Hope Over Fear Rally 38

That was not purring – that was the death rattle of the monarchy in Scotland.

I was rather proud of that one. A fantastic day in George Square yesterday. I am grateful to whoever in the crowd took this video.

I do not know whether the organisers were taking any closer video or if it will appear. The sound quality was actually rather poor in the square itself. If you went further back than this, you could not hear the speakers at all.

There were 8,000 in the Square most of the time, but attendance over the seven hour period was much higher than that. I met a great many people, particularly in the pub last night, who had missed my speech because they had either left before it or arrived after it. But the atmosphere throughout the day was electric and extremely positive.

I am wondering whether a permanent occupation camp in George Square – right through to Independence – might be a useful initiative. I am looking for somewhere to live in Scotland anyway….

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38 thoughts on “Hope Over Fear Rally

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  • DoNNyDarKo

    I did like your line about the purring and I do hope it comes true.
    BrianFujisan posted your speech on the previous link yesterday after having been at the bash.
    This looks like his.

  • nevermind, there's a future, still

    Thanks for that video, Brian, and well done Craig. Camping in George Square over winter sounds harsh and cold, but you would not starve or feel alone, I’m sure that some young ones would join you.

  • J Galt

    The lines are hardening, a feeling of no more “Mr Nice Guy”, and the attitude to the Red Rotten British State, NATO and to Royalty is part of that.

    I and many other Indy supporters felt that there was merit in a moderate policy of toleration of the Monarchy so as to reassure and even attract the older more conservative element – well it didn’t work – the best way to deal with that element is to let them die off every year to be replaced by pro Indy youth!

    A permanent Independence camp may be a good idea, basically “In Their Face” day in, day out. Even better would be a network of “Yes” Hubs in communities throughout Scotland, not just in city centres but in the big schemes, volunteer manned but well funded with a cafe where people could drop in to show support, learn, work and be part of the struggle.

    The British State doesn’t like to show it’s Teeth, it prefers to peddle a cosy Mythos, but when it has to it does – the 1984 Miner’s strike is an example and the IndyRef was another for those with eyes to see. They will infiltrate, subvert, ridicule and worse – you give a good speech Craig but I think your main role should be using your expertise in advising the movers and shakers of the Indy movement on the tactics and likely actions of the SCUM you once served.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Transcript of Craig’s speech at Hope Over Fear Rally on 12 Oct 2014

    Thank you very much. It’s great to be here. It’s fantastic to be following Pat. What a speech. You know, we had Jim Murphy and Dougie Alexander saying that Nationalists are all violent and intimidating, whereas actually we’re sitting down to Pat, talking about medieval history and Noam Chomsky.

    We have not lost. We are still here and we are still fighting for independence, and we have built with 1.6 million people the biggest social movement in Scottish history, and it’s going forward.

    Two weeks before the vote, the Financial Times published that for the first time ever in the United Kingdom, there were now one hundred billionaires, and the Financial Times seemed to be proud of that. It is a disgrace that there are one hundred billionaires in the country where we have food banks because children are going hungry. We are here because we want to create a country which has no hungry children and no billionaires.

    The reaction to the referendum result has been for politics at the Westminster level to move still further to the right. We have seen Ukip make advances in the last few days and when you see Ukip campaign on the ground, their strategy, their entire propaganda, is purely based on racism, and it is appalling that they are getting elected in England in bye-elections, and the response to that at Westminster has been to say that everybody should move further to the right and onto the same ground. We’ve got the Labour party saying they’re going to be tougher on immigration, everybody striving to be more racist than the next person. I was in Dundee campaigning and I was told by an old lady she’d been told do not vote for Independence because the SNP will let all the black people in, and that was the Labour party who were saying that.

    We have got to recover the moral ground. We have got to build an ethical country, a country we can be proud of – in its politics, in its multi-culturism, in its inclusion, in its social provision for those more needy, we have got to change.

    I’m not interested anyway, frankly, in a few more powers for the Scottish parliament. For me it makes no difference at all if they can change income tax a penny this way, a penny that way, if they’re still sending our children to fight and die in illegal wars.

    We have to move towards a future, a future of independence. I don’t just have hope, I have certainty that we’re going to get there, and next time as we campaign as a country, it goes forward, we’re going for full and true independence.

    We are saying “No to Trident“, but we are also saying “No to Nato“. We are also saying “No to the pound sterling,” we’ll have our own currency.  And we are saying “No to the queen“, we don’t need her. And I’ll tell you this, when the queen was purring down the telephone to David Cameron, that was not purring, that was the death rattle of the monarchy in Scotland.

    We are moving forward. We are going to win, and we are going to be a free and independent nation. Thank you.

  • Vronsky

    “I was told by an old lady she’d been told do not vote for Independence because the SNP will let all the black people in, and that was the Labour party who were saying that.”

