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In Heywood and Middleton, a classic Labour northern English seat, UKIP and the Tories combined got 51% of the vote. In Clacton – a deprived coastal area – the Conservatives and UKIP got 83% of the vote.

It is not that Labour and the Lib Dems offer an alternative that is in any significant way less devoted to corporate interests and serving the economic needs of the super-rich. The large majority of voters, and especially those who do not bother to vote, have by now worked out that the difference in their lives is negligible if they have a different member of the political class with his or her nose in the trough at their expense.

But everybody who has seen an actual UKIP campaign knows that their grassroots appeal is simply racist – they promote the idea that it is not the billionaires and ultra-wealthy who are sucking the resources from society, but rather the poor of a different colour. The Conservatives are striving, particularly through rampant Islamophobia, to compete for the atavistic vote.

UKIP is an antibody produced by the political establishment and their paymasters, to counter public disillusion with a dreadful and worsening unequal society. UKIP’s task is to divert public anger away from their exploiters towards specific groups of the poor. It does so very effectively. UKIP’s success yesterday will lead to a race among the mainstream parties to scapegoat vulnerable social groups – immigrants, benefit claimants, unemployed – and to compete in external xenophobia. The next government of the United Kingdom will be right wing to a degree which would have seemed unthinkable for the majority of my life.

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  • Squonk


    You know well that you were attempting to ascertain which specific town Mary lived in to go with her bedroom direction and who knows what else you’ve noted. I warned you and you could have left it alone or even better said sorry. But instead you told me to “grow up”.

    My blog. My rules. You’re banned.

  • Ben E. Geserit Muad'Dib Further Confounding Gender Speculators

    I don’t know how one justifies his presence on the basis of ‘free speech’ or civil rights. It makes no sense to give harbor to someone who screams fire in a crowded theatre when no threat exists, to be free from prosecution on the basis of freedom, unless one spells it FREEDUMB.

  • Squonk


    I’d like to think (given the previous ban from this blog) that Habbabkuk is skating on very thin ice indeed here.

  • BrianFujisan


    best put down since Aleck VS THE Liar Robinson..Nice one

    Thanks for comments on Craig’s Speech..People.. Ben yes Got some ideas..Thanks.. we surely hope for a better Cystal Video version….

    Mark.. Conduit… Loving that.


    thanks for effort in Transcript…I think i was ok till Aplause interference.. Ect…Cheers Man… Eh or Missus. Lol

    Mary i hereby name you a Scottish person..if you’ll take it.. get online and decide which island be yir Albaname..:)

  • Tony_0pmoc

    They are both currently rather close to a warzone – my son and his girlfriend..but even so..and yes we do miss them being around…so I wrote this on The Daily Telegraph in response to some cunt..

    Well, I reckon if you describe it as completely honestly as you possibly can…and you leave your computer absolutely wide open for days…no protection whatsoever…you not only can try and trap the [email protected] snooping on you…but you also embarrass them to hell and make them both seriously jealous and think…nah we can’t…they are both obviously in love.

    You know the slugs are on to you…when they try and “secretely” crawl into your computer…and try and turn your webcam on…

    I’ve got your IP address mate..and My Son is a Professional..He runs his own ISP

    Tony & Wife xx

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Well, of Course…completely Technically Possible..Even World Wide Live HD TV Internet Broadcasts..if you can supply the content…but would you really want to host Craig Murray, Christopher Spivey and Carter Ruck???

    More Trouble Than They are Worth…unless you want to move all your kit to Iceland…My Lad doesn’t do it is quite possible his company is already broadcasting your stuff..If so..can you please pay your bill. He doesn’t do it for free..He has even hosted The Israeli’s…but they didn’t pay their he cut them off.

    Its a Business..Politics Does Not Come Into It…

    I am going to pick them both up from the airport..if no bloke in a long black dress..chops their heads off…sure I frightened her a bit…but reckon they will be O.K…My Son has been there before and so have we.


  • Jives

    Tony Opmoc,

    Aye i hear ya Tony but also…why wouldn’t ya record everything?

