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In 1816, in a “Big Bang” liberalisation, the commercial and financial restrictions on trading with India were removed. This account is from John Capper’s 1853 book, The Three Presidencies of India. I just wondered if it reminded you of anything?

The impetus which the Indian trade received on the opening of the ports of the East to all classes was not without its evils; the prospect of rapid fortunes which opened out to many of the newcomers paved the way to a reckless system of trading, and an improvident style of living, hitherto unknown…

In 1830 and the following year commercial affairs reached a crisis in Calcutta. The hollowness of the fabric reared by rash speculators, demonstrated itself with a convulsion which will not easily be forgotten by those who witnessed its effects. Indigo, silk, cotton, sugar, all had been dealt, or rather gambled in, to an extent that was only limited by the impossibility of obtaining any further means for carrying on the game. It mattered little whose funds were jeopardised…

The bubble burst, scattering ruin and desolation amidst the homes of thousands of helpless victims. None were prepared for the catastrophe, and least of all the harmless men who had caused the mischief. They were not moved; few of them had lost much. The storm overtook them steeped in princely luxuries, deep in selfish physical enjoyment. Bankruptcy stared them and their victims in the face, but how different the result! A month or two without their race-horses, their dinner parties, and their ducal establishments, and the Insolvent Court kindly enabled them to make a fresh start, as unabashed as ever; whilst their constituents (i.e. their victims) became pauperised, and dependent upon charity for subsistence.

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  • mike cobley

    Yeah, the elites look after their own. Latest PEye has some interesting reveals on corporate corruption and tax havens.

  • A. Prole

    Blessed are the poor, for they are a bunch of slothful tossers. Blessed are they that mourn, for theirs is the politics of envy. Blessed are the ‘wealth creators,’ for they shall inherit the earth.

    Matthew 2.0

  • April Showers

    A case of ripping off the taxpayers here.

    G4S and Serco investigated for electronic tagging overcharging

    Private security firms G4S and Serco are to be investigated over allegations they overcharged the Government millions of pounds for electronically tagging criminals.

    Chris Grayling has called in outside accountants to audit all information supplied by the two firms during the lifetime of contracts valued at £700 million over the past seven years.

    The potential overcharging of the taxpayer relates to information provided on the number of people tagged and the duration of the tagging.

    The remainder is behind the paywall.


    Also reported on the BBC website with more detail. The bill could rise to £1bn by 2015!


    What does HMG do next? Employ PWC to investigate. They are already coining it.

    Government & public sector
    At PwC we focus on three things for government and the public sector: assurance, tax and advisory services. Working together with our clients – across local government, health, education, transport, home affairs, housing, social care, defence and international development – we look for answers on how to increase efficiencies while improving quality and outcomes, and help to develop solutions that add value and are practical to implement.

    Central government
    Whitehall departments are under pressure as never before, faced with shrinking budgets, economic uncertainty and growing demand for public services. In response, ministers and officials have generated innovative solutions – but further spending cuts and economic challenges loom. Which new public service delivery and commissioning models can help respond to these pressures? How can government departments deal with public service providers in distress? And what tools are needed for Whitehall officials to make the best decisions in an age of austerity?

  • John Goss

    Yes the scum always floats above the waters which submerge the rest. Is that the Reverend John Capper?

    I left you a couple of links on the Mavi Marmara Murders.

  • Tony0pmoc

    Yes, but is it the same “Insolvent Court” now, as then? I think we should be told.

    This blog has resembled a Spy Novel recently. Well done to all contributors. However, I still don’t know what to believe, except where there is comprehensive data to analyse objectively.

    The fakery is getting silly. Are they trying to drive us nuts with bloodless actors with no legs, and buildings that defy the laws of physics and maths?

    Is Julian Assange for real, living in a room next to Harrods – or is he part of the illusion to walk on stage when Craig and others visit. How can I take him or the spies in Russia seriously? Drip Drip Drip…but No 9/11 – You Can’t Go There. Who’s that man behind the Curtain in The Wizard of Oz? Why is Europe impoverishing itself, when it is completely unnecessary?

    Why don’t I watch TV, and when forced to occasionally, in order to conform, the propaganda leaps out from the screen and hits me in the face like a wet fish?

    Why does Craig Murray support Globalist Philosophy, when it is so obviously completely undemocratic resulting in World Control by an Incompetent Dictatorship?

    Who is actually running the show? Same lot as over the last few hundred years – or have they been completely infiltrated?

    Will this post appear? I am still banned you know.

    Why don’t people read Professor Bill Mitchell? He provides most of the Economic Solutions, even if he is an Aussie.


  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    Well, that’s an interesting post but all it seems to show is that capitalism produces occasional ‘crises’ whether international or more local in scale. Crises from which it recovers rather quickly.

    I do like John Capper’s style – why cannot modern authors deploy such wonderful sentences?

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)


    I think Craig likes civilized conversations on topic. He is certainly not averse to conspiracies as he frequently addresses those which don’t seem like gelatin needing a nail to hold them up. I agree he seems inconsistent with globalism, and he has been told that frequently for those posts on the subject I’ve been present for. It’s his blog and we are his guests.

