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Confirmed speaking dates at the moment are
26 August St Andrews
28 August Insch
29 August Dundee
30 August Cupar, Fife

I will post details of times and venues shortly – these are all evening events. I am still open to invitations on dates around these, and indeed any daytime events. Don’t mind dashing all over the place. A number are in the pipeline already. Contact me using the button at top of page.

Have been rather unwell the last couple of days, so please forgive lack of regular posts. BBC Hardtalk interview with Anders Fogh Rasmussen of NATO made me feel much worse. Totally incapable of acknowledging the disasters NATO and NATO members have inflicted on the world since the collapse of the Soviet Union – and the BBC totally incapable of serious questioning on the point.

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  • Tony M

    No Fred you’re the liar every day on here without fail. The 24bn figure is Wood’s own, not the Scottish Government’s. Which he’s now changed, without need for pressure, as he’s consistently been an embittered Britnat, who has just lost a packet in ill-advised fracking-related investment, and Alex Salmond has just told the frackers to frack off.

    And note too that the maritime boundary changes of Blair will be corrected in line with all known established international conventions, pretty damned quick, long before 2016 comes round. It is such an affront to rule of law, it will be dealt with summarily in no time.

    You’re the liar also when in a post further up you said that Wood said that figure was for the UK continental shelf. Wood said no such thing, he said in the ‘North Sea’, not the continental shelf, that is a lie entirely of your own creation, compounding Wood’s colossal misrepresentations and deceit. Scotland’s coastline is not of course just the North Sea, at least three known large oil and gas finds have been confirmed in other areas which are not in the North Sea. The North Sea fields have exceeded predictions, almost all wilfully pessimistic, many times over. With Trident gone, and it can’t come a day sooner, the west coast and the estuary of the Clyde will see an incredible oil and maritime boom too.

    Successive UK governments, Tory and Labour have not just downplayed, but lied about the extent of North Sea oil and siphoned Scotland’s natural resources and wealth into their own pockets and on tarting up the rotting city state of London, at the expense of the entire British Isles, from the Thames Barrier to the M25, numerous railways and underground extensions, to Canary Wharf, for a time even the entire operating costs (losses) of the London Underground were counted as ‘Scottish’ expenditure. Scotland has been mugged time and again to refurbish that world epicentre of money-laundering and financial crime. That oil was so abundant they were able for many years to dump oil on the market at loss-making prices in a misguided economic war with the Soviet Union, at US hawks’ behest, hoping to impress with their slavishness compliance even against their own (never mind Scotland’s) interests, believing yet in their Empire delusions. The reality hasn’t sunk in yet down south that everything they’ve had this last thirty years Scot’s have paid for and paid dearly, gone hungry, gone cold, for the parasitic financial sector’s disastrous dabbling. The only subsidy junkies are WENI’s ruling elite, feathering their own nests.

    Of course the best oil-fund of all, is that held in something more than worthless paper, worth more than useless gold, the best oil-fund and the best store of that value is to leave that oil in the ground, safely where it is; it is a fact that slower extraction can easily yield a quarter or more of that which can be extracted when taken too quickly, too rapaciously, as the dysfunctional UK strove to do from the word go, criminally mismanaging a vital resource, and as they overdosed on hubris and stupidity, the world laughed behind their back and Scotland simmered, preparing for just this moment of stupendous over-reach to burst all their bubbles and false expectations.

    With such a strategy – that oil still in the ground is safer than any bank, any range of currencies or ‘precious’ metals – as Scotland is fabulously solvent even without oil, and has contributed more to the UK pot every year since around 1910 than was given back as pocket-money; projections for how long the coming oil ‘boom’ will last can be counted not in decades but in centuries. The long running Project-Fear of Bitter Together and their predecessors, who said from the mid-70s that Scotland’s oil would last no more than between 5 and 7 years, won’t wash this time, derision is all such claims now meet, every time such claims are made, which is often, the deep black lies told previously come to mind and the determination stiffens to drive such liars from any place in Scotland requiring even a minimum of trust and see to it they can never return. (Exit Labour Party hams in ghastly death throes, stage right).

