Herald in World’s Worst Photoshop 93

Is this the world’s worst photoshop?


Mr Clerkin appears to have a shrunken head. And the light cannot be shining on Mr Clerkin from top right, and on Murphy from the opposite direction.

The Herald headline is that political leaders are lining up to condemn the six anti-Labour demonstrators for being noisy. Are political leaders also lining up to condemn the total lack of journalistic ethics of the Herald?

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93 thoughts on “Herald in World’s Worst Photoshop

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  • David

    Ha! The photos look weird because of all weird angle the photographers were using to make the crowd of twenty look big – looks weird when focussing on one or two faces.

    And as for

    “and are set to be the largest ‘third party’ in UK history

    Redmond’s Irish Nationalists won 82 seats in the January 1910 election, and 71 in the December 1910 election.”

    We can take a leaf out of Scottish Labour’s books and add the caveat “since universal suffrage” in that case 😉

  • Ангрысоба

    Of course the photograph is not photoshopped.

    If you do a Google image search for “sean clerkin jim murphy” you find at least two or three other photographs from different angles of Clerkin at close proximity to Murphy, and shouting in at least one other. The different perspective also allows you to see the many cameras with flashes which could easily explain the different light sources.


    The idea that The Herald photoshopped the picture is really pretty preposterous and the “analysis” is as bad as the type of mental gymnastics needed to say that the Oswald backyard photos were faked.

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