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  • Sofia Kibo Noh

    Ba’al Zevul (I Don’t Know if I can Keep This Up). 10 08am

    The Inquiry appears to have omitted to examine whether actions relating to the Iraq War involved criminal offences under UK law.

    I wonder if GG has considered it?

    He better have. Great to see this film is happening. A sound investment by all!

    Dr Andrew Watt .9 17am.

    I suggest that jail for life is a more appropriate outcome.

    Mary. 10 50 am

    As I have suggested for BLiar, a cell on a cold island with a loop playing of the screams of injured Iraqi children.

    Noisy Tappet. 11 13pm
    Personally, I’d suspend him by the goolies from a lamp-post on Tower Bridge rather than let him rot in jail at taxpayers’ expense.

    Seems our blood-soaked friend has got the creative juices flowing! I’d like to see him cleaning the toilets in Fallujah maternity hospital, for whatever remains of his miserable, useless life. That way he’ll get to see a tiny,but dreadful, part of the human tragedy he engineered and have to look into the eyes of his victims.

    Tony M. 1 58 pm

    Hope the film goes well, I’m could make myself available for any glamourous dashing scenes.

    Yes good luck and


  • Donald

    exposing Blair for the callous treacherous, money grabbing, morally weak, mass murderer that he is.

    Everybody knows that already. The film will be a safety valve.

    Look at Galloway’s record.

    – Mission to Saddam Hussein’s government after official British diplomats had pulled out

    – Formerly he did stuff behind the Iron Curtain that wasn’t suitable for British diplomats to do

    – His political party, Respect, helps keep British Muslims supporting British parliamentary-democratic illusions. And I don’t mean as opposed to violence. I mean as opposed to realising that the whole political system stinks and there is no point playing its game.

    – Some of the people around Galloway have had long records at, ahem, organisations such as the British Council and Amnesty International.

    Is the penny dropping yet?

    Yes, sure, Blair is a war criminal.

    Politicians don’t run the show. I’m not saying that’s any mitigation. It’s not. Yes, he should be tried at the Hague and sentenced to life imprisonment with forfeiture of all his many millions of quid worth of assets. I’m saying that thinking that creeps like Blair run the state is ridiculous.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Just A Y'Know, ordinary Sorta Guy)

    ‘The film will be a safety valve.’

    ‘His political party, Respect, helps keep British Muslims supporting British parliamentary-democratic illusions. And I don’t mean as opposed to violence. I mean as opposed to realising that the whole political system stinks and there is no point playing its game.’

    Much in that. I really recommend you watch “The Trap” -from end to end if you can, but certainly Part 3. Reagan’s (Huntington’s) democracy lite: give the people the vote, but make sure nothing else changes….

  • Ba'al Zevul (Just A Y'Know, ordinary Sorta Guy)

    ‘A sound investment by all!’

    I’ll endorse that when I see it, maybe. I don’t think your Dad is being entirely unfair for once. GG’s politically naif, and dishonesty is a word that has been mentioned in that connection. Sorry…but. Will even the fullest exposure of Blair’s activities resonate enough to get anything done about it? Or will we just get another interminable enquiry under a safe pair of hands?

  • mark golding

    The proof is a click away in the handle up and to the left. Created in 2004 with the help of DoctorsforIraq the links are now granular, decayed or removed by culpable uneasiness; the images nonetheless go on, frozen on our event horizon while the survivors, the children of Iraq who endured that terrible massacre eleven years to this day, are now of age, determined with just a little help to conquer the scars of their loss, the hurt of their mental and physical pain and the memories buried deep within their hearts.


  • Juteman

    I remember the gorgeous one from his days on the GMC of the Labour party in Dundee.
    I better stop now, as i’m poor.


    Just to mention that about 2 weeks ago on RADIO 4 the lawyer husband of Melanie Phillips on LAW IN ACTION plugged an item about ARREST TONY BLAIR but the programme when broadcast proved to be a reactionary wash-out. Very disappointing. I wonder if it was put together purposely as a put down to those hoping that Blair will one day be held to account.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) a!

    Anyway, enough of Macky and let’s think of something pleasant and inspiring for a change! Here are threes bits of news I gleaned from the media during the day and they are bit of news which can only be welcomed by every right-minded and normal person. They are all from the world of medicine and healthcare, seen broadly.

    1/. British govt about the make a vaccination for meningitis B available under the National Health Service; many will in future be protected from this killer disease as from their youngest years. Britain is the first country in the world to offer this vaccination as a part of its state health provision and it is, if course, free.

