Yes Scotland Meetings 818

Confirmed speaking dates at the moment are
26 August St Andrews
28 August Insch
29 August Dundee
30 August Cupar, Fife

I will post details of times and venues shortly – these are all evening events. I am still open to invitations on dates around these, and indeed any daytime events. Don’t mind dashing all over the place. A number are in the pipeline already. Contact me using the button at top of page.

Have been rather unwell the last couple of days, so please forgive lack of regular posts. BBC Hardtalk interview with Anders Fogh Rasmussen of NATO made me feel much worse. Totally incapable of acknowledging the disasters NATO and NATO members have inflicted on the world since the collapse of the Soviet Union – and the BBC totally incapable of serious questioning on the point.

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818 thoughts on “Yes Scotland Meetings

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  • Resident Dissident

    Who do you think is funding IS/ISIS ResDis?

    Oil and gas fields in the areas they control/Iraqi Sunnis/individuals who are rich and buy into their Islamofacist stance.

  • Resident Dissident

    I should have added their own activities as well – robbery, extortion with violence etc.

  • Mary

    Getting a little apoplectic R2D2? Bad for the old blood pressure don’t you know.

    Anyway, link off!

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “Getting a little apoplectic R2D2? Bad for the old blood pressure don’t you know.

    Anyway, link off!”

    Well of course for an inveterate cutter-and-paster (and nothing else) like yourself, any attempt by anyone to offer calm and accurate rebuttals must count as apoplexy.

    Anyway, paste off!


    PS – did you take my point about the nine Israeli C-130s being used to resettle the entire Jewish population of Israel to leafy Surrey?

  • Jemand

    Dreoilin, “We’ll have to agree to differ, Jemand. I’ve seen you on this topic before, and I know you dislike Muslims and Islam.”

    Not true, Dreoilin. I have never expressed antipathy towards Muslims on the basis of their being Muslim. I dislike Islam. Compare with AIDS sufferers vs AIDS. The ignorant will attack the sufferers of AIDS while the rest of us despise the disease.

    We will certainly have to disagree because, while you choose who is and who is not authentic, I accept all of them (except the proven liars) as being what they say they are. Furthermore, I listen to the rationale (including that which is irrational) and connect ideas with beliefs and beliefs with behaviour. History has demonstrated time and time again, that ideas unite and motivate people to commit the worst atrocities.

    Disagree? Oh, well.

  • Jemand

    Some commentary above regarding the tolerance of UK citizens participating in the Israeli military while duplicitously admonishing those participating in Islamist militancy.

    Reminds me of a US federal law that is intended to prevent American citizens who have served at officer rank in a foreign military from holding public office in the US.

    Now, I could swear that I once read, many years ago, that Rahm Emmanuel (Obama’s one-time Chief of Staff, later Mayor of Chicago) was an officer in the IDF air force. He is university educated so he should be eligible for induction as a commissioned officer. Some time ago I had cause to revisit the matter but could not find ANY reference to him being an officer in the IDF. The highest rank that was suggested somewhere was “corporal”.

    NOW, it seems that he was only a “civilian volunteer assisting the IDF repairing truck brakes” according to his wikipedia page. Huh?

    I can believe that an ambitious piece of shit like Rahm Emanuel might have lied about his credentials in order to advance his career prospects and ‘appeal’ amongst the political class. But I find it utterly incredible that he would accept a lowly position as a “civilian volunteer” fixing truck brakes when he was certainly eligible for officer ranking.

    Seems like history has been improved with some deft editing.

    Double standards and hypocrisy? No surprise there.

  • Jake Gittes

    You are doing a great job Craig, take it easy bud and get well, the new Scotland will need you fighting fit in the new Scottish foreign service – I mean it!! Do not let the occasional U-KOK troll get you down. It shows you are landing blows on them. By the way, will never forget your demolition piece on the crowd numbers for Army day in Stirling. One of your finest hours, among many.

    God bless.

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