The Persecution of Bradley Manning

by craig on February 27, 2013 1:02 pm in Uncategorized

The thrilling development in the trial of Bradley Manning is that Manning has acknowledged he is the source of the leaked materials, but employed a whistleblower defence. His case is that he was exposing illegal acts and trying to arouse legitimate public debate. However in the kangaroo court trial the prosecution has objected to Manning’s proposed evidence, and claims that Manning’s detailed references to specific war crimes are irrelevant and should not be allowed to be made in court. In other words, the state is seeking to prevent Bradley Manning from presenting his defence, and doubtless the military “judge” will comply with the state.

In order to overshadow Manning’s defence, the government and corporate media brought out, the moment the news of Manning’s defence was announced, the “news” that the government will put in the stand an all-American hero, a US Navy Seal, one of the Zero-Torture-Thirty killers of Osama Bin Laden, who will give evidence that Bin Laden had a stash of the Wikileaks released cables in his home.

That the timing of this piece of propaganda theatre was deliberate to wipe out public perception of Manning’s defence – and his not being allowed to make it – there is absolutely no doubt. But what in any case is the real value of this evidence?

Well, it certainly adds to the mountain of evidence that the US government will go after Assange the moment he leaves the UK. But against Bradley Manning it adds nil. Who would have thought that Bin Laden would not read the Wikileaks cables? Nobody would have thought that. Hundreds of millions of people read them. Many Arab Spring protestors in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen were motivated in part by information in the cables. Is the US government going to bring evidence on that too?

The problem is, of course, that Bin Laden was never convicted of anything. If the Americans had not murdered him, evidence from him about his view of the cables and what he intended to do with them might have been interesting. It may even have helped the prosecution. But they killed him rather than prosecute or question him, so they do not have that.

Perhaps enough time has passed for people to be a bit more dispassionate about the strange killing of Bin Laden. There was absolutely no need to kill him. He had no weapon. His small compound was completely secured by US Marines. At the time they shot Bin laden, there was nobody on the compound who could fire back. Bin Laden was an elderly man in poor health. Trained navy seals could have hauled him alive into the helicopter without adding more than 10 seconds to their mission time – and it seems they had plenty of time, time to go searching for Wikileaks documents anyway. It is perfectly plain that the truth is that Obama had instilled an understanding Bin Laden was to be killed, not captured.

But that makes no sense. If the Americans really believe the entire al-Qaida narrative which has been banged out incessantly by the media this last decade, then Bin Laden alive would have been the most valuable intelligent asset in US history. To kill him needlessly with no attempt at interrogation would be absolutely extraordinary. There was no operational need to do it in the compound that night. Keeping him alive would in no way have further endangered the troops on the operation. They did not want him to talk.

Now for a state to use the alleged intentions of somebody as evidence, when the state killed that person to avoid him giving evidence, is rather remarkable. Only in the Bradley Manning kangaroo court does it make sense.

The US government’s problem is that it has spoonfed to mainstream media journalists for years the lie that the Wikileaks cables release endangered lives. There is then this appalling lie that Assange stated that the informers deserve to be shot – a statement which the host of the small dinner has sworn was never made, and Assange swears he never said. But despite all this propagnda, and despite the fact that they are extremely keen to do so, and every mainstream media organisation in the whole world has worked on it, nobody has produced one credible instance of an individual who was harmed as a result of being named in a Wikileaks cable – unless you include the dictators whose people turned against them.

Part of the reason for this is rather prosaic. The State Department cables were not intelligence material. The media likes to call them intelligence because it sounds exciting and sells papers, but it is not intelligence material. It is just diplomatic reporting. And it is not highly classified. None of it is Top Secret – it is just Restricted or Confidential.

If the release of any material would endanger the life of the source, that material would automatically get classified Top Secret. That is why nobody has been endangered. The system works, The Americans should celebrate that, rather than try Hollywood-linked stunts to demonise Manning.

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  1. Sign Daniel Ellsberg’s petition to free Bradley Manning!

    Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers whistle-blower
    Sign the petition to free Bradley Manning, the brave young whistle-blower who exposed war crimes and who has been unlawfully punished before trial.

    This petition to President Obama at the White House, as well as convening military authority US Army Major General Michael Linnington, was created by Pentagon Papers whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and the Bradley Manning Support Network.

    We ask that you join us by adding your name in support of transparency, democracy and justice.

    Petition to free human rights whistle-blower Bradley Manning!

    Bradley Manning has worldwide support because the information he released to the public uncovered human rights abuses and corruption, and contributed to peace and democracy. Nobel Laureates like President Obama shouldn’t send Nobel Peace Prize Nominees like Bradley Manning to prison for life! After more than 950 days of pre-trial imprisonment by the US military, and multiple instances of outrageous government conduct, it is time to drop the charges and free Bradley Manning!

    Sign Now

    persecution – the act of persecuting
    abuse, ill-treatment, ill-usage, maltreatment – cruel or inhumane treatment; subjugation – the act of subjugating by cruelty;

  2. Never believe anything until it is officially denied – Bismarck. Let’s be candid. Bin Laden wasn’t at Bin Laden’s funeral.

  3. Yes. Given that the US has yet to provide a single scrap of evidence in support of its account of bin Laden’s death and burial it is probably premature to suppose that that account is accurate in any respect.

  4. Why did the Americans murder Bin Laden? Perhaps because “kill it/him/them” is their answer to every problem. They don’t baulk at killing American citizens without a trial now, in absolute defiance of the Sixth Amendment, so certainly would not have a problem with killing their biggest, baddest terrorist ever. The Sixth Amendment, which provides the right to a fair and speedy trial, should also apply to Manning.

    After all, there were spontaneous celebrations in the street following the murder. Given he might have some very awkward testimony, it makes far more sense to do him in, and provide a traditional Muslim burial at sea to prevent any shrine developing.

    Incidentally, note how US targets of assassination oversees are referred to as “American born”, not “American citizens”. Killing their citizens anywhere without trial is strictly illegal, and saying “US born” rather than “US citizen” sounds more palatable, as if there were distinction between the two. There is not – anyone born there IS a citizen (unlike, for example, the UK, where citizenship is not an automatic birthright).

  5. Doubtless you were expecting such a question Craig, so here goes, but what makes you so confident that he was killed in this operation?

  6. “Wikipedia documents” and “Wikipedia cables”? 😉

  7. Your article above has gremlins: Wikileaks / Wikipedia.

    Eye think you’re spell-chequer is two enthusiastic and makes miss-steaks.