    Habbabkuk says : Conservatives care for health and the NHS. NHS in good shape.

    2/. Two adults – one of whom is a medical doctor! – are to be prosecuted in Britain for the offence of facilitating and encouraging the beastly practice of female genital mutilation. Although FGM has been illegal for years, and the practice is believed to be widespread, this is the first time that the DPP has authorised a prosecution for this offence.

    Habbabkuk says : this shows many encouraging things, first and foremost that the authorities have the welfare of the entire population at heart, in particular that of young Moslem girls who are the principal if not exclusive victims in the UK of this beastly practice. Conservatives care and will not let political correctness stand in the way of the rights of girls and women.

    3/. Govt statistics just released apparently reveal that the number of people in the UK aged 100 or over has quadrupled over the last 30 years. The increase was higher in England and Wales than in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Average life expectancy has also risen significantly over the same period.

    Habbabkuk says : this significant increase, occurring over the last 30 years (ie since the early 1980s), indicates that Thatcherism and its legacy is good for longevity; and the motto surely has to be : “more people live to be a healthy hundred in a climate of healthy competition and free enterprise”!

    One can, I think, truly say:
    La vita è bella, life is goooood!

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) a!

    Ian Cameron

    “the lawyer husband of Melanie Phillips”

    His name is Joshua Rosenberg. Definitely not related to the late Red revolutionary Roza Luksemburg, although both have smallish beards.

  • Mary

    38 Degrees e-mail FYI

    Dear Mary,

    “Do you recognise how much influence you as an organisation have on the way people think about politics and politicians?”

    That’s what a Conservative MP said to me yesterday about 38 Degrees members. I was speaking in front of a committee of MPs looking into why people choose not to vote or get involved with the political process. I wanted to speak for as many of us as possible – so thank you to all 110,000 members who filled in the survey this week. [1]

    It really felt like some of the MPs were listening. Some of them were clearly rattled after hearing our home truths. But they all recognised that we’re a hugely influential movement – and that’s because our strength comes from the way we work together.

    In his closing remarks, the committee chair, Graham Allen MP even said:

    “You are not just you, sitting at the table as an ordinary person. You come as an enormous 800 pound gorilla with 2 million members at your back. You’re a very powerful and influential person, I would like to use that influence to get from you and your members a serious, positive package of things… We all know where we are and it’s not a good place. How do we get to that place and improve voter engagement?”

    I’ve never been called a gorilla before. But putting that aside, if I’d had the opportunity to respond, I would have said that our power comes from all 2.5 million of us standing together. To watch the evidence session click here:

    Click here to watch the evidence session

    Reading through your responses to the survey, what stood out above all else was a very real crisis of confidence, in politicians and the political system over all. I did my best to represent your views and hopefully I did a good job. [2] But it was hard not to get angry on behalf of us all.

    One of the Conservative MPs in the committee, Christopher Chope, chipped in at the beginning to say that this survey wasn’t representative of the public at large. And then left 10 minutes into the session. Another MP wouldn’t let me get a word in edgeways, it seemed he just wanted to shout at me, not listen.

    I know lots of us are sceptical about what happens next. But, together, we need to push for our democracy to work better for all of us. It’s too important to leave to politicians alone. What’s clear is that our movement proves that we deserve better – and together we’ll continue to work to achieve this.

    To watch me give evidence to the committee of MPs click here:

    Thanks for being involved,

    Executive Director, 38 Degrees

    PS: Based on the results of the survey, a plan is starting to take shape to register hundreds of thousands of voters before the EU Elections in May. The idea is that we come together in our neighbourhoods to register as many people as possible, street by street. But it will only work if enough of us are prepared to do it. Would you be willing to volunteer a little bit of time in late April to make it happen?

    YES – I would volunteer to lead a team

    YES – I would join a volunteer team

    [1] To read the full evidence that I presented to MPs click here:
    [2] If you felt that I didn’t represent your views you can write straight to the committee of MPs, the ‘Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee’ here:
    [email protected]

  • Juteman

    George is a wasted career. He could have made a difference, if he wasn’t so dazzled by fame and fortune, and his loyalty to the British state.
    I can remember feeling pride as the flag of Nablus was hoisted above the city chambers.

  • Anon

    Anyone know what GG is doing with all that money??

    Anyway, super news all round as Tories set for six more years, Farage likely to cause the 3 parties a major upset at the EU elections, and Scots about to vote No on independence.

    Meanwhile, nil points to the far-left, as always.

    More direct action needed!