    The fragmented and devolved RUK’s representatives will come to Scotland’s future governments, penitent as the inescapable truth finally dawns, each case will no doubt be considered on its merits, but incumbents will be unwelcome, though Britain’s coming revolutions will quickly dump the venal ruling establishment that crushes the people’s still inextinguishable spirit. Independence for all, from Westminster’s leech-like depredations and its unspeakable elite, I recommended it to everyone heartily and with good wishes.

    A No vote is a vote for more Thatcherism. She’s dead but her poisonous legacy still lingers.

    Keep hissing and spitting Fred, you’re an example to all. Not sure what of though.

  • fred

    “Fred: It’s always the quiet ones. You have experience cutting off heads ? Really ?”


  • Resident Dissident


    I think the only explanation re your statement on my views about Israel/Gaza which are quite different from what I have actually stated – and which were of no relevance to the matter being discussed – to being your way of coping with your chronic cognitive dissonance. Similarly Jives when he invoked my name and involvement in a conversation of which I wasn’t even aware let a lone commented upon. I do hope it isn’t contagious.

  • Dave Lawton

    @Resident Dissident

    “It is precisely because I do look at the positive aspects of 1990s counter-culture”

    90`s counter-culture? you gotta be kidding what you talking about vapour-ware. In you dreams.

  • Fedup

    A succinct answer from Fred, in a zen moment clarifying all his arguments. Starting from the lack of any Orange men in his neck of the woods to the oil and its equitable henry allocation, to the freedom of all the Scots.

    In such a simple sentence of two syllables


    …. chronic cognitive dissonance.

    That is the trouble with little knowledge, sort of school kid psychology and sociology.


    In science, cognition is the set of all mental abilities and processes related to knowledge: attention, memory & working memory, judgement & evaluation, reasoning & “computation”, problem solving & decision making, comprehension & production of language, etc. Cognition is by humans conscious and unconscious, concrete or abstract, as well as intuitive (like knowledge of a language) and conceptual (like a model of a language). Cognitive processes use existing knowledge and generate new knowledge.

    Cognitive dissonance

    .. cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.


    “When dissonance is present, in addition to trying to reduce it, the person will actively avoid situations and information which would likely increase the dissonance”

    The art of lying to himself/herself/itself perfected by the resident cliché

    and which were of no relevance to the matter being discussed – to being your way of coping with your chronic

    Oh yeah throw in the “chronic” goes with the “chosen” mentality keeping to the narrative of aeons and forever, ever, ever since the world began, etc. in fact big bang was put in place to yield the “chosen” lot and if anyone doubts that it is a blatant, sickening antisemi……


    that killing a journalist should be a war crime.

    The Reuters camera man who tting targeted and killed by the US tank sitting across the square from the hotel, never mind just a war casualty.
    The Iraqi journo getting nailed by the A10 fiddy cal Gatling gun an accident.

    Gaby Rado dropped from the roof in Sulaymaniyah, he sleep walked!

    Terry Lloyd and his Belgian cameraman both killed by the US grunts, collateral damage.

    The war crimes should carry and exemption for the US and the zionistan, as well as blackwater or whatever it is called these days.

  • Squonk

    Geologist Euan Mearns (Research Fellow Aberdeen University and formerly senior contributor to The Oil Drum) writes on the Clair Field and the future of Scottish Oil Production.

    The Future of UK Oil and Gas Production

    The five fold increase in oil price that occurred in the period 2002 to 2008 has spurred investment in the North Sea. Worryingly for the industry and the UK exchequer this has failed to stem declining production thus far [3]. However, in addition to Clair there are another two large oil field developments in progress in addition to a host of smaller ones.

    The Mariner field, operated by Statoil, has been sanctioned for development with first oil expected in 2017. Plateau production is predicted to be 55,000 bpd. Mariner is an ultra heavy oil field.

    The Bentley field, operated by Xcite, is also ultra heavy oil and is undergoing a phased development. While the field contains a large resource approaching 1 billion barrels, the maximum flow rate achieved thus far is a modest 2,900 bpd (facilities constrained). A field development plan is not yet in place.