    You’re right about the horrific zerzetzen they’re doing on Chris Spivey though…

    Very worrying indeed.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    My son is english..and yes..he used to host some of his stuff from his server in houston…but now he hosts it all from multiple locations in ENGLAND..the yanks can’t compete.. a bit fater, cheaper, and much more reliable…he promised 99.9% service availability..cos that is what I did…and delivers (sorry about that word it really annoys me cos most of the cunts who promise in their CEO words..we promise to deliver..are full of shit..and they dont)


  • DoNNyDarKo

    The reason you dont come back with the numbers is because it shows the disparity in everything you spout.
    Go back over 10 years and give us the numbers.It would look even worse for the Israeli regime as there is another Israeli massacre of Palestinian civilians of whichever persuasion they were.It will also show that the majority of Israeli’s killed were IDF or armed settlers in occupied West Bank.
    You try to defend ethnic cleansing and a brutal fascist regime HabbBrain but none of it washes despite your fancy rhetoric.Your presence here is to draw attention away from the crimes of the State that pay you and your clones.
    So give us the numbers CleverClone.You never will because it shows you and your paymasters for what they are.Try to justify making 100,000 homeless.How many Israeli’s have been made homeless?Oh yes,the Bedouin of the Negev.The Israeli Arabs of Jerusalem.The Arabs of Jaffa making way for new Jewish only housing schemes.The one thing they all have in common is that they are not Jewish.
    The Zionist experiment in Palestine is on the way out thank goodness.

  • Mary

    Today is Columbus Day. I remember this searing piece by the American poet and writer.

    Christopher Columbus, Crawl Back in Your Hole!
    by Gary Corseri / October 10th, 2007

    Christopher Columbus, crawl back in your hole!
    Take you Nina, Pinta and Santa Magreedier.
    We know what you did in Hispaniola!
    We watched silver helmets glint in the sun.
    We saw you claim our island for Spain!
    Look what you’ve done!
    How many millions of lives lost,
    How many holocausts
    Would burn up the centuries
    So you could fill your coffers with gold?

    Christopher Columbus—take George Bush with you!
    Take them all—Lincoln and Washington
    And Jefferson, too.
    None of them gave a damn about us.
    They said we were savages,
    They killed us for sport.
    Ever read about Lincoln and the Black Hawk War?
    If Lincoln wanted to “free the slaves,”
    How come he didn’t give a damn
    About their red brothers?
    Jefferson pimped for “democracy”
    But signed the Removal Act to defraud the Cherokees.
    And Washington—“Father” of his country?
    Please! You’re killing me! Don’t make me laugh!

    Christopher Columbus—Genoa scum!
    Take Ferdinand and Isabel—bane of the Jews.
    Bane of the Moors, too, who gave Spain a culture.
    Not like those crap-bags with their “kill one for Christ!”
    (You can leave Jesus behind,
    But not him of the Popes, not him of their lackeys.)
    If you want to leave the sandaled carpenter behind,
    We’ve got work for him, work with honor.
    We’ve got to undo 500 years of your damned interfering:
    We’ll re-plant forests and heal the sky.
    We don’t know if we can do it.
    You took the last kernel of our hopes and crushed it.
    You took our hope away and gave us fear.
    You took our hope—but not our courage.
    Courage to resist you, even after 500 years.

    We’re all under your boots now, your jackhammer boots.
    You Nazi, you maniac—take your bloody history
    Forward and backward and what have you got?
    The Spaniards came and rode us like lamas—literally!
    They climbed on our backs and whipped us till we dropped.
    The French came looking for pelts.
    They took more than they needed so they made
    Beaver-fur hats—a Parisian fashion statement!
    The Anglos came and never stopped coming.
    They slaughtered each other over our land.
    They never stopped slaughtering.
    They made great speeches about freedom and liberty
    While their vampirish mouths ran with our blood.

    Christopher Columbus, crawl back in your hole!
    Take your economy and your progress and
    All the appurtenances of “civilization.”
    Take your death culture and your sordid manias.
    We’re sick of you and your hypocrisies.
    And we’re gathering.

    We’re singing the Ghost Song and dancing the Ghost Dance,
    Gathering on the hills when you shut your eyes;
    Whispering in your dreams
    And crying in your nightmares.

    And howling as your towers fall,
    Your bridges buckle,
    Your levees are breached,
    Your schools implode,
    And your children grasp you with their bloody claws.

  • Mary

    1% for the NHS workers. They are already demoralized because they see the ongoing fragmentation and the privatisation.

    For the bosses in the private sector, there is a different agenda though.

    ‘Company bosses ‘earn 120 times more’
    Directors of the top 100 UK companies now earn 120 times the average sum earned by their employees, according to a report by Incomes Data Services.’

