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As I told The Way Forward conference in Kirkcaldy today, I am submitting my application to the SNP to join their list of approved candidates. They may not want me, and then I have to find a constituency that wishes to adopt me. So the tweets tonight that I am standing as an SNP candidate are a little optimistic. I am also very keen indeed not to come in as a carpetbagger where a hardworking local activist wishes to stand – I had (and I am being very open here) thought my natural target would be Dundee West, where I lived for seven years and was elected University Rector. But a very good man I know is going to be seeking that one, so I shall not.

Ideally I would love to take on Gordon Brown, Dougie Alexander, Jim Murphy or one of the other great dinosaurs – and war criminals – and bring some truths about them, and about what the unionist parties have done to Scotland, home to the people they “represent”. I won 5% of the vote in the 2005 election standing as an Independent candidate against Jack Straw in Blackburn, a constituency with which I had no connection at all. If I can bring a 3 or 5% personal vote to add to the soaring SNP vote, all kinds of things become possible.

I was asked if I would consider standing, after my speech at today’s conference. In replying that I was applying to be accepted as a qualified candidate I was not intending to start all the hares I have started. I must say I was really touched by the enthusiasm and applause that greeted my response. In clarifying what I am thinking, I am aware I may seem very presumptuous. I should be delighted to hear from any constituency seeking a candidate; otherwise I am going to be living in Scotland and still working flat out for independence, irrespective of whether I hold any position or not.

I expect my speech today will be online shortly. My essential argument was that we should concentrate single-mindedly on the goal of independence and not be sidetracked by the Smith Commission or any other “devo-max” initiative. These were never honest or genuine and will come to nothing worthwhile. Scotland will get nothing from Westminster: we have to take power ourselves if we are to build a more just and equal society.

All the talk of Scotland keeping and spending its own tax revenue is illusory as the unionist parties always exclude vital revenue sources including the revenues from oil and from whisky, which are somehow “UK”. Westminster will make sure that any new settlement gives Scotland less, not more, money. The mood towards Scotland in Whitehall is entirely vindictive. In addition to which, given the UK’s record on extraordinary rendition, torture and a long succession of aggressive and illegal wars, any settlement which leaves Scotland still subject to Westminster foreign and defence policy is absolutely unacceptable and immoral.

I accept that the SNP may need to appear to participate in the Devo-Max negotiations, if only ultimately to expose the total lack of seriousness and good faith on the unionist side. However the great bulk of the Yes movement should continue to spend its vast reserve of creativity and popular energy exclusively on the goal of independence, pure and simple. This may come sooner than people think.

It is more than likely that the Tories will be back in power in Westminster after May 2015, and very possible that 2016 will see a UK vote to exit the EU. National independence is not in fact a domestic concept, but rather a status in international law. The key to being a nation state is the recognition of the large majority of other nation states. A UK EU exit may be a propitious moment to declare UDI on the basis of the right of Scots to maintain their EU citizenship, and to gain the immediate support of other EU states for so doing. We should keep our options open on the future route to independence, but it is not so distant as some think.

There was a great deal more detailed discussion on other policy issues in reply to questions, and I will try to set some of that out tomorrow. I move in to my new flat at 89/14 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh on Thursday. People are always aghast that I publish my address, but I believe that a gentleman does not hide where he lives. Besides, my enemies will certainly already know, so its best my friends know too. If you were to surmise that the address shows where my long term ambitions lie, you may not be entirely wrong!!

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  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile the original Royal arse licker, Harry Arnold has died Mr Arnold broke the news to the world, that Prince Charles had started dating Lady Diana Spencer. Will the current Royal arse licker Nicholas Witchell, meet Mr Arnold’s lofty standards, only time will tell.

    Remaining on the Royal subject, old saddle bag face herself Queen Lizzie, (A begging your pardon mam) attended a function in defiance, of a possible terrorist threat. Whilst her daughter-in-law Kate Goldsmith aka the Yak, and Bald Willie watched the Welsh rugby team lose, its a hard life being a Royal.

  • DoNNyDarKo

    Fred ,
    Your knowledge of the SNP would fit onto the back of a postage stamp.
    Don’t open your mouth and let your belly rumble.

  • CanSpeccy



    You’re wrong. Scotland can have another referendum when the people of Scotland choose to have another referendum.