  • Tony0pmoc


    Yes, I do appreciate that, and I am well aware of my own failings and have even banned myself from his website, because I realised my contributions were not appreciated when I was drunk.

    But Craig gets drunk too…

    Believe it or not, I shared a few moments with him on his wedding night at around 3:00 am, and told him to go to bed with his wife.

    Its easy to criticise me, but I had to deal with 9/11 alone, when I realised the Official Story was impossible. I was at work at the time in March 2003 – and told everyone and showed them the proof….

    They of course thought I was having a Nervous Breakdown. It did nothing for my chances of Promotion…but I did do Physics and Maths at University – and I don’t take Fools and Lies Lightly…

    You Believe What You Want…

    I Have Paid The Price.


  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Tony; Many of us have difficulty coping with the scope of wrongdoing and perpetual lies. May I suggest a book which may give you another path?

    “Be here, now” by Ram Dass. If you teach yourself to live in the moment, the past and future become more livable.

  • Tony0pmoc


    Well they kind of liquidated me the following year, after demoting me, which was what I wanted…

    You see, everything had changed. I knew they too had been corrupted, and I alone could not take them on…I came exceedingly close to getting fired…In the end, when I got the result, I went to The Barbers at Lunch Time – and Said – Cut The Entire Lot Off…It had got rather long and very white…

    I went back to Work With a Big Smile on My Face after lunch

    They paid me a lot of money to go away, and still are…


    I am more a heavy rock fan…But I do occasionally really annoy my Rock and Blues Friends by Playing Fatboy Slim “Right Here, Right Now” when they come round for a big party after the pub.

    The last two books I bought are..

    “Divine Intuition: Your Guide to Creating a Life You Love” by Lynn A. Robinson

    And “Synchronicity & You: Understanding the Role of Meaningful Coincidence in Your Life” by Frank Joseph…

    But I haven’t read them yet, as they arrived very recently whilst I was away with my wife who I met over 32 years ago.

    Thanks for your recommendation “Be here, now” by Ram Dass..I’ll look into it…


  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Tony; If you want an excellent reference to past human indecency for context with recent History, I’ve got another.

    “Conquistador” by Buddy Levy. The hegemony and arrogance of ‘civilized’ culture is on display with crisp and engaging narrative from Cortes’ own journals.

    Rios Montt was recently convicted of murdering thousands of Mayans as the final blow to Meso-American culture. Of course he’s 86, but still has the ring of justice.

  • Tony0pmoc

    You see, beyond Craig, who I have enormous respect for, and occasionally agree with, there are some completely brilliant contributors to this website – many of who seem to have dedicated their lives over the last 5+ years to write about injustice, do tremendous research, and try and expose the real evil villains…

    I salute you.You all Know who you are, and it Really Does Not Matter which side of The Political Divide you may think you are on…You Give Your Heart and Soul To Try and Make Things Better and Expose the Evil Within Our Corrupted Establishments, some of which you may work within…I don’t know who you are.

    I Really Like What Mark writes – Children of Iraq or Whatever – He Just seems to see through all the shit much faster than the rest of you…

    Come on Craig – You Don’t Really STILL Believe The Official Story Do You???

    Can someone explain how this David Icke bloke – can still travel freely around the World including the USA????

    I have read some of the stuff he has written – and he has named names for years – Is he working for them too?

    Does a bit of Reptillian Lunacy Give You a Free Pass – and Turn You into a Multi-Millionaire???

    Icke Pulls Bigger Audiences Than Led Zeppelin.

    Maybe I will understand it one day.


  • Villager

    Habba, Capper writes “…whilst their constituents (i.e. their victims) became pauperised, and dependent upon charity for subsistence.”

    He didn’t write that they were “Crises from which it (they) recovers rather quickly.” Any perspectives on that aspect? Can we for once have a holistic view?

  • Villager

    Tony: “Well they kind of liquidated me the following year, after demoting me, which was what I wanted…”

    Tony, for perspective, who is the ‘they’?

  • Tony0pmoc

    I hate having to spoof my IP Address to read or write to this website…Whilst I have nothing to hide – spoofing your IP Address is like a Red Flag To a Bull….

    And yes, we have had the Special Branch round our home…

    I thought they were workmen come to clear my gutter…and then I saw their badges, and thought what the hell have I done now..Did I write something I shouldn’t…

    But No it Wasn’t me they wanted to Speak To…

    It was My Son..They Were Investigating Serious Fraud….

    I Shouted Up To Him…

    There are Some People Here To See You…

    I Didn’t Know What It Was About….

    They Said Can We Come In…

    At My Suggestion,My Son Invited Them Into The Front Room…

    I Came In Too…in My Dressing Gown…

    He Said Dad – Can You Go Away – This Has Nothing To Do With You…

    I Said I Would Rather Be Present If You Don’t Mind…

    The Police Said, Your Son is Not Under Any Suspicion Whatsoever…We Just Want Him To Help Us…

    My Son Runs an International ISP

    It’s His Own Business – Nothing to Do With Me.



