; some religious people achieve this with prayer. The problem is when people people permit their self-image to disguise their true motives, ie. when they think that they’re being honest, but are in fact rationalising, and deceiving themselves at a deeper level; this sort of dishonesty goes undetected by “lie detectors”. I think that many politicians are like this; that is why they seem so sincere while committing such atrocities.

  29. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    21 Dec, 2012 - 6:45 pm

    Clark; There is an alternative which may fit Mark’s and your perspectives on ‘vaporise ego’

    An astrologer, during my reading said ‘you use sex and drugs to demolish the physical world’.

    Voila ! Now that’s no false Samadhi….

  30. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    21 Dec, 2012 - 6:47 pm

    Clark; I’m gonna keep talking to you, until you respond….heh.

  31. Clark – no need to vaporise ego – just recognise and accept it for what it is – a part what it means to be you – significant but not in charge. Nothing wrong with sex, drugs rock n roll. Happy Christmas.

  32. Things.

    Kerry to replace Clinton.

    Dr Kellioh struck off.He lied but the 18 perpetrators of Baha Mousa’s torture and ill treatment walked free. One was convicted.

    Monti resigns.

  33. “What shall a woman, Do with her ego, Faced with the choice, That it go or he go. ”

    Saw it on the Tom Watson twitter feed just now.

  34. “I didn’t say Mossad. In fact, I’m highly dubious they had a hand. ”

    It wouldn’t be any madder than the NRA or certain local Republican politicians wanting to arm the teachers or have armed guards in every school. Why stop there? Why not arm the children too.

  35. mark golding

    21 Dec, 2012 - 8:24 pm

    Thank-you Clark & Rose – interesting. Ben steps up of course; sex, drugz & rock n roll somewhat reveal the illusion of ego. A step too far might invoke the tragedy of Syd Barret!

  36. mark golding

    21 Dec, 2012 - 8:26 pm

    sos Barrett

  37. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    21 Dec, 2012 - 8:32 pm

    Heh. Pink Floyd was a variety of psychotropics, like Purple Owsley, Mark. And MUSIC, even when experienced by the naked self, transports one outside the box to a trance-like state.

  38. …..and the old bag’s bladder was giving trouble.

  39. Rose, Season’s Greetings to you, too. Yes, the critics of society and of the media make a big fuss about human pleasures, yet any amount of fictional slaughter and justification for and encouragement of factual war can proceed unhindered, it seems. Something very sick there, I think.

    Ben Franklin, I remained silent, and you found the debunking yourself. Yes, there is a route to ego revelation and/or diminution through sexual congress, etc.

    As for Syd Barrett; strong psychedelics such as LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin must be treated with the greatest respect, and I doubt that they mix well with fame; sort of pulling in opposite directions. I do not know exactly what went wrong in Syd’s case, but many young people elevated to fame and fortune by the “Music Biz” come to grief, psychedelics or none.

    Best wishes all; I might be off-line for a while. I’m off Norwich way, in a couple of minutes…

  40. And anyone who dislikes Christmas as much as I do can join Richard Stallman in the Celebration of the Physical Laws, Grav-mas:

  41. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    21 Dec, 2012 - 8:57 pm

    The debunking was only wrt the man in camoflauge pants with video of his chasedown in a field.

    The first instance, cited by eyewitness, remains unexplained. That’s the fellow who was cuffed across the street from the Catholic Church. The second instance had the brother as that person in the url. Incorrect. Ryan Lanza was arrested, mistakenly ,in New Jersey, not Conn.

  42. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    21 Dec, 2012 - 8:59 pm

    Let’s see, it’s Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to you , Clark. No big fan of Christmas either.

    After all, what they really celebrate is Ol’ Sol himself…

  43. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    21 Dec, 2012 - 9:02 pm

    Clearly, Sandoz intended lsd to be a medicine, not a food. Clinical studies have been terminally proscribed, thanks to the FunHogs.

  44. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    21 Dec, 2012 - 9:06 pm

    Here I go, again. Dominating the thread…mea culpa.