  8. From a report of Bradley Manning’s latest pre-trial hearing (in which the judge decided his trial had actually begun 910 days ago…):

    Morrow [US govt prosecutor] went over some of the portions in the statement that the government specifically objects to being read in court. One of them talks about “staying in contact” with Nathaniel and how Manning thought he was “developing a friendship.” They would talk about not only the publications WikiLeaks was working. He later realized he valued the friendship himself more than Nathaniel. (“Nathaniel Frank,” the name on the account the government has claimed was being used by WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange, though no actual proof of him sending messages to Manning has been presented.)

    The judge asked how this would be prejudicial if he talked about it. Morrow said he couldn’t articulate why.

    First, the US government’s panicked objection to this section being read out by Bradley in the court room, then their refusal to explain why they objected indicates that it severely damages their Grand Jury case against Assange because the username ‘Nathaniel’ indicates that this ‘friendship’ Bradley Manning believed he had with his interlocutor (whoever that was) was entirely a subjective assessment from Bradley’s end of things.

    Nathaniel Frank, in real life, is a US Army veteran campaigner for Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – it’s therefore not a username that Assange would choose, I think, but rather the kind of username Bradley would assign at his end of the chat window. Names can be overwritten in chat windows (which also – for the conspiracy theory-inclined – means someone other than Bradley could have put that name there, too).

    And the ‘disinterest’ shown by whoever this person Bradley was talking to he called ‘Nathaniel’ indicates much more the way a journalist might engage with an anonymous source. If that becomes apparent from the statement Bradley reads in court on Thursday, or from the as yet undisclosed (and therefore forensically untested) chat logs themselves, the US government’s case of “conspiracy” to commit espionage or of Assange ‘soliciting or encouraging’ Bradley to commit crimes falls apart. They clearly HATE the idea that it might come out that Assange simply treated Manning as a source (and why wouldn’t he if he didn’t know the person he was communicating with from Adam? – Wikileaks deals with anonymous sources).

    Bonus link: The signed statement by the host of the dinner at El Moro confirming that Assange never said “they’re informants – they deserve to die” (in fact a libel started by David Leigh of the Guardian newspaper):

  9. I agree Craig that the treatment of Bradley Manning has been abhorrent and is a stain on the US that weakens their attempts to claim the moral high ground.

    And while I also agree that JA’s fears of extradition are not without foundation, I am confused when you say this proves the US will ‘go after’ JA as soon as he leaves the UK. Why wouldn’t they ‘go after’ him here, with our servile and one-sided extradition treaty?

    As for UBL, I’m glad to see you eschewing the conspiracy theorist element of readership again! I believe the SEALS were instructed to shoot to kill. I think it’s a bit of stretch to think he was killed purely to stop him testifying in the Manning case, although it way have been one of a number of factors involved, including the obvious one of what the hell would they have done with him?

  10. I can’t imagine that any proper cross examination of this seal would be allowed.

    In a normal case you’d want to verify how the seal came upon the documents. You’d want evidence that placed him at the scene. You’d want to forensically examine the disk and establish a chain of evidence, indeed the prosecution would normally provide all this themselves, leaving the defence to challenge it.

    I don’t see any of this happening. I imagine it’ll be the usual anonymous, behind a screen bollocks. Could be anyone, making it all up. How would you know, other than by testing their evidence. I mean, is anyone serioulsy suggesting that the gangsters running the US are beyond lying.

  11. “Will no one rid me of this wretched terrorist?”

  12. @Herbie

    Spot on. Is this SEAL’s evidence to be treated as if he were a sworn officer of the law? Will his evidence demonstrate that the wikileaks material actually aided the enemy or will it simply show that it in their possession, along with a pile of New York Times?

  13. The Bradley Manning persecution is just another heads-up to the ‘Hollywood’ type deception by the elite that permeates humankind.

    The real evidence of this deception is not ‘highly classified’ or in Wikileaks cables, it is in plain sight at a fundamental level and will affect us all (99%). My anticipated collapse of society is becoming real.

    Unrest, agitation and experience are signs come April this year a planned general strike will mean for instance dead bodies will remain unburied as gravediggers join the picket line and those stinking piles of rotting rubbish left towering at the end of British streets…

    Those lucky enough to have jobs will be required to swallow huge wage-cuts in another ‘three-day-week’ and shoppers will once again scour supermarket shelves by torchlight during blackouts.

    That’s not to mention the violent civil unrest, where thousands of the disabled, the unemployed and strikers clash with the police and riot control by the territorial army.

    For millions of British people trying to keep their hard-earned money secure, it it will be the inevitable nightmare.

    The housing lead recession was an important clue to the 2008 collapse yet the fine level of micro-accounting was grossly ignored by most, preferring to rely on IMF & World Bank economic models that moved credit risks off the balance sheets by financial skull-duggery such as derivative transactions or tradeable securities, another classic monetary concealment disclosed by financial whistle-blowers in the ‘dead space’ before the budget.

    The lull before the storm is key to becoming self-sufficient and protecting our families as best we can. We are entering a new dawn of private medicine, private pensions, more schools changed to business run academies, food, clothes banks and neighbourhood charity.

    The banksters (1%) have demanded black-mailed an interest rate rise else goodbye to retail banks, simple. That rise will mean of course the government debt would triple and become not just ‘in over our heads’ but six feet under.

    It is the reason for this new dawn of severe, inhumane and crushing austerity by a coalition intent on leaving the sick and elderly in the throes of death, family suicides and homeless abandoned children hanging out in dirt ridden play parks, empty shops and deserted high streets – on the excuse of frugality financing security, terror and preemptive war.

  14. Scouse Billy

    27 Feb, 2013 - 4:44 pm

    The best evidence suggests Bin Laden died in December 2001.

    That might explain why he had to be “killed” and the “body” disappeared at sea.


    The link between Julian and Joanie being the “victim” of the terrible assault…

  16. CE

    The americans were asked not to request Assange’s extradition here because, while the Lib De,s are happy to answer the ludicrous fminist dogwhisle and send him to Sweden on evidently spurious “rape” allegations, the Lib Dems would absolutely have opposed sending him to the USA for espionage – it would be a big strain the coalition really doesn’t want. It also might be the last nail in the coffin for that notorious extradition agreement.

    The reputation destroying Swedish “rape” allegations galvanise public support against him. A straight extradition to the US on espionage charges would have glavanised massive public support for him.

    If you think about that it is suddenly very obvious.

  17. Fox News 26/12/01
    Usama bin Laden has died a peaceful death due to an untreated lung complication, the Pakistan Observer reported, citing a Taliban leader who allegedly attended the funeral of the Al Qaeda leader.

