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566 thoughts on “A Good Idea

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  • Sofia Kibo Noh

    Bloody Grownups!

    The clocks go back an hour and you all, Eminences and Excresances to a man and woman stay in bed and sulk. What kind of example is that to impressionable innocents like me?

    When you’re up Dad. No time to waste. Buy Dollars now.

    Also, good news from Iceland,

  • Peacewisher

    I was fairly unaware of how Yugoslavia died as a country. All the recent debate about Kosovo, and an enforced time at home due to a nasty virus gave me an opportunity to catch up. The BBC did an excellent series of documentaries entitled “The Death of Yugoslavia”, which has enlightened me. Milosevic seized power in Yugoslavia. He saw some Serb Radicals in Kosovo as useful idiots who would serve his cause of a Greater Serbia. He was uncompromising to the needs of Slovenia, which allowed them to break away, probably with EU encouragement. His talk of Serbian Nationalism scared Croatia, which elected their own Far Right Nationalist regional President, complete with Nazi-like insignias. The die was cast, and the war was very bloody…

    I’m sure that some EU people will have seen a parallel with Ukraine, particularly with the growth of the Far Right in Kiev and the West. Lord Carrington, at The Hague, had an excellent plan for separate republics within Yugoslavia in 1991 when Slovenia had seceded, which would probably have prevented bloodshed in Yugoslavia, but Milosevic would not accept it. Something similar is needed now in Ukraine, it seems, and there is no hopefully Milosevic figure to disrupt it. Some see Tony Blair as a hopeless sinner, but he could go some of the way to repairing his reputation if he used his skills of negotiation to bring peace and bring about a multistate or federalist solution to Ukraine. OK, I know its not going to happen, but if not Blair, then there must be someone respected on all sides… how about Gorbachov?

  • Ba'al Zevul (Hot enough for you?)

    -here because the topic’s Blair’s killing…here’s how the killing is made.

    And D. Miliband was apparently instrumental. Blair’s AGI takes a rakeoff from giving other peoples’ money to dodgy regimes aiming to sanitise their governance, often near oilfields.

    Heritage Foundation is critical of the deal. No surprise there: it’s a neocon thinktank, partly funded by big oil. Still, good to see it falling out with neocon Tony.

  • Resident Dissident

    “how about Gorbachov?”

    Great man that he is – he is truly detested by the Putinistas.

  • mike

    So Al Qaida, helped by NATO-member Turkey, have launched an attack on the town of Kessab in Latakia. Not quite Erdogan’s false flag (hello MSM!) but maybe a handy bit of electioneering from this delusional thug.

    Stay strong, Syria. Stay united. The dogs are all around you, but they’re getting tired of gnawing at you. Take one look at Libya and Iraq if you need reminding what’s at stake.

  • Ba'al Zevul (New Every Morning is the Love)

    More Blair, this time Cherie’s filling her designer boots –

    Omnia Strategy describes itself on its website as a “pioneering international law firm”, able to “tackle complex problems that require an innovative and multi-disciplinary approach”.

    Last year, it applied and received from the Solicitors Regulation Authority approval to operate as an “alternative business structure”, allowing Omnia, according to the Law Society, to “provide a wider range of services to clients” than a traditional law firm.

    The firm has hired Sofia Wellesley, the granddaughter of the Duke of Wellington and fiancée of James Blunt, the Old Harrovian and former army officer turned pop singer, to grow the business. Miss Wellesley is Omnia’s head of client relations and, according to well placed sources, has in recent months been helping Mrs Blair promote her African clients in London.

    ….“alternative business structure”…

    Love it. Evidently attached to the NGO teat, where Tony goes, Cheri will devise innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to the problem of obtaining money.

