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  • Mary

    Nine weeks, £2m (apparently) and several 5 litre cans of Dulux Best Whitewash later, the Pollard report on the BBC Savile coverup completely exonerates ex DG Thompson, criticises some minor members of the BBC establishment, yet the senior news management people like Boaden appear to be staying put. Shocking that nobody has been sacked. Most move sideways if at all. Mitchell has resigned.

    I think we can agree with Pollard that the BBC is ‘seriously flawed’.


    Patten was tetchy again. He is appallingly arrogant and should get the push. How can a trust like the BBC’s both regulate and manage. Shut it down immediately.

  • Habbabkuk

    I wonder whether any of the regular commenters on this blog – ever ready and rapid to home in on mal- or misfeasance on the part of the UK and US governments and on the part of various individuals – will be raising their voices to expresss their disgust and revulsion at the barbarous killing by the Taliban, in Pakistan, of volonteer health workers working on a polio eradication programme?

    Should I hold my breath?

  • Anon


    I’ll let the Daily Mail explain it to you


    Taliban shoot dead THREE MORE polio aid workers in ‘revenge campaign’ for fake vaccination ruse that helped capture Osama bin Laden

    Horror killings follow earlier murders of five women across country
    Aid workers were giving polio jabs as part of 3-day vaccination drive
    Taliban claim the campaign to immunise children is a cover for U.S. spies

  • Mary

    I would have said what you said Anon and Fred.

    Habbakkuk Could we have the answer as to what those people you listed have in common?


    For info. The Medialens editors have picked up that Aitkenhead interview with Julian Assange that Craig also commented on.

    Latest Alert: The Illusion Of Democracy – Liberal Journalism, Wikileaks And Climate Deceptions


  • Habbabkuk

    The answer, Mary, is that they all read PPE at Oxford. Which makes me wonder if having a PPE degree from Oxford shouldn’t disqualify people from national public office.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    “You can’t rightly blame them for not trusting our vaccination programs.”

    Fred; There’s vaccination programs, then there’s vaccination ‘pogroms’, ya know/

    Adam Lanza was reportedly mildly autistic/aspergers…….

    The meteoric rise in cases indicates something other than evolution is going on.

    Thimerosal is still being used in adult vaccinations, and it is, ostensibly an inert form of mercury.

    Mercury/heavy metal poisoning mimics that of autism/aspbergers, but that’s just a coincidence.

    No chance it could be exacerbating the toxic chemicals in our food chain, water supplies and breathable air….is there?

  • DUNO

    It’s a fine photo IMO.

    This may be a bit off topic but I have some info i’d like to share, maybe find out if anyone knows anything about it.

    I was getting into some of Harry Fear’s work recently and amongst other things it led me to some good anti-Islamophobia stuff (well needed as our establishment seems riddled with it) Anyway it got me thinking about something I learned about…I know someone who knows someone etc etc, who is claiming job-seekers allowance because he SAYS he just can’t stand the sight of dark skinned people and he starts getting crazy or whatever (I don’t know details but this is the basic picture) . I just wonder if this is a common policy, letting people use racism as an excuse not to enter the workplace, and getting paid for it with benefits.

  • Kempe

    “Thimerosal is still being used in adult vaccinations…

    Mercury/heavy metal poisoning mimics that of autism/aspbergers…”

    No it isn’t (apart from trace amounts in the flu vaccine) and no it doesn’t. The supposed culprit for autism, the MMR vaccine, never contained any thimerosal because thimerosal is a preservative and MMR is a LIVE vaccine; it doesn’t need a preservative. Thimerosal was phased out in the 1990’s anyway.

    Nobody ever died of autism unlike people who get heavy metal poisoning.

    I thought we’d exposed this nonsense years ago.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    “No it isn’t (apart from trace amounts in the flu vaccine”

    I think the flu vaccine is an ‘adult’ vaccine, which I specifically differentiated. Yes, thimerosal was removed from childhood vaccines…..and why was that?

    Why is Thimerosal used now? Why was it ever used? As a preservative, which is the correct portion of your comment. Why is it necessary as a preservative? Why, because it creates more profit for the manufacturers. Single-dose ampules don’t need a preservative, as do multiple-dose ampules.

    Cost-per-unit…..you know…packaging. That’s why a smaller box of biscuits costs more than a large one per oz of product……packaging costs.

    Why do heavy-metal poisoning symptoms mimic autism/aspergers? Now, THAT”S a harder question to answer, but for those who tend to distrust our governmental/bureaucratic betters, it is a base-line of suspicion. All others, go back to sleep.

  • Kempe

    Thimerosal was removed to allay public concern, there was, and still is, no scientific proof it was ever dangerous. There’s more mercury in a tin of tuna than there ever was in a vaccine but I’ve never seen it suggested that eating tuna causes autism. Preservatives are needed in killed vacines to give them a longer shelf life, to prevent them becoming stale and useless before they can be used.

    Heavy metal poisoning does not mimic autism. Find me someone who ever died from autism.