    “The Coalition troops are engaged in a mad search operation but they would never be able to fulfill their cherished goal of getting Usama alive or dead,” the source said.

    Bin Laden, according to the source, was suffering from a serious lung complication and succumbed to the disease in mid-December, in the vicinity of the Tora Bora mountains. The source claimed that bin Laden was laid to rest honorably in his last abode and his grave was made as per his Wahabi belief.

    About 30 close associates of bin Laden in Al Qaeda, including his most trusted and personal bodyguards, his family members and some “Taliban friends,” attended the funeral rites. A volley of bullets was also fired to pay final tribute to the “great leader.”

    Daily Mail 11/9/09
    Has Osama Bin Laden been dead for seven years – and are the U.S. and Britain covering it up to continue war on terror?–U-S-Britain-covering-continue-war-terror.html

  18. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    27 Feb, 2013 - 5:32 pm

    Plus I think the the rule of priority in criminal procedure would apply anyway – the Swedes “wanted” him first, so to speak, so even if the US were suddenly to ask the UK to extradite him the UK couldn’t because there is a Swedish request to question him already on the table. Any lawyers around?

  19. This is a purely political trial so I wouldn’t expect it to amount to much more than political theatre.

    This simple fact tells you all you need to know:

    “the Obama administration has since used the Espionage Act to prosecute more whistleblower leaks to the media than in all previous administrations combined.”

    That’s quite a record, and the reason for it points directly to the corruption and criminality of the state itself.

    This article provides a good backgrounder on the issues:

  20. Herbie

    Allow me to congratulate you on a number of really good comments on this blog lately; succinct, informed and relating directly to the topic being discussed.

  21. Osama Bin Laden born 10/03 /57 died 02/05/11…..”elderly ” ? getting on a bit maybe, elderly I think not, up to present I’ve ” lurked ” here and been informed and entertained…..please don’t spoil it with sloppiness or even worse, ageism !

  22. That’s very kind, Craig. This is a very productive and collaborative environment with many great posters and yourself bouncing off of eachother, and long may it continue.

  23. O/T! Not content with rehabilitating Bliar, the BBC are trying the same with P Harry. They have unbelievably sent a reporter Peter Biles and film crew out to Lesotho to film him playing, cooking and dancing with the Sentabale children.

    Obomber spent the afternoon eulogizing on Rosa Parks, the black woman who stood up against racism in the South.

    No irony.

    ‘The nation’s first African-American president told SiriusXM radio talk show host Joe Madison last week it will be “a great honor” to pay tribute to Parks, whose defiance of Alabama’s segregation laws inspires global freedom movements to this day.

    “She was an inspiration not just to African Americans but to all people looking for justice,” Obama said.’

    Does he have any innermost thoughts on the crimes he is committing and on how he is denying justice?

  24. Michael Stephenson

    27 Feb, 2013 - 6:39 pm

    CE he wasn’t just killed to stop him testifying at the manning trial. Much more importantly he was killed to prevent him testifying at his own trial. The US have no evidence tying him to 9/11 and that is seriously embarrassing. A trial would be a disaster.

  25. Thanks Craig,

    I was more focused on the legal aspects regarding extradition and hadn’t really considered the court of public opinion. I can see the logic in your reasoning, but if the US does try to extradite JA it will have nothing to with the rape allegations surely? Their best hope will remain as you say, a concocted espionage charge. If you are arguing the rape allegations will make further extradition to the US more likely, I am still not so sure?

    However, Without wishing to rehash old ground again and again, I don’t believe you are helping yourself or JA by describing the rape allegations as evidently spurious. I realise you yourself were subjected to spurious claims of a similar nature, but that does not mean every claim against a whistleblower is spurious. As you honestly admit, whistleblowers are human and can make mistakes too.

    I’ve lost count now, but I think we are up to five separate Courts of Law in two different countries that have upheld the validity of the EAW, and I fail to see how anyone can read SW’s statement and say the allegation is evidently spurious.

    Wikileaks vital and excellent work(and the determination of many nations to silence them), should not excuse JA from the serious allegations he faces in Sweden. That has always been, and remains my belief.

  26. CE

    Before the rape allegations JA was the darling of the media and society. It would have been very hard indeed to extradite him for espionage when the vast majority of both public and chattering classes – and all the Lib Dems – supported what he did. it is only the rape allegations which have turned the tide against Wikileaks.

  27. CE, 6.47pm

    “I fail to see how anyone can read SW’s statement and say the allegation is evidently spurious”

    Where in that statement does SW object to sex without a condom? Please point us to the sentences of SW’s statement to which you refer. Note: the normal procedure is to object at the time of the sex and to one’s sexual partner – objecting three days later doesn’t count.

    (Let’s assume for the moment, purely for the sake of argument, that unprotected consensual sex when a woman is still a little sleepy-eyed in the morning is the equivalent of rape.)

  28. Jonangus Mackay

    27 Feb, 2013 - 7:13 pm

    The Iraq Invasion 10 Years On:
    Amazing revelation. Carne Ross, UK rep at UN security council (& colleague of Craig Murray during first Iraq War) tells me: ‘It made me an anarchist.’

  29. Jonangus Mackay

    27 Feb, 2013 - 7:15 pm

    The Iraq Invasion 10 Years On:

    a colleague of David Kelly reveals govUK worried he too might ‘commit suicide’:

  30. Michael,

    I concur, a trial of UBL had the potential to be a disaster for the US. This was probably the main reason for his assassination.

  31. @Arbed

    Good work as usual, Arbed. Can you please tell us if Bradley Manning’s time in custody since arrest would count towards any subsequent sentence if he is convicted? If you are unsure, I’ll look into it myself as I don’t want to burden you with the task of finding out. My thinking is, if it does count, then he would probably want to protract the proceedings to allow a more thorough exploration of defence opportunities.

    On another note, this news of BM’s admission to being the source of the leaks allows Assange to directly defend BM’s involvement in exposing war crimes and the need for public support in his defence. He has gone from being an accused leaker to a heroic whistleblower of grave misdeeds. I think the distinction in the ensuing public commentary might be of benefit.

  32. Good news for these people. Mrs May will not be pleased.

    Sri Lanka: high court blocks Tamil deportations
    The high court in London blocks the deportation of a group of failed Tamil asylum seekers who were due to be sent back to Sri Lanka on Thursday despite torture concerns.


    1 hr ago.

  33. Thanks for your time and replies Craig,

    Despite our different views on some issues, it is much appreciated as always.