  45. “and he warns:”

    “‘We stand on the verge of one of the bleakest periods in human history, when the bright lights of civilizations will blink out and we will descend for decades, if not centuries, into barbarity. The elites, who successfully convinced us that we no longer possessed the capacity to understand the revealed truths presented before us or to fight back against the chaos caused by economic and environmental catastrophe, will use their resources to create privileged little islands where they will have access to security and goods denied to the rest of us.’ (p. 197)”

  46. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    21 Dec, 2012 - 11:28 pm

    Guest; I’m getting a shit-load of crap from AmeriKKKan blogs for linking to that. Thank you.

  47. Jonangus Mackay

    21 Dec, 2012 - 11:51 pm

    Hyphen-Howe’s Yer Father.
    All States are ultimately police states. For those who have eyes to see, that fundamental truth about the nature of State power suddenly breaks the surface: a necrotic varicose vein in the raddled leg of Britain’s body politic. Call Me Dave’s spineless response to the (habitual) lies of oh-so-ordinary Plebgate PCs now prompts an obvious/urgent question. When it comes to the crunch, who exactly runs Ukania? Politicians? Or police?

  48. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    21 Dec, 2012 - 11:57 pm

    ” a necrotic varicose vein in the raddled leg of Britain’s body politic.”

    FYI. I’m stealin’ that, as any red-blooded American would do, given half the chance.

    We’ve all been ‘shagged’, as you well know.

  49. @ Ben Franklin,

    “Heh. Pink Floyd was a variety of psychotropics, like Purple Owsley, Mark. And MUSIC, even when experienced by the naked self, transports one outside the box to a trance-like state.”

    You’ve obviously not played Thw Clutha Vaults on a Saturday night in Glasgow Ben have you…;.)

  50. Syd Barrett?

    A hushed up offspring of the Cambridge Apostles.


    You had to be there i guess.

  51. Hallucinogenics were introduced/created by the spooks FFS!

    Wise up y’all.

    The jaded mantra of “drop your ego” was the perfect sublimated excuse to control and manipulate.

  52. Why is an archbishop of the church of england concerning himself with the ‘strength’ of the country’s defences? I thought these church people were supposed to concern themselves with theology and with giving some moral leadership as none of the latter comes from the political classes.

    Sentamu warns defence cuts would ‘risk safety of nation’
    The Archbishop said he does not believe reservists can form the ‘backbone’ of the British armed forces.

    Cuts to the number of full-time military personnel would “risk the safety of the nation”, Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu has warned

  53. Another bigmouth Ann Clywd is telling us all how she has rejected a present from Bahrain, a Fortnum and Mason hamper.

    She is so saintly now. She is one who carried the lie about Saddam’s ‘people shredder’.

    We are not so sure about Mr Conor Burns MP Bournemouth W (mentioned in the Guardian piece) returning the same gift though.

    From his register of interests.
    Name of donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bahrain Address of donor: c/o The Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain, 30 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8QB Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): £3,279 Destination of visit: Bahrain Date of visit: 21-25 October 2010 Purpose of visit: in my capacity as Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Bahrain I was invited to visit to country to met with Government Ministers and others and to observe the Parliamentary elections that were taking place during the visit. (Registered 16 November 2010)

    He also declares £10k a quarter for 10 hours work a month with Trant Construction. Southampton.

    The Catholic church is also paying him £4000pafor an intern plus accomodation ???

  54. There are bad guys with guns and good guys with guns…. Let the good guys shoot the bad guys, then everyone is dead. Right on Mr Lapierre.

  55. AFAIK the UK is still on course to scrap the European Arrest Warrant at the end of this month.

    A good thing, for reasons obvious to anyone who has followed the courtroom farce that was the Assange extradition appeal. What they should really do is go the whole hog and scrap the 2003 Extradition Act in its entirety – it’s so woefully lacking in proper safeguards against the kind of miscarriages of justice we’ve seen in the Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan cases: (duration: 27 mins)

    I bumped into Talha’s brother at the Ecuador embassy speech and promised I’d do what I could to bring a bit more attention to this documentary.