    I thought we’d exposed this nonsense years ago. Of all conspiracy theories it’s one of the most dangerous; it not only discouraged the gullible from getting potentially life saving vaccines it’s resulted in unscrupulous con-men offering chelation therapy as a cure for autism.

    I’m pleased to see though that uptake for MMR is increasing year on year which suggests the “antis” are becoming an ever smaller minority.

  • unFitWatcher

    Plebgate? The police are so habituated to lying—& getting away with it—they framed a Cabinet minister. Here’s the evidence. (Be sure to watch the video):
    An added irony. Michael Crick, the man who brought down Archer, was for years Newsnight’s most experienced investigator. This would have been a Newsnight not a C4 News scoop—had not the now disgraced Newsnight boss Rippon ‘let Crick go’ not long after he suppressed the truth about Savile.
    At a cost of £2 million, a report published today into Rippon’s Savile suppression reveals he told Paxo: ’44 year old contestable claims about a dead guy are not a NN story and not worth the fuss.’
    Fear not. The bungler’s legacy lives on. Rippon replaced Crick with ConDem publicist & traducer of the poor Allegra Stratton. Under Rippon’s supervision, Stratton won her spurs as Political Editor by painting a 23-year-old single mother from Hackney as a housing benefit scrounger since the age of 16. Turned out Shanene Thorpe had in reality been either studying or in work the whole time. She’s employed by Tower Hamlets Council & is forced to claim benefit only because the council doesn’t pay her enough to cover her rent. That was the real story. That was last April.
    Rippon was forced months later to broadcast an on-air apology only because of an online petition signed by 28,000. Stratton herself has never explained her actions, nor has she apologised to this day. She’s still Newsnight’s political editor. Still faithfully recycling handouts from Call Me Dave & Boris. That’s the fearless reporter who replaced Michael Crick!

  • Habbabkuk

    Well, I’m glad I didn’t hold my breath…

    So, Fred, Anon and Mary, it’s OK that the barbarous Taliban should murder innocent polio vaccination volonteers because the Americans may – repeat may – have used some medical program as a way of finding Osama bin Laden?

    If that’s what you’re implying – and it’s difficult to read your comments any other way – then you are truly without shame.

  • Jay

    The world is a shit place right now, in hindsight we would do things alot differently right.

    The potential for, is all we need in our reflections of how things are.
    If you can not understand any assumptioms of a world without needless consumerism, greed and the fabric of war.

    Bother off.

  • Anon


    No of course it is not “OK”. It is called “blow-back” and if you’ve never heard of that then I’m a banana. The Taliban also fear there may be additional “special projects” running under cover of the vaccination programme.

  • Mary

    You are correct UnFitWatcher. I signed that petition for Shanene and was pleased that she received an apology. If she was a peeress of the realm she would have also received damages similar to Lord McAlpine’s reported £185,000. Wait for the licence fee to rise following these payouts, redundancy payments and costs of the various reports (Pollard’s said to be £2m). Several other investigations are still taking place.

    All the decent investigative TV programmes have gone. Panorama and Newsnight have hit the bottom and are shadows of their former selves. On ITV there used to be World in Action. We still have Dispatches on Channel 4.

  • Anon

    What on earth (or not) is “Cameron Cutie” Penny Mordaunt MP doing sitting in the launch viewing gallery in French Guiana. She was only elected as an MP in 2010 and now she is supervising top secret military satellite launches? Nice work.

    Anyone else recognise any one else in the gallery? Camera just happened to zoom in on her.

  • Fred


    It’s their country and it’s under attack, I wouldn’t presume to be telling anybody what they can or can’t do to defend it. That would be interfering in their internal affairs. America has certainly given them good cause to not trust vaccination programs.

    What the American and British governments are doing to other people’s countries, that is a different matter.

  • Anon


    Was it ok that the UK sent Dutch resistance volunteers into Holland by parachute even though it was known that they would be captured and quite likely killed as their mission was compromised (by a double agent who had to be protected for “greater” reasons) before it even began. Signals Intelligence knew something was up – especially when morse traffic from agents contained the “compromised” codes and in one case was even signed off “HH” “Heil Hitler”. Despite all this the order was given to send more brave Dutch volunteers to their deaths,

    These ritual sacrifices were only brought to an end by a “mutiny” in bomber command which was losing an “impossibly” large number of aircraft on the drop missions.

    I’m curious as to whether you think that was justified or not.

  • Anon


    The UK picked “Skynet” for its military sats back in the 60s. It was the movie that stole the name. Or maybe the writers know something we don’t 🙂

  • John Goss

    For a moment I thought that was Craig in the first photo wearing a dog-collar. My God, I thought, he’s joined the priesthood! Then I scrolled down.

    See some of you tonight outside the Ecuadorian Embassy.

  • Mary

    Anon yesterday 10.04pm Mordaunt ‘trains with the Royal Navy Reserve’. She is in place for a reason.


    I have noticed her before. Girl’s Own type. Just the sort Agent Cameron needs around him.

    An associate of Hanover Communications. A very successful lobbyist for NHS privatisation. viz http://www.hanovercomms.com/news-events/blog/

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