  34. Hi Craig

    I was wondering why you appear to be uncritically accepting of the ‘official’ OBL death story. It can’t be because you trust the US government to tell the truth because you don’t. Given that the official account was changed many times I really don’t don’t see how anybody could unreservedly accept it. Remember that famous pic of Hillary Clinton et. al. with her hand over her mouth wearing that shocked expression as she watches the operation? do you also remember that it was later claimed that the video feed was down during the whole business? Real operations do not need staged photo’s. Benezir Bhutto, who later died in controversial circumstances, was adamant that OBL had been dead for years. I would also add that the alleged DNA comparison (using OBL’s half sister) could not possibly produce a conclusive identification of an individual, at best an appropriate degree of relatedness might be established. Perhaps there is a reason for your marked lack of scepticism regarding the OBL story, care to comment?

  35. Marku, you pre-empted my post by a whisker, same topic:

    Does anyone remember that tense ‘situation room’ shot of Hilary and Obama and Co. as they watched OBL being killed live by Navy Seal Cam? And then they changed the story and said they didn’t watch it live and Hilary said the look of shock on her face was in fact her stifling a cough? Then they gave OBL an Islamic funeral on board the Aircraft carrier before quietly disposing of the body but nobody saw it? I really don’t understand why anyone believe such a laughable fairy tale. No photos, no body, no DNA, no witnesses except the Navy Seals who apparently died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan a few months later…where’s the evidence?

  36. And let’s not forget those currently awaiting trial for taking part in a Distributed Denial of Service attack against Paypal in retaliation for Paypal withdrawing services to Wikileaks

    Even the Guardian seems sympathetic to them if not Assange himself.

    Justice for the PayPal WikiLeaks protesters: why DDoS is free speech

    This is not “hacking”. It is protest, and it is speech.

    True, customers of the site are temporarily inconvenienced, but democracy is often messy and inconvenient. Moreover, the voice of your fellow citizen should always be worth slowing down to hear for a moment. Exposure to new or differing views enriches us all. Such was the case with the 2010 PayPal DDoS protest.

    Or it was … until the United States government decided to serve 42 warrants and indict 14 protesters. While protest charges have typically been seen as tantamount to nuisance crimes, like trespassing or loitering, these were different. The 14 PayPal defendants, some of whom were teenagers when the protest occurred, find themselves looking at 15 years in federal prison – for exercising their free speech rights; for redressing their grievances to PayPal, a major corporation; for standing up for what they believed was right.

    Instead of being handed a $50 fine, as one would face for traditional protest crimes such as a sit-in, the PayPal defendants’ freedoms are in real jeopardy.

    Some of the defendants featured in the BBC 4 documentary last week available at

    The BBC documentary is definitely worth watching.

  37. On Bin Laden, I do believe he died when the US said he did. I had been told by my own sources for years that he was alive and being cared for by the ISI. I also knew the Americans weren’t really looking for him.

  38. I’m sure I read an article just after OBL’s murder, which stated that the Navy Seals who raided the compound were mostly killed in a helicopter accident, not long after. This turned out to have been a mistake, and may even have been officially denied by Pentagon sources. I’ve no idea, but it was a curious affair. I admit, I do have a slightly conspiranoid bent.

    As to the Seal giving evidence, we should call him a Performing Seal. Not to his face, of course, because he’s certainly nails hard, and would kick all of our arses. But he’s a Performing Seal nonetheless. I don’t blame him, he’s just doing what he’s told. Maybe OBL had printed off a bunch of cables (it does read as though there were papers, and thus he had a printer, but why he’d print them I don’t know). Either way, like whatever. I’ve read some of the cables. Individually, rather dull; collectively rather interesting. But I’m still not a terrorist.

    And, for what it’s worth, the OBL murder finally decided me on Obama. I’d sort of been willing to accept that he was a relatively liberal voice (these things are relative) in US politics, and was holding off the real lunatics. Now – I just think he’s a shallow arse with a mean streak. And if he’s a liberal, I am not.

  39. doug scorgie

    27 Feb, 2013 - 9:34 pm

    27 Feb, 2013 – 3:30 pm

    “Why wouldn’t they ‘go after’ him [Julian Assange] here, with our servile and one-sided extradition treaty?

    It is political. The British government doesn’t want to appear to be bowing down to US pressure so it is more “convenient” to have Assange extradited to another country; it’s called washing ones hands.

    You also said:

    “I think it’s a bit of stretch to think he was killed purely to stop him testifying in the Manning case.”

    He wasn’t killed to stop him testifying in the Manning case; he was killed to stop him testifying; full- stop.

    You go on:

    “…although it may have been one of a number of factors involved, including the obvious one of what the hell would they have done with him?”

    Well they could have put him on trial in the United States where he would have faced justice for the crimes he committed; this in full view of the American public and the rest of the world.

  40. Hi Craig

    The fact that the Americans weren’t really looking for OBL supports the sceptical side of the argument rather than the ‘official’ side. I am not inclined to believe a story based entirely on information gleaned from anonymous sources.

  41. Let us not forget that Osama’s double’s neighbour reported something quite different and a Seal, up close, didn’t recognize the man to be Osama all very strange.

  42. Craig, I can understand — given your access to sources — your belief that bin Laden was alive up to the time in 2011 when the U.S. claims to have killed him, but what makes you so confident that he was killed then? For the very reasons that you give (valuable intelligence source,) it would have made much more sense to take him alive. As for the claim that he was killed, couldn’t that just be a way to avoid the inconvenience of a trial? The quick disposal of the body is certainly highly suspicious.

  43. Wikileaks Reveals Imperialist Plots Against Venezuela
    Tuesday, February 26, 2013

    WikiLeaks has published over 40,000 secret documents regarding Venezuela, which show the clear hand of US imperialism in efforts to topple popular and democratically elected leader Hugo Chavez.

    The documents, which date from July 2004 to December 2011 and which were published through WikiLeaks twitter account @wikileaks and which are now available on WikilLeaks Global Intelligence Files online, are based on emails taken from the private US-based intelligence company, Stratfor.

    This company claims to provide analysis for multinational corporations looking to invest in Venezuela, and uses a number of local sources to develop their reports. However, their emails prove that their motives and objectives are far from independent, and they are working as an intelligence and strategy agency for those looking to develop suitable political conditions for economic imperialism, exploitation, and intervention in the country.

    Of course we of this blog are mere conspiracy theorists.

  44. OBL had to die. Putting him on trial in the US would’ve been an expensive nightmare (where to find an unbiased jury for one thing) and put every US citizen abroad at risk of being held hostage in return for his release. Better for him to die in a fire-fight and achieve the martyrdom he’s sent so many others to.

