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The Guardian has published an open appeal to Tory and Lib Dem voters to vote Labour in Dundee West. I think that tells you all you need to know about the Red Tories and their priorities. It is also a new low in journalism even for the fanatic and increasingly desperate Severin Carrell, who is a total disgrace to his profession. The costs of publishing the Guardian ought to be counted against Marra’s election expenses: this is not journalism in any sense, merely a puff piece for a candidate.

The five million questions project was a Labour front headed by Marra and merely one of numerous fake “independent” bodies set up to provide the corporate media with disguised sources of unionist propaganda during the election campaign. It was based in the University of Dundee. It is seven years ago that I published a piece headed Dundee University – A Tool For New Labour. The hosting of the fake five million questions “research” for the Tory-friendly Labour candidate for the University seat is yet further evidence. This Labour/Dundee University scheme linked in to the Daily Record. Dundee University administration have a close relationship with this rag. When I stood for election as Rector against the administration’s candidate, fervent Unionist Andy Nicol, the University administration arranged for the Daily Record in Dundee to come out on election day with a full front cover picture of Andy Nicol and the single banner headline “I Was Born to Lead Dundee Students”.

Naturally, I beat the conniving bastards anyway.

I can today reveal from an inside university source that it was Dundee University Principal Pete Downes who fed Alistair Darling with the nonsense about loss of funding for medical research, which Darling used against Salmond in televised debate. All of which fires my determination to stand for Rector of the University again next year and put a stop to these shenanigans.

My good friend Chris Law is an excellent candidate and a truly interesting and dynamic individual with a quick, analytic brain. He is very much his own man. I am happy to say that despite Severin Carrell, Labour have as much chance of stopping Chris Law’s election as they have of turning back the River Tay.

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  • Mary

    The twit’s Twitter.

    Throwout from other rags.

    ‘Severin Carrell is Scotland correspondent for the Guardian. He has worked as a home affairs, environment and politics correspondent for the Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday, and as a senior reporter with the Independent and Independent on Sunday.’


    I was looking Ruth Davidson up the other day. They have all been elsewhere. The BBC and a signaller in the TA! How very jolly hockey sticks.

  • Paul


    Whilst not disagreeing with the rest of what you write, I think your characterization of the TA is misplaced. Some years ago as an army cadet my sponsoring unit was 63 Signals Squadron (a TA unit of the SAS). They were as far from “jolly hockey sticks” as it is possible to imagine.

  • Enoch

    “Naturally, I beat the conniving bastards…”

    “My good friend Chris Law…”

    “I can today reveal … ” jeez, Craig – don’t you realise what a twat you come across as? No, you don’t – otherwise you wouldn’t write this pompous crap.

    Why not try your views out on the electorate? Oh – you did! How did that go?

    Why not move to Scotland to carpetbag a SNP candidature? Oh – you did! How did that go?

  • Aussie F

    According to the Guardian puff-piece Labour’s Michael Marra is pinning his hopes on voter hostility towards the SNP candidate’s ‘fire-engine’ and ‘goatee’ beard. Unlike Labour, even Walt Disney have been swept up in the great cultural currents of the last century and have finally overcome their hostility to men with beards.

    Never mind, there will always be room for Mr Marra in Labour’s hibernian equivalent of Euro-disney’s ‘Goofy Lodge.’

  • james cormack

    Enoch, Craig has written some very revealing stuff about the workings of the establishment, their conniving and their corruption, at home and abroad and as a former diplomat he should know.

    Now, Enoch, who are you and why do you defend the establishment? I am a teacher in the west of Scotland and I support the SNP because I want a better, more prosperous country. So fire ahead.

  • alister

    The issue is if you don’t want to vote for the SNP?independence – like say the 55%, who do you vote for? With FPTP in a four way tie, the SNP could win with 25% + 1, that’s 75% of the people who didn’t vote for the MP they got! The Holyrood elections on 2011 SNP poled 44% but got 58% of the seats – Scotland didn’t get the Government it voted for.

