BBC Propaganda Hits New All-Time Low

by craig on May 2, 2014 10:43 am in Uncategorized

Every half hour BBC News is running a three minute puff piece which is even more sinister for what it hides than for what it says – and By God! That is sinister enough.

“Now the BBC has learned about an alternative No campaign which calls itself No Borders a group determined to rouse the emotions many feel about being Scottish but also British.  Gavin Essler has this exclusive report:”

GAVIN ESLER: “A recording studio on the outskirts of Edinburgh.  A group of musicians putting the finishing touches to a song which they hope could save the United Kingdom”

(Pretty girls caterwauling unpleasantly). The song is part of a new campaign called No Borders.  Their website goes live today on the anniversary of the Union”

(Long speech by Malcolm Offord of No Borders – not a single question asked).

GAVIN ESLER (orgasmic voice): “Here in the very heart of Glasgow in fact almost anywhere you go anywhere in Scotland you’re never far away from our three hundred years of shared British history…. Putting the passion into the campaign to save the United Kingdom is exactly what No Borders say they are about.”

(Another statement from Malcolm Offord.  Still not asked any questions).

GAVIN ESLER ‘The idea is a grassroots campaign to rival that of the pro-independence campaign, based on those who wish to remain in the UK.  A retired care nurse from Glasgow Elizabeth Bashir is one of those who has given her testimonial.

(Pro-union view from sweet old lady.)

(14 seconds to spokesman for Yes campaign – presumably this is BBC “balance”.)

(Pretty Girls Caterwauling Again).

GAVIN ESLER “In the music industry they say you should never rewrite a hit, and No Borders say the Union has been a great hit worldwide for three hundred years.  But others say it might be time to sing a new song.”

Now this long propaganda piece for the No campaign is disgusting in itself for its internal bias, and for the fact that the very much larger grassroots movement the Radical Independence Campaign has never been given any publicity by the BBC (and the failure to reference the longstanding anarchist No Borders movement).  It is not even news – it is two days since “Vote No Borders” was given an even longer bout of free publicity on Newsnight Scotland.

But what makes this propaganda utterly unforgiveable is that Vote No Borders is not a grassroots campaign at all but a government organized campaign which has mysteriously acquired start-up cash of 400,000 pounds with no declared origin.

The registered office of Vote No Borders, a private limited company, is at 24 Chiswell Street, London, EC2Y 4YX . Which is perhaps surprising for a “Scottish grassroots campaign”.  The directors are Malcolm Offord and Fiona Gilmore.

Now pay close attention: Fiona Gilmore is chief executive of Acanchi a PR Consultany which specializes in “Country Branding”.  Its clients include Israel, Dubai, Bahrain and “England”.  Yes, it actually specifies “England” on the company website.  Acanchi also works for DFID – in short, it gets UK taxpayers’ money, plus Israeli and Gulf Arab money.  Are you familiar with the word fungibility?

Malcolm Offord, it turns out, has donated over 120,000 pounds to the Conservative Party plus made personal donations to Michael Gove.  He is the author of the report “Bankrupt Britain” on the Conservative Home website.  In his paper Offord suggests that further cuts in UK public spending should continue to be made  even after the present debt crisis has been passed and urges government to:

“Reform the bloated benefits system of this country to reduce the burden on the state and, just as importantly, boost the growth rate of the country”

And the wee retired care home nurse Elizabeth Bashir?  Well, she’s not quite as “grassroots” as shown by the BBC either.



That picture is definitely the “grassroot” Elizabeth Bashir interviewed by the BBC.  There is also an Elizabeth Bashir from Glasgow on Facebook who “likes” Vote No Borders [reference here deleted as it has been pointed out, I think fairly, it was to something probably meant as a joke]. This lady has expensive tastes for a grassroot, her other “likes” are Svarovski Crystal, the swanky Aura club in Mayfair and Faz Collection clothes.  Strangely although she calls herself Elizabeth Bashir, Glasgow and supports Vote no Borders, everything she “likes” which has a geographical location is in London.  It is conceivably a different Elizabeth Bashir from Glasgow, perhaps a daughter, but the coincidence of the Vote No Borders like is very strong.

It took me an hour with google to find all this.  That the BBC continues to propagandise this fake “grassroots campaign” without revealing Offord’s Tory Party credentials, his belief in never-ending cuts in public spending and welfare benefits, and Acanchi being a consultant paid by government to boost the UK image is completely beyond anything that can remotely be described as legitimate.