    I did not say Scotland could not have another referendum. I said they could not have another binding referendum unless Westminster agreed.

    Westminster denying us that right would be undemocratic and could result in civil war.

    Yes, civil wars are what can happen when people ignore the law in a way that undermines the state. Such lawlessness is usually called treason and has dire consequences.

    Polls are already showing that a majority of Scotland want another referendum within the next 5 year.

    They can have another referendum within the next five minutes, but it would not be binding under existing British law.

    You’re also wrong about UDI. It’s perfectly legal under international law.

    But not under British law!

    Or to consider some actual cases: Donestk and Lugansk wished claimed independence within a Ukrainian Federation, but the Ukies have so far countered that claim by killing 4000 Easterners and making a million of them refugees (all with UK-EU backing).

    Or to take an older example, when Rhodesia declared UDI, Britain’s Lib-Left establishment was up in arms. The saintly Michael Foot called on the Government of Britain to bomb Salisbury/Harare.

    But my chief point is this: the drive for Scottish independence is bogus. It is actually a drive for submission to the EU superstate, an undemocratic political structure undergoing economic disintegration. Well if the Scots want that, good luck to ’em. Although the last time they put it to a vote they rather clearly said no.

  • fred

    “Fred ,
    Your knowledge of the SNP would fit onto the back of a postage stamp.
    Don’t open your mouth and let your belly rumble.”

    Fuck off and die retard cunt.

  • Kempe

    ” You’re also wrong about UDI. It’s perfectly legal under international law. ”

    Bit of a grey area I think but the bigger problem might be international recognition. There’d be a rUK veto at the UN and enough EU members with their own breakaway movements to cause problems at Brussels. It’s unlikely Scotland would survive for long in the face of sanctions and isolation.

  • MJ

    Craig: I think you should look for a constituency in Dumfries and Galloway.

    Looking at the breakdown of the referendum, D & G, along with the Shetlands and Orkney, returned the most resounding No vote with a margin of 2:1.

    A UDI without the support of these regions would be very damaging to Scotland, both economically and territorially, if they decided to stay in the UK. You need to work particularly hard therefore to win over these regions. A well-spoken Englishman might be a wise choice for the SNP in D & G.

  • nevermind, there's a future, still

    “I did not say Scotland could not have another referendum. I said they could not have another binding referendum unless Westminster agreed.”

    Westminster seems to think that they can just introduce a referendum on the EU, in or out, a vote for whom? the Scottish, Irish, English and Welsh?
    Or would just be for the English? If Westminster wants to take the union out of the EU, and most of Scotland wants to stay in, then it is England who would be acting illegal.

    Another small but important point. Due to the party politicians, elected by the likes of canspeccy, have signed and agreed to the existing structure of the law and British law does not supersedes EU law, rather the opposite, go check it out.

    So whatever is not liked about the EU, you voted for it, now some want out, with no idea as to what comes after, speculators and wimps who can;t stand the heat they themselves created. Rather than getting in there and change it in a democratic way they take the EU handouts and salaries, whilst doing nothing at all, except drag their knuckles.

    This is not due to a lack of intelligence, its more down to lazy unaccountable party politicians who can’t be bothered to do anything to better our lot.

    Most of the African states were once colonies of western countries, they are now Independent, bar the few we have thrown into chaos such as Libya.

    The Ukrainian yearning to let their knuckle draggers loose on a Europe already full of their golden dawn colleagues, Hungarian, German, French and English fascists would mean that Europe on the whole becomes swamped with waves of loud mouthed no good lazy kinds such as Farrage.

    Why should anyone be forced into a union that only exploits its various members?

    I would welcome an EU without the English, less stalling, sitting on the fence, moaning from the sidelines rather than getting involved, and less two faced bankers trying to tell others what to do.

    The City of London corporation does not rule the EU, all it can do is to siphon taxes into private pockets and obfuscate, use British protectorates to undermine the worlds financial systems, creating chocolate money rather than subjecting banks to the rigours of the market.

    you go and protect that if you want to, but don’t speak about the law as if there is still an empire, its sheer dreaming.

  • Natasha

    Hi Craig

    Good luck – I hope you get selected. You would have my vote any time.

