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847 thoughts on “Blog Down

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  • Marlin

    Best wishes for Craig’s speedy recovery. I was following with interest his [mis] adventures with NHS and the healthcare industry. Found the whole delays inexcusable.

    Come back soon, Craig – the world still needs you!

    And don’t forget to make a brain copy…in less than 30-40 years we’ll probably be able to download…..

  • BrianFujisan

    Get well soon Craig, and please take plenty of rest time, all the best

  • DACN

    Get well soon… trust it wasn’t the strain of watching Andy this afternoon. Great result, but stressful till we got there….

  • glenn_uk

    Good luck, Craig – I hope this sorts things out.

    Clark – good to see you mate. I’ve been away for a bit myself, too… it’s been very far from an ideal year.

  • Lili Putain

    For happy thoughts to think while anesthesia comes on, or Laphroiag, or whatever: Who will be the next state to join the fight against US government crimes of aggression? Maybe an early victim of US crimes against privacy. Night night.

  • Jay

    Get well soon Craig. Come back when your fit and ready for work.

    Good luck.
    Remember- family first!

    Your strengths and our weaknesses.

  • nevermind

    Hypocrisy looms large this morning on Radio 4 today. Gushing over the Scotsman’s win, clearly misoginist in their adoration, when giving Ms. Bartoli no such platform.

    Queue some moments later, women debating the CoE synods plans to accept women bishops. They had to listen to schmalz about how fair and equal everything is.

    This is my letter to the today program. Still have had no answer to my emails to Clark, anybody heard?

    to whom it may concern

    Just to say that Britain is looking forward to hearing from Ms. Bartoli
    and her great win against Ms. Liesiki. Since you have been gushing about
    Scotsman Andy Murray, and saw fit to show us PM Mr. Cameron, twice in
    the last ten minutes of the game, just to give the newbie his hand up
    at the polls, how about putting you money were your mouth was and give
    some time to Ms. Bartoli?

    Then ten minutes later you began lecturing two women on equality, with
    great moral rectitude on the deliberations of the synod and how its up
    to them to decide whether women become bishops.

    fact is you are a clammed up, misogynist and unequal BBC, one that
    gushes about sporting men who consistently fails to give women the
    credit they deserve, much akin to the CoE Synod of sexually challenged
    old farts who are trying to stem the tide on women bishops.

    keep up the bias, you would not want to change old habits now, would you.


    PS: The British public is well aware of the appalling state of BBC HR,
    not just with the secretive Jimmy Saville cover up, but also with
    regards to Russell Joslin, his mental coaching and the sexual predation
    he experienced under BBC auspice, who was told about it many times and
    which could be accused of dereliction of duty. It is to be seen whether
    you have spent too much money on golden handshakes, or whether you have
    something left for the family of this poor man who was driven to suicide
    by your wretched organisation.

  • Iain Orr


    It can’t be too soon to have you back causing consternation to the enemies of justice and peace. But take the time you need (like Andy missing the French Open) to get back to full fighting fitness.

  • John Goss

    Thanks Mark Golding. I watched that video. What has been and is being done due to actions of Jack Straw and others in my government makes me ashamed. Out of 779 people who have passed through Guantanamo Bay or are still there (that is 166) only 13 have ever been charged with a crime, and I know of only one who has been convicted. 9 men have died there and 15 children have been held there. They were wrongly imprisoned on information obtained by US spying technology. It is one of the reasons that I raised the epetition of which somebody has already experienced difficulties signing because of a warning message not to open the file

    If anybody else experiences difficulty can they please let me know. Thanks.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Now the NTSB says that nothing can be ruled out in the SF airliner crash, especially the failure of the airplane’s equipment or that of the airport.

    This is after the FBI’s resident in charge had immediately said that it was not a terrorist act, and we were getting all kinds of false claims from anonymous sources, and ignorant, self-proclaimed experts.

    Hope you get well, Craig, before this mess is adequately explained.

  • A Node

    Petition signed without difficulty for me.
    Keep fighting the good fight, John.

  • Stephen C

    I wish you a speedy recovery, Craig. I read each of your posts as they put a refreshing perspective on the usual media that we get fed. It is apalling what goes on in our name and without us knowing.

  • Dreoilin

    Trowbridge – 12:59 pm

    I posted some more info about that crash on the previous thread. Plus a video of the impact – although taken from some distance away.

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