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The Lord President of Scotland’s judges, Lord Gill, has made a complete fool of himself by leading British judges in a walk-out from the Commonwealth Law Conference. The action is in protest against Julian Assange’s participation by video-link in a panel discussion on surveillance and the role of the security services.

The walk-out happened after Julian’s talk, not before it, which rather gives the impression that what Lord Gill and his fellow judges objected to was the content of Assange’s talk, rather than the fact of it. Assange stated among other points that nationalists were right to believe that MI5 were active against them in the referendum campaign.

The Assange talk proved extremely popular with lawyers and judges from all over the Commonwealth. In fact it had to be shifted to a larger room to accommodate them all. So it seems Lord Gill’s disinterest in the concept of freedom of speech is not widely shared in the Commonwealth.

What Gill and his Scottish and English colleagues could have done – and I presume actually did – was to boycott the Assange panel and simply attend other panels on at the same time. What they have now done is to boycott all the panels happening after the Assange talk is gone, at some of which some of the boycotters were due to be talking or chairing, as an attempt to mess up the conference as some childish kind of spiteful revenge.

The members of the English Supreme Court who took part in this action have demonstrated their extreme prejudice against Assange – who has exercised his right in law to claim political asylum and who has never been charged with anything.

Julian has today told me that he is concerned that their action is also prejudicial to the cases currently before the Swedish Supreme Court and the UN Committee on Arbitrary Detention. Quite why the English and Scottish judges were moved to this peculiar display of prejudice is not immediately clear; I suspect they were pushed. Lord Gill is an interesting example of the self-made lackey. If you always promote the interests of the Establishment, even a man of talent but humble origins can get to the top, provided he is an entirely unscrupulous character.


In an effort to make Lord Gill and the judges look less like asses, it is being assiduously put about that they did not know Julian was going to speak before his appearance, and he unexpectedly appeared at the session. That this is a blatant lie is easily proved. Julian’s appearance was at short notice – a week. His name was in the conference programme, and the event was announced in the Scottish Legal press the day before it happened. Everyone at the conference knew Assange was appearing, that is why the room had to be changed for a larger one.

That our judges are not just asses but lying asses ought to be the source of some concern. Where is Lallands Peat Worrier when you need him?

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  • Tony_0pmoc

    You just got the answer You were looking For…from a few random comments from The Readers of The UK’s Daily Telegraph…

    “What is the biggest threat facing the world today?”

    Work it out for yourself..it is not for me to say..it is for the entire world to say..and you think they haven’t got a Fckin Clue…??

    YOU Think The Rest Of The World Likes You

    YOU actually Think The American People Like YOU

    Who Do You Think they are..The Jews, The Muslims, The British, The Russians, The Chinese, The Japanese, The Australians – or The Africans…

    We are Looking at YOU…You Cnts

    Biggest Evil Ever In The History of Our Planet Earth



  • Villager

    Habbabkuk (La Vita È Bella)
    17 Apr, 2015 – 6:51 pm
    “I wonder if our transatlantic commenter would care to critique the poem from a classical Athenian standpoint?”

    LOL Habby. Actually I’d quite like the critique from the primary inspiration of the piece. Especially now, after over 3 hours of reflection (when at 13.19 she feigned disinterest in Kipling), she has now come clean and told us that it is not just Krishnamurti’s school, but also her very own that read Kipling. Since then she has even visited Batemans, his erstwhile residence. I wonder (you’re not the only one one wondering aloud this afternoon), if that’s where she was all of this afternoon?

    PS Dedicated to John Goss, The Great Counter of Syllables:

  • Republicofscotland

    The good people of Leicester who recently gave so much praise to Richard III double child-murderer – because he was a royal – might make asylum space for Janner in their cathedral?

    Yes Giyane, it certainly looks that way doesn’t it.
    Janner appears to be protected,and like Andy Garcia,Sean Connery and Kevin Costner,he’s one of the untouchables.

  • Republicofscotland

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has politicised Holocaust remembrance services in Jerusalem by comparing Islamic Iran to Nazi Germany.

    Stepping up his campaign against the deal for Iran to cut its nuclear capability in return for the lifting of economic sanctions, Mr Netanyahu questioned whether the lessons of World War II had been heeded to never again ­appease “tyrannical regimes.

    He told a hushed crowd at the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum and memorial: “As the Nazis sought to stamp out civilisation and to set the master race to rule across the earth … while wiping out the Jewish people, so does Iran seek to control the region, spread outwards and destroy the Jewish state.

    A bit rich,don’t you think Netanyahu comparing Iran to the Nazi regime,remind me again,for posterity sake,who are the main agressors in the Middle East region? Israel….I hear you say..

  • Monteverdi

    Re @Mary’s post at 5.47pm with a link to a site for Palestinian prisoners . Please be AWARE that the site in under attack and attempting to download a virus . Probably hasbara hackers . Thanks Mary for your usual your excellent links——–but not that one !!

  • fred

    “Should we really be putting up with Fred’s disgusting language,if everyone stooped to Fred’s filthy profanity retorts, this blog would,need an 18 Certificate.”

    You can fuck off as well retard.