    LOL Cleggover in 2011.
    I will ‘get tough’ on excessive boardroom pay, vows Nick Clegg › … › Banks and Finance
    Dec 4, 2011 – Nick Clegg said the government may legislate to curb “unjustified and irresponsible” pay in the private sector.

  • Mary

    Companies with links to Tories ‘have won £1.5bn worth of NHS contracts’
    Unite research claims 24 MPs and peers who backed health reforms have links to 15 private healthcare companies
    Matthew Taylor
    The Guardian, Friday 3 October 2014

    Now CaMoron and Gideon are saying the Health and Social Care Act 2012 was wrong and they should have stopped it. YCNMIU.

    NHS reforms our worst mistake, Tories admit
    Chris Smyth, Health Correspondent, Rachel Sylvester, Alice Thomson
    Last updated at 12:01AM, October 13 2014

    Senior Tories have admitted that reorganising the NHS was the biggest mistake they have made in government. David Cameron did not understand the controversial reforms and George Osborne regrets not preventing what Downing Street officials call a “huge strategic error”, it can be revealed. One senior cabinet minister told The Times: “We’ve made three mistakes that I regret, the first being restructuring the NHS. The rest are minor.” The prime minister and the chancellor both failed to realise the explosive extent of plans drawn up by Andrew Lansley, when he was the health secretary, which one insider described as “unintelligible gobbledegook”. An ally of Mr Osborne said: “George kicks himself for not having spotted it and stopped it. He had the opportunity then and…

    Diagnosis could be fatal for Tories
    Patients pay as the money runs out
    How charges make a difference
    Hospitals paying over the odds
    Simon Stevens: NHS needs reform


  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “The reason you dont come back with the numbers is because it shows the disparity in everything you spout.”

    No, Donny, the reason I don’t “come back” with numbers is because numbers have nothing to do with the question of why posters on here are so coy about mentioning the words “Hamas” and “Hizbollah”.

    So coy that they never use those two words, which is strange given that both of these organisations are major political (and other) players in the Irsael/Palestine conflict. After all, Hamas is the govt in Gaza, is it not and Hizbollah is claimed to have given the Israeli army a bloody nose a few years back.

    So, Donny, you’re just trying to sidetrack, aren’t you, because you are unable to provide a convincing answer to my question.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    I’d like to think (given the previous ban from this blog) that Habbabkuk is skating on very thin ice indeed here.”

    Think what you like, Squonk. My own thought, for what it’s worth, is that Craig Murray is a very different sort of animal from you.

    BTW, any thoughts about your blog providing a safe haven for the likes of your friend Ben to badmouth Craig behind his back?


    I propose that you now drop this discussion (again started by Ben). You have banned me and that’s fine by me. So get back to your own blog and cease cluttering up this one with your half-truths and little innuendos.

    End. 🙂

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    @ Republicofscotland – answers still outstanding!!


    “The US has probably held the patent on Ebola since the 1970′s when it broke out in Zaire,”

    Leaving aside the word “probably” for the moment, what exactly do you mean by saying that the US “holds the patent” on Ebola?

    Your comment seems to indicate that you agree that Ebola is a natural as opposed to a man-made disease, since you use the expression “broke out”. Do you therefore mean that the US has the patent on the cure for Ebola?

    “this one however in my opinion is a US manufactured event.”

    What do you mean by “this one”? One what?

    Are you claiming that the US has samples of Ebola (as well as the cure) and has released it in Guinée-Conakry/Sierra Leone/Liberia?

    If you are claiming that, what is your explanation for why the US should have done so?”

  • DoNNyDarKo

    Habbalies: Not trying to sidetrack so much as establish how either Hamas or Hizbollah is anywhere near as nasty as Israel and her Schutzstaffeln the IDF.
    We know how many Israel kills and the % of women and children to men,the actual figure of Palestinian militants is more difficult to assertain.
    But as you are the blogs Besserwisser fill us in on the casualties from the Israeli side that these monstrous organisations HAMAS and HIZBOLLAH have caused.
    You talk the talk but just cant even crawl the walk,can you?
    Let’s establish who the monsters are ,and then move on.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    You can’t even divert skilfully, can you. 🙂

    “Habbalies: Not trying to sidetrack so much as establish how either Hamas or Hizbollah is anywhere near as nasty as Israel and her Schutzstaffeln the IDF.”

    So if Hamas and Hizbollah are positively nice organisations compared to the IDF, how do you explain the coyness commenters here show when it comes to actually mentioning them?

