Herald in World’s Worst Photoshop 93

Is this the world’s worst photoshop?


Mr Clerkin appears to have a shrunken head. And the light cannot be shining on Mr Clerkin from top right, and on Murphy from the opposite direction.

The Herald headline is that political leaders are lining up to condemn the six anti-Labour demonstrators for being noisy. Are political leaders also lining up to condemn the total lack of journalistic ethics of the Herald?

93 thoughts on “Herald in World’s Worst Photoshop

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  • Resident Dissident

    I’m afraid the previous post saying the demonstrators got no where near Murphy is just not tenable.

  • fedup

    About time people chased these carpetbaggers, crooks and lairs, out of every district!

    Freedumb of speech does not somehow imply freedumb to be heard, if these tossers cannot stand the reality that people are no longer interested in their unconscious drivel, they can go back to their cosseted bars and restaurants in the HOC and get on with backslapping each other.

    Respect to Scots.

  • Jives

    Well if u know that little area its impossible not to be near anyone on such a busy day.

    Your point?

  • Resident Dissident

    “Freedumb of speech does not somehow imply freedumb to be heard,”

    The universal rallying call of totalitarians everywhere.

  • fedup

    The universal rallying call of totalitarians everywhere.

    who is the totalitarians?

    A minority of carpetbaggers having hijacked a political party; itself a minority. They then verily believe they have a god given right to rule and may their reign last eternal!

    Well tough cheese, what goes rotten gets chopped and excised as in gangrenous appendages. Good ridden to these tossers.

  • craig Post author


    At one stage Clerkin was close to Murphy and talking to him. The images you link to do indeed show that. He was not screaming at him from close range as this photoshopped one purports to show.

    As the video linked to earlier clearly shows, at the point where Murphy decided to run away and claim danger neither Clerkin was nor any other demonstrator was anywhere near him. There was no physical violence.

    I have given a great many outdoor speeches – scores. Though I don’t think I ever had an audience as small as Jim Murphy’s here. I deal with hecklers sometimes. If you stand in a public space and make a speech that is part of the deal. It is not violence or intimidation. Even Channel 4 is now admitting there were only four of them.

  • Andy

    Photo certainly looks photoshopped. Or taken with a very wide angled lens? And looking at other photos of Murphy he has got a very large head. Perhaps a combination of the distortion of the wide angled lens/photoshopping, and Murphy’s large head, gives the photo that very unnatural look.

  • Mason

    @ Resident Dissident

    The main reason I am a little suspicious about the shouting photo is due to the degree of distortion but also because of the lack of eye contact.

    When a person goes face to face with another, the aggressor will typically stare into the eyes of their target.

    In such instances the target may look away or reciprocate.

    I have however never seen such an interaction were both parties are avoiding each others eyes.

    In addition to the distortion of the photo this gives me cause for concern about its authenticity.

  • Jives

    Awful by the Herald.

    The guy is clearly looking past Murphys left shoulder.

  • lysias

    Todays’s projection by the Financial Times has Labour + SNP + Plaid Cymru + SDLP + Greens at 428, a majority. http://elections.ft.com/uk/2015/projections/ . As a matter of fact, it has Labour + SNP at 421, approaching a majority. And that’s with the SNP at 51. The SNP can pick up a few more seats than that.

  • Mason


    I’d check those numbers because I doubt Labour + SNP would equal 421?

  • Jives

    The TERROR of a loudhailer at a political rally!

    The TERROR of people being NEAR someone at a political gathering!!


    WE’re Doomed i tell ye! DOOMED!!

    What a load of stage-managed bollox.

    Murphy’s a shameless chancer.

  • RobG

    The Glasgow Herald? I thought they were the only pro-independence mainstream newspaper in the UK?

    In the meantime, the Sunday Times published a poll this weekend that says the SNP will get 52 seats on Thursday (sorry, I don’t have a link to hand). Amazingly, considering that we’re looking at a seismic shift in British politics, this will probably be the last poll of opinion north of the border before election day.

    I’ll say yet again that in the 2010 GE the SNP returned just 6 MPs to Westminster.

    Look out for some really ‘dodgy’ stuff from the Establishment over the next three days, because they are bricking themselves.

  • John Goss

    In the Quisling Report interview linked by Melanie on the previous thread Mr Clerkin repeatedly tells an interviewer that he is there on behalf of an Austerity Protest nothing to do with the SNP, and as Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed they were not representing the SNP. One question asked of Jim Murphy time and again is whether he is still a member of the right-wing Henry Jackson Society. Murphy declines to answer.


  • J Galt

    And remember these are the people who own the “National”

    Makes ye think.

  • Resident Dissident

    “He was not screaming at him from close range as this photoshopped one purports to show.”

    How on earth do you really know – a few hours ago you were claiming that the protestors were nowhere near Murphy – given this I would be a little more careful in your claims about the Herald having doctored the picture.

  • Bugger (the Panda)

    Clerkin was in the Snp but left 8 years ago. He was responsible for the chasing of Ian Gray into the Subway restaurant in Glasgow and received publicity for it.

    He seems to be trying to do another magic moment with Murphy except.

    He was told by someone in Murphy’s team at 8:30 am the time and place of Murphy”s latest soap box photo op stunt. A Labour activist was tweating at 10:30 about the confrontation and hoping out loud for press and TV coverage.

    Photos and video clips I have seen suggest the pushing was of Clerkin by The Labour flash mob.

    2 loudhailers geeks shouting at each other. BBC dutifully report mayhem. alex Thompson of C4 news says it was no such thing.

    Engineered stunt by Murphy. No substance from Murphy, just screaming and shouting and dowright lies.

    Man is a self centred disgrace and deserves to be voted out, he is now asking Tory voters to vote for him and stop the SNP candidate.

  • RobG

    Mason, apologies for not seeing your posts above before making my own post (Mason’s posts above contain excellent links to the latest polling).

    My point still stands, though: the extraordinary stuff happening in Scotland is still being mostly blanked-out by the UK media.

    Percentage approval ratings in most media still only show Cons, Lab, Lib Dems, UKIP and sometimes the Greens. This despite the fact that the SNP might well return twice as many MPs as the Lib Dems ever have, and are set to be the largest ‘third party’ in UK history, and will have a big voice in Westminster.

    I suppose it goes to show what an utter sham/propaganda machine the entire UK media is.

  • Resident Dissident

    Clerkin was clearly screaming at Murphy in the BBC clip of the incident. Sturgeon to her credit very clearly disowned the yob – perhaps Craig and others should do the same?

  • lysias

    FT quite clear on how many seats the SNP is likely to win. Maybe they figure the hoi polloi won’t read it?

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