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43 thoughts on “Live Now – Massive Protest Against BBC Bias

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  • David Park

    And your evidence that this protest was organised by the Scottish Govt is? What’s that? You don’t have any? So we can presume you’re just talking out of your arse then?

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    “Here we have protests effectively organised by the government, the Nationalist government and directed against the media.”

    This is indeed sinister, as our nocturnal friend “Jives” would say.

    It sounds a little like what another lot of Nationalists (I think they called themselves Socialists as well) got up to several decades ago.

    I do hope that press freedom will not be adversely affected should Scotland vote for independence on Thursday.

  • Vronsky

    Was at a political public meeting tonight. Panel of speakers, room full, kids running around, babies crying. No politicians anywhere.

  • Doug

    Here we have protests effectively organised by the government, the Nationalist government and directed against the media.

    Fred, please, do the research and i think you will find that the protest was organised by the people who will elect the government.

  • oddie

    speaking of BBC bias –
    last nite’s BBC report on the anti-semitic rally in Berlin with “Merkel. BBC made it sound like 100,000 were there, by excerpting Merkel mentioning that number of Jews living in Germany today. a google search today showed the BBC summary ending with Merkel “described the 100,000..”, giving the same impression.

    BBC also used an anecdote about a young boy in the crowd, which cannot be proven one way or another:

    BBC: Angela Merkel: Fighting anti-Semitism is German duty
    PHOTO CAPTION: Angela Merkel described the 100,000 Jews living in Germany as a “national treasure”
    On stage, Chancellor Merkel began her speech saying the 100,000 Jews living in Germany were a “national treasure”.
    “Jewish friends, neighbours and colleagues, consider yourselves at home here,” she told the crowd, put at up to 5,000 people…
    Among the thousands of people in the crowd we met a little boy called Orfeo. He’s nine. Already another child at his school has told him he’d kill him because he’s a Jew…
    Police kept a close eye on a handful of pro-Palestinian protesters…

    MSM have all avoided showing pics of the rally, but there is one online of a small, seated audience, who were obviously officials, so i went searcing for confirmation:

    Deutsche Welle: Opinion: Berlin’s anti-Semitism demonstration should have been much bigger
    Germany’s entire political elite has gathered in Berlin to demonstrate against anti-Semitism. The protest adds 6,000 people to the campaign. But it is far from enough, says DW’s Editor-in-Chief Alexander Kudascheff…
    In 1992, over one million Germans held candle-light vigils in cities, villages and communities across the country to speak out against racism…
    But this time, 6,000 people have spoken out. That includes Germany’s entire political elite. The president. The chancellor. Ministers. Unionists. The Protestant and Catholic churches. They all gathered on Sunday to make a clear statement against anti-Semitism – upon invitation from the Central Council of Jews in Germany, since no initiative came from within society, from within Germany itself. That is quite disgraceful, as is the small number of participants…

  • Mary


    Email to the BBC’s political editor
    Posted by The Medialens Editors on September 15, 2014, 9:54 am

    From: Richard A
    Sent: Sunday, September 14, 2014 11:41 AM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Alex Salmond interview

    Dear Mr Robinson

    Following your recent questions at the press conference with Mr Salmond I feel compelled to write to express my disgust and disbelief at the blatant bias shown by yourself and the BBC in this matter. Your report says “Mr Salmond didn’t answer”, which clearly isn’t true having watched the full clip with Mr Salmond’s clear response to your question. I am sickened and disheartened by the clear bias shown by the BBC in case after case, not just on independence matters. I’m sure you’re aware of Dr John Robertson’s report on BBC and ITV bias on the referendum. I sincerely hope it won’t be long before a critical mass of informed people refuse to accept the subtle lies perpetrated by a media which aligns itself with corporate interests.

    Yours sincerely,

    Richard A


  • Mary


    Complaint to the BBC
    Posted by The Editors on September 15, 2014, 9:56 am, in reply to “Email to the BBC’s political editor”

    From: David L
    Sent: Friday, September 12, 2014 11:31 AM
    To: editor at
    Subject: Complaint to BBC

    Dear Medialens,

    Please find copied below the complaint I sent via the BBC’s website in relation to a report by BBC political editor Nick Robinson on the News at Ten 11/09/2014.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    The report on the Scottish Independence referendum by Nick Robinson on the BBC News at Ten 11/09/2014 was misleading and biased. Having seen the full question from Mr Robinson and subsequent responses from Mr Salmond I am disgusted by the manner in which this was portrayed to the nation at 10 o’clock that evening. The report by Mr Robinson asked “Why should a Scottish voter believe you, a politician, against men who are responsible for billions of pounds of profits?” and reduced Mr Salmond’s seven minute answer down to a snide personal comment from Mr Robinson who stated that “He didn’t answer, but he did attack the reporting.” I refer you to the following link where the entire exchange may be watched.

    Let me add my own attack to the reporting of Mr Robinson, and the BBC as a whole, not just on this specific issue, but many more. Your corporation and its propaganda agenda serve the interests of the corporate elite. What you purport to be independent journalism is in fact disgustingly biased. Misleading the public whilst hiding behind a facade of impartiality, and the erroneously perceived integrity of the name of the BBC, is an act that you have got down to a fine art.

    Sadly it may well be asking too much of a main stream media organisation to deliver facts in a balanced and fair manner. That being said, I find it wholly unacceptable that Mr Robinson can be allowed to air a report which is patently untrue.

    I would also like to add that I value greatly the work you do to shine a light on the bias and lies of media organisations the world over and wish more people could find their way to your website and articles.

    Kind regards,

    David L

  • ESLO


    “speaking of BBC bias -”

    yes good to see that the BBC has a bias against anti-Semitism – far better than linking to those hoilocaust denial sites favoured by many here,

  • Abe Rene

    Above Top Secret Memo from the Ministry for Foxy Fairness and Balance:

    “If the Scots vote for independence, they will pose a significant threat to the Free World’s Health because of their continued production of a deadly weapon called Fried Mars Bars. This deadly weapon is known to cause heart attacks. Therefore, in the event of a Yes vote, all fish and chip shops that sell this food of infamy shall bombed overnight and their recipes shredded to prevent these WMD being made again.”

  • Mary

    Bringing you ludicrous, spurious and ill-conceived Scottish stories from Atlantic Quay.
    Any similarity to other terminally biased national broadcasters is entirely unfortunate.

    And here’s to you Mr Robinson. Jesus!
    Monday, 15 September 2014
    By Withered Vine, Our Fashion and Tittilating Tales Correspondent

    Nick pretends to put a smile on his face to hide his savaged ego
    The Editor asked me to pop round to see Nick Robinson in his sick bed, and pass on the condolences of the channel on being publicly humiliated by Alecsammin. (He knows I like to visit men in bed.)

    I was shocked to see how the poor man has changed so rapidly.


  • Mary

    How dare he criticize the protesters who had it right about Robinson.

    ‘Alistair Darling said aspects of the trail were “deeply depressing”, as he cited a demonstration against a broadcaster whose reporting was perceived to be biased against independence.

    Up to 1,000 Yes supporters held a demo outside BBC Scotland’s headquarters in Glasgow on Sunday.

    A BBC spokeswoman said: “We believe our coverage of the referendum has been rigorously impartial and in line with our guidelines on fairness and impartiality.”

    Mr Darling told Sky News Tonight: “How depressing was it when people marched through the streets of Glasgow with posters of journalists that were out of favour with the nationalists?”‘

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