  • Dreoilin

    Craig’s post reminded me of the banks/bankers. Casino banking, who it hurt and who it didn’t …

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    @ Fred :

    But is it not the point that capitalism has recovered from all of its previous crises? Does that not suggest therefore that we will also recover from the present one?

  • Tony0pmoc


    “Tony, for perspective, who is the ‘they’?”

    My Last Employer.

    They pay me a Pension which is just about enough to live on, and allowed Our Daughter To Get a Full Grant, and a Bursary + Student Loan 4 Years Ago….

    She Stayed on another Year…but has also had to work throughout much of her time at University…Still I seem to be paying Most of Her’s and Her Housemate’s Bills…

    She will be home soon…She is a bit like a Whirlwind..So I Reckon Post Degree it won’t take too long to actually get a Job…

    And I look at all Her Friends Stacking Shelves in Sainsbury’s and Working For Free…

    But wtf – Being Young Is The Time – To Just Do It – Play and Have a Good Time…

    Work Comes Next


  • Tony0pmoc

    Believe it or not, I am listening to Radio Three to The Berlin Philharhomic Quintet on FM – You Don’t Quite Get The Dynamic Range on DAB – and it is absolutely Nothing like Being There as Peter Sellers Tried To Explain In Dr Strangelove….

    Now It Too Has Switched To Mono…

    Is There a London Power Outage or Something???

    Should I dig My Old Wind Up Record Player Out of The Attic…

    With The Horn?

    No that didn’t do Stereo Either…

    But The Beach Boys Did – Though They Faked It…

    They Recorded it in Mono…

    But My Sinclair Project 60 Stereo Amp and FM Tuner – actually worked…

    And it was the Third Radio Station – BBC FM, which I remember listening to it on for the very first time in 1967 or thereabouts when Craig was a little Boy…

    It was in Stereo. It was in High Fidelity

    And it Worked.

    It’s Getting Good Now.

    No noise whatsoever.


  • P J Proudhon

    Écoutez bien mes amis, la propriété c’est le vol, et ce mec Abbakuk, quel retard!

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    In French, you spell Habbabkuk with an “H”.


  • Tony0pmoc

    It is a Completely Brilliant Photo, But The Photographer Wouldn’t Get Out of The way..Hardly worth Losing You Life For….But some people have got to take the image rather than being in it…

    It wasn’t me, But My Glider Looked Almost Identical…But I Didn’t Have Any Water in Mine To Drop On Him

    Mine Was a Polish Pirat – Flown From Sutton Bank, Near Thirsk in Yorkshire.

    Well Of Course I was Solo…You Cant Fly With Some Woman in The Back Telling You What To Do.


    “A photographer killed when he was hit by a glider at a Leicestershire gliding competition had avoided an aircraft the day before, an inquest heard.
    Neil Lawson, 42, of Basingstoke, Hants, was standing on top of a car taking photos when the collision happened at a competition in Husbands Bosworth.

    The aircraft was flying “too low” in August 2005, an official report said.

    Northamptonshire coroner Ann Pember recorded a verdict that Mr Lawson was killed in a collision with a glider.

    We have lost our only son, we have been throughout concerned simply to be reassured that something like this will never happen again
    Neil Lawson’s parents
    The Northampton inquest into his death saw amateur video footage shot by spectators standing next to Mr Lawson in the moments up until his death on 9 August 2005.

    The footage showed gliders approaching the airfield “skimming over the top of farm crops in neighbouring fields and then pulling up sharply to avoid higher obstacles in their path”.

    Mr Lawson, who was unmarried and had no children, was standing on top of his Volvo estate when he was hit by the left wing of pilot Ian Craigie’s glider as the pilot banked to the left to approach his landing, the inquest heard.

    Mr Craigie from Hampton, Middlesex, said he had spotted another group of spectators standing on a van parked next to Mr Lawson’s car but had not seen the photographer, who was just a foot lower.”

  • Villager

    And Capper would probably have spelt impostor with an “O”.


    Life is beautiful but seriously what’s your value-add?

  • P J Proudhon

    Sérieusement hors-sujet.

    Oh merde, le grand détective et professeur de grammaire m’a exposé. Comment puis-je vivre avec la honte?

  • P J Proudhon

    Sérieusement hors-sujet.

    Oh merde, le grand détective et professeur de grammaire m’a exposé. Comment puis-je vivre avec la honte?

    M. Abbakuk. Donnez-moi une chance. Il est assez difficile de poster ici-bas avec toute cette chaleur sans votre esprit magnifique me faire trébucher.

  • Dreoilin

    Habakkuk (pron.: /həˈbækək/ or /ˈhæbəkʊk/; Hebrew: חֲבַקּוּק‎; Arabic: حبقوق‎ ; also spelled Habacuc), was a prophet in the Hebrew Bible. He is the author of the Book of Habakkuk, the eighth of the collected twelve minor prophets.[1]

    But our friend here spells his name Habbabkuk and if you Google that, most of the entries relate to Craig’s blog. I have wondered why he chose that name. Was it an accidental misspelling? A typo?
    Did he intend to imply a Hebrew prophet?
    Did he choose a Hebrew prophet and deliberately mis-spell the name for some reason?

    Presumably Sophie knows.

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