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by craig on July 7, 2013 5:52 am in Uncategorized

This blog is temporarily suspended pending urgent repairs to the author.

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  1. May Allah allow those repairs to be a success.

  2. Good luck, Craig. Our thoughts and best wishes are with you.

  3. “May Allah allow those repairs to be a success.”

    But what happens to me if I don’t believe in Allah? Wait, dont tell me….

    Praying to the NHS, our “national religion”, would be far more constructive.

  4. Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery, all the best.

  5. Flaming June

    7 Jul, 2013 - 8:06 am

    Hope all goes well. Have a good rest afterwards too.

  6. I hope you make a complete and speedy recovery. I am sure everyone will miss your posts, but please take all the time you need.

  7. Get well, and try to learn to take it easy for a bit.

  8. barbara brown

    7 Jul, 2013 - 8:36 am

    Take good care of yourself–lots of fine weather waiting for you when you are up and about again. x

  9. All the best, Craig. I hope everything goes smoothly for you. And take plenty of recovery time!

  10. All the best for a speedy recovery.

  11. Best wishes Craig. Everybody on this blog, I’m sure, wishes you successful ‘repairs’ and that your time in the ‘garage’ will not be too long.

  12. Alex Taylor

    7 Jul, 2013 - 9:30 am

    My best wishes to you for a speedy repair Craig.

  13. Get well repaired soon Craig, and make sure you get the warranty for the repairs!

    Best wished, and wish you luck, and health.

  14. All the best — good time of year to heal!
    Time to reflect:
    We began this series of talks by asking why human beings living on this earth, such a beautiful earth, except on a rainy day like this, why we cannot live at peace with each other, why must we have wars, the economic, social, racial differences, and why we cannot live with each other – intimately or otherwise, with tranquillity, a certain quality of serenity? And apparently that is not possible, because the vast majority of people throughout the world are very violent. They don’t want peace – neither do the governments. They talk a great deal about it, but they are all preparing for everlasting war. And religions too have not given man peace. The tribal divisions, local gods and saviours, the religious hierarchy, all that has prevented – or we have created all this and therefore there is no peace on earth. Pacem in terris.

    And we have been talking over together, if we can in our daily life, end conflict within ourselves, be free from any shadow of fear, end suffering, move away entirely from the self-centred activity which is one of the, perhaps, or the major causes of conflict – not only outwardly but also inwardly. And very, very few seem to be serious enough to go into this deeply and perhaps realise that there is a totally different way of living. And this morning, if we will, together, go into this question, not only of peace, but as we said, what is the origin, the beginning, of all existence? Why man has become what he is. Why we are, after millennia upon millennia, very, very primitive psychologically, barbarous. And technologically we are advanced tremendously, and that very technology is going perhaps to destroy us too. And we ought to go together this morning and enquire seriously: is it man’s lot inevitably that he lives this way? Or has something gone wrong with the whole human evolution? Or is there something outside, beyond human measure, that if one can understand, go into it deeply, may perhaps open the door, open our eyes, and perhaps our hearts too, so that we may naturally, easily, live a happy, serene life? That is what we are going to enquire together this morning.
    or read

  15. Villager, that’s so beautiful. Here’s the Mahavishnu Orchestra.

  16. Please get well soon Craig. In the last resort we can always wire up your brain floating in a large glass vessel to the ethernet.

  17. Best wishes.

  18. May you recover quickly Craig.

  19. The whole of Australia wishes you a speedy recovery!

  20. “The whole of Australia wishes you a speedy recovery!” Martin.

    Including Ayres Rock, the Western Desert, downtown Melbourne and the Barrier Reef? Must be those cosmic good ‘Mahavishnu-Villager’ vibes! :)

  21. Good luck, Craig.

  22. You were warned not to take any dodgy tea or stand next to anyone with a pointy umbrella. Criticizing Gulnara can be disastrous for one’s health.

  23. Best wishes Craig and much love to your family.

  24. Don’t understand what this means as one can still post here when it is most needed as the NSA will be pulling out all the stops domestic and foreign to get Snowden no matter what it takes, as the article in today’s NYT indicates.

