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There is no obvious reason why the Western powers should care whether it was the friends or the family of Mohammed which took over the leadership of his movement upon his death.  However there is plainly an agenda led by the USA to support the Sunnis in their spiralling regional conflict with the Shia.

This is not hard to rationalise.  The ultra wealthy members of the Gulf regimes continue to act as the West’s proxies in the region and provide  harbour to its neo-imperialist armed forces, while at the same time maintaining themselves a obscurantist version of Islam which would have horrified Mohammed and breaks virtually every precept of the Koran, particularly as regards treatment of women and of minority religions within their territory.

In Bahrain the large Shia majority is brutally repressed with active western collusion; in Saudi Arabia the Shia minority in the East is degraded.  Iran is the great Shia bogey, and the West is so determined to maintain it as “the enemy” that they refuse the most basic diplomatic openings.  The UK turned down an invitation to be represented at the inauguration of a new more moderate President and hold initial conversations.  Meanwhile, Shia groups have mustered the only effective military resistance to Israeli aggression, and in Syria a Shia friendly regime is under intense pressure from the West and its Gulf allies.  Peculiarly, in Iraq Western invasion resulted in the installation of a Shia regime, but that was only one of the entirely unforeseen consequences of that most stupid of invasions, and the Western response is to try to split up the country and fuel multiple insurgencies.

Meantime the CIA have now got a controlled and pro-Israeli military dictatorship back in power in Egypt, while the extraordinary complicity of the mainstream media and entire political class in the United States has never been more evident than in the acceptance that the military coup will not be designated a military coup.  The manipulation of Western public opinion in the Syrian chemical weapons episode has, rarely, been too blatant to work.  But events in Turkey and Egypt have shown that western public opinion is easily manipulated by the “secularist” angle.  No matter how ugly political forces are – and in Turkey the Kemalists are very ugly – call them “secularist” and hide the rest, and you can attempt to topple elected governments in their favour with the full throated support of the media cheerleaders.

Last night’s vote in the Commons is welcome, but a blip.  It owes more to political tribalism than to principle.  Miliband and New Labour did not oppose military action, they merely wanted to be seen to be dictating the terms.  As neither Tories nor Labour were prepared to accept the other’s terms for military action, the anti war minority could combine with the tribalists of each to make sure everything got defeated.  Good but fortuitous.

The media are still in full war cry.  Ashdown has never been so ashamed, apparently.  He is not ashamed by extraordinary rendition and our torturing people.  He is not ashamed of our responsibility for the death of hundreds of thousands in Iraq, with 2,000 people a day still meeting terrible deaths.  He is ashamed that we don’t respond to the deaths of children by chemical weapons, we don’t really know at whose hands, by blasting to pieces a lot more children.  Well, Paddy, you are a merciless fool who thinks a spiral of death is the answer, and I have never been more ashamed that I was for most of my adult life a member of the Liberal Democrats.

Ashdown did say bitterly that there was now no point in having such large armed forces.  Hallelujah!  The danger to the establishment that people might realise that spending more on weapons systems than on hospitals is a poor choice, is one reason this is not over.  Much is at stake for the security state.  Expect a mounting barrage of propaganda on the need for action in Syria.  This is just the start.



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  • Dreoilin

    U.S. spy agencies mounted 231 offensive cyber-operations in 2011, documents show
    30 Aug 2013

    U.S. intelligence services carried out 231 offensive cyber-operations in 2011, the leading edge of a clandestine campaign that embraces the Internet as a theater of spying, sabotage and war, according to top-secret documents obtained by The Washington Post.

    That disclosure, in a classified intelligence budget provided by NSA leaker Edward Snowden, provides new evidence that the Obama administration’s growing ranks of cyberwarriors infiltrate and disrupt foreign computer networks.

    Additionally, under an extensive effort code-named GENIE, U.S. computer specialists break into foreign networks so that they can be put under surreptitious U.S. control. Budget documents say the $652 million project has placed “covert implants,” sophisticated malware transmitted from far away, in computers, routers and firewalls on tens of thousands of machines every year, with plans to expand those numbers into the millions.

    The documents provided by Snowden and interviews with former U.S. officials describe a campaign of computer intrusions that is far broader and more aggressive than previously understood. The Obama administration treats all such cyber-operations as clandestine and declines to acknowledge them.

  • Jon

    Thanks to various folks who asked for a comment from yesterday to be looked at. It wasn’t Habbabkuk, so I’ve removed it.