  56. “AFAIK the UK is still on course to scrap the European Arrest Warrant at the end of this month.”

    Difficult as parliament has already risen for the Christmas recess. Actually the situation is more complicated and the UK has until May 2014 to opt out of 140 measures and a transfer of control of EU laws from national governments to the ECJ.

  57. “You gotta have it; if you haven’t, you’ve had it”

    That could – just – be a kind of clue for the following Brain of Britain-type question to the team :

    ‘What is the connection between former minister Jack Straw (Law, Leeds University”) and the list of Labour and Tory luminaries mentioned in Habbabkuk’s question of 18 December (6.16pm)?

    Merry Christmas and great good luck to all!

  58. “Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: America is Going to Crash Big Time .”

    “We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.”

    Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

  59. Re: …..and the old bag’s bladder was giving trouble.

    For the pre-obituary:

    There is no such thing as society.
    Greed is good.
    New Labour is my proudest achievement.

    Meanwhile today marks the 10th anniversary of Joe Strummer’s death.

  60. Conor Burns MP who I mentioned earlier photographed with her. Quite telling.

    It came from this website of this crowd who also host the website of the Margaret Thatcher Foundation.

  61. The name that I especislly noted on that list of board members/aka Maggie’s Men is Andrew Knight, chair of a Rothschild entity and also a Murdoch lap dog. Note how Murdoch prised him away from Conrad Black and how Knight belittled one of his wives. Nice type.

    Multiple connections


  62. Maybe Sentanu is jealous of the success with which AlQaida and UK special forces are chewing up and spitting out the dictators while regular forces and regular priests join or bury the dead and wounded with no perceivable benefit or gain.

    In Islam the jihad against dictators is compulsory, a bit difficult for those who were responsible for giving them power. Our politicians seem to have tapped into a bit of genuine glory for a change, leaving the Bishops to wash the dirty linen.

    Like chess, you sometimes have to sacrifice a bishop for a cheeky, threatening, advancing pawn. Even more disconcerting for Sentanu is that the combined jihadi and UK special forces are openly attacking Shi’a deviancy from Islam in Syria, while the stale rhetoric of the War on Terror cassette is still on. Will the UK establishment licence a jihad on the false teachings of the Church of England.

    Global Thatcher Capitalism not content with re-establishing Feudalism seeks to take over the Royal Head of Church domain. I like it. Greed fused with Truth. What a wonderful new religion for neo-neo-cons to aspire to… money and morality … proxy, patriotic Puritanism. A religion for Financial Services personnel whose foreheads are never dirtied by grime, manual work or manufacturing.

    Not like the old religions of UK Christianity and Islam, the where poverty and dreaming of the reward in heaven went hand in hand; William Blake’s Sunflower:

    Ah Sunflower, weary of time,
    Who countest the steps of the sun;
    Seeking after that sweet golden clime
    Where the traveller’s journey is done;

    Where the Youth pined away with desire,
    And the pale virgin shrouded in snow,
    Arise from their graves, and aspire
    Where my Sunflower wishes to go!

    Is there a heaven for CEOs and politicians who manage to remain squeakier than clean, by lying, spying and ruthless determination? Or is the neo-neo-con con its own reward?

  63. Mary – re. your post about MP Ann Clywd returning the Christmas hamper from the Bahraini ambassador : the tone of your post makes it unclear what your position on this is; do you approve of her returning the hamper, or do you feel she should have kept it.

  64. Habbabkuk,

    Your studied starry-eyed faux-naif idiot act really doesn’t wash here.

    Stop playing the prick,it’s a piss poor shameful gambit.

  65. Mitchell case: three questions:

    1) who was the man in the backpack?

    2) what was Mitchell going to talk about at the Carlton Club that evening?

    3) role of the United and Cecil Club?