    Given their political and other importance in the Israel/Palestine conflict, you’d expect some of the commenters on here to mention them occasionally, wouldn’t you.

    But they never do – which makes one wonder why…..

  • Mary


    Left-wing Israeli public figures urge the British Parliament to recognize Palestinian state

    “The long-term existence and security of Israel depends on the long-term existence and security of a Palestinian state,” activists write ahead of non-binding vote by UK lawmakers.

    Some 363 Israeli left-wing public figures including former Knesset members called on the British Parliament to recognize the state of Palestine when it debates the matter in London on Monday.

    They signed a letter which stated: ”We, Israelis who worry and care for the well-being of the state of Israel, believe that the long-term existence and security of Israel depends on the long-term existence and security of a Palestinian state.”

    The document continued, “For this reason we, the undersigned, urge members of the UK Parliament to vote in favor of the motion to be debated on Monday 13th October 2014, calling on the British Government to recognize the State of Palestine alongside the State of Israel.”

    The letter was initiated by former Foreign Ministry director-general Alon Liel, Peace Now founder Amiram Goldblum and “Breaking the Silence” founder Yehuda Shaul.

    Among its signatories are veteran left wing activist Uri Avnery, former Meretz ministers Ran Cohen and Yossi Sarid as well as former MKs Yael Dayan of Labor and Mossi Raz and Naomi Chazan of Meretz.

    Other personalities who signed the document are: Gen. (ret.) Emanuel Shaked of the Paratrooper Corps and former Attorney General Michael Ben-Yair as well as four authors, Yehoshua Sobol, Yehudit Kafri, Savyon Liebrecht and Amos Mokadi.

    The British Parliament debate in the House of Commons comes less then two weeks after Sweden announced it would recognize the state of Palestine.


  • DoNNyDarKo

    I’m not saying HAMAS and HIZBOLLAH are nice,but since you think they are nasty,I’m asking for numbers so we can compare the nasty to the Shutzstaffeln of Tel Aviv.
    You wont produce numbers because they’d prove that in the Nastiness competition ,your masters from Tel Aviv win hands down.When it comes to money spent on nastiness,Israel wins again.When it comes to nastiness ignoring UN resolutions and International Law, your lot just scored a hattrick Habbz. Well done !
    Away and Wonder Habbablind.

  • Mary

    Which Way will the UK Parliament Jump When it Votes on Palestinian Recognition?

    by Stuart Littlewood / October 12th, 2014

    On Monday the House of Commons in London will debate and vote on a parliamentary motion to unilaterally recognise the State of Palestine.

    A positive result could have a tremendous influence on the state of play in the Palestinians’ struggle for freedom.

    Therefore the dark forces of Zionism are marshalling their venomous Friends of Israel and desperately piling on the the pressure to persuade the more feeble-minded MPs to vote against.

    For example, The Independent reports that Conservative MP Guto Bebb has laid down a wrecking amendment stating that recognition should only come “on the conclusion of successful peace negotiations between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority… How can you recognise a state when the borders of that state have not been agreed?”

    Bebb conveniently forgets that Israel has aggressively expanded far beyond its recognised borders in defiance of UN resolutions and international law. Nobody agreed to the borders Israel presently claims.

    And an instruction to MPs from the Labour Party’s leadership to vote for recognition of Palestine has sent their pro-Israel contingent into a panic-stricken tailspin. The Zio-stooges insist on Palestinian statehood being “part of a process of direct negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli government”, while Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander has been saying it is “not a gift to be given but a right to be recognised.”

    My own MP, Conservative Henry Bellingham, writes that he supports Palestinian statehood and thinks “early recognition” would be helpful. He sounds positive but doesn’t say explicitly that he’ll vote for recognition on Monday. Remember, the Conservative leadership, headed by Agent Cameron, couldn’t bring itself to condemn even the foulest of Israel’s atrocities during its onslaught on Gaza this summer.


  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “I’m not saying HAMAS and HIZBOLLAH are nice,but since you think they are nasty,”

    But you are saying that the IDF is nastier – which means you think Hamas and Hizbollah are nicer than the IDF.

    Given that the apparently nasty IDF gets a lot of mentions on here from the Israel-haters, it is surprising that the apparently not-as-nasty Hamas and Hizbollah never get mentioned by the supporters of Palestine on this blog.

    Any explanations for that surprising fact, Donny?

