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  • Tony_0pmoc


    Take the Straw c..t down

    You know you can, and I know you will…

    We will come again to the Burning of The StrawJack.

    (Its an old English Festival)

    Far better than the Wicker Man – amateurs you Scottish lot (born and bred and went to school in Norfolk)..I do notice the details


  • Iain Taylor

    I’m glad that my older relatives who all voted Labour until the 1970s aren’t alive to see how low Labour have sunk. They were all antimonarchist because they didn’t believe in hereditary privilege. And now we have these rich boys jumping into Daddy’s job. The UK state becomes more and more distasteful by the week. It’s a debilitating place to have to live.

  • Haward

    Hmmmm. When did you start following the Biblical stuff about visiting the sins of the father……Hmmmm

  • Courtenay Barnett


    Q. What’s that?

    A. “What I would say about the nepotism thing is that in all walks of life, whether it’s the police, doctors or going into the family law firm, there are examples of children following their parents’ footsteps. That’s also been true in parliament going back many generations – there are actually now many fewer than there were in the past.”


  • Tony M

    Just listened to the podcast linked on your related recent article/item ( http://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2014/05/scottish-independence-podcast/ ) and enjoyed it especially the craptastic comic blundering and boundless malice, the clueless No No and thrice No Colonel and Lady Blimps in gushing thrall to the Westminster weasels.

    Sad in parts when describing the real Highlands and Highland culture and life before the tragedy that befell them: not only ethnically cleansed of every man, woman and child, but replaced only by sheep, as more profitably farmed than human beings and far less uppity.

    Not much longer must we endure them coming up ‘for the sport’, some light militaristic training and off-books payment of their reactionary Gladio forces of urban-poor dupes bought for their cause with bit parts in small-town criminal rackets, immune from the attentions of the law, and sinecured in make-work jobs as overseers of the excluded many. Once it was Highlanders they came to hunt, now Deer, Grouse, the Pheasant -they must think all these creatures a poor substitute, still it keeps their eye in. One wonders if there will be a reactionary backlash after independence from a ugly and disgruntled establishment element of antis continuing their destructive antics.

    Power in Scotland was long lawfully vested only in the people not in the nonsensical fiction of ‘the Crown’ as is the case in Residual-UK’s remnant parts, and neither the old Scottish Parliament – that unelected original parcel of rogues of ill and infamous repute – nor the mad-Houses of Parliament at Westminster can ever have governed with so much as shred of legitimacy without the consent of the Scottish people. Yet still they do.

    Having painstakingly gone over the 1707 proposal of Union, having tested the idea in a full-scale 300-year long realistic trial, after which no-one can say the matter was not given adequate scrutiny and chance, the proposal has been found wanting and unsound, has serious flaws and defects and has failed to deliver in any notable respect on any of its promises, it has been a hair-raising rough trip in leaky boat with a piratical crew through shark-infested waters in a predictable storm, and has ended in shipwreck. Having found our way back home, it’s rather obvious we’d all rather each nation sail our own ship of state in future, and avoid ‘foreign’ entanglements, thanks very much, goodnight.

  • John Goss

    Well it’s exactly what I said in response to a Resident Dissident comment on the last thread, that there was a time when the Labour party was a Socialist Party, though not quite in those terms. Now what’s that newspaper he edits? Anybody?

    He should not be judged by the actions of his father, but he should be prepared to take war-criminals to The Hagus.

