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344 thoughts on “We’re Not Dead Yet

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  • Passerby

    Much to the chagrin of the plutocrats, oligarchs, and the coattail hangers thereof, you have made it and comeback. Glad to hear you are OK. Wish you a full recovery and good health.

  • Flaming June

    Excellent news Craig. You have been sorely missed.

    (btw in the replay of Murder in Samarkand on Radio 4 Extra, I was reminded that you had an injury to your calf muscle when you were in Tashkent. Hope that it never recurred.)

  • glenn_uk

    Excellent – hope you recover quickly and this treatment really does fix whatever the problem was.

  • Uzbek in the UK

    While you were away:

    It is reported that diplomatic immunity was removed from Gulnara Karimova by Uzbek Foreign Affairs Ministry. This is something that puzzled many as this would not have happen without authorisation from her father.

  • toffer99

    Oh good. I’d only just blundered in here and I was beginning to enjoy it in an indignant kind of way.

  • Komodo


    Her immunity comes with the job she’s just been removed from:

    I’d guess she was kicked out by / at the request of the UN, rather than her old man.

    Moral, perhaps – whoever else you rip off, don’t screw with Russians?

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Quite poor censoring, Jon, as Jemand said it allows him to delete posts as if he were you – something he has apparently done – not that he was just wishing to do so.

  • Jon

    Trowbridge, in retrospect I probably didn’t need to remove your comment, but it’s worth noting that Cracker Jemand was joking 🙂

    Good to have you back, Craig.

  • N_

    Glad to hear you are recovering well, Craig! 🙂

    Quick question: have you ever come across a state which runs a consulate at its own airport?

    That’s what Russia does at Sheremetevo airport in Moscow.

  • Kibo Noh

    A good day just got even better!

    Great to hear you’re on the way back to us Craig. I’ve missed your observations and can’t wait to see you posting again.

    But be sure to take it easy, let the healing take root and enjoy good company.

    No danger of us all falling silent in the meantime.

  • Villager

    What a stretch Trowbridge. If the pilots had been able to stretch even fractionally to yours, it would’ve been an ordinary smooth landing.
    Health is everything Craig. One takes it for granted until one becomes ill. But then in recovery a new inner intelligence of listening to one’s body can come into being. Stay well now.

    I’m starting my own new stage of a health-kick at 7am tomorrow. Famous last words.

  • soccer doc

    sorry to hear you havent been so well. You were certainly on good form at the Musselburgh meeting. Hope its one of many still to come.

  • Uzbek in the UK

    I am afraid this could be more serious than ‘not screwing Russians’. Gulnara has many powerful opponents inside Uzbekistan but they were dormant until quite recently. It is rumoured that Gulnara and her father have different views on succession (of her father). She wants to be become next on his throne whereas he (quite rightfully) understands that her power comes with his presidency and on her own she will face many challenges and will ultimately fail to preserve balance of power in clan politics.

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