  • Jay

    II didn’t know mendacity was so liberal l in these crimes against humanity when the legality of these venturers legitimised by Cherie Blair et al are simply morally incomprehensible by the majority right minded people.
    Have faith old boy mindfulness and endearing qualities will succeed .
    Although the game being played suits only those cravenous sinners,

  • Ba'al Zevul (I Am The Egg Man)

    Blair again – apparently helping to stitch up the Muslim Brotherhood, while Cameron deploys UK assets to investigate someone else’s bomber bombing someone else’s people in someone else’s country. Good piece here:

    “Blair was in Egypt yesterday. Today we read:

    Sir Kim Darroch, the prime minister’s national security adviser, has already started work. A key role will be played by Sir John Sawers, the current chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), who served as UK ambassador to Egypt between 2001-03. Sawers, who had previously served as Tony Blair’s foreign affairs adviser in Downing Street, had strong contacts with the regime of the former president Hosni Mubarak.

    Makes sense. The team that brought us the illegal invasion of Iraq and one half of the War on Terror is backing more secular autocracy and looking at ways to implicate Islamists.

    This is an organisation that has been the target of persecution since its inception more than 80 years ago, that spent decades being rounded up and killed by successive western-backed military autocrats, that won multiple elections declared free and fair by the international community only to be forced underground by another military dictator. Its supporters have been massacred on the streets and its members rounded up and jailed without so much as a chance for the defence to step foot in court. After fleeing for their lives, MB partisans have fled Egypt.

    Yet these are the people under investigation for terrorist activity. I’m often accused of being pro-Brotherhood (I’m not, although I’m proudly anti-coup), but I cannot fathom how this is a) proportionate to events in Egypt and b) in keeping with the UK’s tradition of hosting foreign political dissidents, as MB members now are.”

  • Ba'al Zevul (I Am The Egg Man)

    Slightly earlier piece (above is dated Tuesday) accurately analysing Blair’s relationship with Sisi –

    It was, of course, utterly inevitable that Tony Blair would back Egypt’s new authoritarian leaders.

    After all, can you imagine Blair – our very own Lord Blair of Kut al-Amara – stepping forth to offer his courageous, unstinting support to a democratically elected President overthrown in a military coup d’état? Can you imagine him condemning a General – no, I forget, General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi has just been made a Field Marshal – whose men have gunned down 1,000 protesters since last summer and who has now put the elected President on trial for his life as a “terrorist”? Ye Gods, if such bravery burned within the heart of Lord Blair, we would all suffer immediate cardiac arrest.

    Recent events have only confirmed Fisk’s view. The Al-Jazeera journalists currently imprisoned by Sisi are still in jail. Bit more on them

    And the mass arrest and possible mass execution of political opponents continues:

    In total, over 1200 MB supporters, or people thought by a policeman to be so, have now appeared in front of a kangaroo court, and 583 have been sentenced to death.

    583. Makes even China’s annual record look a little inadequate. Blair supports this regime.

  • Mary

    Ba’al Can’t take much more on BLiar. Who or what is going to bring him and the rest of his pack down? There are no adequate words. Is there a God?

  • Ba'al Zevul ( My Name Is Legion And There's Quite A Lot Of You Too)

    I’m very much afraid there’s a lot more, Mary. I have not even touched on his spiritual life, but I am sure that when fate overtakes him, he will be schmoozing both God and Myself with offers of advice on governance. I am planning a new satanic palace for myself on the strength of the spiritual bounty he will bring me. On the other hand God will be severely disappointed if he wants to refurbish the clouds and pay the angels. He’s considering bringing back indulgences, I’m told.

    On the secular side, I see that Tony, as he will no doubt insist on being called after he has pitched, screaming, into the lowermost depths of my warmest welcoming pit, is advertising for chuggers…

    Nothing changes.

  • Peacewisher

    I’m sure there is a God, Mary… but it is not up to God. It is up to us. There is a great quote from one of the gospels that I can’t quite recall about giving unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and giving unto God…

    I have admired Tony Benn so much more since hearing his radio programme with the late Dr Antony Clare. He understood the Christian message. The Roman Empire did eventually fall, partly through internal corruption but also through people being unbelievably brave. We’ve already seen a number of examples of “citizens arrests”, and I’m sure that is just the beginning.

  • Mary

    Thanks Ba’al for the links and Peacewisher for your comment.

    I actually want an exterminating angel to deal with BLiar, his wife and their cabal.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Peace!)