    These ultra heavy oil fields require sustained high oil price to be profitable and represent the sludge in the bottom of the North Sea barrel. Clair phase 2 and Mariner combined may arrest or even partially reverse the long term decline of the North Sea. But once both fields reach plateau, basin wide declines will re-establish the downwards trend of UK oil production.

  • Fedup

    Are we being manipulated? Seems farcical when you watch it.

    This clip appears to be an edited version, in line with the shaping narrative.

    However sadly the dead man is Foley.

    It is not a dummy, the blood covering the poor chaps face is due to getting manhandled because he has no hair to be grabbed by. I hate getting my soul tainted by watching needless deaths and suffering, however having forced myself to sit through it all; Foley was decapitated.

    Another victim of those mindless murderers bent on destruction.

    Listen to what his last words are, he is trying to make everyone think, don’t dismiss what he says. There are already moves to take away his dignity and silence his voice; “he was drugged”.

    Meeting ISIL

    Watch this before this two hour documentary has been sent down the memory hole, as it stands youtube is stopping the clip through the usual stealth methods of signing in.

    This is the kind of data that is not making it out into the corporate medjia, after all Assad is the bad guy and he is the enemy, not the ISIS/ISIL.

  • Mary

    As the world reaps the whirlwind, here are the two psychopaths who sowed the wind.

    Fun and games for the men whose invasion led to the crisis: Blair pictured on Sicilian holiday with Cherie while Bush issues video of him taking part in Ice Bucket Challenge
    Two men behind the Iraq invasion show little concern over current crisis
    Former British prime minister Tony Blair pictured on holiday in Sicily
    George W Bush uploads video of him taking part in Ice Bucket Challenge

  • Mary

    Another question. Is this for real?

    EU states and U.S. pursue UN resolution to end Israel-Gaza fighting

    Haaretz reveals document in which Germany, France and Britain seek return of Gaza to Palestinian Authority control, lifting of restrictions, international supervision and restart of peace talks based on ’67 borders.

    By Barak Ravid

    Aug. 21, 2014 | 9:25 PM

    Germany, France and Britain have begun working on a UN Security Council resolution that would end the fighting in the Gaza Strip.

    On Tuesday, they circulated a document to diplomats at UN headquarters in New York outlining the elements they thought such a resolution should contain. These include returning Gaza to the Palestinian Authority’s control, reconstructing the Strip under international supervision to prevent Hamas from rearming, and restarting Israeli-Palestinian peace talks on the basis of the pre-1967 lines.

    The two-page document, a copy of which was obtained by Haaretz, bears the laconic title “Elements.”

    On Friday, diplomats said the U.S. joined the initiative.


  • Mary


    Air Force strikes leave 29 dead in Gaza on Thursday

    Twenty-nine Palestinians were killed in Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip yesterday, mainly in attacks on targets in vehicles and on motorcycles, Palestinian officials reported. The death toll in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge stands at over 2,050, while some 10,300 have been wounded as of yesterday afternoon, according to Gaza’s health ministry.

    29 dead in return for the rockets. ‘Rodefs’ Bibi?

    He has done so much letting of Palestinian blood, he has lost the plot.


  • Just saying

    Whatever happened to the black box info re MH17, the devils are caught between a rock and a hard place. Unable to to doctor the tape, the Russians already have a copy, and unable to release its damning detail either. Their option will be of course endless delay – we need to raise a stink about this. Gavin Esler, Nick Robinson, Wolf Blitzer and their gay cohortsin the MSM like Anderson CoOper will maintain a deafening silence as harps normally do, its up to the alternative media now.

  • Kempe

    Well it was a dead certainty that the Troofers would be out claiming the Foley footage was faked. We wouldn’t have expected anything different. After all if those evil Illuminati controlled shape shifting Jewish (sorry, Israeli) lizards can fake 3,000 deaths on 9/11 one beheading should be no problem. A pity then that even with all their cunning and seemingly unlimited resources they weren’t able to plant any convincing WMDs in Iraq.

