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  • Jives

    So Rifkind is the inyelligence oversight king but has to ask the US what Britain was up to??

    So Malcolm,you seem to be saying that Britain didn’t know what it was doing?

    That’s some oversight you got going there.

    Jeez..the more they talk the worse and more foolish and complicit they look.

    This is getting worse for them by the minute;they’re all beginning to turn on each other now.

  • John Goss

    At last a mainstream paper has done the decent thing, like the old pioneering journalists of the past, if the hype behind the old incorruptible press is to be believed. For the first time in yonks I bought the Mail today on my way to Church. I was not disappointed and feel I got £1.50 worth of journalism in a few pages. The Mail has also been the biggest pioneering newspaper into trying to get an inquest in inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly, largely due to the efforts of Miles Gosling.

    Let me add my voice to the others congratulating you on this success.

    But let me also mention that I made the following comment which the Daily Mail mods saw fit not to allow on Friday.

    “I wrote an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron in January this year asking why he could not engineer the release of Shaker Aamer, an innocent man, who is still being tortured in Guantanamo Bay (and has been for twelve years). After all we are supposed to be partners with the US. Cameron had written to Shaker’s wife telling her he was doing everything to get Shaker released. Everybody knows it is because Shaker has been tortured with UK complicity that Cameron (and the rest) do not want him released.”

    I thought it was disgraceful that such a comment was disallowed.

  • nevermind

    Tried to post a comment on the Mails comments, gone through the password renewal, still no comment possible. Has it been disabled? anyone knows?

  • Bob

    You made it into an SNP press release, Craig. Looks like they don’t want to keep you out in the cold after all – this looks very promising. Hopefully, even if you don’t get a seat, you might even get contacted by them. Perhaps they want you to help them in a campaign against a potential Labour government in 2015 on human rights abuses.


    However, be warned. I saw Ross McCafferty, a journalist who works for the Daily Record and Sunday People (and friend to countless influential political columnists/journalists/editors etc), tweeting about it. He said the following:

    “The snp giving credence to Craig Murray is almost as bad as them giving credence to Wings Over Scotland”

    It was then retweeted by 7 prominent Unionists (and likely even more to come), one of them being Euan McColm, former Scottish political editor of the News of the World (i.e. totally soulless smearing hack) and investigative journalist/columnist working for the Scotsman. He’s very influential over there and launched a terrible smear campaign against Labour for Independence a year or two ago, effectively crippling the movement and preventing them from taking on new members because they were an “SNP front”.

    Beware, Craig. The Scotsman has you in their sights and that means some pretty despicable people have you in their sights too. I hope you’ve got skin as thick as a rhino’s because you’re going to need it.

  • Ben the Inquisitor

    John; Dont reminisce overly about the ‘old’ press and their iconoclastic reputation. Wm Randolph Hearst was a gad-fly who interspersed human interest stories of the oppressed, whilst promoting ‘Yellow Peril”.

    I also seem to recall the ‘giant’ of journos Walter Cronkite quietly promoted Eisenhower in the ’56 elections.

    But we can use them like they use us.

  • John Goss

    “I also seem to recall the ‘giant’ of journos Walter Cronkite quietly promoted Eisenhower in the ’56 elections.”

    Ben, just how old are you? 🙂

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Re: Bob 2:42 pm

    I am fascinated by this:

    ‘Commenting, SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP said:

    “Mr Murray’s revelation of the attitude taken by then Home Secretary Jack Straw only adds to the urgency with which we need a full judicial inquiry.

    “Craig Murray’s article lifts the lid on the UK’s role in the human rights abuses that the US Senate has reported on and there can be no more attempts to avoid answering the tough questions that have been posed.

    “Clearly answers are needed just as much from the politicians who led us at the time as from those directly involved in what was going on. The need for an independent judicial inquiry is now clear for all to see.’

    It’s fascinating because there is nothing revelatory or lifting the lid about it. Mr Murray has been saying these things literally for years. It is as if his comments did not exist until today.