    Certainly spook means are being deployed to rehabilitate Mitchell. Cops who definitely were there are having their evidence sidelined and rubbished, because someone who turns out to be a DPG cop, who wasn’t there but who just happens to have Mr Usual Channels (the deputy government chief whip) as his MP, allegedly sent a fake email in an effort to amplify what they said.

    If spookery isn’t afoot, then the moon is made of rice pudding.

    Rubbish is being talked about the video footage. It doesn’t do much to support Mitchell. What it does to is debunk the idea in the fake email that hordes of ‘members of the public’ were watching, shocked, and were filming what was going on. In fact there were only a few people walking by…including one who appeared very interested – Mr Backpack.

    However, cabinet secretary had watched the video and concluded it rebutted the fake email, long before Mitchell resigned.

    Oh dear.

    Yes, spookery afoot.

    Meanwhile the Torygraph is putting out the talking-point that Cameron is being criticised as ‘sitting on’ the video footage, which Mitchell got released under the FOI. In fact, of course, this is security of government buildings we’re talking about, and there’s a blanket exemption for such matters under the FOI. And Cameron obviously doesn’t have the authority to decide to release security footage – be serious! The real question isn’t why it wasn’t released before; it’s why it has been released at all. Serious strings are being pulled to get Mitchell rehabilitated.

    At first, I thought Mr Backpack might be Mossad, kind of an echo of those two Mossad operatives caught on grain film taking photographs of Murdoch’s Wapping compound in the Vanunu operation.

    After all, Mitchell went to Gaza, and backed the ‘aid for Gaza’ thing on the BBC, and might be thought by BICOM etc. to have shown less than 100% rabid support for the Zionists, even when, as is usual for almost all western politicians, he intones support for ‘Israel’s right to defend itself’ in relation to IDF massacres.

    Foreign Office dude Derek Fatchett got murdered. Alex Allan got ‘illnessed’ in a most unusual way. Etc. etc.

    But then I looked at the United and Cecil Club. The evening at the Carlton at which Mitchell was going to be the guest speaker was in fact hosted by the UCC at CC premises. He wasn’t a memer of the CC. He isn’t now. He got blacked.

    Double-take! Aren’t all Tory prime ministers, chairmen, and government chief whips members of the Carlton, at least honorarily? Normally, yes. But they made an exception for Mitchell, who got blacked because of Plebgate.

    The Carlton Club are cut from the same cloth as the Reform Club, whose members pelted the Jarrow hunger marchers with bread rolls. They’re Tory scum. They must have loved hearing the words “fucking plebs” spread about.

    So why didn’t they like Mitchell?

    If we posit a connection between the UCC and the Zionists – Angie Gray MP has received money from both – one possibility might be that it was Arab money that got Mitchell out, and Zionist influence which is trying to put him back again.

  66. Very interesting N_

    This U&CC outfit is very secretive. The only mention of it I ever see is in the MPs’ Register of Interests when ‘donations’ from it are noted. Who funds it and who runs it? Is is another branch of the rolled up trouser leg and funny handshake brigade?


    ‘The administration of ticket and table sales is being “co-ordinated” by the U&CC, a Tory dining club formed from a merger of different organisations in 1949. The address of the club is given as “Hickmans Lane, Lindfield, Haywards Heath”. The Sussex town is over 350 miles from Scotland, while the address given in the letter is a three-bedroom detached house.

    The U&CC has around 400 members and holds events to raise party funds. According to the Electoral Commission, the organisation has donated £100,000 to the party since 2008. None of the registered donations went to Scotland.

    In November, the U&CC had to forfeit an “impermissible” £850 from a donor who was not on the UK electoral register and could not make a legal donation.’

    I think there is a typo in the name of the MP you referred to. She is Angie Bray, rather jolly hockey sticks type, and the MP in the constituency where Craig used to live.

    I see our old friend Charles Crawford is a fellow supporter of Conservative Friends of Poland where Bray is a vice president and where Thatcher is the Honorary Patron! A few friends of Israel there too like Ms Bray.

