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344 thoughts on “We’re Not Dead Yet

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  • Komodo

    Villager…OK, it’s a tenuous connection, but I’ll use it to raise the subject of Prince Charles’ circumcision….

    Seems Queen Victoria believed she was descended from King David as well as a procession of robber despots, and instituted the practice of circumcision of male heirs – it used to be pretty routine for plebs in the C of E too. Yet another item of traditional pageantry which is no more than 200 years old, (though it may actually have started with George 1.)

    I’d imagine that a descendant of King David gets a prosemitic snip as a matter of course, regardless of being the head of an heretical sect. Only Charles’s kosher flaying seems to have been public, however.

    There is probably no connection with the data which suggests that circumcised men are less prone to STD’s, although the extramarital tendencies of the present and several former heirs to the throne might suggest a practical reason for trimming them.

    Prince Charles is expected to visit Israel within the next three years, according to a sub – under – flunkey at the Palace, and I am sure the morphology of his dick will be a matter of extreme interest to Netanyahu. Especially if the latter is looking for (more) highly classified military equipment.

  • nevermind

    @ Komodo. The incident in Norfolk, ending up with a man being beaten up and hospitalised with a heart attack, leaving his elderly mum scared and in fear what will happen next, was apparently caused by an over due parking fine being collected by bailiffs with police protection.

    A case for the lawyers from now on. This at a time when Norfolk police has to make 20% cuts and is suffering from an increased precept of only 1.985%, poor sods, somebody in that force is clearly not spending proportionally.

  • Villager

    Komodo, that circumcision stuff wrongly addressed — not my subject. Just pointing out, excuse the pun.

    Nice day at Level 3!

  • Komodo

    @Nevermind – Christ almighty. Thanks. I hope the lawyers make mincemeat of the various authorities/PFI shills involved. Not a peep about this in the local media, I looked for a long time.

  • Sofia Kibo Noh

    @Villager.10 08pm

    Re bringing resolution to 65years of Nabka, “…why don’t you tell us how?”

    Thanks for engaging at last on an issue.

    Well, we could start with working to uphold and strengthen international law.

    Then there’s The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

    Keeping the issue in the spotlight and all the diverse campaigning strategies can all play a part.

    The state of Israel has also contributed by destroying any credibility it ever had.

    And of course the IDF, by focusing it’s efforts on killing unarmed civilians, is no longer fit for purpose, as it showed the world last time it invaded Lebanon and came up against people with weapons.

    So I guess that should have it all sown up by lunch time.

    I’m off to enjoy the sunshine.

  • nevermind

    @Komodo, no its not Mr. Wagg, its off the radar, as you said.
    @dearest Sofia Kibo Noh
    you write:
    ‘Keeping the issue in the spotlight and all the diverse campaigning strategies can all play a part.’

    This approach by the EU seems to have had the desirable effect of waking up the Israeli cabinet. Bibi says that he now ‘questions Europe’s neutrality’.

    Well its time to commemorate Bibi’s near decade of non communications with the Palestinian side for what it is, the resolve of an ignorant, a racialist with fascist attitudes towards Palestinians, a wall builder who rather creates violence when he runs out of idea’s then to step aside and let more moderate forces shape Israel.

    His latest outburst should be enough to stop all their special trade agreements with the EU.

  • Komodo

    I’m thinking it would be worth keeping an eye open for Mr. Wagg, just the same, if nemesis has not already overtaken him. And very odd that the incident you described involved (presumably civilian) “bailiffs”.

    The Cory Greenwashing Environmental Trust in Britain, like the CEO of Cory Environmental (got the contract for the KL incinerator), Peter Gerstrom, is very active in the charity sector, doing stuff unfortunately necessitated by us all being in it together except the bankers, etc.

  • Komodo

    In addition to the huge taxpayer assistance via PFI that firms like Cory get, there’s always a multinational money sponge in the background. In this case, EISER. It’s probable that any hidden encouragement to councillors requiring incinerators can be found here, rather than in the waste company itself.

  • doug scorgie

    Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)
    17 Jul, 2013 – 6:41 am

    “My questioning of la pensée unique on this blog is compared to shouting fire in a crowded theatre (and should therefore be sanctioned)?”

    “This reveals a slightly exaggerated sense of importance about this blog and a more than slightly exaggerated sense of self-importance on the part of some of the Eminences, I think.”

    HB your use of yet another uncommon term (la pensee unique) reveals not only your desire to impress (presumably because you feel inadequate) but also your inability to understand the terms and their correct usage.

  • doug scorgie

    Flaming June
    17 Jul, 2013 – 10:33 am

    “Persecution of a young woman by Thames Valley Police.”
    “Private Eye In The Back: What Katie didn’t do”

    Mary thanks for that link; I must renew my Private Eye subscription.

    None of this comes as a surprise to me but most people in the UK, I suggest, would be sceptical about police wrongdoing (in this case or any other similar case).

    “She must have done something wrong” I hear them saying.

  • fedup

    “She must have done something wrong” I hear them saying.

    You bet, she did!

    She dated a fucking prick with plenty of attitude in a uniform .

    Although the question remains, how come a prick can wield such a power and along with his friends can rain crap on Jo Public without any let or hindrance, and pretty well free to do as they wish?

  • nevermind

    Thanks for that hint Komodo, so how come EISNER is allowed to undermine British prospects abroad?
    To not support APP gas plasma resource processes in our local authorities and let US companies with a record of environmental breaches and court adjudications as long as my arm, blackmail local authorities with economic decline, should their contract be rescinded, is outrageous.

    How come EISNER infrastructure partners are dissing British know how and APP’s ground breaking prospects all over the world?

    about as unpatriotic as buying an aircraft carrier from France.

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