  • nevermind, there's a future, still

    Todays vote is about the state of Palestine, not Hamas or Hizbollah, however much the debate is being diverted to them, its about a place of home for a desperate and disparate people.

    But as Ba’al said yesterday Israel will ignore all peace agreements and carry on harassing, bullying and enclosing land that does not belong to them.

    Not a single rocket fired since the cease fire and we are now going through the same agenda we went through after ‘operation lead’ the first time, reluctant pledges to rebuild Gaza, ‘oh no you can’t have any cement you might build tunnels with it.

    I would dig tunnels as well, as many as possible to get what you need for your people. If Israel does not agree to a port, does not agree to an airport, demands control, and a cut, over all goods that enter gaza,then we still looking at a concentration camp.

    Konzentrationslager Gaza, paid for and supported for over a decade by the US and UK, the camp commaders in exile who have their hobnailboots well peeled by savont/psychopath BIBI and his sidekicks. No difference between the Nazi’s and the zionists, they have learnt all the third Reich lessons.

    I have lobbied my MP to vote for the recognition, but what has Habby done? has he bothered at all?

    BTW. thanks Squonk, thats what was needed a long time ago, blogs are no places for cyberstalkers.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “Todays vote is about the state of Palestine, not Hamas or Hizbollah, however much the debate is being diverted to them, its about a place of home for a desperate and disparate people.”

    Of course you’re right about today’s vote. But that correct observation still provides no explanation for the puzzling fact that the posters on Israel/Palestine on this blog never mention Hamas and Hizbollah.

    It is puzzling because both Hamas and Hizbollah are major players in the Israel/Palestine conflict (for example, Hamas governs in Gaza).

    Mary, to whom my question was originally addressed, provided no answer (as usual) and DonnyDarkside, acting perhaps in loco parentis for Mary, has also been incapable of providing an explanation (although quite capable of attemptint to divert).

    Can you help, Nevermind?

  • DoNNyDarKo

    Dispute me Habbalies ? Then provide some answers !
    You don’t supply them because of their nature.They don’t support your narrative.
    And that is that Israel is the victim.They aren’t! They never have been.
    Like I said, more Israeli’s have died because of the Levantine cuisine than at the hands of HAMA or HIZBOLLAH.

    You Habbatry stick your nose everywhere.Try answering a question or two !
    Put up or shut up.

  • Mats

    I’m confused Habbakuk.Dont follow your argument.The posters do not mention LGBT groups in Gaza, or Palestinian authority,PFLP,PLFP ,Fatah.When they talk about UK or Israel they do not bring up their political parties.What’s your point?You do not make sense.I understand nothing.

  • Mary

    They’re back.

    Main Chamber

    2:30pm Oral Questions
    Home Office; including Topical Questions

    Business Statement
    Leader of the House

    Statement – Mr Jeremy Hunt
    The Government’s Response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa

    Statement – Mr Alistair Carmichael
    Scotland within the United Kingdom

    Backbench Business
    Palestine and Israel

    Adjournment – Mr Andrew Turner
    Ferries to the Isle of Wight


    Select Committee

    2:15pm – Room 5, Palace of Westminster High Speed Rail (London-West Midlands) Bill
    High Speed Rail (London-West Midlands) Bill – British Car Auctions Ltd

    3:15pm – Room 15, Palace of Westminster Public Accounts
    Procuring new trains – Philip Rutnam, Permanent Secretary, Department for Transport, Michael Hurn, Director, High Speed Rail and former SRO of both the Thameslink and Intercity Express programmes and Lucy Chadwick, former SRO for Intercity Express, Department for Transport

    4:15pm – The Grimond Room, Portcullis House Communities and Local Government
    Jay Report into Child Sexual Abuse in Rotherham – Professor Alexis Jay OBE, Author, ‘Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in Rotherham’; Councillor Paul Lakin, Leader, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council; Carolyn Downs, Chief Executive, Local Government Association and Councillor David Simmonds, Chairman, Children and Young People Board, Local Government Association

    5:15pm – The Wilson Room, Portcullis House Political and Constitutional Reform
    Voter engagement in the UK – Mark Williams, Chief Executive and Electoral Registration Officer for East Devon District Council and Kevin Finan, Chief Executive, Mid Devon District Council; Roger Casale, Chair, New Europeans and Samia Badani, New Europeans

    7:00pm – room 5 High Speed Rail (London-West Midlands) Bill
    High Speed Rail (London-West Midlands) Bill – Kleinwort Benson (Guernsey) Ltd. Borrowdale Nominees Ltd, M&G Real Estate Ltd

  • Mary

    Includes a snatch of BLiar on a YT.