  67. Mitchell supported this company when it received criticism for its dealings in Ghana.

    ‘Allegations of lobbying on behalf of donors

    An article in The Sunday Times on 30 October 2010, quoted by The Guardian the following day, claimed that Mitchell had pressured the Foreign Office and colleagues to lobby Ghana (successfully) for the lifting of a trading ban on a cocoa company, Armajaro, which had been a repeated donor to Mitchell’s parliamentary office and also a donor to the Conservative Party. Ghana had imposed the ban as the company was believed to have been smuggling cocoa out of the country. However, when questioned by ITV News on 2 November about his role in the case, Mitchell said that he had a duty as a member of the government to respond to the company’s requests, as it was registered as a British company, and that the government had a responsibility to promote British trade. He argued that he had seen no evidence that the Ghanaian government’s suspicions about the company in question had been substantiated, and that the claim that he had acted improperly on behalf of a party donor was unreasonable, as the company had ceased to donate to both the Conservative Party and his parliamentary office several years earlier.’

    Any views Craig?

  68. @ Jives at 1.44am

    The post from Mary which attracted my question started as follows:

    “Another bigmouth Ann Clywd is telling us all how she has rejected a present from Bahrain, a Fortnum and Mason hamper (link to Guardian website follows).

    She is so saintly now. She is the one who carried the lie about Saddam’s ‘people shredder’ (link to Wikipedia follows).”

    I think the general tone makes it clear that Mary doesn’t think much of Ann Clywd, but does appear ambiguous as to whether she approves or diapproves of Clywd sending back the hamper. So I believe my question was justified.

    Now, Mary is free to respond or not. Even you, Jives, are free to respond in lieu. But if you feel you have to, then please try to do so in a slightly more intelligent and measured manner; foul-mouthed abuse is no substitute for reasoned argument and certainly not for a coherent reply to a reasonable question.

    Do you have self-control or anger management issues?

  69. Note how the Leaderene is still the centre of attention, surrounded by her adoring followers. Carlton Club 2010.

    See CeeCil Parkinson third down on left with two beauties. What became of Sarah Keays and his daughter Flora btw?

  70. @Mary – just a quick post before I go offline for Christmas and the New Year. Thanks for the correction regarding Angie Bray – the B and G are adjacent on my keyboard!

    So the U&CC were formed by merger in 1949. Merger of what, I wonder. I also wonder when they started channelling money to MPs.

    According to the National Archives, they go back to at least 1881.

    Who knows what might come out of the woodwork if someone scratches at the Haywards Heath address? Do you know the street number or house name? Several companies have addresses on that road, including at a house called West Greenbank, where one of the companies is Remote Technologies Ltd. There is stuff about a Peter Bird, but for all I know, that might not even be the right address.

    I’ve done some scratching at another U&CC address, namely 18 Thorney Lane North, Iver, Bucks, SL0 9JY. House sold for £670,000 in 1999, although Land Registry data gives the legal owner and there’s no registry of beneficial owners of houses or any other assets.

    The Iver address is also given as the address of company director Christopher Mark Fenwick, octogenarian. Hello the chain of Fenwick department stores. There’s a store in Bond Street, and there is or was another one in Canterbury. They seem to be well in with the Torygraph, to judge from this article.

    Fenwick is also mentioned here in the Independent as one of many guests at a do organised by one of the ‘new’ Carlton-Club-linked Tory “power brokers”.

    Is there a link to Fenwick and West, the Israeli-linked law firm? (“In recent years, we have completed more than $200 billion worth of transactions, including many cross-border transactions involving Israeli companies.“) I merely ask!

    Anyway – Happy Christmas, and I hope to come back here in the New Year!

  71. Happy Christmas N_ ‘good reading thanks.

  72. Habbabfukuk

    There is no ambiguity in Mary’s post as I’m sure you know; really.

  73. Exactly Doug Scorgie.

    Some Christmas reading for us in the form of over 2,000 words from the Torygraph on the al-Hilli killings which leave us none the wiser.

    Alps murder: Truth about Saad al-Hilli’s’family feud’
    The Iraqi family of Saad al-Hilli, the Briton murdered in the French village of Chevaline, tell Colin Freeman that their relative was not a money-launderer for Saddam Hussein.