    Kind regards, John

  • Robert Crawford


    Atlast a breakthrough, well done for not allowing them to grind you down.
    Now everyone else can use their power to help you by not buying the Newspapers of those who support torture.

    Aye they are all in it together all right.

    And that is what governs us!

    That is what some Newspapers support!

    And we, or atleast, some mugs do, give them their money to increase this hellish criminal behavior.

    Shame, shame on them.

    Stop their supply of money.

    Put them out of business. Money is the only thing they love.

  • Ben the Inquisitor

    “J’ccuse'” is appropriate since the Dreyfus Affair was a military cover-up to protect their arses.

  • Ben the Inquisitor

    “News Networks Have Brands Too

    In The Newsroom, Charlie, the president of the news network ACN, tries to explain to two big shareholders that owning a news network is different. That the 1st Amendment gives them rights, but also duties. That they have a constitutional responsibility that a “content producer” with a fiscal bottom line doesn’t.

    The news network also employs humans who have a mix of personal, professional, ethical and moral responsibilities which drive their acts or failures to act.

    One point that Sorkin makes is, Journalism Matters. How something is reported and talked about on the news can be a life or death difference.

    I’ve been asking people for years, “What is powerful enough to make you change your mind after you have already decided on something?” It’s almost always a person. Someone who either gives them new information, a different way of looking at something, or reminds them of what is really important.

    The individuals in a corporation often need an excuse or reason to do the right thing. When external pressure for change matches internal pressure, things happen.

    The people in the corporations that we convinced to leave RW radio aren’t sending us thank you notes for protecting their brand from the taint of RW hosts, although they should. We do it because it’s for US. Own good, the public good.

    If coming up this year we pressure the network news people to disclose who is paying the pro-war generals and to give equal time for anti-war guests, they should be thanking us for getting them back in-line with their brand image.”


  • John Goss

    “J’ccuse’” is appropriate since the Dreyfus Affair was a military cover-up to protect their arses.
    As well as being a human rights campaigner Emile Zola was a great workers’ novelist. “Germinal” covered the hardship in the coal mines and communities and “Earth” did the same for farmworkers. When I read “Earth” it left a lasting impression, not least for the “farting” competition where farm-workers bared their arses and set about blowing out candles.

  • craig Post author


    Oh I think attacks from hardline unionist hacks are inevitable, no doubt poisonous lies will all be tripped out again. I don’t think it will do them much good.

  • Republicofscotland


    Former Cabinet Minister Jim Murphy became Scottish Labour leader yesterday – vowing to defeat ‘arrogant’ Scottish Nationalist leaders Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

    Talking to The Mail on Sunday, Murphy:

    Said Salmond ‘lacked courage, was simplistic’ and accused Sturgeon of ‘ignoring’ Scots who voted to stay part of the UK.

    Vowed to stand up for Scots who feel ‘scunnered’ – a Scottish term for being fed up – with being ruled by David Cameron.
    Pledged to stop the SNP hijacking the St Andrew’s flag.

    Accused Unite union boss Len McCluskey, who tried to stop him becoming leader, of ‘insulting’ Labour supporters.
    Claimed a Labour-SNP deal to put Ed Miliband in No 10 was unlikely because the SNP would demand Scottish independence.

    Big words from a man who doesn’t even hold a Holyrood seat, and from a party with only 7000 members, or less.




  • Mary

    Most of us here are SO proud of you, for withstanding all the stuff they threw at you and for carrying on. You must also feel proud of yourself for the vindication that is happening in front of you. How they must hate it!

  • Ben the Inquisitor

    Accountability; It’s for the little people.


    “And I should say on the other side, if the United States is not going to act, the European Union is certainly going to act, because now there’s direct evidence that Poland, Lithuania, and Romania had been destinations for black sites where torture was conducted with the knowledge of those governments. So it’s clear that the Council of Europe report that was created by Dick Marty in 2007 was not able to fully establish the complicity of these governments. Now that is clear from this report.

    So if there’s no internal accountability in the United States, there’s certainly going to be some serious legal challenges in Europe.”

    OMERTA, again.

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