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I am heading for the train back to Scotland for the final, frenetic stretch of campaigning to achieve national independence. Rather strange feeling on leaving the house, because I know that if we succeed I shan’t be coming back here to live, but rather staying to help build the new Scotland, in however minor a way.

I receive far more email than I can possibly reply to, about which I feel somewhat guilty. But I both replied and obtained permission to reproduce this one from Fiona Mathieson:

I am sure you will be receiving hundreds of messages from so many in Scotland at the moment. I would just like to say how grateful I have been for the information you have provided. I have been able to direct people to your blogs and videos which have helped them to start questioning and delve further into unveiling the truth.

Last week at work a colleague who was undecided came to me and said that not only was she voting yes, but her entire family of 47 were voting yes. I gave her the wee blue book and some of your video links and they all went off and looked into it and discussed it. They decided that yes was the only way forward for a future of hope and positive change.

I was late in joining the yes campaign only becoming politicised in the last 2 months as the light bulb slowly went on. I have never in my life felt so engaged and enthusiastic and am amazed to be part of something that is making history. The sad part being that I went through the entire grief cycle in a week moving between stages quite erratically as I came to grips with the level of corruption and deception from the government and the media. I know there will be many others who have been dealing with the same issues as myself.

However, onwards and upwards as we continue to engage with our sense of humour, passion and creativity in these last few days of the campaign.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge as it has helped many of us to stay on course as the continued scare tactics are dropped down on us from on high.

I think the greatest achievement of the campaign has been that half the population of Scotland has awoken to the fact that the mainstream media, and the BBC in particular, pump out a stream of propaganda in collusion with the state and corporate interests, and that much of it is untrue. If I have contributed to that realisation, I am very happy indeed, but I am only one of a number of alternative sources of information now available on new media. The great triumph of the Yes campaign has been the united force of social media and community mobilisation.

Thank you, Fiona, for your kind message. I hope and believe that your account will encourage others to make the same journey.

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  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    I think it was in one of George Orwell’s essays or novels (perhaps Coming Up For Air or Keep The Aspidistria Flying?) that I first read that the Scots hate being called “Scotch” and that the narrator would always refer to them like that if he wanted to annoy them.

    I have resisted that temptation for a long time, but now was the moment, I thought, to bring it out and await the reaction….

    ….which was not long in coming….from those Eminent Scots…called Mary, Donny and Just Saying. 🙂

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    I wonder how many of the genuine* posters on here over the last few threads are actually Scottish and have the right to vote in Thursday’s referendum

    and how many are just jerking off over this topic in yet another display of tiny and impotent rage against the UK and England?

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    * excluding the sock puppets, I mean (there seems to have been a big increase in sock puppets lately)

  • Porkfright

    John Bell 12.43pm. Indeed, totally commendable as being the must-read-first when it comes to anything important, really. Your second paragraph. Well, it allows those with patience and ability to track ones who are here for malign purpose. They are not those who you might at first suspect. Things nationally are going to get mighty interesting in my opinion as the voting-day approaches. Some folk are doubtless doing some serious overtime.

  • CanSpeccy

    I think the greatest achievement of the campaign has been that half the population of Scotland has awoken to the fact that the mainstream media, and the BBC in particular, pump out a stream of propaganda in collusion with the state and corporate interests, and that much of it is untrue.

    But you stick with the BBC in saying:

    I do not believe that the US government, or any of its agencies, were responsible for 9/11.

    I guess the condition is called selective gullibility.


  • Resident Dissident

    “Anyone using Scotch for the people are obviously not as clever as they would like to think.”

    You should read the AJP Taylor’s preface to English History 1914-45, and then carry on with the rest of the book as it will not do you any harm whatsoever.

    For the same reason the English call les Francais the French when we use the English language, but being tolerant people we allow the Scotch to use their own nomenclature should they wish

  • Isobel McAllister

    I echo Fiona, and welcome anyone of your integrity to Scotland.
    As for the petty sniping, apparently testosterone levels are raised when one man dominates another, so it’s just their hormones.

  • RJO'Guillory

    ….good for The Scottish People…what a historic, yet troubling time we are privileged to be living through…corruption on a global, systemic level…connected, corporate corruption unseen in human history … communication techniques that are both oppressive and compromising…yet, new technology that is liberating billions of people’s preconceived notions of the world around them…and with that revolution comes attempts to intimidate, change, alter and control the that the elite can continue to rape, pillage and steal to their heart’s content…it is going to be a bumpy road ahead…and you can feel the fear…dripping from above…as the elite know their entire powerbase is dissolving before their eyes…and the more they resort to violence and oppression…the higher price they will pay for attempt at control…as I said at the beginning … good on the Scots…and a thumbs up the people of Iceland…throwing out the Central bankers…imprisoning the corrupt people in their country who brought on financial ruin…and avoiding any contact with The IMF, etc… good for them as well…
    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  • Elron

    Will I be able to apply for a Scottish passport when Cameron finally gets UK into WW3? And, more importantly, will Scotland be allying itself with the Russians against the neo-liberal, Zionist controlled axis? If so how will they secure the border against incursions?

  • Elron

    “I do not believe that the US government, or any of its agencies, were responsible for 9/11.”

    Events of this nature should not be subject to mere beleif, try using a rational mind, the laws of physics and your own lying eyes. What happened to the steel core? Why do architects and engineers continue to ask question about the “collapse”? WTC7 is the elephant in the room.

    About your lying eyes;
    When you look at the twin towers collapsing you are actually witnessing a detonation wave racing down those buildings, these are explosion complete with extremely hot gases and violent ejections of material, including iron beams (from the core) weighing as much as 15 tons being blow horizontally and landing 100’s of meteres away.

    And all this happened without the US government, or any of its agencies be involved, i.e. responsible?
    Your beliefs mean nothing to those informed by observation, logic, reason and PHYSICS. You beliefs are in fact just short of ridiculous for an educated man, which just shows the power the media has over certain types of mind.

  • Brendan

    Did someone just link to an article by Nigel Farage, and his opinions on the referendum? As I believe the kids say, “lulz’. Why on earth would anyone in Scotland pay attention to that guy?

    Cameron warning about ‘painful divorce’, with an obviously pre-spun headline. Naturally, a normal human being will take that as a vague threat, which Cameron will of course deny. That’s how it works, apparently. Something is implied, the listener makes a perfectly reasonable inference, and then this inference is then denied by the original person, normally in a vaguely mocking tone. Job done, ass covered, point scored.

    These people are dicks. And that Farage bloke is so obviously a chancer I get puzzled why he’s taken seriously. Possible he’s an establishment chancer, of course.

  • Kenny

    Anyone resorting to unwelcoming views from the opposition are only tarring themselves with the same brush as Cameron. Why bully when we as a country are far more intellectaly advanced as oppose to our Southern inept neighbours. Worldwide from a tourisim point we are loved. Wealthy people from all corners of the world send there children to our private schools/ universitys. Then we enter into comodities……Fire back at the No voters with fact rather than lowering ourselves to there lvl

  • Kenny

    All Cameron did was show anyone with half a brain why they should vote Yes. All these threats…. Hmmm i.e R.O.I Have a common travel agreament in place and they are not even on the same mainland…. Good luck to westminster setting up and enforcing border controls with no aid from the North!

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