    For CanSpeccy’s benefit, ‘Scotch’ is a noun referring to an alcoholic drink. ‘Scottish’ is the adjective. The incorrect use of ‘Scotch’ as an adjective is a sure sign of ignorance about Scotland and anything to do with it. The thing to remember about being an idiot is that it’s best to keep quiet and merely be thought one than to open your mouth and confirm it beyond all possible doubt.

  • frazer

    Well done old man…will drop by with a bottle of flatwarming liquid next time I am up your way…and I mean Malt, not lighter fluid LOL

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    I’m happy to add my voice to those who’ve wished Craig all the best for his new home and for the future.

    And now…..

    It may be that finding a constituency to adopt him as its SNP candidate would be easier than the prior, obligatory hurdle of getting onto the SNP’s list of approved candidates.


    Because while there are some on here who see the SNP as a ground-breakingly different – and more elevated – party in its morality and ethics, there are others who are convinced that the SNP consists of politicians, that all politicians are the same (=bad) and that the SNP is no different morally and ethically than any other political party.

    I happen to hold the second of these two views. If that second view is correct, is it entirely certain that SNP “Central Office” will wish to run the risk of taking on board a potential MSP whose conscience might just, one day, lead him to turn against the party/party policy in the same way as he turned against his former employer, the FCO?

    Of course one could argue that SNP “Central Office” might think that a candidate with Craig’s views on several aspects of UK foreign policy might play well with the Scottish electorate, but against that must be set the risk that it will think “once a “traitor”, always a “traitor”….”.


    In a way, I suppose, this is what Courtenay Barnett (above) might have been getting at (indirectly)?

  • Republicofscotland

    “I’m happy to add my voice to those who’ve wished Craig all the best for his new home and for the future.”


    Do you really have too? oh! the hypocrisy, is mind numbing to say the least.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    Why should I not wish Craig all the best, RoS?

    After all, it is not I who tried to bring his blog into disrepute by posting Holocaust-denying comments, is it.

    Neither is it I who brazenly piggy-backs on his blog to post a wide variety of bizarre views again designed to bring it into disrepute.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    BTW – what was your moniker on here before you became “Republicofscotland”?

    I’ve asked you before, but for some strange reason you haven’t answered….

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Mr Scorgie

    Very surprised, Doug, that you’ve haven’t thanked me for recommending that you should forward your name for consideration as the new (and last!) Chair of the over-arching enquiry into child abuse.

    As I said at the time, you seem to tick all the boxes : you have a keen, enquiring and sceptical mind, you are totally free of all unhealthy obsessions, and you are an avowed enemy of all establishments. And, a a bonus, you are a lawyer (or so you’ve claimed).

    So what are you waiting for? Your country needs you!

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Natasha (or Natasho, perhaps?)

    “For CanSpeccy’s benefit, ‘Scotch’ is a noun referring to an alcoholic drink.”

    Sense of humour required, dear boy! It was George Orwell who pointed out that if you want to annoy a Scot, you call him Scotch.

  • Mary

    I was watching a repeat of the Cenotaph ceremony earlier and heard Dimblebore say, when referring to Bliar with Major, Cameron and Clegg there,

    ….these politicians whose heavy burden it is to maintain peace….


  • doug scorgie

    Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)
    9 Nov, 2014 – 7:20 pm

    “Because while there are some on here who see the SNP as a ground-breakingly different – and more elevated – party in its morality and ethics, there are others who are convinced that the SNP consists of politicians, that all politicians are the same (=bad) and that the SNP is no different morally and ethically than any other political party.”

    “I happen to hold the second of these two views”

    I take it that you don’t vote then Habbabkuk.

  • Phil Boswell

    Hi Craig,

    Delighted to hear of your interest in standing for SNP in 2015. We have a real mixed bag of candidates and many will doubtless toss their varied hats into the ring

    I believe SNP to be a much more efficient and effective party of Government than any of it’s competitors in Scotland, anyone who doubts this need only compare manifesto’s, policies and kept promises to see the truth of this.

    However, any strong minded, experienced, intelligent being such as yourself, will come up against “the will of the party” from time to time, as well as the less savory individuals who populate our political life in Scotland, so you will have much to contend with should all go to plan, as I fervently hope it does.

    However, the party and it’s members will benefit immensely for having another of the “good guys” join the ranks.

