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David Aaronovitch is the very first name on the “Let’s stay together” list unveiled today. That’s Aaronovitch, Murdoch employee, unrepentant propagandist for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and the bombing of Libya – and look how those turned out – and arch media Zionist. We know why he wants to keep the Union together. For exactly the same reason that Baroness Warsi resigned – because Westminster foreign policy is under unshakeable Zionist control

It is a diverse list. But there is one thing all of these people have in common.

They are all much wealthier people than the rest of us.

Almost all of them of them have their main home in South East England. No wonder they want to keep the UK scam going, and Scotland’s resources funnelling down there.

A large number of them get their high salaried living from the (ahem) “neutral” BBC.

There are 210 names on the list. How many can you find whose main residence is not in South East England, and where is it?

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126 thoughts on “Let’s Keep Supporting Bombing Gaza

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  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    The UK was a member before it acquired it’s own nuclear weapons and there’s no reason it shouldn’t remain on the council should it disarm.

    Let me know when it disarms. My thesis is that while it got the seat because it still thought of itself as a major player, it has only retained its seat because it’s nuclear, and it’s retained its nukes, with US co-operation, in order to retain its seat.

    Also it saves the US making routine submarine patrols- or some of them – in European/ Russian waters.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Mr Scorgie

    “What will MI5 do? Rig the ballot?”

    I shouldn’t think so, Doug. You might be showing signs of paranoia, or perhaps you’ve jumped onto this particular hobby-horse a little late?

  • arsalan

    You know people keep mentioning the likes of David Aaronovitch and what their views are. I don’t think people like him have any of their own views. His views are his employers views.
    People who work for Rupert Murdoch are not allowed to criticize Israel so he doesn’t.

    To Zionists what matters is, is something good for Israel.
    So when Zionists felt as though Communism was good for Israel they were left leaning. Now communism is dead, they have all become NeoCons.

  • Chris

    Scotland isn’t a nation. It’s a region. The UK is a nation. We’ve been through too much together to split up.

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