    The Obama administration has all the special needs it could want from its covert government to just dispose of him as if he were another Osama bin Ladin.

  25. All good wishes Craig – may you be up and at ’em again soon.

  26. Trowbridge, I think it just means that Craig will be out of action for a little time. We can still post here. I’m sure the Mods will deploy their usual Upanishad touch. Sorry, I’m in a George Harrison mood this morning.

  27. Very best wishes for successful treatment and quick recovery, Craig. But I echo what others have said – make sure you give yourself plenty of rest in the aftermath, it’s really important. You will get back to full-time action more quickly if at first you do nothing for longer than you would like. Or something. Voice of experience.

  28. Yep, the commenting and discussing switch is still set to “enabled”, as far as I know! And thankfully I’ve left my umbrella (non-pointy version) on a bus. Weather’s too nice for it anyway, I’m off on the bike!

    Get well soon Craig, good health.

  29. Get well soon Craig. I don;t always agree with your conclusions but you’re a man of great integrity and knowledge, and therefore always worth attending to.

  30. He dropped some great big spanners in the works and sauntered off on break.

  31. I’m assuming this is a clockworks repair and not some fix for a dicky foot.

    I’m also going to assume (and hope) that Craig will retain his vocal capabilities to dictate occasional rages against the machine for subsequent electronic transcription to this blog.

    Good luck, Craig. If you see a light, stay away from it, or ask someone to turn it off.

  32. Okay, so was Flight 214 sabotaged to take away attention from the Snowden debacle, and only failed to achieve its goal because of the special training and efforts by the crew?

    After all, according to Washington, Asians are always expendable when it comes to its goals.

  33. “Okay, so was Flight 214 sabotaged to take away attention from the Snowden debacle, and only failed to achieve its goal because of the special training and efforts by the crew?”

    No. Any further stupid questions, Tro?

  34. Good luck Craig. I hope you recover soon.

  35. All the best, Craig.

  36. Certainly reminds me when I took an AirChina flight from Beijing to JFK on a revamped 747 at the end of February, and the pilot somehow managed to make the runaway under very bad conditions. The plane just seemed to float around Jamaica Bay without any power, and all we Asians (except me) remained deadly silent while it was occurring.

    Noticed all the special preparation that officialdom had engaged in before takeoff, especially having a most senior, Western pilot taking command of a crew who had never met him before, and having yet another security check of all the passenger after going through the gate to make sure that no one, especially me, was not carrying some kind of explosive device in their hand luggage.

    To dismiss out of hand any explanation of what Washington’s thugs are up to these days is apparently just helping them along!

  37. Get well soon, Craig – you’re badly needed, and much appreciated.

  38. In the AirChina case, Washington hoped that it would make a serious miscalculation, leading to disaster, or an embarrassing climbdown by the Chinese carrier.

    Washington seems to have gotten HAARP going over Alaska, heating up the ionosphere that the plane had to go through, reducing airspeed by about 70 knots an hour, and making JFK the absolute limit of its range.

    Of course, the pilot could have diverted to some other airport but it would not be good publicity for the purchase of more such planes, what Washington does not want it to have because of the impact that AirChina would then have on international passenger travel.

    Then China’s Ministry of State Security thought that I might have some special message for it, and made attempts to meet me. A Thai woman made a special effort to sit next to me when I made the flight from Bangkok to Beijing, and then she was monitoring my actions by cellphone facilities set up in the airport during my long wait for the flight to JFK.

    The more usual event was yet the security check just before getting on the plane during which the head of the detail gave me a welcoming wave of the hand, apparently expecting me to come over and say something to him.

    I didn’t because I just strongly suspected that the USA was just going to pull another dirty trick on China, like the Pentagon-made earthquake in May 2008, but I didn’t have a clue of what it might be.

    It seems that it was a very good decision on my part as the crew must have worked its butts off, getting the 747 to JFK.

    The MoSS even had one of its couples sit next to me during the flight, hoping to provoke me to make some outburst or admission.

    When I was only most polite and helpful, they became more and more friendly.