    Cognitive dissonance has become the new buzz phrase amongst the tin-foil-hat fraternity to put down those who don’t subscribe to their fantasies and fairy stories. “Poor dears, they’re obviously suffering from cognitive dissonance.” Well sorry but that would only be true if the contrary information was credible. If you’ve gone all your life believing, knowing, the world is round and somebody comes along claiming it’s flat you don’t experience cognitive dissonance. What you experience is a difficulty deciding whether to laugh or cry.

  • Jemand

    The Foley execution must be fake, because Islam is a religion of peace. Everyone knows that and if you don’t agree, you’d better watch out.

  • Kempe

    ” the Russians already have a copy, ”

    You sure about that? It’s not just a matter of plugging a laptop in and pressing “record”. If the seals have been broken the guys at Farnborough will soon notice.

    For whatever reasons these things take time, the final report on Air France 447 wasn’t published until over a year after the FDR was recovered. We’re still waiting for the final report on the Clutha Vaults crash.

  • Dreoilin


    ISIS call themselves Muslims as Westboro Baptists call themselves Christians.

  • Jay

    “A pity then that even with all their cunning and seemingly unlimited resources they weren’t able to plant any convincing WMDs in Iraq.”

    Kempe- and why would they?

    Certainly not any any moral justification.

  • Mary

    ‘Six years ago, our two ramshackle boats, Free Gaza and Liberty, were hiding
    out somewhere in the Mediterranean, battling mechanical problems and bad
    weather as they slowly and furtively made their way to Cyprus. Thirty of us
    impatiently waited for the boats (and the 14 passengers and crew already on
    the boats) to come and get us. We came from 17 countries, from Palestine to
    Pakistan, from the U.S. to Europe to Australia, our ages from 81 to 22.

    Finally, on August 21, 2008, they sailed into Larnaca, Cyprus, and we left the
    next day, arriving in Gaza thirty-three hours later, bedraggled and seasick
    but overjoyed.

    No foreign vessel had docked in the port of Gaza for 41 years, as Israel
    tightened the screws of its blockade ever tighter, a 20-year blockade they
    said was all about security, but we knew was about collective punishment and
    plundering Gaza, stealing its natural gas.

    For one brief shining moment, Gaza had an open port.

    Musheir ElFarra was the only Palestinian from Gaza sailing that day. His words
    should never be forgotten.

    “It was a great feeling to arrive on that boat, a feeling of freedom that I
    had never experienced. It was the first time in my life that I had visited
    home without the humiliation of being questioned or interrogated by the
    Israelis, without being threatened, having my travel documents thrown in my
    face, and not knowing whether I would be able to get out or not. It is a sense
    of liberation I hope every Palestinian will experience one day. I am proud of
    being one of the first Palestinians from the Occupied Territories to enter
    Palestine without Israeli permission since 1967.”

    Now, in these terrible times for the people of Gaza, many of us wonder if our
    voyage was worth it. Whether the next four journeys when we landed safely
    resulted in any changes. Whether the brutal attack on the Freedom Flotilla in
    May 2010 when Israeli commandos murdered ten of our passengers made a
    difference; whether the world would finally listen to a people who simply
    wanted what all of us want…freedom.

    Today on our 6th anniversary, we remember the promises we made to the
    Palestinians of Gaza: 1. We will return, 2: We will take as many Palestinians
    out of Gaza as we could (we finally took 28, most of them students who are
    doing very well) and, 3. We will let the world know what Israel is doing to an
    imprisoned population.

    As we mark the anniversary of our arrival, the Freedom Flotilla Coalition is
    already planning another voyage, hopefully in 2014, the International Year of
    Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

    So to all Palestinians in the occupied territories: We are coming. We have not
    forgotten you. We will return. We sail until Palestine is free’

  • Briar

    “ISIS call themselves Muslims as Westboro Baptists call themselves Christians.”

    Ironic, isn’t it. A specifically non violent, non retaliative spiritual leader is executed and after death is morphed into a field marshall commanding billions of vengeful, blood thirsty, genocidal soldiers of Christ.

  • fred


    Cogitative dissonance is a difficult concept to grasp. Perhaps some practical examples would help.

    It is the way someone reconciles two opposing beliefs by creating a third belief.