  74. Another BBC hypocrite, Caroline Hawley, has been embedded over the years with the coalition in their ‘scenes of theatre’ in Iraq and Afghanistan and has carried the propaganda for war like Olga Guerin, Lyse Doucet and Caroline Wyatt. What is the matter with these women?

    Now she is in Jordan seeing how attempts are being made to repair the faces and bodies of those injured in the region’s ‘conflicts’.

    Wrong Ms Hawley. They are not conflicts, they are offensive wars carried out by the West on people with a different skin colour. Our World: Abdullah is Beautiful. 6 days left to watch. 30 mins. Some horrific images.


    Read if you can stomach it. There’s a nice prezzie for Daddy and Grannie.

  76. Hope Craig is alright, just a word would reassure. All that immaculate inhuman polished stone looked pretty creepy to me when all we here makes Iraq sound like a war zone. I’ve come to believe that killing people there is routine, a very dangerous place to go; among other possible hazards are poisons.

  77. Agreed Seb.

    Between October 1994 and October 1995, the number of birth defects per 1,000 live births in Al Basrah Maternity Hospital was 1.37. In 2003, the number of birth defects in Al Basrah Maternity Hospital was 23 per 1,000 live births. Within less than a decade, the occurrence of congenital birth defects increased by an astonishing 17-fold in the same hospital.

    A yearly account of the occurrence and types of birth defects, between 2003 and 2011, in Al Basrah Maternity Hospital, was reported. Metal levels in hair, toenail, and tooth samples of residents of Al Basrah were also provided. The enamel portion of the deciduous tooth from a child with birth defects from Al Basrah (4.19 μg/g) had nearly three times higher lead than the whole teeth of children living in unimpacted areas. Lead was 1.4 times higher in the tooth enamel of parents of children with birth defects (2,497 ± 1,400 μg/g, mean ± SD) compared to parents of normal children (1,826 ± 1,819 μg/g).

    source: Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Al Basrah Maternity Hospital, Al Basrah Medical School, P.O. Box 1633, Basrah, Iraq.

  78. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    23 Dec, 2012 - 6:25 pm

    Yes, Mark. But I’m sure the rational scientists will deduct that the genuine culprit will be connected to hunger since all there was to eat was paint chips, and the horrific defects in Fallujah have no scientific link to white phosphorus, at least none they are willing to look for.

  79. Russia advancing & Nato retreating in Syria?

    The following might be of interest to some followers of this blog. Wider world and all that…

    GEAB N°70 2013, the first steps in a chaotic “world after”

    The European cheerleader says:
    « Euroland, born in the crisis and strengthening with each wave like a tidal power plant, Asia, and South America are better equipped to become the big winners in the “reshuffled” world, while the old powers, like the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Japan, etc., are failing to adapt to the multi-polar, post-crisis world and find themselves utterly destitute. There is an extraordinary open world game afoot, one providing numerous opportunities to those willing to seize them. This is evident in the Middle East, where populations are taking the opportunity to change the region in accordance with their aspirations; in the BRICS, where their advancing pawns approach declining powers; and in Europe, where each attack by the crisis creates the energy to adapt to the challenges of tomorrow…..

    The media war against the Euro was useful inasmuch as it forced the Eurozone to implement the reforms necessary to overcome the crisis»

  80. “Apparently man has lived for over five or six million years and during all this evolutionary period man has not been able, both outwardly and inwardly, to solve the great problem of conflict, conflict not only within himself but conflict and wars, slaughter outside. And that is the pattern through all these millennia, that the brain has followed this course, this mould, this pattern. And we are still continuing constantly in the same stream of misery, confusion and great sorrow, both inwardly and outwardly. And if we are at all serious and are concerned with what is happening in the world, and also within ourselves, one must wonder, or discuss, or find out why the brain, the mind – because we are using ‘the mind’ as sensation, all the emotions, the reactions, and the responses of thought. All that is the brain, the mind and the heart, the whole psychological structure of human beings, both biologically as well as psychologically – why we human beings, who are supposed to be educated, evolved, sophisticated, cultured, why we live in this world killing each other, being divided by religions, by nationalities, by all the destructive division that thought has created between human beings. And is it possible to bring about a change in the very structure of the brain. That is what we have been talking about for the last three talks.

