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The GCHQ listening post on Mount Troodos in Cyprus is arguably the most valued asset which the UK contributes to UK/US intelligence cooperation.  The communications intercept agencies, GCHQ in the UK and NSA in the US, share all their intelligence reports (as do the CIA and MI6).  Troodos is valued enormously by the NSA.  It monitors all radio, satellite and microwave traffic across the Middle East, ranging from Egypt and Eastern Libya right through to the Caucasus.  Even almost all landline telephone communication in this region is routed through microwave links at some stage, picked up on Troodos.

Troodos is highly effective – the jewel in the crown of British intelligence.  Its capacity and efficiency, as well as its reach, is staggering.  The US do not have their own comparable facility for the Middle East.  I should state that I have actually been inside all of this facility and been fully briefed on its operations and capabilities, while I was head of the FCO Cyprus Section in the early 1990s.  This is fact, not speculation.

It is therefore very strange, to say the least, that John Kerry claims to have access to communications intercepts of Syrian military and officials organising chemical weapons attacks, which intercepts were not available to the British Joint Intelligence Committee.

On one level the explanation is simple.  The intercept evidence was provided to the USA by Mossad, according to my own well  placed source in the Washington intelligence community.  Intelligence provided by a third party is not automatically shared with the UK, and indeed Israel specifies it should not be.

But the inescapable question is this.  Mossad have nothing comparable to the Troodos operation.  The reported content of the conversations fits exactly with key tasking for Troodos, and would have tripped all the triggers.  How can Troodos have missed this if Mossad got it?  The only remote possibility is that all the conversations went on a purely landline route, on which Mossad have a physical wire tap, but that is very unlikely in a number of ways – not least nowadays the purely landline route.

Israel has repeatedly been involved in the Syrian civil war, carrying out a number of illegal bombings and missile strikes over many months.  This absolutely illegal activity by Israel- which has killed a great many civilians, including children – has brought no condemnation at all from the West.  Israel has now provided “intelligence” to the United States designed to allow the United States to join in with Israel’s bombing and missile campaign.

The answer to the Troodos Conundrum is simple.  Troodos did not pick up the intercepts because they do not exist.  Mossad fabricated them.  John Kerry’s “evidence” is the shabbiest of tricks.  More children may now be blown to pieces by massive American missile blasts.  It is nothing to do with humanitarian intervention.  It is, yet again, the USA acting at the behest of Israel.



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433 thoughts on “The Troodos Conundrum

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  • Rehmat

    @Suhayl Saadi

    Crypto Jew are those who converted to Christianity or Islam or Hinduism – but maintained their loyalty to Zionism. Take for example, John Kerry’s grandparents were Jewish, but his father converted to Christianity – then John Kerry married a millionair Jewish woman. Same way, former French president, Sarkozy’s mother was Jewish but father Catholic. Sarkozy claimed to be Catholic but worked for Israeli Mossad. The current French president Hollande is a non-practicing Jew and his live-in partner and mother of his four children is Jewish.

    Now, you call the above “a Muslim conspiracy theory” – but Israeli author and rabid Zionist Jew, Barry Chamish, in an interview last year, admitted that Israel and American Zionists were behind 9/11 terrorist attacks.

    I will leave it to the self-denials to decide who is lying to whom.

  • Jemand

    Trowbridge, I guess we could say that there have been three advanced attempts to kill you but that there were other plans/plots that hadn’t reached an advanced stage due perhaps to lack of opportunity.

    Sorry for so many questions.

    How many plots to kill you do you know of and how many do you suspect but don’t have enough evidence to be certain?

    And have you ever been targetted by non-Western spooks?

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Rehmat, you realise that the logic which you’ve just applied is precisely that which was applied to the descendents of Jews and Muslims by the Spanish Inquisition? Indeed, white supremacists talk about Muslims being able to ‘conceal’ their faith or things in it and see us all as a 5th Column. Surely, rather than talk about ‘crypto-this’ and ‘crypto-that’, it would be better simply to call them Zionists – and they mostly, would be likely to agree, they are proud of being avid Zionists – and to look at their actions. There are plenty of people with no Jewish heritage who also are avid Zionists and plenty of Jewish people who do not agree with what is happening. I used Noam Chomsky as an example, but he is far from being alone.

    Also, if you want to analyse eastern European or French familial heritage, you begin to enter territory that is dangerously close to that occupied by the Nazis (Jewish, anywhere to the third generation meant the gas chamber, etc.). There are millions of people in Europe with such heritage.

    I never used the term, “Muslim conspiracy theory”, you did. But I think it is a trap and it is emblematic of a dynamic in which European Anti-Semitism has fused with the (very different, and generally, historically, relatively less dangerous) traditional prejudices extant across the ‘Greater Middle East’ to form a very toxic brew indeed.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Thought I had answered your questions in yesterday’s 8:55 PM post, plus, of course, the one I have already mentioned about the USA’s spooks trying to kill me In July when I raised the issues of them having killed John Wheeler when he attempted to blow the whistle on their planning to poison gas on the Iranians back in December 2010.