    I heard this on many doorsteps, almost always from elderly voters. Labour were certainly responsible for this scare – they were the only No activists on the street. I saw a facebook post from a Labour member, spinning exactly this filth. He was also warning of the dire consequences of extending the franchise to 16 year-olds, who he believed were too stupid to be allowed a vote. On the other hand, he thought that young people voting would probably damage the SNP, so maybe it wasn’t all bad.

    As a matter of fact he’s one of my oldest friends, but over the years his association with the Labour Party has changed his once sunny personality into this racist, ageist misanthrope. Very sad.

  • Daniel

    The no outcome was a bummer, politically arguably the greatest disappointment of life. But it’s over – we lost. We have to face up to the fact that the majority of the views of the people of Scotland are as reactionary as those in England. Unfortunately, Glasgow is not Scotland and Scotland is aging, inherently conservative and scared of change much like anywhere else.

  • MJ

    “we are also saying “No to Nato“. We are also saying “No to the pound sterling,” we’ll have our own currency. And we are saying “No to the queen“, we don’t need her”

    Shame you didn’t say that before the referendum. You also need to be saying “No to the EU” if independence is the objective.

  • Daniel


    EU membership and independence are perfectly compatible and Craig has previously outlined his reasoning to argue just that.

  • Robert Crawford


    A guy with a funny handshake once said to me it was the worst thing we ever did, was to educate those “BLECKS”.(No spelling mistake). My best friend is black. A better person I have yet to meet.

    Anyway, I do not want anyone over me who is above and beyond the Law.

    Monarchy is not democratic. Who voted them in?

    When are we going to get this right?

    When are we going to be brave enough to say it as it is? We all know something, we all have seen something, we all have heard something, that those who Rule over us do not want everybody else to know. That is why there is a new “gagging order” in place, so say 38 Degrees. They, (38 Degrees) now need the advice of Lawyers before they can print anything, or they will be sued, or worse.

    It is getting more difficult with each piece of Legislation passed every day.

    As far as any new Powers for Scotland is concerned, it will be, “you can have that as long as it is less than what we take-away”.
    That is why I think this government should have a chain of fast food outlets, it is a “take-away” government.

    I like healthy eating so neither is for me.

    Common, we need more “catch- phrases”, like the one Craig just used. Gon yer sel man, you are playing a blinder!

    You see Craig spoke out, and he is still here and going well. What about you, what do you know, what have you seen, what have you heard?. Are you going to tell?

    That is why the Police go round the doors when they are stumped, hoping someone, knows, has seen, or heard something. Be brave, out with it.

  • nevermind, there's a future, still


    EU membership and independence are perfectly compatible and Craig has previously outlined his reasoning to argue just that.”

    Well said Daniel, it is very compatible, especially after a possible in out EU referendum, so yearned for by the eukippers. If the referendum goes Enoch Powells way, many mulitnationals will choose to go were their toast gets buttered, were they have access to EU markets, in Ireland or Scotland.

    I like Galts idea of having yes hubs in every town and county, a direct point of contact and a point to create some fitting activismn in the run up to the elections. The existing parties should get hammered, bar the Greens who have been very progressive and cooperative afaik see,

    Scotland would fare well on its own in Europe, it most likely could adopt the Euro instantly, but its an economic decision best made by economists. It also could be a part of a new referendum choice, i.e the Euro or the ‘Scottisg groat’, just made that up, ending up with a political mandate from the go.

    Thanks for the words anode, it was hard to hear Craig when the people cheered him on. How many would have turned up, or be cajoled to turn up, cuffed to take part….;) if Gordon Brown would speak anywhere?

  • Robert Crawford

    Somewhere to go.

    Join the Common weal. They are planning cafes all over the country.

    They need some financial support to enable this project. Have you the desire to help?

    Check them out, it may be just what you are looking for.

  • MJ

    “EU membership and independence are perfectly compatible and Craig has previously outlined his reasoning to argue just that”

    Yes, well said Daniel, extra brownie points if you can briefly summarise his reasoning. Last I heard Craig favoured the EU because it means he can swan around Europe without the inconvenience of having to get his passport out.

    “many mulitnationals will choose to go were their toast gets buttered”

    Good. Independent countries don’t butter the toast of multinationals, they look after the interests of their own citizens. Any views on TTIP? Do you know what TTIP is?

    “Scotland would fare well on its own in Europe”

    Make your mind up. Independent or in the EU: which is it?

    “it most likely could adopt the Euro instantly”

    And instantly lose its independence as a result.

  • Pete

    @ Daniel “But it’s over – we lost. We have to face up to the fact that the majority of the views of the people of Scotland are as reactionary as those in England. Unfortunately, Glasgow is not Scotland and Scotland is aging, inherently conservative and scared of change much like anywhere else.”

    Losing one battle is not the same as losing a war. The 2014 Scottish Referendum was a beginning, not an end. A beginning for England, too, BTW, because England needs liberating from much the same things as Scotland does.