    People have always voted tactically – heck the the SNP are claiming “lock the Tories out”, despite the fact that know there is a significant Lib/Con vote in Scotland just it’s spread out over the whole country. A MP is there to represent ALL of their constituents NOT just those that voted for them.

    Given the contempt the SNP are showing for Scots who dare to vote for Lib/Lab/Con, I’m not surprised that there is an anti-SNP vote.

  • jake

    TA (Signals)…innocuous sounding, isn’t it?

    In your researches did you uncover anything about the circumstances of her appointment as leader, or anything about the money paid to other possible candidates who felt aggrieved by the process?

  • craig Post author


    People are perfectly entitled to vote for who they like, and why they like. But if Labour and Tory cooperate in tactical voting, then really it doesn’t wash if they claim to be fiercely opposed to one another and represent irreconcilable views.

    The SNP is opposed to FPTP. It is our unionist parties who insist on it.

  • ben

    Geez. Craig used to have a world view that has morphed into etnocentric….as bad or worse than american narcissistic exceptionalism.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Re: Charles Crawford critique of CM’s posting on Sturgeon memo.

    I’ve written a lengthy response to Charles Crawford’s latest comments on the Nicola Sturgeon memorandum business and submitted it to his website. I don’t yet know if he is going to permit it to appear. If he does, I will direct you to it. If not, if enough people want to see it over here then I will post it over here, if Craig permits it. Give him a day or two. Please let me know if you would like to see it. (Craig, would you like to see it?) It’s 2,300 words long and I submitted it in 4 postings of 600 words approx.

    Published simultaneously on the “Labour Appeals to Tories” thread and the “#Frenchgate” thread.

    Kind regards,


  • craig Post author


    You appear to argue that one should only concentrate on events abroad, and to notice the struggle against oppression in your own neighbourhood is wrong. That seems a very peculiar argument.

  • Mary

    No I didn’t Jake other than she was Goldie’s aide previously so was obviously well placed.

    Does anyone know what the outcome of this police investigation was?

    ‘Police Scotland continue probe into Tory leader on electoral wrong-doing in referendum


    Clean as the proverbial whistle.


    There’s a lot of money swilling around the political parties, £74,722,548 to be exact for the last four quarters.

    Info from the Electoral Commission website.

    /Donations and loans to political parties.
    /then all manner of searches

  • ben

    No Craig. I’m saying local politics is important but not to the exclusion of global context.

  • Lance Vance

    A question for the 55% if we were to rid ourselves of the cold hearted, psychopathic, greedy and thoroughly repulsive Royal Family would you vote Yes if there is another Indy ref?

  • Michael "Mielke" Marra

    I accidentally ran the guardian headline through google translate and it came out in German,

    “Ich liebe – Ich liebe doch alle – alle Menschen! Na liebe doch!”

  • giyane

    Craig, If we didn’t elect people to engage in international proxy wars on the back of local issues, we could have a slanging match about the NHS pensions etc.

    But we know that Bombs rained down on Afghanistan and Iraq under New Labour, and on Libya and Syria whose Assad they secretly backed. Not to mention the complete crap you chose to ignore about Russian aggression in Ukraine.

    Local issues are completely irrelevant in this context. Economic issues are pointless and futile. The only relevant questions to our politicians are about whether they regard UK neo-colonial interests in foreign sovereign states as lawful or not.

    It’s as simple as that.

  • John Goss

    You can hardly squeeze a cigarette paper between the austerity policies of Labour and Conservative. It shouldn’t be like that but in my opinion this is the problem of electoral colleges. Tory, Labour, SNP, Greens, Left Unity, everybody we all need a little levity in our lives. So . . .

