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The terrible loss of life in the Malaysian air crash is tragic.  But the attempt to ramp up a terrorism scare is ghoulish.  We even had both the BBC and Sky speculating that it was the Uighurs.  Now the suppression of Uighur culture and religion by the Chinese had been a great and long-term evil, and the West has been only too eager to shoehorn their story into the “Islamic terrorism” story.  There is of course an enormous security industry, both government and private, which makes a very fat living out of “combating Islamic terrorism”, and a media  which make a fat living out of helping to ramp it.  Their spreading of fear has been extraordinarily successful given that Islamic terrorism is an extraordinarily low level threat and people throughout the Western world are vastly more likely to drown in their own bath than be killed by an Islamic terrorist.  Indeed you are about 1,000 times more likely to be killed by a member of your own family than by an Islamic terrorist, though the risk of either is extremely slim.

The media uncritically trotted out the story that it was Uighur terrorists who were responsible for the dreadful knife attack at a Chinese railway station – with no evidence except that the Chinese government say so.  Only when they impugn the Uighurs does the western media drop its wary disbelief of statements from the Chinese government.

There is no evidence at all that the Malaysian plane was brought down by terrorists.  The Air France plane crash in 2009, for example, was caused by ice crystals in the pitot tubes giving incorrect air speed readings to the autopilot – this was because the plane had been incorrectly cleaned with a pressure hose rather than damp cloths.  Most air crashes are caused by faulty maintenance procedures. [A number of people have since commented that pilot error is a more frequent cause.  They may be right – but Uighur terrorists it ain’t].

The two people on board with false passports were routed on to Amsterdam, and the obvious explanation is that they were illegal immigrants who had bought stolen passports.  This is very common indeed.  I know from my own diplomatic experience that passports frequently have to be replaced by tourists who no longer have them.  I also know (and I do not refer to the specific individuals referred here) that very frequently indeed the person who has “lost” the passport has sold it.  At tourist hotspots likely people are often approached to sell their passport, (about US$600 is the going rate for an EU passport) and then declare it stolen and apply for a new one.  It is a scam you encounter frequently in backpacking destinations, Thailand being a key example.

It is a peculiar kind of terrorism which does not seek to claim “credit” or publicise what has been done..  No suicide videos have emerged.  That the Uighurs would attack a plane from a state of their fellow Muslims is a ludicrous claim.  Do not be taken in by the Ministry of Fear and its media lackeys.

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155 thoughts on “The Propaganda of Death

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  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Isn’t Winton Smith the censor in 1984 of what the public should know until he turns subversive, and experiences extreme torture at the hands of O’Brien?

    Better just stick to the script, Winstion!

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Don’t Boeing 777s have 110-220 volt outlets available in business class, and in toilets, so if someone wanted to sabotage one, all he would have to do is smuggle a powerful, hand-held laser on board, plug it when he went to the toilet, and then fire it when the beam would cut through the fuselage?

    There would be no need for any batteries.

    The result would be a thunder bolt back which would destroy the plane in an inferno while killing all the passengers.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    It is impossible to even begin to believe the current crap being handed out – the plane was hjacked by unknown persons, most likely the pilots, flown for seven hours in the least expected direction until it ran out of fuel, and was brought down by a set of batteries, not involved in running the plane but in the hold – wild conjectures which Malaysian authorities have believed sufficiently to call off investigating the South China Sea where the plane was last seen on fire by oil rig operator Mike McKay.

    I can assure you on one thing – nothing of the plane will ever be found – given this incredible cover up.

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