    As regards Scotland “ageing,” you’re missing an important point. We all age if we don’t die young, but that doesn’t mean we turn into our parents! When I was a kid my dad liked Frank Sinatra and I liked rock music. Now that I’m as old as Dad was back then, I still like rock music- I haven’t switched to Frank Sinatra! Older people’s opinions have mainly been formed by their life experience and the lifelong intake of propaganda from newspapers and TV. The younger generations will grow older, but they won’t stop getting information from the internet and switch to relying on Murdoch’s minions and the BBC. They won’t start grovelling to the myth of Monarchy- excessive deference is not an age-related problem like prostate enlargement. Things have changed.

  • Republicofscotland

    Craig the livestream crew got your whole speech out live, before his system went down, you were filmed close up, the camera was position to your right of stage.

    I thought your speech, commendable, as was the young lad from Edinburgh’s who spoke before you.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    If we ever needed confirmation that UKIP is part of an orchestrated campaign by the establishment to drive the political agenda rightwards, it has come today with the announcement that the Cameron, Clegg and Milliband are all to take part in a televised debate with Nigel Farage.

    “How you doing for oxygen of publicity, Nige?”
    “Well, our bosses say it’s time I had a bit more, Dave.”
    “OK, how about I elevate you to the role of official opposition by having a televised debate with you.”
    “OK, that’ll do for now.”

  • Vronsky

    Some clarifications.

    You can’t adopt the Euro ‘instantly’. You need to have your own currency within ERM2 for at least two years. Unless you mean simply using the Euro without being part of the Euro zone – some people do that.

    Monarchy. In my recollection, any time the monarchy has been debated at SNP conference there has been a republican majority. However the queen as head of state was written into the SNP constitution in ancient times and therefore could not be removed without a 2/3 majority (it was always debated in the context of a constitutional amendment). I haven’t been to conference in years, but I recently had occasion to look at the constitution and discovered that that clause has gone. Interesting.

  • nevermind, there's a future, still

    Any views on TTIP? Do you know what TTIP is?

    yes I do, and I have lobbied my MEP’s to vote against it, have you, MJ? It could be the penultimate state before world government by multinationals and Cameron, as well as Osborne don’t mention it, they have already been bagged.

    I’m not even going to argue for something that lies in the hands of many, not even worth getting hot for.
    Full Independence is fine for me whatever shape it is going to take, a currency is just that, its sadly needed as a go between value, so whatever it is it will be subjected to open market forces, unless you propose to trade just to each other.
    By all means wind up the kerb stones at night and shackle yourself to a bedpost at night, whatever it is, you and your forefathers have a common history within Europe, you are part of your European neighbours.

    Something an extra referendum question would solve at a stroke. Surely a fundamental question to be decided by all and sundry, after the ins and outs were widely explained, would you not say?
    Not to be left to some, so called superior brains.

    I campaign for a European network of alternative energy suppliers and the desertec project, however much the neocon oil junkies like to interfere with more war and chaos. I would not be swayed by any oil monger anymore, even if he’s speaking Gaelic, because its just not a sustainable prospect for my children’s children, not to speak led by a bunch of of owl worshipping fear mongers and doomsday merchants, who pull all politicians by their strings.

  • nevermind, there's a future, still

    well Vronsky, that’s the SNP’s policy decision, but the yes campaign is not just the SNP, please tell me it is not?

    Compromise, some give and take will be the hallmark of the Independence negotiation, unless one wanted to dispense with it and start erecting borders instead.

    Factionalism can be avoided by clear quotas in Parliament, just in case some are getting the clan flags out, you can always rely on Tito’s recipe for shared power.

    Who knows, there might be some new parties on the horizon when the old party politics is discarded.
    One would not want to rely on totally discredited parties in a newly truly Independent Scotland, would one?
    I mean Europe is easily the far worse Bogeyman, Westminster parties and City gents,sic, are angels compared to the nasty Hun led EU apparatchiks……

  • Daniel


    How many “beginnings” do we require before the decision is finally made that the people of Scotland do not want independence and hence accepting the war has been lost?
    I agree with you that England needs liberating from the same things Scotland does but that doesn’t alter the fact that the people of Scotland continue, for whatever reason, to reject their own freedom. I also agree with you that ageing is not necessarily an indication of conservatism with a small c. But it is an undeniable factor.

  • Kempe

    ” its an economic decision best made by economists. ”

    Nope, as the former president of the ECB Wiim duisenberg has made clear joining the Euro is a political decision made by politicians.

  • BrianFujisan


    thanks for transcript… i missed some of the words, Cheers

    And RepublicofScotland thanks for the Live feed info…:)

  • MerkinOnparis

    Hi Craig, the speech was excellent and I could hear it very well from where I was standing. I could see nothing though.
    It was interesting to see the diverse elements within the crowd – I looked around at those near to me – who absolutely warmed to your message.
    This time we should not be timid – we must go the ‘whole hog’.

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