    I could more easily accept that the rape case against JA was a ruse to return him to Sweden if it hadn’t been for the case being reopened in September 2010, whilst he was still in Sweden and a full two months before the release of the first US diplomatic cables. He didn’t appear to lack support when he first came to this country and the media here were quite willing to work with him.

    According to Wikileaks themselves over 15,000 of the cables were classified as secret.

  45. I doubt I’m doing you much favours Craig, but I also believe you are spot on with the ISI link. Especially given that his Compound was only a short jog from The Pakistani Military Academy ( Widely described as Pakistan’s West Point).

    The main reason I can see for disposing of the body at sea was so that there was no chance of a ‘UBL Shrine’ being created. This would have been inevitable if he was given a traditional burial.

    Some people are determined to see conspiracy in every corner, even when there is nothing to see.

  46. As a retired lieutenant commander who spent many years in military signals intelligence, let me assure you, Kempe, that something that is only classified Secret is unlikely to do much damage if released. Anything that could do real damage is classified Top Secret or higher.

  47. Kempe,

    Secret and Top Secret are entirely different classifications.

  48. Apologies Lysias, you beat me to it.

  49. Bin Laden was one of them, he was in on it, he wasn’t one of the good guys.

    He was playing the Muslims like a fiddle while Murdoch played the rest.

    The Bin Laden family have benefited from the War on Terror just as much as the Bush family have.

    They created him, the Saudi elite and the American elite created him to do a job. On the morning of 9/11 his name was going out on the TV broadcasts as the towers fell while the American government claimed it came out of the blue and nobody could have expected it let alone known at that stage who might be responsible for it.

    They created him then they uncreated him when he wasn’t needed any more.

  50. “There are known knowns; there are things we know we know.
    We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say, we know there are some things we do not know.
    But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”

    — United States Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld


  51. I have some Wikileaks documents on my hard drive that I downloaded out of pure curiosity…I am now about to inform the US Embassy in London of the fact and have made sure that I have a couple of tins of sardines by the front door for when the SEALS turn up…bless em !

  52. Craig:

    “On Bin Laden, I do believe he died when the US said he did. I had been told by my own sources for years that he was alive and being cared for by the ISI. I also knew the Americans weren’t really looking for him.”

    I’d like to believe that too. Especially since had OBL died earlier, it would’ve been in Mullah Omar’s interest to ensure that became public knowledge so as to curtail the reasons for the US being in Afghanistan. However, one thing puzzles me: if he was in ISI’s control, why didn’t Musharraf pull-the-OBL rabbit-out-of-the-hat, rather than having to step down from his role of President, and save his own office. Why did he leave that advantage to Obama? Did he get bought out by the US?

  53. Villager: Who says Musharraf had control over ISI?

  54. “OBL had to die. Putting him on trial in the US would’ve been an expensive nightmare (where to find an unbiased jury for one thing) and put every US citizen abroad at risk of being held hostage in return for his release. Better for him to die in a fire-fight and achieve the martyrdom he’s sent so many others to.”

    Put him on trial for what? There’s no evidence he ever actually did anything.

    He financed training camps in Afghanistan to train people to fight the Russians with America’s blessing. Some of the people they trained might have bombed USS Cole. Apart from that he didn’t do much of anything except provide a face of Muslim extremism for people to hate just as Bush provided a face of Western arrogance for Muslims to hate while the elite got rich from rebuilding bombed back to the stone age countries financed by their price hiked resources after making fortunes from the armaments that bombed them in the first place.

  55. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    27 Feb, 2013 - 10:53 pm

    @ Lysias : I haven’t heard of the rank “lieutenant commander” before. Nationality? Service?

  56. Lt. Commander. United States Navy. American.
    Lt Commander. British Navy. UK
    Lt Commander. Starfleet. United Federation Of Planets.
    The Galaxy.

  57. Navy, I believe.

    Lysias. Villager wasn’t saying that. He was saying that OBL was in ISIs control.

  58. O/T A report has been issued by the IPCC on the shocking failings by the Southwark police when dealing with allegations of rape in 2008 and 2009 and their manipulation of statistics and their mishandling of the cases. One rapist was allowed to go free after his accuser was pressured to drop the allegation. He went on to kill his two children.

    Ch 4 interviewed the Chief Commisioner Horgan-Howe today. He was totally dismissive. Nothing to do with him. He wasn’t around then etc. He appeared to be unconcerned.

    Simon Israel the excellent Ch 4 Home Affairs correspondent writes:

    Double scandal on Sapphire
    The scandal is twofold. First, the practice of persuading potential victims to retract their statements to boost detection rates is nothing short of cheating the system. We do not know how prevalent this was. The IPCC doesn’t know the scale of this practice back in 2008- 2009 but Southwark went from one of the worst-performing Sapphire areas to one of best. It tripled its detection rates from 10 to 30 per cent, yet no one in the Met queried this sudden leap.

    The senior officer operating this policy retired before the IPCC inquiry has even started. A detective sergeant is facing gross miconduct charges but no one is sure if that will ever see the light of day.

    And that is the other half of the scandal: lack of accountability. We learned today that in another Sapphire case involving the failure to capture the serial rapist Kirk Reid, not a single senior officer faced gross misconduct hearings despite IPCC pressure.

    If the Met wants to gain victims’ confidence, accountability is key.

  59. Craig and Doug, thank you for explaining the bleeding obvious to CE, but its a waste of energy as he’s as stubborn as a paid stooge.

    His refrain of Assange must go to Sweden and do the honourable thing is just a little cog-in-the-wheel speak of the Establishment’s thrust to get Assange there and corner him. There is zero chance of your converting him to the compulsion of the hour re Assange’s safety with intelligent debate.

    Anyway, with him being in asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy, isn’t any talk of him being extradited from the UK utterly redundant?

  60. Talking of the US killing it’s own citizens with drones … have a look at what Theresa May is doing … she’s stripping ours of their citizenship prior to giving the US the OK.–british-terror-suspects-quietly-stripped-of-citizenship-then-killed-by-drones-8513858.html

    Is this not illegal? Well, if it’s not it should be; under UK law we’re all entitled to due process are we not?

  61. Jonangus Mackay

    27 Feb, 2013 - 11:16 pm


    ‘Poverty must use democracy to destroy the power of property, or property in fear of poverty will destroy democracy’—Putney Debates, 1647.

    ‘Time for Outrage,’ sold millions of copies. It inspired the global Occupy movement. Its author died today at the age of 95.: 

  62. Craig, 9.22pm

    Can I have your thoughts please on why the US chose to go in and kill Osama bin Laden at that particular time, given that – I agree with you – they knew exactly where he was all along and weren’t looking for him.