    During the ordeal of making that landing, they wanted me to keep quiet about what was happening, and when the plane finally landed, we shook hands rather than engaged in high-fives.

    This time, it seems that Washington left nothing to Korean miscalculations.

  39. (Not the anon with shades at 2:31)
    But on the same subject

    Type Qualified Pilots on various forums already have a fair idea what happened. It involves pilot error and also potentially a sequence of events of input to flight computers which would have allowed the engines to idle down too far during landing. The crew, who may not have done a VFR approach for a very long time and didn’t seem to be doing a good job of it from the start, noticed their mistake too late.

    The airline has already said tellingly, there was no problem with the aircraft as far they are concerned.

    But we will probably know for sure soon enough. The fact that the plane continued to transmit real-time aircraft flight data as it crashed (and these were picked up by the web-based flight-trackers) means a lot of info is already in the public domain about this crash.

    But more Importantly, Craig – Get Well Soon

  40. Get well soon, Craig (my first post after three years of ‘lurking’).

  41. Same as Hassan I am a compulsory lurker on this blog ,my sentiments are the same get well soon ,

  42. All the best Craig.

    Hope to see you back – fighting fit and in customary shit-detector mood – as soon as you’re on your feet again.

  43. Tom Kennedy

    7 Jul, 2013 - 5:44 pm

    Best wishes for a speedy return to good health, Craig.

  44. Slàinte mhòr agad, Craig.

  45. Very best wishes for a speedy recovery. I hope you enjoyed the tennis.

  46. best wishes for a full repair job with long warranty.

  47. I see the odious fat slug Salmond and crony didn’t miss the opportunity for a staged unfurling of the Scottish flag in front of the cameras after Murray’s win. The pre-planned and hurried unfurling by the grinning slug was more akin to a schoolboy prank than the behaviour of a statesman.

  48. Arabest Craig, at least you have an amazing victory for Clan Murray today to cheer you up! :-)

  49. Craig, get well soon, the world needs you.

  50. You’ll be sorely missed Craig.

    Here’s best wishes to every cell involved. May they get to work on whatever healing and mending is required.

    And may you return to us once rested, full of life and bursting with fresh insights for us to argue about.

  51. Good luck

  52. “I’m off on the bike!” Jon.

    The white bike?

  53. @ The CE

    “After 77 years, Murray and England rule”

  54. technicolour

    7 Jul, 2013 - 8:39 pm

    well, all of the above x

  55. Hoping the repair job goes well, Craig! :-)

  56. Gute Besserung junger Mann. Best wishes from us all here in Rokelunda, hope you back on track soon.

  57. Leave off the cheese !

  58. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    7 Jul, 2013 - 10:03 pm

    And say no to any over-liberal application of the butter as well!

    Good luck and a speedy recovery.

  59. Really enjoyed Murder in Samarkand on Kindle.

    Be well soon Craig.

  60. Sorry to hear repairs are required, Craig. Can I add my voice to the chorus of Get Well Soons?

  61. Best Wishes for a full recovery Craig.

  62. Best wishes for Craig’s speedy recovery. I was following with interest his [mis] adventures with NHS and the healthcare industry. Found the whole delays inexcusable.

    Come back soon, Craig – the world still needs you!

    And don’t forget to make a brain copy…in less than 30-40 years we’ll probably be able to download…..

  63. BrianFujisan

    7 Jul, 2013 - 11:40 pm

    Get well soon Craig, and please take plenty of rest time, all the best

  64. Best of luck with the repairs, Craig!

  65. Get well soon… trust it wasn’t the strain of watching Andy this afternoon. Great result, but stressful till we got there….

  66. Best wishes Craig. Please post soon so we know how you’re getting on.

  67. And Craig, look after yourself well; you have to be better in time for the festival:

  68. Good luck, Craig – I hope this sorts things out.

    Clark – good to see you mate. I’ve been away for a bit myself, too… it’s been very far from an ideal year.

  69. My very best wishes to you and your family Craig.

    Be strong fella :.)

  70. Clark,

    Good to hear from ya,hope all is well..:.)