    Further to the (surely untrue!)notion that C&T Blair International Offshore Inc’s charidee division is possibly less philanthropic than profitable, here’s Cherie again:

    Accenture also will provide pro-bono consulting services related to the development of training curricula and teaching videos and the program’s expansion into new regions.

    What nice people. Accenture’s speciality is, of course, outsourcing. Its clients are not the poor bloody infantry who will be taught by Cherie to do self-employed T-shirt sewing &c. The clients are people like Primark. And Accenture’s commitment to lowering operational costs is not limited to its clients. Formerly in Bermuda, it has relocated to take advantage of Ireland’s favourable (compared to the US) tax and corporate arrangements.

    An Accenture project, Brazil’s ‘Conexão’

    …” was established with a $1.1 million grant from the Accenture Foundations, has trained more than twenty-five thousand young Brazilians since 2007, approximately nine thousand of whom have entered the workforce and more than three hundred of whom have started or developed a business.”

    Unstated is whether they would have entered the workforce anyway, and what the workforce was. Maybe they got jobs here?

    What is a ‘delivery centre’? – 10 points for this. Clue: it’s nothing to do with parcels or childbirth.

    By the look of it, Accenture is taking the charity route to training cheap workforces for its own operations and hence providing a service for corporations. It punts astonishing sums of money worldwide on this, and the charidee bit makes it look less like a rapacious, exploitative, and wholly unnecessary middleman. That’s what I think, Cherie. I’d love to see your Cayman account.

  • Ba'al Zevul ( Happily Trollblocked)

    Oh, and (last year, 5 years after Tony accepted £80M from Pinchuk for his Feith (sic) Foundation…:

    The 10th Yalta Annual Meeting “Changing Ukraine in a Changing World: Factors of Success” will be taking place at the historic Livadia Palace in Yalta, Ukraine, from 19th to 22nd September, 2013. More than 250 leaders from politics, business, society and media representing 20 countries will discuss global challenges and their impact on Ukraine, Wider Europe and the world.

    Forewarned doesn’t seem to have been forearmed, does it? Note the sponsor.

    Poor Tony. Another magic project gone south. Still, y’know, he backed the dictator in Egypt, and that seems to be going ok.

  • Mary

    Can’t see any mention of Ms Nuland there!

    Did the puffed up William Jefferson Clinton and Antony Charles Lynton Blair choose Yalta because they see themselves as having the stature of those attending the original Yalta conference?

    God (again) help us all if Shillary gets the next presidency.

  • Peacewisher

    They are puffed up continually by the media, Mary, and after a while it seems that they actually believe it (!) I think we’ll soon have to add the current incumbent of the White House to the war criminals before long…. the lie about Iraq v Crimea was so off the scale that George W Bush would have been proud of it.

  • Mary

    Obomber was added to the list way back Peacewisher.

    Extrajudicial killing of humans by drone, etc etc

  • Ba'al Zevul(Former Contender)

    Mods – apologies for posting this twice, but I’d like people to see it.

    Looks like the deniability has run out for Tone.
    The claims against Mr Blair come as the US Senate voted this week to declassify a summary of a 6,300-page report into the CIA’s rendition programme in a move that legal experts say will put added pressure on the British government to come clean about its role.

    Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Democrat chairman of the committee that conducted the research, said the “shocking” report had “uncovered the facts” behind the secret programme and could be made public within 30 days following a security review by the White House and the CIA.

    As well as the continuing criminal investigation, the British government, MI6 and Mr Straw are being sued by Mr Belhadj. In an exclusive interview with The Telegraph this week, Mr Belhadj said he was determined to pursue the British government through the courts for an apology and the truth about what happened to him – and what senior figures such as Mr Blair knew about it.

    “When he was sitting in the tent with the dictator Gaddafi, I was facing torture at the hands of my own country’s [intelligence] services,” Mr Belhadj said by phone from Tripoli, referring to Mr Blair’s meeting with the Libyan leader in March 2004.

    Mr Blair has never confirmed what he knew about the rendition programme, but has argued that Libya played a vital role in the “war on terror”. Mr Belhadj’s case was thrown out last December by a High Court judge who acknowledged that he had a “well-founded claim”, but declined to hear it, citing British government legal arguments that it would seriously damage US-UK relations.

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