    I’ve always wondered whether it was precipitated (or perhaps speeded up?) by Wikileaks’ publication of the Gitmo files on 24 April 2011, exactly a week before the raid on 1 May. One detainee’s file showed that the US was aware as early as 2003 that bin Laden’s courier at one point moved his family to Abbottabad, presumably to be near his boss.

    Al-Libi’s Guantanamo file, dated 10 September 2008, states: “In July 2003, detainee [al-Libi] received a letter from UBL’s designated courier, Maulawi Abd al-Khaliq Jan, requesting detainee take on the responsibility of collecting donations, organizing travel, and distributing funds to families in Pakistan.

    “UBL stated detainee would be the official messenger between UBL and others in Pakistan.”

    In mid-2003, al-Libi “moved his family to Abbottabad, PK and worked between Abbottabad and Peshawar,” according to the file.

    In 2001 and 2003, he arranged “save havens” for bin Laden and his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, who is currently still at large.

    It may not be a coincidence that the “safe haven” where bin Laden was finally caught was in the Pakistani garrison town where al-Libi lived in 2003.

    Once this became public knowledge in a way that could not be easily handwaved away (authentic documentation an’ all that) the jig was up that the US was more or less complicit in bin Laden being sequestered away, so they had to kill him before news got out to the wider public.

  63. Lysias, i know what you mean. Don’t forget Musharraf was Chief of Army GHQ till 2007, in addition to being President, so during that period was in direct control of the ISI. He was wily enough to have pulled off delivering OBL imho to the US and said to the World and his own electorate ‘what a good boy am I’ at any time rather than having been forced by the US to step down as President. Also, do you really think Kayani preferred to have Zardari as President, and thus prevented Musharraf from grabbing OBL? Bear in mind that Kayani was Musharraf’s man and that Musharraf would’ve had his own direct and deep relationships into the Army and indeed the ISI, even if he didn’t have day-to-day command.

  64. “the US was aware as early as 2003 that bin Laden’s courier at one point moved his family to Abbottabad”

    Sorry, that should be “as early as 2008”. Actually, I think al-Libi’s file shows that the intelligence came from interrogations carried out in either 2004 or 2007 – can’t remember which offhand.

  65. I was a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy. Lieutenant Commander (O4) in the Navy equates to Major in the Army.

  66. When Gadaffi was killed his body was put on display to ensure that all Libyans could understand that he was dead. When Bin Laden ‘was killed’ his body was concealed and dumped in the sea. Bearing in mind the burgeoning belief that 9/11 was an inside job it would surely have been wiser to give the world irrefutable evidence that Bin Laden had really been killed.

  67. Habby

    ”I haven’t heard of the rank “lieutenant commander” before. Nationality? Service?”

    Habby its good to see you displaying your ignorance (and limitations of self-research), as well as your politeness, in Craig’s presence at the same time.

    You should bow to Mary’s contributions, if nothing just based on the high-quality and energy behind her research. It would probably pre-qualify her hor the head of Global Research at JP morgan, but she’s donig a noble job in supporting Craig and this ‘community’ in getting across the compassionate activists’ voice.

    I hope you regret that forked/viper-tongue remark of yours with the adjunctive of the Saint Mary bit. As a self-professed catholic, aren’t you making a bit of a mockery of your own Church in these rather serious troubled times?

    Life is beautiful but its also bloody serious business with the injustices that abound due to corruption of Power. The word(s) ‘La Vita È Bella!’ is not the thing. You have much clarifying of your conscience to do, sans malice.

  68. Craig,

    in a bout of dementia, I have landed again on the New statesman website and was struck by the viciousness and imbecility of the comments posted there. This revelation makes me appreciate the civility and tolerance of what is normally posted here and for that you deserve a congratulation. Even the Halibaba residents seem to shine here like noble knights full of wit and intellectual vigour when compared to the miscreants who bother to post their mental exretions to the New Statement site. Funny that George Galloway is often called there a racist. Do Israelis constitute a race? I thought they are almost all Khazars and so far I have not heard anyone, and would like to be proven wrong, that Khazars have an acclaim to be a of distinct racial origin.


    I suspect that you read too much heroic literature of the kind that ruined the mind of Don Quijote. How could have Seals killed Osama who is in fact a lodger in my holliday cottage? The last time I saw him was during a short visit last summer. On my arrival he proudly presented me with a huge aubergine that he managed to grow on the meagre soil of Devon.

  69. Arbed

    I have wondered about the timing. My guess is they calculated the ideal length of time before the Presidential election.

  70. Can’t agree there I’m afraid Craig, ideal timing for Obama would have been 6 months before the election. Any boost in the polls that BO had garnered by UBL’s death was gone by 2012.

    I doubt we are being fed the whole truth, but who knows, the timing may even have been operational.


  71. BrianFujisan

    28 Feb, 2013 - 1:35 am

    It always Amazes me, that there are so many people who did not know that 3 towers/ buildings came down at world trade centre on 9/11. building 7 was absolutely a controlled demolition.

    Anyway few americans have any idea, that OBL repeatedly denied any involvement in 9/11, he tried to point out that there was a government, within the government in Washington. Being so close the the Bush Mob, he might have Known

    ” The Western media is unleashing such a baseless propaganda, which make us surprise but it reflects on what is in their hearts and gradually they themselves become captive of this propaganda. They become afraid of it and begin to cause harm to themselves. Terror is the most dreaded weapon in modern age and the Western media is mercilessly using it against its own people.” –
    extract from OBL interveiw at Global research

  72. Craig,

    I cannot avoid the impression that you are also under the spell of books on chivalry. The humbug around OBL reminds me of the construed ambiguity game the Soviet leaders played with the gullible West concerning the death of Hitler. Although they knew perfectly well that he was dead, by skillful leaks they tried to create and recreate the impression that he might be still alive hidden somewhere in a cave, I presume, to cause sleepless nights for the postwar fools. After burrying his remains in 1946 near Magdeburg, KGB agents dug all the bones up in 1970, had them cremated and threw the ashes into the river (probably the Elbe) as the sea was far away.

  73. BrianFujisan

    28 Feb, 2013 - 2:04 am

    well said Villager, all true Regards Mary,

    If it weren’t for Mary’s warning i might have happened upon newsnight on tuesday night and in some effin perverse way kept watching – to be suject to the lies, propaganda ( i keep reminding myself that Propaganda is a war crime ) But most of all i can’t stand to even look at bliar. and to think they are trying to feed this lunatic back into our lives, F%*ck that

  74. Another excellent post Craig.

    Thank you.