    I know of no plots by non’Western covert services trying to kill me, though the Iranians had good reason to want to, and I gave them a few good opportunities to do so. They could have wanted to kill me for saying that they killed Wheeler, but they just knew that I was following the claims that John Shiffman had made in The Philadelphia Inquirer about ICE’s entrapping and rendering Iranian arms dealers.

    Earlier, the Iranians could have fatally compromised me when ‘Jihad Jane’ aka Colleen LaRose tried to fit me up as her lover/assassin of Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks., but they did nothing to help her.

    The Americans are the only ones who are eager to neutralize me.

  • Geoff Quartermaine Bastin

    Once again Craig Murray is on the right side of this argument. For those that don’t know he was the only British Ambassador (in Uzbekistan) who has ever stood up for human rights – and been excoriated for it by his colleagues. Well done, Sir. I wrote to you some years ago after my own experiences in Tashkent and will be delighted to follow you in what you say on Syria.

    For what it is worth, when a crime is committed you have to look at who gains. Motive. Any fool can see the Assad regime (ghastly as it is) does not. AQ and the Sunni fundamentalists obviously will gain if the Assad military is degraded. QED. Someone faked this attack and the USG is only too happy to go along with it. Why? Dear friends, as a veteran of Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan I KNOW how much money has been made out of these conflicts for the expenditure of taxpayers money and the lives of the poor and ignorant. Motive? Follow the Almighty Dollar.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Still don’t understand the continuing claims by the Anglo-Americans – what PM Cameron has now piped up about from alleged tests of blood and hair samples of victims – that sarin gas was used, and only Assad’s regime could have done.

    All the symptoms from victims I have read about indicate that their bodies were likely smothered rather than raced to death – what indicates phosgene rather than sarin was used.

    Then all the Western powers, especially the USA, could have sprayed the area with either poison gas where the only evidence claimed of how it was delivered is spent shells and missiles which could have arrived anytime during the conflict.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Still cannot understand while Britain takes such offense for behaving like what Putin claims rather than wondering why he and the vast majority of world leaders are not in favor of going mindlessly into another war.

    Could it be that he knows far more than what he says, and if he revealed it – like who really caused the attacks, what was used, and why Washington and Britain are lying so crazily – it would only make matters worse?

  • Parky

    Trowbridge H Ford, your accounts make for interesting reading, but I am at a loss to understand how all these professionally trained hit-men failed time and time again to get their man, this never happens with James Bond, is this good luck or guile.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    It’s much more than just good luck or guile.

    James Bonds never deal with loyal, informed citizens or leakesr. They just deal generally with violent, totally unprincipled agents of some brutal regime who deserve to be killed or outwitted by any means.

    I attribute my survival to my enemies, wanting to make my murder look like a natural one, an accident, or a suicide which they had no role in – what reduced the means of killing me to much more subtle means which reduced the chances of success greatly.

    They just couldn’t put a bomb under my car, gun me down in some back alley, or even poison me in a most obvious way.

    The last was well illustrated when Ivan Romanov went out of his way to take me to his safe house where he most carefully prepared the lethal agent, did everything he could to hide that I had been there, and then most carefully took the poisoned libation away so that when I died, the police would find no evidence there.

    That left my killers with hoping that some surprise or minute portions of poison, like what happened in Portugal, would ultimately kill me before I stopped being their guinea pig – what they even went to the length of promoting my suicide by having Joao MacDonald, a reporter for Ja, a weekly left-wing magazine, make a big deal about an article he was writing about my ideas regarding the JFK conspiracy, even coming to my villa with a photographer and taking all kinds of photos – what only resulted a short trashing of my threes without a picture in site.

    They hoped that I, then living alone, would just end it all for being so put down.

    In short, I would say that my survival was the result of the ways my enemies had to resort to, my great physical and mental strength, the friends, relatives and animals I lived with, or knew, luck, getting a sense of what was afoot before it killed me, etc.

    Hope this helps you understand my survival.

  • Paul Barbara

    I’ve emailed Craig, but in case he misses it:
    This is extremely important information: it needs to go viral to all Groups and Individuals campaigning against a Western bombardment of Syria:
    (Check out the quality of the signatories!!!):

    Obama Warned on Syrian Intel:
    Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity:

    ‘Secretary of State John Kerry departs for a Sept. 6 trip to Europe where he plans to meet with officials to discuss the Syrian crisis and other issues. (State Department photo)
    MEMORANDUM FOR: The President
    FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)
    SUBJECT: Is Syria a Trap?
    Precedence: IMMEDIATE…..

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