    Looking forward to the next phase, ding ding, round two!

    Phil Boswell
    Aberdeenshire West

  • doug scorgie

    Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)
    9 Nov, 2014 – 9:15 pm

    “Mr Scorgie”

    “As I said at the time, you seem to tick all the boxes : you have a keen, enquiring and sceptical mind, you are totally free of all unhealthy obsessions, and you are an avowed enemy of all establishments. And, a bonus, you are a lawyer (or so you’ve claimed).”

    Well thanks for the compliments Habbabkuk.

    As to claiming to be a lawyer, I have not. It is you that has, for some reason, formed that opinion.

    By the way I did miss your presence on the Racist Concept of Israel thread.

    With your debating skills you could have enlivened the discussion and we would all be much better informed.

    Don’t miss the next Israel thread and bring Resident Dissident with you.

  • bringiton

    Welcome Home Craig.
    Edinburgh is,despite a preponderance of Middle England voters,a nice place to live in.
    If I can assist with your campaign,I will do what I can (but NO stairs!).

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Mr Scorgie

    Not compliments, Doug, merely the expression of my observation of you over the last couple of years.

    If you keep a record of your posts I think you will find that you described yourself as a lawyer once. You also said, on a couple of occasions, that you were black and lived in Wimbledon. I hope you won’t start denying that as well?

    Anyway, to the main issue again : have you – or will you – get in touch with the Home Office re. chairing the enquiry into child abuse? There’s no need to be modest about it.

  • Ben-9260th dojo katana

    ” I hope you won’t start denying that as well?”

    I hope your silence isn’t a confession you didn’t vote. Your confidence in the system would suffer.

  • BrianFujisan

    This is Super News Craig

    Scotland would surely be the better off for you’re Services…Thank you.

  • Mary

    Damian You refer to the Duchy of Lancaster.

    Came across these links:

    Queen offering Windsor Castle workers below living wage – and experience required
    Oct 28, 2014

    The salary for two jobs advertised on the British Monarchy website is £6,916 for 20 hours per week – £1 below the recommended £7.65 an hour outside London.

    Not skint: She’ll get £38m from public purse this year and £13.6m profits from Duchy of Lancaster

    The Queen is looking for staff to work at Windsor Castle for £1 below the living wage.

    Two permanent jobs advertised on the official British Monarchy website pay a salary of £6,916 for 20 hours work per week – just £6.65 per hour.

    This is £1 below the recommended living wage of £7.65 an hour outside London and only 15p above the national minimum wage of £6.50 for people of 21 and over.

    The jobs, a sales assistant and coffee shop assistant in the Windsor Farm Shop, require previous experience and involve some weekend work.

    “Enthusiastic” candidates are expected to provide “an outstanding level of customer service”.

    The royal household often advertises jobs with low salaries, but with benefits including accommodation.

    These jobs, however, have no accommodation.


    The Queen’s private estate, the Duchy of Lancaster, has risen in value to more than £400 million for the first time, its annual accounts show.

    The present Chancellor of the ‘Duchy’ is Oliver Letwin, a director of Rothschild until 2009. Nuff said. He once claimed + £2,000 on expenses for the repair of a water leak under his tennis court. Remember him dumping government papers in litter bins in a park?

  • Johnstone

    In June this year the Scottish Government’s new wild land protection policy designated almost a fifth of the nation as wild land, just 40 years after the 1964 United States Wilderness (irony). Then less than 2 months later in August with the approval of the largest onshore wind farm Stronelairg in the Highlands the Scottish government had to amend their new Core Areas of Wild Land Maps maps and de-designate and area the size of Inverness (stupidity)

    John Muir Trust
    -In October the Court of Session in Edinburgh has refused to grant a Protective Expenses Order (PEO) to the John Muir Trust in its legal battle against the largest wind farm yet proposed for the Scottish Highlands. The hearing marked the first stage in a legal challenge to the Scottish Government’s decision earlier this year to consent a 67-turbine development proposed by Scottish and Southern Energy at Stronelairg, in an area which was identified as wild land, in the Monadhliath Mountains.

    The Protective Expenses Order procedure exists to make it possible for anyone, including charities or communities, to take a case in the courts to protect the environment in the public interest, without the risk of exposure to prohibitive costs from the other parties.Cairngorms.-

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