  • Donald

    ‘ iran/iraq/syria/lebanon so-called “islamic pipeline” ‘

    The Islamic pipline that will terminate in Haifa, before transiting accross the Med to Europe. Israel plans to control Europe via the spigot, just as Russia has been doing. This is why Israel has been materially supporting Saudi/Qatar (the oil producers) funded Islamists – they’r trying to become an energy ‘super-power’. If you doubt this look at similar pipeline projects, eg Mosul-Haifa etc. etc.

  • oddie

    well, here’s a little back-tracking:

    Irish Times: Seamus Martin: Russia says it is working on preventing attacks as it supplies weaponry to Syria
    As Britain shies away from military action, Russia’s anti-US rhetoric is growing
    In a further boost to its support of President Bashar al-Assad, Russia has announced it is continuing to supply weaponry to Syrian government forces.
    Yuri Ushakov, an aide to President Vladimir Putin, confirmed in a statement to the state-owned Itar-Tass news agency that the supplies were continuing…
    “We are supplying weaponry in line with effective contracts,” he told the agency. “That’s normal practice and it does not run counter to any international regulations.” Syria has already received four S-300 air defence missile systems which could be used to counter US cruise missile strikes.
    Ushakov refused to comment on reports that the Assad government had yesterday begun to pay for Russian arms supplies.
    He said Russia was still working to prevent any attack on Syria but Moscow’s influence on the situation was extremely limited when one considered that even the British parliament’s refusal to back military action did not appear to have shaken American resolve..
    Up to now, the official criticism has been directed at “the West” but Britain’s absence from the scenario could lead to a heightening of anti-American rhetoric, which has been a feature in recent times…
    An American strike on Syria could lead to an even stronger reaction.

    BBC: Frank Gardner: Russia’s Vladimir Putin challenges US on Syria claims
    Speaking to journalists in the Russian far-eastern city of Vladivostok, Mr Putin urged Mr Obama – as a Nobel Peace Prize laureate – to think about future victims in Syria before using force.
    He said it was ridiculous to suggest the Syrian government was to blame for the attack.
    “Syrian government troops are on the offensive and have surrounded the opposition in several regions,” he said.
    “In these conditions, to give a trump card to those who are calling for a military intervention is utter nonsense.”
    “So I’m convinced that is nothing more than a provocation by those who want to drag other countries into the Syrian conflict.”
    Meanwhile in France – seen as the main US ally since the UK vote – an opinion poll suggested that 64% opposed the use of force.
    Neither France nor the US needs parliamentary approval for military action.

    Gardner doesn’t give the French percentage in favour, but this is an earlier poll it would seem – u can check the figures:

    AFP: Majority of French oppose Syria intervention
    Earlier in the day the frigate Chevalier Paul left the port of Toulon in the south of France bound for Syria on Thursday, according to the French online news site Le Point…
    The anti-aircraft warship, believed to be the most modern in the French Navy fleet, could be used to protect allied bombers in the case the US, UK and France – the three countries pushing for military intervention – decide to launch air strikes against Assad…
    French government spokeswoman Najat Vallaud-Belkacem: The aim of military action “will not simply be to punish the Syrian regime and prevent it from carrying out a new attack of this type … but also to seek a way out of this crisis.”
    “It’s extremely important for the international community if it intervenes to do so in a manner that the country can recover.”

  • Dreoilin

    “Thanks to various folks who asked for a comment from yesterday to be looked at. It wasn’t Habbabkuk, so I’ve removed it.”

    Glad to hear it.

    And Jon, surely you should have at least the weekends off!? I’m very conscious that what you do is voluntary …

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    Re the hate comment :

    “Thanks to various folks who asked for a comment from yesterday to be looked at.”

    Various people including myself, you might have added.

    “It wasn’t Habbabkuk, so I’ve removed it.

    Were you able to find out who it was? A regular on here?