  75. Villager, pipe down on your own abusive tone or you will be exchanging comments with me. This thread has been pretty much problem free until you came along and agitated. I think both CE and Habbabkuk might even be able to teach you a few lessons in common courtesy. And yes, I’m well aware of my own temper which you will certainly see more of if you continue. So, from me to you, up close and personal – STFU.

  76. BrianFujisan

    28 Feb, 2013 - 5:50 am

    EM Jemand i thought thigings were going Kinda ok Here,,Even Habby semede to be ok about things

  77. BrianFujisan

    28 Feb, 2013 - 6:01 am

    Whwere do you people come from…..You Jemand,,,Dont pick on Non Martaial artists..I’ll meet you anytime i hate bully

  78. BrianFujisan

    28 Feb, 2013 - 6:19 am

    Sorry out of order…sorry,,,i hate the bullying thats been going on

  79. BrianFujisan

    28 Feb, 2013 - 6:31 am

  80. Re the late Bin Laden

    All this talk of Bin Laden, when and how he died, disposal of body, motives etc – much of it is plausible if you ignore the circumstanial evidence but there are only a few likely scenarios. I don’t know which one is most likely because there is simply too much that we do not know – the infamous “unknown unknowns” as Herr Rumsfeld described to us.

    Political science tells us to look at everything in terms of long term net value. Bin Laden had potential value while alive and has potential ongoing value as an executed enemy of the US. They had to reconcile the pros and cons of killing him sooner or later. As it transpired, it was later.

    For the US govt to justify its ongoing operations in Afghanistan to the American voting public, Bin Laden was to serve as a personification of terrorism at large. Ideally, he would be constrained from engaging in operations that could embarrass the US military effort, but sufficiently free to send the occasional postcard to say, “Loving the ‘War on Terror’, wish you were here!”. This keeps him on the front page of the NYT and reminds tax-paying voters that billions of dollars are being well spent. So Bin Laden was effectively under house arrest, keeping both the US and Pakistanis happy for the timebeing.

    But all good things must come to an end and I believe he outlived his usefulness as a living asset. So his long planned capture and murder was convenient as a PR exercise for Obama and a rude demonstration to our Pakistani friends of US military capabilities and political resolve. After a serious falling out with the US, it curtly reminded the Pakistanis of who was running the show and calling the shots. They were humiliated.

    Now, we all know that the official line is that the mission was to capture Bin Laden alive. It’s even possible that he was, and subsequently tortured for intel, with fatal results. The disposal of his body at sea was necessary to prevent the world from knowing with certainty how he died and deny supporters a reason to protest and a gravesite to venerate. If he was tortured, his head was to be spared except for a posthumous bullet, providing a relatively clean portrait for both clear identification and an acceptable cause of death. His heart, removed for insurance purposes, to be preserved indefinitely in US custody for the usual commission of enquiry 20 years later. It’s currently in a jar, sitting on a shelf .. next to Hitlers head.

  81. willyrobinson

    28 Feb, 2013 - 7:52 am

    Good morning. The Guardian has a bit about Bradley Manning being refused a defence that too many documents are classified (although that is self evident to anyone who tried to read them…). They make no reference to the ‘illegal acts’ defence that Craig mentions above, so if anyone has any updates I’d very much appreciate them. Thanks a lot – w

  82. Fred

    ‘They created him, the Saudi elite and the American elite created him to do a job.’

    Correct, and recruiters of UK Muslims for UK intelligence services are still using him as a pin-up hero to convince their potential victims of their jihadist credentials.

    For me Libya was a turning point when we saw Mujahideen working openly with UK and French military special services to overrun the country. Saudi Arabia’s game as a cash-cow to neo-colonialism and Zionist banking fraud has kept Mecca plc from being literally closed down. Saudi is the main sponsor of terrorism in the Muslim world. This means that most Muslims have now personally witnessed violence , which in turn assists the US in promoting its own Zionist-run Islam brand, the Muslim Brotherhood or similar organisations.

    For Saudi to defend Islam would lead inevitably to it experiencing the scenes of wretchedness we see in other Muslim countries. That is the regime. The scholars of Islam are tightly controlled from expressing their own opinions. Saudi can convince some Muslims who are sheltering in the West that they are sponsoring Islamic jihad, to overthrow murderous dictators. They are in fact assisting in the US/Zionist agenda to change Islam to their own ‘safety match’ brand in order to stave off the day when they are targeted themselves.

    But those who have experienced the violence of Saudi-backed terrorism are well aware of Saudi’s game to save their own skins. Of course there are highly idealistic Muslims who genuinely believe that there is a deal with the West to remove the dictators in exchange for some form of Islamic government, at the cost of losing their country’s economic resources. They believe, as we do in the West, that the West is a kinder master than Russian former communism. Nobody can question their sincerity or their restraint. They know they are being used by the US to exchange one form of dictatorship for another form.

    What is increasingly obvious is that mass death, by Saudi terrorism, by bombs US and Russia provide to dictators like Gaddafi and Assad, is the enforcement tool to persuade the Muslims to submit to the US/Zionist brand of Islam. Saudi’s participation in the Western game will result very soon in its leadership being removed by popular revolution.

    Saudi is the Jimmy Savile of Islam, protected by the rich and powerful, active in supplying criminal violence for the same, but like Savile, when the lid is blown off the scandal, we will see that they were the ringleaders of the USUKIS war on terror, of which Usama bin Laden was the official figurehead as Fred describes.

  83. As we thought. Here we go, again.

    28 February 2013 Last updated at 08:24

    Syria conflict: John Kerry set to up US aid to rebels
    The escalating carnage in Syria has increased pressure for western intervention

    New US Secretary of State John Kerry is meeting Syrian opposition leaders in Rome, as the US prepares to increase its support for rebels fighting to topple President Bashar al-Assad.

    He is attending a gathering of the Friends of Syria group of nations that support the Syrian opposition.


    Note it is a ‘conflict’, the same word the BBC use to describe the situation in Occupied Palestine. There will of course soon be a major escalation in Syria. I caught a little of Bliar Part 2 last night. He is looking somewhat ragged but became quite animated when asked about Syria, comparing Assad to Saddam and calling for ‘military intervention’. Similarly Iran. Note later on in this monologue he states that 9/11 was the trigger for his actions. Very telling.

    Obomber yesterday unveiling Rosa Parks’ statue, quoting her as ‘mighty in courage’. The same will not be said of him, nor of Blair.

    Mr Boehner had to wipe away his tears as he was overcome by the emotion of it all.