It is the most abhorrent example of a fake story, entirely contrived state propaganda, being put out by a state broadcaster.


From commenters below: The “Vote No Borders” website domain was registered by Gary Waple, who works in the Prudential Regulatory Authority of the Bank of England!!!! Before that he worked at the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates – that British government and Gulf money connection pops up again.


The Guardian also is pushing it.  Amazing how neither the BBC nor the Guardian noticed who Mr Offord was, or who his fellow director is, or asked where the money came from.  We have a huge responsibility in social media to combat the ultra-powerful combination of the entire mainstream media with the British state, the City of London and their overseas neo-con allies.

I ask every single person who reads this to do what they can do to get this news out – it may open eyes about the BBC, media in general and the hidden hands behind the No campaign.  Feel free to copy and paste anywhere you want.  But please everybody either blog or tweet about it, put it on your facebook page, email people about it or if you can’t do any of those, just tell three people.  The only way we can beat the massed forces of the state and the ultra-rich is by a deliberate and purposeful exercise of people power.  That will never happen unless everybody tries. Do something.  Now. It does not matter where you are in the world.  Knowledge is universal – that is the root of every power the people can hope to have.


Brilliant! This post is currently being read by more than one person every two seconds. I hope it’s being read some other places by now too.  Don’t stop, we need much more than that to equal the numbers who will view the execrable mainstream propaganda.


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  1. “If they’d let my ancestor continue in effective military command, we wouldn’t have lost!”

    I take it the “we” you speak of is the Italian Catholic who invaded with a French army.

  2. Kempe

    ” “If they’d let my ancestor continue in effective military command, we wouldn’t have lost! ”

    You a Jacobite then Craig? I wouldn’t have thought you’d have a lot of time for Catholicism or the Divine Right of Kings. ”

    No, I am in fact a Republican. My ancestors were Jacobites. They were in fact Catholics, but the majority of Jacobites, including those at Culloden, were not. Most were in fact Episcopalian, and not a few were Church of Scotland.

    That the Jacobites were predominantly Catholic is another of the lies we were taught at school, like the myth about the huge number of Scots on the English side at Culloden. The biggest lie at all has been the suppression of the specifically Scottish Nationalist sentiments of the rebels, now being unearthed by manuscript research – Maggie Craig’s book is a good place to start.

  3. The biggest lie about Culloden and the ’45 in general was that it was a Scottish war for independence whereas the intention of the Jacobites was to replace Britain’s constitutional monarchy with a (Catholic) absolutist one of the type that had already provoked civil war in England and was to cause even more bloodshed in France later in the century. It would have put political and social development back at least 100 years and probably provoked another civil war or revolution.

    I think Scots and English have good reason to be grateful that it failed.

  4. Ref Charterhouse, previously associated with Offord, is involved in this share flotation of Saga which is in their portfolio of currently owned interests.

    April 30, 2014

    Half of Saga shares could go to public

    Saga is preparing to offer up to half the shares in its planned London listing to retail investors in what is shaping up to be one of the biggest ever allocations to the public in a UK stock market launch.

    About 700,000 of Saga’s customers have registered interest in taking part in the flotation of the insurance-to-travel group, which fired the starting gun on its offering on Wednesday.


    A retail allocation of that scale would dwarf the 20 per cent allocated to the public in the flotation of Royal Mail last year.

    “I’m determined that we should give customers a good share of this,” said Andrew Goodsell, executive chairman of Saga, which sells a range of products to the over-50s.

    The offer has yet to be priced, but the people said Saga’s private equity backers Permira, CVC Capital and Charterhouse hoped investors would value its equity at as much as 20 times earnings.

    The shares are expected to offer a dividend yield of between 2.5 per cent to 3 per cent as Saga eyes paying out between two-fifths and half of earnings. This would translate into a market capitalisation of between £2.5bn and £3bn.

    The company said on Wednesday it planned to raise net proceeds of £550m from the float, helping reduce net debt to £700m.’

    Another City killing is in the offing

  5. Yes, The Guardian is sinking lower as it is now using Michael McConville, the son of murdered Jean McConville, to make out that Gerry Adams is threatening of tear up the GFA when he is only defending himself over her murder.