    A man walking down a street sees someone begging, he doesn’t want to give the beggar any money so he crosses the street. Down the street the man realises he has just done something mean but he has always thought of himself as a kind and generous person. The man has two conflicting versions of reality in his head, his solid firm belief that he is a nice person and the evidence that he just crossed the road to avoid helping someone less fortunate than himself.

    What does he do? He invents a third belief, he says “he would only have spent it on drugs”. The man has no evidence the beggar would have spent the money on drugs and no reason to suppose he would but now it is his firm belief and even though he didn’t think of it till after the event he believes that was the cause of his crossing the road, to help the poor soul fight his addiction.

    That is the principle and if you watch out you will see it in action a lot on this blog. A politician says something someone wants to believe and an expert says something else, the person will say to themselves “the expert must be lying because they are a Unionist”. They have no evidence the expert is a Unionist or any reason to suppose he is but they firmly believe that he is because it is the only way they can reconcile what they want to believe with what the evidence says is reality.

    Watch, see “the BBC is biassed”, “the government always lies” or “a group of people must have conspired to fake the evidence” and you will see cogitative dissonance in action.

  • Mary

    I linked to this UJNDA on Craig’s new thread. They have put this out –

    Keeping Trident nuclear weapons ‘in UK’s national interest’

    It is in the UK’s national interest to keep the Trident nuclear weapons system, a group of former ministers, diplomats and generals have argued.

    Maintaining a nuclear capability could help deter threats to the UK’s security in future, their report concluded.

    Full article here

    and link to the BBC website!

    1 July 2014
    Keeping Trident nuclear weapons ‘in UK’s national interest’

  • fred

    “Keeping Trident nuclear weapons ‘in UK’s national interest’”

    I don’t think there can be any doubt about that. Just look at which countries haven’t been bombed back to the stone age by America or her allies. If Palestine had nukes don’t you think they would get the justice and recognition which is their right? Only question is if it’s affordable.

  • technicolour

    From the Gaza Youth Breaks Out (GYBO) facebook page:

    “Extremism is racism, Moderation brings peace to the world.

    We, Palestinians and all good-hearted Muslims around the world, we condemn ISIS and all their supporters. They have nothing to do Islam, and real Islam is not them. We want all people of all background to live peacefully with each other. This is the real message of Islam, and that’s what we all seek for. We ask all powerful leaders of I…slam around the world to condemn and denounce their actions and fight them until they are all gone from this world. All religions around the world have one and only message; peace to the world, but extremists have other opinions. Their opinions don’t necessarily apply to all people. What is happening in Iraq, Syria and Palestine is more than wrong and unacceptable by any means. Religion leaders of all religions should do something about this extremism and devote all their time to end it.”

  • Jemand

    Dreoilin, what makes a Muslim a true Muslim? Or a Christian a true Christian? Is it not the sincere belief in the core tenets of their religion? I see more religious observance in so-called “extremists” than I do in nominal adherents. But who is in any position to say who is, and who is not, a Muslim?

    We could just as well say that those Nazis who instigated murderous programs of ethnic and political cleansing weren’t “true Nazis”, just bad people claiming to be acting in the name of National Socialism. 

    Certainly, there are maniacs who act under no banner at all. Yet certain ideologies attract maniacs, like moths to a light. What is it about these ideologies that attracts more maniacs than other ones?

  • Mary

    With their surplus US$, Israel spends some on NINE of these aircraft. Why? Where are they planning to use them?

    ‘The Israeli Air Force is seeking to purchase nine C-130J-30s.[50] In April 2010 Israel ordered one C-130J-30 with delivery in 2013, and was in contract talks for two more aircraft in June 2010.[N 1][51] An option for a second C-130J-30 was exercised on 8 April 2011, along with planning and advance long lead procurement of aircraft components to support the third C-130J Israeli aircraft.[52][53] The first Israeli C-130J, nicknamed “Shimshon,” was delivered on 26 June 2013. It was modified with Israeli-unique systems to enter service in spring 2014.[16] Israel ordered a fourth C-130J-30 on 25 July 2013.[54] The first Israeli C-130J was officially delivered to the IAF on 9 April 2014.[55] The Israeli designation for the aircraft is Samson.[citation needed]’

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