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Alex Salmond is right to move to block attempts by Labour councils to use the new voter registrations for the referendum to catch people for twenty five year old Poll Tax default. The truth is the Labour Party is motivated not by a desire to collect the tax, but by an intention to chase the newly enfranchised back off the voters register. The Poll Tax is universally acknowledged as unjustifiably inequitable and punitive on the poor – that is why it was abolished. The very idea of digging out these ancient debts is disgusting.

The Guardian report by Labour Party hack Severin Carrell states that

David O’Neill, president of the Scottish councils’ umbrella organisation, the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (Cosla), was furious, branding it “the oddest decision ever to come out of the Scottish government”.

Carrell fais to mention that O’Neill is a senior Labour Party politician. The referendum showed Labour and Tory to be united in Scotland. Seeing the Labour Party now determined to pursue poor people for Thatcher’s tax should drive home the lesson.

The Scottish National Party at Westminster voted unanimously against the current bombing of Iraq – which will cost the money to be saved by freezing desperately needed benefits for a year. Alex Salmond is not perfect, but again and again he shows himself the most senior politician in Britain who has some genuine beliefs founded in humanity, and acts upon them.

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  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “So you dont think Ambassadors revealing UK/US complicity in torture could be a target for assassination eh?”

    Definitely, Jivesy.

    In the same way that they could win the National Lottery, get run over by a London Routemaster, get trampled to death by an elephant escaping from London Zoo or even praising you as a model of wit and erudition.

    Especially the last of these.


  • Jives


    Keep following your line managers orders as well.

    Saves you having an original thought in your thick skull eh?

    Eejit troll.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    What would be your objection(s) to having to carry around an ID card with a chip in it recording your address?

    You’ve been blowing hard around the general theme, but let’s hear something specific from you this time, eh?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    the important thing to realise is that this horror, is not not natural, it is not normal and it is not endemic to the human race. President John F Kennedy recognised it and he tried his best to defeat it..but he was not quite strong enough, and so they assassinated him..Now it seems nearly a lifetime after 1963, that no one has the courage to stand up to these psychopathic leeches who are destroying us.

    They control what you think…this evil has corrupted your mind.

    We are nearly gone….but not quite yet…


  • John Goss

    “Still from Jives:

    “Oh i’im sure it wont affect you though Habbabkuk;”

    Why not? I don’t put myself above the law and don’t demand special treatment. Unlike those courageous poll tax dodgers who even brag about it on this blog :)”

    Noddy, Noddy, I was just about to go to bed when my Blytonian pupil, of whom I had (have) Great Expectations (when he finishes Big Ears goes to Toytown) posted the above comment. It has to be said as a disclaimer that the opinions of one pupil, however blue his cap, is not the opinion of the college.

    Oh dear, oh dear, are you paying attention in class Noddy? All your silly references to the inhabitants of Toytown, or anywhere, having to have identity cards giving all their personal details is not what this college advocates. For a pupil of our proud college to write:

    “Let us take Jives as an example: he has an identity and lives at an address (I suppose). What is strange or dictatorial about him having on his person a card attesting to that identity and bearing, in its chip, that address?

    Is he trying to hide from himself and denying his address?

    Still from Jives:

    “Oh i’im sure it wont affect you though Habbabkuk;”

    Why not? I don’t put myself above the law and don’t demand special treatment. Unlike those courageous poll tax dodgers who even brag about it on this blog 🙂 ”

    Noddy, remember we have your school reports here. Your name is Noddy, not Habbabkuk. Get a grip my boy. And make sure you are not late again tomorrow.

  • Jives


    Hilariously ironic you banging on about ID cards when appear to have no idea at all.

    I bet you subscribe to Poindexter’s Total Information Awareness programne-or whatever it’s called these days?

    You’re a buffoon Habbabkuk.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    The owner of a Muslim newspaper in Atlanta has written a column suggesting that Hamas consider “a hit” on Barack Obama if he stands in the way of Palestine defending itself.

    A huge police and homeland Security operation has been launched. The newspaper offices have been raided and the writer has been arrested along with many others. It is believed all the people arrested are Muslims and are being held in custody on suspicion of conspiracy to commit terrorist acts.