    Adams is sending McConville a letter in which he includes the names of IRA gunmen who killed his mother, and is asking him if he is ready for the backlash if he releases them. They must include hard-liners in the Army Council. and apparently Seas O’Callaghan who later became a British tout, and obviously wanted to sock this murder and others to opponents like Adams.

    Guardian coverage of the murder and Adams is what one would expect from the worst Unionist rag.

  6. And the BBC has an article about Michael McConville vowing to fight on for justice after Gerry Adams’ release by the police as if he is still guilty of his mother’s murder, and nothing is being done about it.

    Prosecutions of such crimes are left up to the CPS, and it could still go after Adams for being a member of the IRA – what he has always denied, and looks as if he could never be convicted of.

    The whole thing is just politically motivated.

  7. yerkitbreeks

    5 May, 2014 - 12:37 pm

    With the fawning of the BBC, there will be some discreet link to the CBI ( of which it is a member ) , I’m sure.

  8. I’m not sure which is more shocking. The deceit of this “grassroots” organisation or the ineptitude of Gavin Esler.

  9. Kirsten Easdale

    6 May, 2014 - 1:38 am

    The BBC bias and out and out propaganda just gets worse and worse, but it’s hardly a surprise considering what they have been getting away with during this referendum campaign.

  10. Kelly ben Maimon

    6 May, 2014 - 5:35 pm

    Breaking News, according to Sky, Patten has resigned!

  11. And well he would, given the BBC’s latest indecencies against young girls.

    Still think that Chris Patten has left because of more serios efforts against the Scottish referendum when the NIPS has followed Gerry Adams advice – you know, the IRA leader who arranged Jean McConville’s murder – when the same service has followed his advice about who really did it!

    ProbAbly another one of his allies in SF who was another MI5 informer who worked to see the IRA was ended – what would make it look as if Adams had arranged her murder.

  12. Ba'al Zevul (You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Hungry)

    7 May, 2014 - 2:06 pm

    Ex-Acanchi, VNB’s website-registering chartered accountant Gary Waple, is, according to WoS, currently employed by the Prudential Regulation Authority, of the Bank of England, (motto – Let’s Not Be Beastly To The Bankers.) Another employee is one Rosalind Gilmore. A relation of the VNB’s Fiona Gilmore, perhaps?

    Still of interest – who leases 26, Charlotte Square from the owners, who appear to be Cushman and Wakefield? That’s VNB’s address as a ‘permitted participant’ The block was redeveloped recently, and all the indications are it’s still on the market. But maybe VNB just had to rent one of the most expensive properties in Edinburgh by itself?

  13. Kempe

    Oh dear. The old Whig history that was taught in school. Plainly you haven’t studied any since then.

    Try reading Fitzroy Macleans life of Bonnie Prince Carlie – an excellent book

  14. Fitzroy Maclean, a remarkable soldier from a Jacobite clan but not an historian.

    The events of the campaign and the beliefs of the Jacobites speak for themselves.

  15. You cannot keep a good PR company down.

    VNB have managed to squeeze yet more publicity for their ‘grass roots’ campaign from the Daily Telegraph. This time the angle is ‘nasty Scots people forced us to disable comments on our website with their horrid hate messages’

    I do not know how many Scots votes they expect to win, but they are turning me off, and I’m a pro union Englishman.

  16. Don’t know if this has been touched upon, but I know a nurse and she pointed out that Ms Bashir can be checked against the Nursing & Midwifery Council register. She’s not on it. There are limitations in that if she has retired and allowed her registration to lapse or was registered under a married/maiden name (although she’s obliged under a 2011 order to register under the name she uses commonly) she wouldn’t show as Elizabeth Bashir. Just a final wee point that might be worth checking as well, if she claims to be a nurse and isn’t she is breaking the law (I double checked that myself, article 44 of the Nursing & Midwifery Order 2001).

  17. As long as we secure a big “NO” vote this will all have been worth it. It is to be hoped that all the radical comments that abound will dissipate after September.

  18. Well True Brit, this is exactly how you and the No camp think, by using Soviet style propaganda, and fooling the fools, the referendum will be won.
    Even if there is a No vote returned, social media has / is / will continue, and the way the Brit media has behaved will give us a nation free of Brit domination and arrogance

  19. Quite a far cry from the right wing populism the No campaign tries to stoke.

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