  • Tony M

    I imagine Will, will like his father, soon be shown where in the palace of Westminster he should hang his very own sword, MPs have been banging on about this archaism since ever exposing themselves in public, but still it continues. His father’s namesake the much murdering highwayman Jack Straw, after whom the erstwhile Johann Strauss, the former New Labour Foreign Secretary and torturer-in-chief named and styled himself, anxious to end embarassing Viennese composer misapprehensions, in a vain bid to seem more dashing, practised before a mirror in the student union powder-room after hours, yelling “Stand and Deliver!” at the urinals, “Your money or your life!” at the paper towel dispensers, before tripping over his own feet and landing face down in a lake of his own regurgitated Brown Ale and the usual Friday night pool of piss which leftist worker’s champions would customarily leave for some working class drudge to deal with in the morning. Such incidents did not discourage him and he would soon rise unaided except by the CIA, MI5, MI6, the Royal family, the army and the police, the Anglican Church, the Moonies and Charles Manson to the highest offices and lowest morals in the land. The other Jack Straw, the scourge of the Great North Road and lurker in shady hollows with his band of villains was quite handy with a sword as legend has it, not to mention with a musket or a razor-sharp filleting-knife. I believe he was hanged/hung in the end.

  • Peacewisher

    Yes, Craig, you should definitely run again him. I was hoping you’d win against Jack in Blackburn, and was disgusted that you were even excluded from the live radio debate. Some democracy!

  • ozwry

    ‘left foot forward’, john; if a blog counts as a newspaper?

    otherwise, wild guess: nepotism today & 4 ever . . .

  • ozwry

    Jives @ 5 May, 2014 – 3:13 am

    “We want Straw.”

    i prefer strawberries. . .

  • Anon

    Punnets and punnets of nice, juicy Israeli strawberries is what we want. 🙂

  • Mary

    ‘Punnets and punnets of nice, juicy Israeli strawberries is what we want’

    Not if they are produced on stolen Palestinian land using water which the Palestinians cannot have to drink.

    Now if you allowed exports from Gaza, you could have their strawberries.

    ‘From June 2007 until June 2010, only 255 truckloads of strawberries and flowers left Gaza for Europe, compared to dozens of trucks that left Gaza per-day in the first six months of 2007, and 400 trucks that Israel agreed to let out daily in the Agreement on Movement and Access (AMA). In December 2010, Israel declared it would allow more export from Gaza through the Kerem Shalom Crossing. From the end of November 2010 to the end of April 2011, 287 truckloads of strawberries and flowers left Gaza for Europe, in addition to a minimal quantity of red peppers and cherry tomatoes – in other words, 0.5% of the amount of trucks promised in the AMA. Israel does not allow residents of Gaza to export goods to markets in Israel, the West Bank or Jordan. From May 12, 2011, to October 27, Israel didn’t allow any truck carrying goods to exit the Gaza Strip.’

  • Mary

    ‘Will leads on energy and climate change policy

    Will is an experienced media performer, with recent appearances on Any Questions?, the Today Programme, Daybreak, Channel 4 News and Newsnight, as well as regular slots on Sky News, BBC News, BBC World Service, Radio 5Live, and LBC. He writes regularly for Comment is Free, Left Foot Forward and Progress Online. His writing has also appeared in The Times, Financial Times, Guardian, Prospect, Politico, American Prospect, Huffington Post, New Statesman, Coffee House and Total Politics magazine, among others. In 2009, Will co-edited The Change We Need: What Britain can learn from Obama’s victory published by the Fabian Society.

    Will is founder of Left Foot Forward, Britain’s No 1 left-wing blog, where he worked as editor until December 2010. He is a Visiting Fellow at the Center for American Progress in Washington DC, where he worked from 2008–09 as Associate Director on Economic Growth, leading the Center’s work on the US stimulus package, globalisation and innovation.’

    Noreena Hertz there is the great granddaughter of Chief Rabbi Hertz and is married to Danny Cohen, Director BBC TV.

    I am sure young Will will go far.

  • babushka

    On Australian MSM news today

    you could not make this up

    Young gun Packer had a street fight with Young gun Gyngell (sons of Kerry and Bruce respectively)

    Yes, really, a fisticuffs on Sunday in the streets of Sydney

    my Dad is bigger/better than your Dad

    and ‘guess who’ filmed the brawled?

    No brainer-it was Rupert’s kid.

    And the Australian police are worried about ‘street’ crime/thuggery?!


  • babushka

    PS. The first-named in my post were described by MSM as ‘the most powerful MEN in Australia.”