    And also we said that this is not a talk by the man who is sitting on a platform talking about ideas. Any number of ideas have existed in the world, any number of ideologies, both the totalitarian, Marxist, Lenin, Mao, and the other type, ideologies of the Left, the Centre and the Right – the extremes of all these. And these ideologies have been very, very destructive, whether the religious ideologies or the political, economic ideologies. And the brain, the mind, the whole psychological structure of man has lived in this pattern, has lived in this mould. ” ——- J Krishnamurti

  81. Merry Christmas to everybody.
    It’s celebrated here on the 24th. And I’m off to celebrate it in London on the 25th too.
    I will be eating and drinking to excess… but that’s not difficult at my age.Hope you all are too.
    They’ve got different names for him (Kristkind,Tomte,Santa,St Nicholas etc) and he gets in, in different ways, but the result is always the same.It’s a time of giving and of not thinking of yourself.
    Thanks Craig for keeping this place going. A beacon of light in a very dark world. We need more like you, younger and fitter.

  82. Decrypted Dispatches:

    The Feds money launderers or the think-tank interface bankster elite, have spent tens of $trillions over several decades on conflict, wars and holocaust. The big spends on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Al-Qaeda and terrorism together with the human infra-structure for asymmetric warfare, loosely bribes, training, intelligence, false-flags, propaganda, media mind control 😉 and distractions for top-secret operations are enormous figures.

    The Fed cannot print more money as a shakened dollar would be weakened to collapse which drives these banksters to direct their political puppets to enact bills (welfare reform etc.) to sink money away in virtual bonds from cuts in public services, public employees, plus other austerity measures that affect public health and social programmes while the big increase in in short-term pay-day type loans provides debt revenue.

    The zombie smoke & mirror media pushes into the undercurrent with the sweeping statement that wars just feed the hungry military industrial complex, which wars do, although this being insignificant to other aims fixed in the cognitive map, such as resource grab, geo-political suppression and distraction intended to undermine our veto yielding enemies, China and Russia and energy supplier Iran.

    As a conspiracy ‘realist’ I call this scenario, this war theatre as ‘the plot’ or the Garden of Eden for the Western elite and their actors.

    You might argue that this ‘scenario’ is a good thing that profits humanity by, in simple terms, because a world government means no more wars and a world currency means no more poverty.

    I posit that this idealistic or perfect course is a false assumption and a blind acceptance as, for instance, the short term equilibrium would change as countries and culture are compelled to take debt (we still have a Fiat money system) and compelled to accept a large NATO (world military) presence.

    Revolution, lawlessness, rebellion and mob rule would be countered by thousands of drones(next generation) spraying lethal chemicals.

    My main point invoked from this stark yet reasonably envisaged cataclysm is that our lives would be controlled, draconian style by the greed and corruption inherent in any money system – by the same corporate bankster community that supports the carnage (serves their aim of population reduction) we have witnessed in the past century.

    The Yin and Yang are finely balanced – it would take a financial crash to prevent the inevitable Western manoeuvring of a mix of military might, deception, fraud etc etc and one can be lost considering what might prevent this tumble into darkness as the aims are realised.

    Yet simply just accepting this thesis, while the Western build-up begins (British troops to Middle-East) begins with the firm intention to transform this vision I present here into one where love dominates – will do.

    Happy Christmas Craig & friends – God Bless.