    A Washington insider has told CNN that Barrack Obama has given the green light to Israel to unleash a wave of bomb attacks on known Hamas militants. The un-named spokesperson adds that the President has authorised a large increase in military aid to Israel and made further promises of ……

    ….Oh, wait a minute, sorry, I misread that. Let me read it again:

    The owner of a Jewish newspaper in Atlanta has written a column suggesting that Israel consider “a hit” on Barack Obama if he stands in the way of the Jewish state defending itself. He has apologised and no further action is being taken.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I did read a bit of your spats here today…have the moronic psychopaths…chased all the quality be honest..I don’t understand how you guys do it…but..anyway…ban me if you like….Did I say something wrong??? Did I post when I was very Drunk?? Did I Write about my life…Did I try and make it just a little bit Personal??

    I ain’t going to lie…Tonight I Did The Worst Chat Up Line Yet…there was a really good Led Zep cover band on…no I don’t think Robert Plant turned up ..but we are going to see him at The Roundhouse…next month..I have not been there before…but My Wife has…well and My Lancashire Girlfriend have..They both said..nah its O.K….They will probably let you in……

    Look I just went outside for a quick smoke and I was sat on the wall outside..and this girl came and sat next to me…

    I said to her this band – are really good….Tish it is now 35 years since I saw Led Zeppelin at Knebworth in 1979…

    Were You There?

    The light was not that great outside..I just naturally assumed she was roughly the same age as me…and then realised she only looked 29…

    How do you get out of that one?

    All her mates turned up, and I had to eventually apologise…I said sorry love…that was The Worst Chat Up Line Ever…


    Hysterical Laughter then started…She couldn’t stop Giggling….so I Reckon I got away with even that.

    I Guess I got Blessed By an Angel..My Wife just looked so Beautiful Tonight. We have been together since 1981..and my hair has not yet fallen out but I do look like a complete [email protected] I should curl it and grow a beard…not done that yet..She is just so beautiful ..heart of gold and grows and cooks the Best Vegetables in England..

    Totally Fit (I ain’t)..but I think I have cured my gout..


  • Tony_0pmoc

    She is Completely Lovely ( A very Senior Nurse ) and whenever..she is just an angel and I really do brain dump on her..She too comes from Lancashire..and My Wife and I Love her (same tribe init..and the same kind of welcome and love..and not taking any nonsense off complete..but you still have to tolerate them ..well we do)..

    But sometimes she and I get into really Deep Discussions…You know ethical stuff as well.

    I know all the Patients come to see her (The Senior Nurse) rather than The Doctor

    She Gives Them Her Love…and tries to tell them the truth..there is nothing wrong with you (most of the time) (she knows the the drugs will not work – but tells them they will(placebo effect)..sure you can have them if you want..but I personally..would recommend a Daily Walk in the Park..Go and Feed The Ducks..You might meet a nice man or woman who can give you a reason to live whilst you are both feeding the ducks.

    I can’t compete with that.

    Some people are just so nice. They care for you no matter who you are and try and make you better…and OUR UK Government is Literally Trying To Destroy That???

    I think we should do something about that.


  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    I ask you, twice:

    “What would be your objection(s) to having to carry around an ID card with a chip in it recording your address?”

    and all you can come up with is:

    “I bet you subscribe to Poindexter’s Total Information Awareness programne-or whatever it’s called these days?
    You’re a buffoon Habbabkuk.”

    I think that proves rather nicely the point I was making earlier on about the paucity of real, solid arguments against personal ID cards and registration of residence, doesn’t it.

  • YouKnowMyName



    What would be your objection(s) to having to carry around an ID card with a chip in it recording your address?

    You mean …carrying around an ID Card that records your habitual residence and/or your usual haunts – such as a SmartPhone: Apple, BlackBerry, Samsung, etc choose any color Citizen…

    the device formerly known as a ‘phone completely fulfils the ID/location function in the post Admiral Poindexter world.

    Further evidence? – we have to look to anarchy in 2007/2008

    The alleged anarchists – who may have used bicycle chains on the TGV lines – were allegedly eventually arrested when they started to attend meetings without their mobile phones!