    Please excuse me while I weep.

    The MSM said something about Miranda Kerr, but I was crying too hard to hear….

    As above, so below.

    I have been saying for a very long time that the crimes in the gutter are but a reflection of the crimes at the top.

    Thugs in charge of the Prison
    Loons in charge of the Asylum

    while the masses just keep on slaving or otherwise slipping thru the cracks created by the psychopaths.

  • ozwry

    babushka @ 5 May, 2014 – 10:05 am

    “On Australian MSM news today

    you could not make this up …”

    any deaths/serious injuries/arrests?
    thought not. tossers.
    typical. . .

  • Richard

    I’m pretty sure it isn’t what Kier Hardy had in mind either. We, I am afraid, are stuffed.

    I simply don’t understand what it all has to do with a ‘Yes’ vote north of the border, though. I would suggest absolutely nothing. Are people up there really that much less inclined to vote for the Straws of this world than the rest of us? Are the candidates chosen for them by the party machines so much better? Are politics in Glasgow really that much cleaner than Blackburn? If so – and I doubt it – then let the good news flow south. Don’t let’s surrender to this hideous ‘It’s our bat and it’s our ball and we’re clearing off with it” mentality.

  • Miss Castello

    Anon; 8:11am “juicy strawberries” (Ad Nauseum).

    If you’re so keen on extolling the fruits of nature, you might also like to wax lyrical on the thousands of ancient olive trees / groves, wantonly, wilfully, persistently, set alight by deranged israeli settlers, whilst the so called ‘Most Moral Army'(you really couldn’t make it up) either stands by cheering them on or saves them the bother by bulldozing the entire grove. For no other reason than they can. A team to be truly proud of, eh?

    When it comes to “juice” – none has flowed so freely than the spilt blood of Palestinians, from the 1948 NAKBA! to the present day.


  • babushka

    “It seems to me that the common folk are generally pretty decent but the country is secretly ruled by a cabal who are sociopathic and shockingly amoral. We need to get rid of them. I’ll leave it to you to work out how :)”

    This post from King of Welsh Noir, now closed on another thread.

    But the theme is Universal.

    We each of us need to do our own ‘bit’, according to our God-given gifts and strengths.

    So no good leaving it to others, KoWN.

    I know, you are doing your bit in your Own Corner of the Vineyard.

    Interesting to me, how the ‘boundaries’ have shifted through the ages, thanks to politicians and their bosses.

    Whilst the serfs and servants do what needs to be done to get the jobs done, and all others can figure out the rest for themselves.

  • babushka

    [email protected]

    Agreed: It is an MSM fiction; a 24/7/365 Fairy Tale cum Nightmare.

    The real victims are the children of these so-called most powerful ‘men’ in Oz.

  • nevermind

    peacewisher, anybody standing against young Strawman will be as frozen out of the debate, as hampered by police and local council rigmarole, as if it was Jack himself.

    The establishment and politcal parties, however unpopular, will always attract support from a self serving media, dependent on their franchise.

    Even the lowest turn outs are fashioned as tremendous wins, mandates are conjured up from hastily concoted newspaper polls on their party political ideas, not from doorstep research and support for their ideas.

    Despite this being ‘the most important EU election ever’ not my words but that of party politicians, the campaign has been held at the lowest key ever, in the media as well as in reality, Tory members and supporters had letters send to them at great expense, in February, wary of the swiveleyed loons and anxious to talk to their members, they are shitting themselves here in Norfolk, these letters were designed to assure, make them feel good about themselves.

    So this barely 4 weeks and low key, for the most important election ever, must mean for us not to go out and vote, so we leave the 5% of party members vote and feel good about themselves, exactly what I shall do, enjoy an icecream somewhere waiting for something that will never happen.

    I’m following Russell Brands advice, however empty and devoid of alternative solutions it was.

  • doug scorgie

    5 May, 2014 – 8:27 am

    “Were they soul mates?”

    Ah! soul mates.

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