  83. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    24 Dec, 2012 - 3:15 am

    What Mark said, but to add; The IMF and Fed have printed, then disgorged many more Trillions than they wish to reveal. The “Mark’ must never catch on to the Con, until the Confidence Game has been completed. The hair-breadth of utility in the World Economy is the baseline of the dollar, specifically, the Petro Dollar. Not everything has been raided yet, like the Twinkie Co’s pension fund. Rest assured when the last of the wheat has been harvested, and all that remains is the Chaff, the Con will be complete. They need to keep markets limping along for a while, but for that limping, there must be Public confidence in the currency.

    Merry Saturnalia, and a Happy New Year to ya’ll

  84. John Lennon wrote this 31 years ago. What would he be writing now?


    Greetings to Craig and to everyone here.

  85. Thanks Mary. The images in the John Lennon video brought tears to my eyes. Am I getting old?

    Happy festive season whatever your religion or non-religion. I am sure a peaceful new year would be the greatest gift for most people who comment here.

  86. English Knight

    24 Dec, 2012 - 6:46 pm

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year yoll ! And a big thank you to all concerned for all the time spent on sifting the net for that increasingly rare commodity – truth.

  87. Apologies to all I might have offended, it wasn’t meant badly. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas full of love and joy, and a very happy New Year in which your wishes, great and small, may be satisfied.

  88. Two American fire fighters shot dead and two wounded while tackling a blaze in New York.

    I expect the NRA will propose having armed guards at all fires now.

  89. Merry Christmas and a happy and noncorporate New Year to all.
    (He is not dead but sleepeth*)

    *Possibly to be found here
    WARNING 1: For John Cage fans only
    WARNING 2: The most irritating website on earth.

    See you next year.

  90. The answer, Mary, is that they all read PPE at Oxford. Which makes me wonder if having a PPE degree from Oxford shouldn’t disqualify people from national public office. (Habbabkuk)

    Will Self – yeah, he’s intolerable, but read on – did a good piece on R4 last week on this very topic. He knows whereof he speaks; he has a PPE from Oxford. And he rightly highlighted the way in which the economics element is very narrowly focussed and ignores anything faintly leftwing completely. Chomsky? We do not speak his name…

    Osborne avoided this. He did a respectable Modern History degree (at Oxford); thereafter gaining the experience of finance essential to his job thus – if Wikipedia is to be believed:
    After graduating in 1992, Osborne did a few part-time jobs including as a data entry clerk, typing the details of recently deceased into a NHS computer database.[13] He also briefly worked for a week at Selfridges, mainly re-folding towels.[13]

    In 1993, Osborne originally intended to pursue a career in journalism. He was shortlisted for but failed to gain a place on The Times trainee scheme, and instead did freelance work on the Peterborough diary column of The Daily Telegraph. Some time later, an Oxford friend of his, journalist George Bridges, alerted Osborne to a research vacancy at Conservative Central Office.[13]

    So a PPE isn’t essential really. Folding towels gives you as good a grounding in economics, doesn’t it?

  91. Komodo : to be fair, very few Chancellors during the time of the large (ie post-C19) UK state have been economically and/or financially literate.

  92. John Robertson

    25 Dec, 2012 - 12:08 am

    Happy Christmas to all, from an old fart from down under who lurks here learning a lot.
    Cheers from a coool (22deg)Melbourne.

  93. Ho! Ho! Ho!
    I set up a party laser pointing at my 78 year old neighbour’s house so that when she came home from a sing song at the midnight carol service, her house was covered in red and green moving stars. She was delighted.
    Hope you all have a cool Yule too.

  94. King of nothng

    25 Dec, 2012 - 1:56 am

    Merry Christmas from another lurker :)

  95. Jonangus Mackay

    25 Dec, 2012 - 5:45 am

    A Christmas Sports Report
    War v Football (vid):

  96. Two American fire fighters shot dead and two wounded while tackling a blaze in New York.
    I expect the NRA will propose having armed guards at all fires now.

    Already in the papers. The next will be a cure for obesity where everyone eats more cream cakes, or bringing peace to the Middle East with more wars …. oops, at least one of those is true.

    What has happened to education in the USA?

  97. “What has happened to education in the USA?”

    I don’t expect you need too many qualifications to ride shotgun on an ice cream van.

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