    It is still not clear if the anarchists paid their “Taxe d’habitation” (French Poll Tax paid by 28 milllion households in FR) – to bring some relevance to this thread

  • guano

    Tony M

    On the day of Judgement all businesspeople, except those who bring true benefit to society with honest dealings, will be raised with the criminals. I suppose they’ll have to talk their way out of there if they can.

    This includes those who like myself sell their time.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “You mean …carrying around an ID Card that records your habitual residence and/or your usual haunts –”

    Don’t be silly. Not “your usual haunts” but the address which you have declared as being where you live.

  • nevermind, there's a future, still

    Thanks for that site Craig, fast to get to but, oh dear, its only for those who accept their cookies, otherwise you are chucked back to google.

    Accept our corportae advertising, our schoolmasterly control features and our verbal diareha, or we will not let you in.

    Labour is toast, what ever they argue amongst each other. The SNP is flying high and their supporters will see to it that toast is dry and sticks in their suporters gullet next year, whatever our sad, lonely multiposter here babbles.

  • YouKnowMyName

    your phone, which contains many unique Hard-ID’s (your SIM card, IMSI, phone body IMEI, Radio interface MAC addresses)
    the cloud of meta-data that your phone generates not only COMPLETELY defines your actual home address ( – not your declared one, tho’ your declared address is implicit in the contracts associated with the cash trail feeding of your SIM card) but it also COMPLETELY defines your usual haunts. Hence defining completely an individual, by meta-dat associated with hard-identities.

    if you have an iPhone (under iOS7/8 check under Settings/Privacy/Location Services/System Services/Frequent Locations/History) for an idea of the granularity of available meta-data. Clearing History on your device does NOT erase the associated meta-data cloud in the Cloud.

    Are you arguing instead for a Dutch style “Bevolkingsregister” which is the Database that connects to/issues the “ID Card” (ID-Card itself is an easily forgeable piece of paper/plastic card) An ID card is useless without its back-end database. The back-end database can and has been abused throughout history. [Risking Godwin’s law, as usual on this Blog, the Nazis were very happy to use/abuse their national ID card database but it may have had ‘blowback’]

    back to the “ID-Card” you already have one!
    In Directive 2006/126/EEC, as amended by EU 383/2012 (COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 383/2012 of 4 May 2012 laying down technical requirements with regard to driving licences which include a storage medium (microchip)) the Driving License in your pocket, will, over the coming years be able to support multiple “applications” running inside this memory chip.

    One of these is “The Driving License application”, other countries have chosen to add “Identity Card application” – I bet the Estonians have chosen to add their usual Citizen-voting & ATM bank-card applications!

    I think it is a bit late to debate “do you want to carry around an ID-Card,” when we all plainly do, though perhaps we weren’t given a big choice in the informed consent ethical debate? The Sun, for example in an article on the “new” EU driving license just focussed on the fact that UK could use the “Union Flag” as an icon on the license, replacing the dreaded, borrowed, Council of Europe 12 stars…

  • doug scorgie

    Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !
    4 Oct, 2014 – 8:37 pm

    “What is strange or dictatorial about him having on his person a card attesting to that identity and bearing, in its chip, that address?”

    Who would gain from compulsory ID cards Habbabkuk?

    What is their purpose?

  • Jives


    Why should i answer your questions when you don’t answer mine?

    You probably don’t know which side of bed to get out of without your line managers steer.

  • Tony M

    Interesting link that From Argyll thing, I learned from reading that, apparently that Poll Tax debts in EWNI were written off by Westminster seven years ago, but ‘left-wing’ Labour councils, and no no doubt other flavours of unionists, Tory, LibDems, and coalitions of the same one party, posing as three, are in Scotland are still chasing afer it. It seems their determination and efforts to recover this, has cost more than the total actually owed in the first place. Stupidity squared with these councils, someone has coined elsewhere the wonderful acronym ‘SCALP’ for this monster which has come into being, this poly-party, standing for Scottish Conservative and Labour Party, though I’d scrub the letter ‘S’, leaving just CaLP, as there’s nothing Scottish about them, both being run from a London HQ. Who’d ever have thought those two dinosaurs would join forces, each wing competing with the other to be the more appallingly right-wing and hideous, thesis meets (alleged) antithesis and the end result is a great big nothingness, a sucking black hole within which hope and aspiration are destroyed.