  71. Lili Putain

    8 Jul, 2013 - 3:43 am

    For happy thoughts to think while anesthesia comes on, or Laphroiag, or whatever: Who will be the next state to join the fight against US government crimes of aggression? Maybe an early victim of US crimes against privacy. Night night.

  72. Best wishes, Craig, from California USA. Sending you get well pixels.

  73. best wishes from another aussie, craig. hope u r back soon.

  74. straw44berry

    8 Jul, 2013 - 6:22 am

    Get well soon Craig

  75. Some good sites to visit in the meantime, just be aware of sayanese twins hifiving with their usual chicanery.

  76. Get well soon!

  77. willyrobinson

    8 Jul, 2013 - 8:56 am

    Get well soon, best wishes – w

  78. Get well soon Craig. Come back when your fit and ready for work.

    Good luck.
    Remember- family first!

    Your strengths and our weaknesses.

  79. Hypocrisy looms large this morning on Radio 4 today. Gushing over the Scotsman’s win, clearly misoginist in their adoration, when giving Ms. Bartoli no such platform.

    Queue some moments later, women debating the CoE synods plans to accept women bishops. They had to listen to schmalz about how fair and equal everything is.

    This is my letter to the today program. Still have had no answer to my emails to Clark, anybody heard?

    to whom it may concern

    Just to say that Britain is looking forward to hearing from Ms. Bartoli
    and her great win against Ms. Liesiki. Since you have been gushing about
    Scotsman Andy Murray, and saw fit to show us PM Mr. Cameron, twice in
    the last ten minutes of the game, just to give the newbie his hand up
    at the polls, how about putting you money were your mouth was and give
    some time to Ms. Bartoli?

    Then ten minutes later you began lecturing two women on equality, with
    great moral rectitude on the deliberations of the synod and how its up
    to them to decide whether women become bishops.

    fact is you are a clammed up, misogynist and unequal BBC, one that
    gushes about sporting men who consistently fails to give women the
    credit they deserve, much akin to the CoE Synod of sexually challenged
    old farts who are trying to stem the tide on women bishops.

    keep up the bias, you would not want to change old habits now, would you.


    PS: The British public is well aware of the appalling state of BBC HR,
    not just with the secretive Jimmy Saville cover up, but also with
    regards to Russell Joslin, his mental coaching and the sexual predation
    he experienced under BBC auspice, who was told about it many times and
    which could be accused of dereliction of duty. It is to be seen whether
    you have spent too much money on golden handshakes, or whether you have
    something left for the family of this poor man who was driven to suicide
    by your wretched organisation.

  80. Craig

    It can’t be too soon to have you back causing consternation to the enemies of justice and peace. But take the time you need (like Andy missing the French Open) to get back to full fighting fitness.

  81. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  82. A moments thought for the innocent, blameless living souls interned at Guantánamo Bay stockade.


  83. Orra best, Craig.

  84. Thanks Mark Golding. I watched that video. What has been and is being done due to actions of Jack Straw and others in my government makes me ashamed. Out of 779 people who have passed through Guantanamo Bay or are still there (that is 166) only 13 have ever been charged with a crime, and I know of only one who has been convicted. 9 men have died there and 15 children have been held there. They were wrongly imprisoned on information obtained by US spying technology. It is one of the reasons that I raised the epetition of which somebody has already experienced difficulties signing because of a warning message not to open the file

    If anybody else experiences difficulty can they please let me know. Thanks.

  85. Now the NTSB says that nothing can be ruled out in the SF airliner crash, especially the failure of the airplane’s equipment or that of the airport.

    This is after the FBI’s resident in charge had immediately said that it was not a terrorist act, and we were getting all kinds of false claims from anonymous sources, and ignorant, self-proclaimed experts.

    Hope you get well, Craig, before this mess is adequately explained.

  86. Petition signed without difficulty for me.
    Keep fighting the good fight, John.

  87. I wish you a speedy recovery, Craig. I read each of your posts as they put a refreshing perspective on the usual media that we get fed. It is apalling what goes on in our name and without us knowing.