  84. A chronic bunch on QT tonight with the exception of Ken Loach the film maker. It is coming from Eastleigh.

    On the panel there is Jeremy Browne with an ‘e’, LD Taunton, once Foreign Office and now Home Office Minister with quite a remit.

    Crime prevention and anti-social behaviour reduction. Crime reduction policy, drugs and alcohol policy, use of DNA and reform of DNA database, Licensing Act and powers of police and local authorities, public order, use of powers of surveillance by local authorities, violent crime, CCTV, acquisitive and business crime, oversight of the Forensic Science Service.

    He registers a donation from Neil Sherlock SW Surrey resident, amount not disclosed. The same Neil Sherlock who was behind Cleggover’s ascension.

    Mrs Sherlock became Lady Parminter of Godalming.

    Then there’s Claire Perry, a rather bossy Tory MP for Devizes, once Cameron’s ‘childhood guru’ and now Hammond’s PPS.

    Angela Eagle, Labour Wallasey and Shadow Treasury, and Neil Hamilton! late of the Al Fayed brown envelopes infamy, make up the fivesome.

  85. ” a rather bossy Tory MP”

    A tautology if ever there was one..:.)

  86. Excellent article. So Bradley Manning is going to be muzzled whilst the Navy Seal can swear on his non existing dead Auntie that what happened did happen, sounds like a kangaroo court alright.

    With UBL having received black ops training by the CIA when he was still our bagman against the Russian invaders, he must have know about the connections between the ISI and the CIA for some time, since both set up the Madrasas and trained the Taliban. He could have seriously spilled the beans and knew who was two faced in the US. He also knew of the Talibans negotiation with Bush’s oil managers in Houston.

    After working for a Pakistani candidate who had her husbands relative, a member of the Pakistan national Assembly come over and help with the election, listening to their deliberations, I have come to the conclusion that nobody controls the ISI, especially not Musharraf who had many enemies within. It is spread throughout the military and has influence in India Afghanistan, Iran and many other countries in the far and middle east, more akin to a chimera.

  87. “Former assistant director of FBI’s counter-terrorism division Dale Watson; former Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf; current Pakistani President Asif Zardari; Afghan President Hamid Karzai; late Benazir Bhutto; Israeli intelligence sources; Pakistani and Afghan sources, including Taliban leaders – all have reported Osama bin Laden to be “probably dead” since December 2001.”

  88. Here’s a recent episode of the Oz version of Question Time. Worth a watch for comparison’s sake, if nothing else. I think it’s certainly much better than QT. It’s always interesting anyway to see how issues are handled in other countries. The elites have to modify their propaganda by culture and location and often you’ll see cracks in the overall narrative.

    Assange and Israel are amongst the issues raised.

  89. Can someone please try this link below or try and connect to Reuters, both links timed out repeatedly whilst domestic news agencies connect instantly.

    Is Britain under a news blackout of sorts?

  90. Bhutto have been fed incorrect information about OBL from her time in the company of Oxford spooks before returning to Pakistan. When OBL is supposed to have died one recruiter of gullible Muslims for UK intelligence started to ‘ somewhat loudly sweep the string ‘ ( Lycidas John Milton ) about both him and the loyalty of Pakistanis to him.

    I draw the conclusion therefore that he definitely did not die at the time they said he did. That was another part of the elaborate con-trick of the war on terror. Whether he died earlier or is still alive I do not know, but his death was positively not as described which was thought up by Hollywood, enacted by Bollywood and cried over by LOLywood, London recruiters for false-flag bombing.

  91. I believe I have read that the Executive Order that established the whole system of security classifications prohibits the classification of criminal acts. Have Manning and his lawyers been allowed to argue that some of these allegedly classified matters are not properly classified?

  92. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    28 Feb, 2013 - 3:29 pm

    The ‘speedy trial’ is snail-like for a reason. The charges, and their descriptors in legalese had to be crafted like a demented pyramid scheme of tortured language making it a Tower of Babble.

    I’m glad I don’t have to represent Manning. If the Prosecutors had been smart, they would have designed the Torquemada docs well ahead, to make the defense waive speedy trial ‘Right’.

  93. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    28 Feb, 2013 - 4:13 pm

    If I were he, I would plead not guilty to all charges.

    In Barker v. Wingo (1972), the Supreme Court developed a four-part test that considers the length of the delay, the reasons for the delay, the defendant’s assertion of his right to a speedy trial, and the prejudice to the defendant. A violation of the Speedy Trial Clause is cause for dismissal with prejudice of a criminal case.

  94. A US appeal judge protects the whalers of the US’s poodle Japan and declares that brave man Paul Watson’s Sea Shepherd illegal.

    Sea Shepherd conservation group declared ‘pirates’ in US court ruling
    Judge orders environmentalists to stop aggression against Japanese whaling ships who claim harassment on the seas

    Not so long ago, he was in a Japanese prison. Now he is on a ship in the Southern Ocean that was rammed last week by a Japanese whaler. A second ship has also been rammed.

    Sea Shepherd protest ships rammed by whalers

  95. Oh oh, incoming – MAJOR fail by the MSM…

    Bradley has said on the stand that he tried to blow the whistle to the Washington Post and the New York Times FIRST and when they turned him down, he went to Wikileaks.

    OMFG – That’s a turn up for the books. I wonder how they’re going to report THAT tomorrow morning…?

    Doesn’t this kinda blow the US government’s whole argument that Bradley Manning deliberately passed information to a “foreign power” in order to aid the enemy?

  96. Ah, small clarification. Not “turned down” so much as “news desk can’t be bothered to return calls”:


    WOW! #BradleyManning reveals tried to give US secrets to Wash Post and NYTimes but failed to get through to them so went to #WikiLeaks

    But… another oh oh…

    US prosecution of Wikileaks takes another body blow from the Fort Meade witness stand…

    Just tweeting by Wikileaks:

    Manning on stand: “no one at (the) WikiLeaks organization pressured me to send any information”, “I made these decisions on my own”

    A tad difficult for the US prosecutors to prove conspiracy to commit espionage case now?

  97. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    28 Feb, 2013 - 5:44 pm

    Arbed; The live-blog is down. Is that where you saw the Wapo and NYT fail?

  98. Hi Ben,

    No, I’m just following Wikileaks and a few other tweet streams.

    AFP have done a report on it up already, though they haven’t fleshed out the details much.

    I’ve reposted onto Craig’s front page to let people know there’s BIG news coming out.

  99. has an update on their liveblog with the best detail so far on what Bradley said:

  100. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    28 Feb, 2013 - 6:52 pm

    Server very busy for you too, Arbed? Can’t seem to raise the dead….

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