    How much lower can they sink, fracking depth, or to the very centre of the earth itself?

  • Davie-S

    As a member of the 3% club of Scotland, ie not on the electoral register, precisely for the reasons we are now debating, call it a premonition call it experience i knew this situation would arise after the indyref, and once the legislation goes through on the poll tax i will once again join the electoral register and i vow i will pay three years poll tax monies to charity, but the PT lasted four years i hear some of the more enlightened say, and you’s would be right, but for me the first year was one of the worse things that turned out to be one of the best things Thatcher ever did to my fellow countrymen/woman, it was also illegal and against international law to foist that tax upon Scotland a year before it was introduced in England, and the fact the red torie’s are against the FM’s announcement is both disgusting and astonishing given there precarious position in Scottish politics at this time.. A wee point of note Craig, David O’niell (COSLA) is not against the legislation, he just threw the toys out the pram cause he was not consulted on the FM’s announcement, and was only informed 45 minutes beforehand…

  • bjsalba

    @Republicofscotland about armed police

    The Meeja has made a big hue and cry about armed police.

    The photo of three armed police outside MacDonalds in Inverness
    was splashed over the cover of one national paper which claimed to have put a stop to routine armed patrols. How true is their claim?

    The thing is that that Inverness picture was of a an ARMED RESPONSE TEAM, NOT A ROUTINE PATROL. They were sent in response to a report of a drunk with a knife causing a disturbance outside MacDonalds.

    I live near Inverness and have NEVER seen a regular patrol which was armed. Where are the pictures of them? Oh and by the way, all the regular patrols I have seen consist of two officers not three.

    The sole purpose of the media campaign was to discredit the Scottish Government run by SNP, which recently unified the Police force.

    The implication was and is that the unification would lead to a police state under the dictator FM. The media demanded that our FM should override the decisions of the Chief Constable. The FM refused and said the Chief of Police was more qualified to make the necessary .

    The truth is that it is that it England that has political control of the police. They now have elected police commissioners at substantial taxpayer expense.

  • stonefree

    David O’Neill is not the brightest of soles, North Ayrshire Council under his navigation lost money left right and centre, paid money to companies that didn’t exist,bought property at well over market price on losing £15 Million in Iceland , he remarked that “It was like having a wage packet of £400 and losing £15″…that was swiftly removed from the Council web site.
    Tha e Coucil under his supervision installed Sheriff Officers Sterling Park personnel within Cunninghame House ,which meant the SP could work with reduced costs ,( I’m sure they passed it on) It did I would assume give SP access to NAC’s Data Base.
    Could or would that be in breach of the Data Prevention act?
    It seems that NAC Labourites, now seek a Knighthood for this woefully inadequate individual

  • Richard

    J-Lo, 8.08pm Oct. 3rd.

    The point about currency union is that there’s no independence with it, so the whole thing becomes an exercise in futility. Why make all this fuss about ‘independence’ and then go for a currency union? If it wasn’t all a complete waste of time anyway, it certainly is with a currency union. As has been pointed out elsewhere, a while ago it was S.N.P. policy to join the Euro and that is even more ridiculous. They just come across as not having a clue what they are about.

    My own sense – which may be entirely wrong, of course, is that the different parts of these islands will always be interdependent simply because of immutable geography and that “independence” is a word chosen simply for what its antonyms imply. England dominates for various obvious reasons, but it won’t be any less dominant if we set up bits and bobs of parliaments about the place. It was actually less dominant before devolution, but that truth won’t penetrate peoples’ emotions.

    As for an equitable society, one of the best ways to achieve that is through education, but the once justifiably lauded Scottish system is but a shadow of its former self. I work at what these days passes for a university and Scottish students (and those from the R.o.I., for that matter) are just as ill-informed and backward as those from any other part of the country (why do you think Salmond wanted to give them the vote). This isn’t accidental; it is a result of decades of policy. Young people are all filled with exactly the same mushy drivel from wherever they come and it suits our leaders just fine that they are.

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