Vicarious Electoral Success 3

It is narcissistic and a bad habit, but I google myself from time to time. In so doing I feel I have come to know some other Craig Murrays – the ice hockey player, the film producer, the aviation photographer and the naturalist. But the one that I have been most worried about has been in the shit for some time.

Craig Murray, in charge of the sewerage of Las Gallinas, California, is responsible for the turds of some very exclusive people, who seem to take a most extraordinary interest in the fate of their by-products. Is the system functioning with enough capacity? Can it cope with flood? Is it solar-powered? There is never a google where I don’t find my namesake gallantly defending his handling of the effluent of the affluent. I have no idea who is in charge of my liquid waste here in Hammersmith, but in Las Gallinas Craig Murray is a public figure.

So it is with great delight that I tell you that Craig has been triumphantly re-elected by the Las Gallinas Valley sanitary district, after a bitter and terribly tight three horse race in which he topped the poll with 36% of the vote. I am going to open a bottle of bubbly and toast his success, and then I shall toast again as I dispose of the waste.

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3 thoughts on “Vicarious Electoral Success

  • Avedon

    I almost – almost – envey you. When I search on my name, I mostly only see a zillion pages for the same guy, and he's been dead for a few years now. (Mind you, he was pretty good at what he did, and in a lot of photos he looked a bit like my father, although we're not related.)

  • rogilman

    I had a provocatively-titled research paper out there from my graduate school days that I discovered cost me a job. The school dept. was nice enough to delete it. I wouldn't consider keeping occasional track either narcissistic or a bad habit.

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