  • oddie

    Donald –

    re Haifa, u’ve reminded me of this:

    14 May – Israel Today: Russian warship docks in Israel for first time
    For the first time since the establishment of the State of Israel, a Russian warship docked at the port city of Haifa earlier this month. The “Azov” of Russian’s Black Sea Fleet came to Israel at the request of the Association of Russian War Veterans to help celebrate the anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany…
    However, there was another even more important, even historical, reason for the visit – with the looming collapse of the Assad regime in Syria, Russia is on the lookout for new Middle East alliances…
    Recent reports are that Moscow is searching for a new Mediterranean seaport to maintain strategic balance in the region. Russian delegations have reportedly examined Egypt and Algeria.
    But Israeli officials say that the Arab Spring has changed Russia’s view of Israel, and Moscow now understands that in this volatile and unpredictable region, the Jewish state is an anchor of stability…
    The Russians very loudly publicized the Azov’s visit to Israel, and their decision to mark the victory over the Nazis together with Jewish veterans. “Russia is proud of its connection to this historical event, and wants to remind everyone that we fought on the right side,” read a statement from the Russians. “There is something to be understood from this for the contemporary Middle East. Where we decided to make anchor is a clear statement, both to the Israelis and the entire region.”
    There was a general understanding that the Azov’s visit was not a one-time event, and that other Russian warships would come calling in the near future. Israelis officials did not deny that they are open to further cooperation with Moscow.

  • karel


    if it was not halibabacus himself to post that nonsense in his name, he must have instructed and perhaps paid someone to do it, so that he would emerge from this scam as a white knight hated by the amalekites of this blog. Only a fool would believe that someone unconcerned would try to smear this pitiful hasbara clown halibabacus, to ruin his impeccable reputation, I presume .

    To immunise this blog against the attacks of the slightly derranged resident onans and halibabaci, I have just decided to found “The Worshipful Company of the Amalek”. Anyone interested in the noble aims of this venture is invited to join this elite group.

  • oddie

    BBC gets increasingly more hysterical…

    Syria crisis: Obama delay could ’embolden’ Assad says Opposition…

    forgive me…when i saw this Jeremy Bowen summary, i thought he was talking about the Western Media pushing an atmosphere of war! how wrong i was to take a single word they say seriously:

    Syria crisis: Media ‘not reporting’ Obama decision
    The BBC’s Jeremy Bowen, one of the few international journalists in Damascus, said the official media is not reporting the decision and pushing an atmosphere of war…

  • doug scorgie

    31 Aug, 2013 – 5:08 am

    “Ive already heard a few Labour supporters declare their respect for his willingness to go to the vote,potentially damaging as it was,and abide by the decision.These people are intrepreting it as Cameron’s respecting of democratic process.”

    “Interesting times eh?”

    No, not interesting times Jives just the same old same old.

    The Commons vote is non-binding on the government and cannot be described as a “democratic process”. Its bullshit.

    Cameron will approve military action when the “time is right”.

    I’m surprised you can be so naïve.

    As Mark Golding said earlier:

    “Regardless of a vote in Parliament, Britain’s SAS are deployed to Syria from Cyprus. British submarine HMS Tireless is in the East Med/Gulf and at state 1 condition yankee – wartime readiness.”

  • Jives

    Doug Scorgie,above.

    I understand Doug but do read my post clearly.

    I didnt say these were my opines,merely a few Labour supporters id heard speak.

    Further,i understand perfectly the same old same old.Im certainly not naive Doug and when i say interesting times..well…times are always interesting innit? .:.)

    Best regards Doug.

  • Komodo


    Well, well, well…

    There was a general understanding that the Azov’s visit was not a one-time event, and that other Russian warships would come calling in the near future. Israelis officials did not deny that they are open to further cooperation with Moscow.

    Oh, the bitter, risible irony if Israel became Russian sphere-of-influence, after all the US taxpayer has done for it! Mind you, to some extent it already is –

  • rick jarvis

    Would you not agree Craig that in US and UK terms the ‘thin red line’ on the use of chemical weapons is a crafted diplomatic pretext to intervene in Syrian conflict on the side of regime change should the situation demand or the opportunity arise!The imperative to control and manipulate events, situations and create opportunities to do so is endemic in the mindset of the Western Security states and its governing plutocrats. To even imagine that in the quickening spiral of death and destruction in Syria wrought by the immoral platitudes of Western leaders no effort or treasure is expended to engineer the crossing of this “Rubicon” would be absurd!So we have it lies now and forevermore!

  • Macky

    The new Eygpt, more “unreasonable” than Israel !

    “Having barred all legal trade with Gaza, an effort to punish the Hamas government in the strip for being friendly with the ousted, elected government of Egypt, the junta now seems determined to cut off all extra-legal trade as well, fueling a growing crisis in the strip and forcing Gazans to turn to Israel as the less-unreasonable neighbor.”

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