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There was never any doubt that the accusation of terrorism against Moazzam Begg was, once again, a tissue of politically motivated lies. What is still more appalling, I am told by a Home Office source that the decision to arrest and detain him was taken by Theresa May herself. This involvement of politicians in the abuse of individuals by the state is appalling.

Jacqui Smith did the same thing as Home Secretary, grandstanding about her role in the front page arrest of twelve Muslims in the North West of England, not one of whom was charged with any offence. The “bomb ingredient” the police found on that occasion turned out to be nothing but sugar.

Theresa May was lording it at the Tory party conference with a ludicrous speech about combating the “terrorist menace” which we are bombing Iraq to enhance, not decrease. At the same time as being acclaimed for further attacks on civil liberties, she was responsible for the completely unjustified imprisonment of the Muslim community’s most elegant spokesman against abuses, including torture, of state power against Muslims.

The other disgusting aspect of this case is the complicity of the judicial system with the state in the abuse of liberty by right wing politicians. There are no longer any effective checks on executive power in the British state. To cap this cycle of total power, Sky News last night were suggesting (and I understand behind the Murdoch paywall it is being propagated today) that Moazzam really is a terrorist and had been released as an appeasement to aid Islamic State British hostages. This total lie is a further snide attack by the terror state.

The truth of the persecution of Begg, who was detained to stop him researching British complicity in extraordinary rendition to Syria by Blair and Straw, is evidently something the Establishment does not want to enter a wider public consciousness.

In any decent society, Theresa May would have to resign over her involvement in the appalling mistreatment of Moazzam Begg. Instead she is touted as a future Prime Minister for the toughness on “terrorism”. That tells you everything about what a stinking, corrupt society the United Kingdom now has become.

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  • Iain Orr

    Letter to Teresa May update. So far 5 people have agreed to sign the following. Others welcome.

    “Dear Secretary of State

    We write as citizens who share your concern to uphold the rule of law and to bring to book those who pervert the course of justice.

    On 1 October the Crown Prosecution Service and the West Midlands Police announced that they were withdrawing all charges against Moazzam Begg, a UK citizen who was due to come to trial at the Old Bailey on 6 October on extremely serious charges. It was shocking to learn that the reason for all these charges being withdrawn is that relevant information had been deliberately withheld; and that had it been made available earlier to the CPS and the police, they would never have arrested Mr Begg in the first place. He was described by the Assistant Director of West Midlands Police as “an innocent man”.

    Respect for the rule of law would be greatly enhanced if you and the CPS were to identify whichever organizations were responsible for withholding this information. We do not ask that the content of relevant documents be made public if, for good reasons, they are classified.

    However, it would not be in the public interest to prevent the public from being aware of those organizations whose actions or failure to act had been responsible for false charges being laid against a UK citizen. Nor should such information be withheld because the issue is or might become the subject of a separate court case. That crucial information was not given to the police and the CPS is already a matter of public record. Only if those responsible for misleading the CPS and the police are identified will it be possible to reassure the pubic that steps can and will be taken to improve respect for the rule of law in the UK.

    This is not a party political issue or a matter of foreign and defence policy. What is at issue is the integrity of those who provide or fail to provide information needed by the police and the CPS.

    Yours sincerely “

  • Iain Orr

    A letter to Theresa May has already gone off by email and those who signed it should already have copies in their Inbox. I caught a few typos (including a missing “h” from her given name). If anyone wants to send a copy on to her saying that they agree, please let me know and I will send you a copy of the final text.

    Now to see what sort of a reply we get, if any.

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