    John Oliver flies to Russia to interview Edward Snowden about, dare I write it, ‘Dick pics’. Yes it seems I dare. So funny. But serious too.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    “I was looking Ruth Davidson up the other day. They have all been elsewhere. The BBC and a signaller in the TA! How very jolly hockey sticks.

    Have you nothing better to do with your time, and nothing better to post about?

    Is your own previous career and ouside interests any better and/or more moral/ than having worked in the BBC and served in the Territorial Army?

    Why do you seem so better and twisted about everyone and everything?

  • Mary

    I am ‘better’ but not ‘better together’ LOL and definitely not ‘twisted’! The last time I did the twist was in the late 60’s.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    “But if Labour and Tory cooperate in tactical voting, then really it doesn’t wash if they claim to be fiercely opposed to one another and represent irreconcilable views.”

    Well, perhaps in this instance the Tories and Labour feel that the national interest (= the unity of the UK) justifies them in supporting one another.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    “I am ‘better’ but not ‘better together’ LOL and definitely not ‘twisted’! The last time I did the twist was in the late 60’s.”

    Forgive me for not just taking your word for it, but what was your career and what were your outside interests, and how and why were they “better” than Ms Davidson working for the BBC and serving in the Territorial Army?

    Better in which way?

  • Republicofscotland

    The Daily Record,has form,on this matter,it constant gives a platform to Labour,mainly Jim Murphy and Gordon Brown.

    The Daily Record is a part of the Trinity Mirror Group which runs its operations from,Canary Wharf London,and is staunchly unionist.

    As for Labour and the Tories collaborating, this shows just how much both parties are joined at the hip.

    In Perth a group of young Labour activists led by, Andrew Skinner from Glasgow,had been leafleting the Labour stronghold of North Muirton,trying to persuade people to vote, TORY.

    After the Labour activists had finished trying to persuade voters to vote Tory,and not Labour,Victor Clements,Conservative,and director of Forward Together,bought the Labour activists lunch.

    Mr Clements added,”They did well.”

  • Republicofscotland

    Good to see the Greeks open up trade routes with Russia,in spite of the,ridiculous sanctions,of the EU.

    Putin met with the Greek PM,to try and resume negotiations of trade. Greece used to export tons of fruit to Russia,mainly strawberries,before the unjust embargo came into force.

    Trade in this matter in particular, should and hopefully,will take precedents,over,propaganda politics.

  • Republicofscotland

    On the subject of voting over 100.000,EU citizens,live and work in Scotland,some have settled here for good, yet they can’t vote in the GE,yet,citizens of Fiji and Zimbabwe retain their voting rights,in the UK,despite being suspended from the Commonwealth.

    Its a wet dream scenario for Nigel Farage,these people are paying taxes and contributing to society,yet are treated as second class citizens, when it comes to voting in the GE.

    Strangely EU citizens from Ireland, Malta and Cyprus can vote in a UK,GE.

    Scottish independence would see parity across the board,with regards to voting,afterall,if you live,work and pay taxes here,you should,have the right, to vote here as well.

  • Johnstone

    Lance Vance
    Yes, that might just change the way some of them vote (if there were to be another) but it would have no effect upon the result. They have the whole of the nation stitched up, from mundane deer control in the highlands, to tax evasion, to pedophile coverups in Westminster and beyond and to the tragic unlawful killing of Dianne…they truly are UK’s mafia

  • John Goss

    “Trade in this matter in particular, should and hopefully,will take precedents,over,propaganda politics.”

    Hope you’re right RoS. However the US forces will start training AZOV (an anagram of NAZI) batallions in the kind of warfare it has trained Afghan forces, and Iraqi forces, for another proxy war (which has Cameron’s full support) on Hitler’s birthday.

    It seems the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) or Организация Договора о Коллективной Безопасности (ОДКБ) countries are preparing for action too. Although the CSTO has not got bases all over the world, yet, it has been in existence since hte breakup of the Soviet Union. Current exercises are taking place at the North Pole.

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