  88. Trowbridge – 12:59 pm

    I posted some more info about that crash on the previous thread. Plus a video of the impact – although taken from some distance away.

  89. Thank you A Node. Only one has mentioned a problem. So it could be her settings.

  90. I wish you a rapid recovery.

  91. @ Chris / Fred

    Skip to ‘Enviro’mentalist’.

    “Norfolks maddest man.“

  92. Удачи! Выздоравливай поскорее, Craig.

  93. Flaming June

    8 Jul, 2013 - 2:48 pm

    Nevermind writes of the BBC’s sexism.

    Marion Bartoli also had to withstand sexist remarks about her looks from John Inverdale. He has now apologized. Her IQ of 175 has been referred to briefly.

    In all their Murray mania, the media hardly mention Virginia Wade winning the women’s championship in 1977.

  94. All the best Craig and family, and hope you will be well enough soon to be back with more vigour and vitality to kick the Illegitimi/Bastards around like never before.

  95. glenn_uk, nevermind and Jives, hello. I’m sorta stuck near Lampeter in Wales; I maintain operating systems for a couple of friends here. I came here after the solstice party at Stonehenge (it’s sad, police and private security are seemingly paid to refuse to have fun), thinking I’d visit for a couple of days, but first I got sick, and then I encountered problems when I tried to install the latest versions of Ubuntu and Debian on my friends’ PCs. Then today one friend’s hot water system sprung a leak, so now I’m doing emergency plumbing. I’d like to meet up with some of the Welsh contributors, but I’m working as fast as I can (which is partly why I haven’t checked my e-mail for over a week), and the people who are looking after my cat might not approve.

  96. Trowbridge,

    Highly possible scenario from professional pilots forums.

    Relatively inexperienced pilot on type is handling the landing (not Captain apparently). Came in slightly too high at first, selected FLCH (Flight Level Change) and corrected. Forget to un-select Flight Level Change after correction which left auto-thrust inhibited with result engines idled too low and plane slowed well below 137 knots where it should have been. Pilots did not initially notice speed dropping off (This seems totally inexcusable to most pilots given the conditions). Spotted at 7 seconds before impact and call made to increase power. No additional power initially applied. At 4 secs from impact stall warning shaker goes off. In the final seconds throttles are finally opened and engines begin to respond normally. At 1.5 secs call to go around as engines continue to spool up. Too late. Boom.

    That seems to be the majority opinion of those qualified on type (and who are willing to speculate) is after they watched the NTSB briefing.

    Confusion over the auto-thrust inhibition because they were mistakenly still in Flight Level Change Mode could have added to the confusion between a problem being recognised and corrective action taken.

  97. Would anyone like a cat? I said that she could stay with me after her keeper died as no other home was available. She’s slight, black, quite talkative (almost conversational), neutered, immunised, about twelve years old, and catches mice. She’s never bitten or scratched me.

    I shouldn’t leave people’s computer systems not working properly, but I can’t really fix software while there’s water dripping through the ceiling.

  98. Oh one final thing, Although ground-based auto-land systems were not available, the particular aircraft and runway were both certified for GPS only auto-land. (Don’t try this with your phone’s GPS as altitude is usually not accurate enough for several reasons!).

    GPS alone auto-land certification is relatively new I believe but that option was available to the crew as far as I can gather. Whether they didn’t trust it, couldn’t use it for some other reason or just intentionally came in for a manual landing as the preferred option will presumably be explained later.

    But it seems the plane was perfectly capable of landing itself despite all the ground systems down for upgrades.

  99. Western intervention in Egypt.

    Reports suggest Western/Saudi backed Qatari terrorists in support of the Muslim Brotherhood attempted an operation to subvert the peaceful demonstrations of ordinary Egyptians. The escalation of violence was achieved by firing on the Republican Guard in Cairo who retaliated by returning fire killing supporters of Mohammed Morsi.

    In response to this the Muslim Brotherhood called for an uprising(Divide and Rule? – Syria?).

  100. Hi Clark, somebody locally here has mentioned that they would like her as their cat was killed on the road.
    Their kids are missing the cat and would like another one.

    You can then carry on with you summer pursuits.

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