  • Anon

    “I can remember feeling pride as the flag of Nablus was hoisted above the city chambers.”

    And there you have the far-left dunces summed up.

  • Resident Dissident

    You could ask George what he thinks of his employer Al Mayadeen talking repeatedly about the Syrian regime’s cleansing of its opponents in their news bulletins rather than their murder.

  • Ben-MAD Western Carnivore and Warmonger

    It was a very good idea to don the sheep’s clothing…


    “Still, when the history of Britain’s Labour Party is written, the real break from socialism will probably be dated from January 20, 1997, the day that Gordon Brown, Labour’s shadow chancellor of the exchequer, announced that a future Labour government would not raise personal income taxes during its first term in office — and would not increase public spending for its first two years in office. With that statement, which took most of the Labour Party by surprise, nearly two decades of Labour attacks on “Tory cuts” and the “unfair Tory tax system” fell by the wayside, along with more than four decades of socialist assumptions: Brown was telling not only the voters, but the nursing, teaching, and public sector unions who support the Labour Party that a Labour government’s top priority would not be spending. Hardly surprising, then, that last year, when their own polling revealed that most voters do indeed believe Tony Blair is different from his predecessors, even Tories gave up trying to identify him with his party’s socialist past. They instead invented a new slogan: “New Labour, New Danger.”

  • Jay


    “Tories set for six more years, Farage likely to cause the 3 parties a major upset at the EU elections, and Scots about to vote No on independence.”

    Maybe some imprisonment of political opponents might see Farage and his racist views in contempt with further alienation of peoples and division of the social state.

    Unification of people against oppression and institutionalisation.

  • Kempe

    “Sounds less like a film, more like a good idea.”

    Wishing somebody dead Mr Murray? Not only would I have thought that risked a visit from plod but I expected you to be implacably opposed to the death penalty.

  • Abe Rene

    Let’s suppose for the sake of argument that Tony Blair was responsible for the deaths of 100,000 Arabs. Then we would have to assign to Pol Pot 10 times that guilt, Mugabe perhaps 20 times that much, the Kim dynasty of North Korea 100 times that much and Comrades Stalin and Lenin 1000 times as much. Thus in perspective it is better to get hot under the collar about godless Communist rulers than Dubya’s good pal. Finally, I don’t hold Blair personally responsible for 100,000 deaths. The question is more complicated than Blair deciding on a Final Solution for 100,000 Iraqis.

  • GutterTheQuantifier

    Please, God, take good care of George.
    We wept when you took Bob away from us.
    And we wept when you took Tony away from us.
    But we have not lost hope.
    Please, Lord, take good care of George.

  • Brendan

    Director of said film was arrested. Galloway will, I’m quite sure, find himself the victim of some Daily Mail smear quite soon. Apparently they are looking into Cheir Blair’s political career, Blair’s time at Fettes, and other such matters. Galloway should be very careful indeed if he touches on the early life of Bliar, is my guess.

    Apparently BTL wibblers are now subject to libel laws; a conspicuous example of the corruption of the legal establishment. So my guess is we all have to be careful around Bliar. His quite obvious and evident personality disorder – it really is blatant these days – is not to be discussed in polite society, it seems. This is a shame, I think. Because an open discussion of our ‘leaders’ (and Blair was never a leader of anything at all) is a good thing for society. Maybe one day it will be possible. Not at the moment, alas.

    I suspect GG will have a handy heart atatck soon. And, yes, I am this paranoid about our establishment.

  • BrianFujisan

    GREAT idea Craig… Would love to have been a fly on the wall at that Meeting…Looking forward to that film …. Though i keep thinking Cameron is getting off light..barely a mention that he is also a war criminal… Libya, Syria…bastards the lot of them.


    Re BDS,

    British architects vote to ban Israeli group from industry association over expanding settlements

    The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), the UK’s leading architectural association, has passed a motion calling on the foremost architectural union in the world, The International Union of Architects (UIA) to suspend Israel’s Association of United Architects (IAUA) over Israel’s continued illegal settlement expansion in the occupied Palestinian territories.

    The motion was based on a previous 2005 RIBA resolution condemning ”projects and the construction of buildings on land that has been ethnically purified or illegally appropriated”.

    Harriet Sherwood reporting for The Guardian states this is an indication the boycott movement is growing and quotes BDS spokesperson Rafeef Ziadah:

    …(Riba) has demanded the suspension of … (IAUA) from the international body, saying it is complicit in the construction of illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and other violations of international law.

    Some more @


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