    BBC World News report on the reconstruction of Gaza
    Posted by Gutenberg on October 13, 2014, 3:00 pm

    Take note of the reference to Hamas as “The Islamist’s who ran Gaza…”, with the implication that somehow anything associated with Islamists is repellent. Hamas was democratically elected but what do accurate facts matter when you’re reporting on a story?


    Ms Guerin also gets in the old one about cement being used for tunnel building.

  • nevermind, there's a future, still

    The last time I looked Hamas and Fatah were together, a partner to talk to, if you can find a table to sit at.
    fact is, Habby, even right-wing Likud members have accused BIBI of ‘not taking the opportunity to talk to the most progressive Palestinian leadership ever’, meaning most malleable, castigated by his own party members for failing for now 9 years to sit down and talk.

    What is important are the issues on the table, for example, the land grabs that have to be reversed in East Jerusalem, the occupied territories that have to be given back, the ports for Gaza to be agreed and the land bridge between the westbank and Gaza connecting the two.

  • Jemand

    RoS (previous page)

    “What is Israel’s endgame in Gaza? It is a question that has been puzzling analysts and observers for some time.”

    . . .

    Think : Energy = Security

    If you want a possible end-game scenario for the Gaza occupation, think about the energy resources off the coast of Gaza and Israel of which an estimated 60% might be legally claimed by a UN recognised Palestinian state with formally defined borders.

    Israel does not want any kind of peace to prevail that would give Palestinian statehood any chance before those offshore resources are fully exploited. That will take many decades, if not a whole century.

    They have US support because the US needs Israel to comply with their bilateral deal with Saudi Arabia that gives the Saudi Monarchy security in return for a stable supply of cheap oil to fuel their oil-dependent economy and a prop for the overvalued US petro-dollar that gives them cheap imports. It’s like receiving a discount of 20% on everything and it pays for the wars.

    All stakeholders – Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine(Gaza) and Egypt, need to be dealt with in some way or another. So the fall of Syria is no surprise within this theory. And the effective coup in Egypt to oust the Muslim Brotherhood was certainly about securing a share of the offshore resources for the Egyptian military in return for a secure border and amicable relations with Israel – the Muslim Brotherhood would not guarantee that. Although we have to wonder exactly how they will deal with Lebanon with its major Christian, Sunni and Shiite communities.

    When Saudi, Iraqi and eventually Iranian oil production stalls, Israel will need to have a security guarantee based on US access to the energy resources of the Levantine Basin. Of course, after the wells run dry in the region, Israel will need to depend on something more enduring than a finite energy resource and that explains the contrived Jewish-American identity that was constructed to establish a strong cultural connection between the two countries.

    The Iraq war, founded on lies, was both a message to the rest of the region and an opportunity to secure Iraq’s energy resources. The message, an important one, was that the US can invade and conquer any country it wants to with minimal resistance from the International community. Don’t be surprised if Iran strikes some kind of deal with the US in order to keep Israel or Saudi backed terrorist groups from bringing it down.

    So people can debate all they like about peace talks and human rights – it makes no difference. It’s about energy and security and we can see a pattern of subversion in MENA that supports the respective agendas of the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Mats (or whatever your usual handle is):

    “I’m confused Habbakuk.”

    Then let me help you, Mats.

    “The posters do not mention LGBT groups in Gaza, or Palestinian authority,PFLP,PLFP”

    Possibly because those people are not/are no longer major players in the Israeli/Palestine conflict?

    “and Fatah”

    To mention Fatah by name would make the failure to ever mention Hamas and Hizbollah even more striking; hence Fatah is not mentioned either.

    “When they talk about UK or Israel they do not bring up their political parties.”

    You must learn to read more carefully, Mats. The Conservative, Labour, LibDem and UKI parties are constantly mentioned on posts about the UK and the Likud party is often referred to on posts about Israel or the conflict.

    “What’s your point?”

    You’ve received enough assistance, Mats, especially as I remember that you in fact owe me a couple of answers to questions I put to you a few days ago. So if you wish to hear the point I’m making, I suggest you refer back to my previous posts on the subject and you will find it there.


    Those who are so coy about mentioning Hamas and Hizbollah will really have to do better than setting up “Mats” to have a go at me. His scriptwriter needs to go on a refresher course! 🙂

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