  • fred

    “Fred’s an adult he can either ignore the taunts,as I sometimes do, or like me reply using sarcasm,not profanity in the extreme. ”

    And you could just go fuck yourself.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    “Re @Mary’s post at 5.47pm with a link to a site for Palestinian prisoners . Please be AWARE that the site in under attack and attempting to download a virus . Probably hasbara hackers . Thanks Mary for your usual your excellent links——–but not that one !!”

    There’s something deliciously funny about the news conveyed by the above. The idea of Mary indirectly and inadvertently infecting the PCs of her disciples and acolytes is poetic justice run riot – as she infects what passes for their minds, so she infects their computers!

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    Pay no attention to RepublicOfWetDreams and RobG (“Robbie”) – they’re just on here for laughs. No need to take them seriously; just pretend to find their guff amusing from time to time.

  • Villager

    “There is a joint trolling exercise ongoing now. Pathetic.”

    There is a joint rolling exercise ongoing now. Delightful.

    Mary @ 13.19
    “Ba’al Perhaps it’s the sort of thing that is taught down at the Krishnamurti school. Kipling is obviously not my bag.”

    and then,

    Mary @17:41 pm
    “Kipling – Yes I have read it. Had a basin full of the jingoist stuff at school. The British Empire is dead, dead, dead but the ‘Blood Never Dried’*.

    His warmongering ceased when his son was killed.

    I have even visited his house, Batemans.”
    !!!! All in an afternoon’s work !!!!!

    So Mary, were you lying earlier in the afternoon? Or were you lying later, after having read up Wiki, in order to appear better educated?

    Or is there someone else also behind the tag Mary? Macky possibly? She has been prone to posting as Mary on the odd occasion. Very odd, I should say. So I’ll discount that.

  • Republicofscotland

    Pay no attention to RepublicOfWetDreams and RobG (“Robbie”) – they’re just on here for laughs. No need to take them seriously; just pretend to find their guff amusing from time to time.

    So this is your rather limp attempt to try and persuade Fred,to stop using such filthy language,I can take from this,that you’re also bothered by such vile profanity,from Fred,but aren’t man enough to openly admit it.

    Fair enough.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    Actually, your rather peculiar use of the comma is of far greater concern to me than Fred’s language. 🙂

  • Tony_0pmoc

    This may not go down to owell..I have not eaten yet…and I have been working really hard laying bricks…for My Garden Wall..It should be finished by Next Week..Its been Really Hard Work…But It Is My House and My Garden..My Wife and Family..and I can do it…and My Son Has Been a Great Help…so I just wrote this on The Daily Telegraph…

    It Just Came Out…sorry about that…its just the way I am…

    What The American Idiots don’t seem to realise is that running a World Empire is not that easy…It takes hundreds of years of Experience..Now I am not suggesting we were that good…But You American Guys Really Do Not Have a Clue…

    Almost The Entire World..Including us ENGLISH Wants Wants To NUKE You

    You are so Completely USELESS..You are An Embarrassment To The Human Race..

    All You Americans Are Waiting For Jesus To Come and Rescue You..and Take You Straight To Heaven..via Armageddon…

    I Can Rapture You…David Icke Has Come Back…But He Was Just a Copy of Jesus…

    This is Me…Tony – A Gift From My Mum and Dad..

    Go on You Yanks

    Go On Do It

    NUKE Yourselves You STUPID Cnts

    Go On You Will Go Staight To Heaven..and Cos You are American..Much Better Than The Muslims..

    You Will Get 144 Virgins Each



  • Mary

    Sorry about that Monteverdi. It was OK when I linked to it. We can only surmise who is behind the hacking. 😉

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Well, I don’t know..and I don’t watch TV..but even The Telegraph were going on about how Nicola Sturgeon..Live On TV..Totally Wasted all The Useless Cunts in The TV Debate…

    So I watched Her Again (Second Time) on Youtube..and So She Did it Again…and I wrote something…

    I very much doubt if the Former Editor of The Daily Telegraph read what I wrote in Response To what I saw…but he didn’t delete it so far as I know…

    And so in Response to What Charles Moore Wrote Tonight…I wrote this…Not sure if this will work on Craig Murray’s website..I know You Guys Don’t Like Me..but wtf..I like You…

    Charles Moore..I Rarely Agree With You..but I think in the depths of your soul you are a good man…

    She is Something Else Isn’t She…??

    Look at The Rest of The Useless Wimps

    The Girl Is Fiery, Intelligent,,and She’s Got Balls.

    • Edit• Reply•Share ›
    Crickedneck tony_opmoc • an hour ago
    More balls than neutered DC who was too scared to debate.
    • Reply•Share ›
    tony_opmoc Crickedneck • an hour ago
    well exactly, though i don’t often admit Despite Being a Left Wing Conservartive..in the Way I Write My Words When Fired Up…I am no that interested in Political Labels..Different Colours..I want someone Local Who Will Represent The Interests of Local People…

    Not Some Fckin Foreign Elite

    and I am more than a bit Scottish..though Born in Oldham

    We actually Got Married in Scotland


  • lysias

    Interesting comment under that JPost article:

    Janner’s attendance in the Lords:

    Apr l, 2001 – Mar 31, 2002 = 120 days

    Jan 1, 2013 – Dec 31, 2013 = 138 days

    Janner attended the Lords on 16 separate days in Oct 2013; 15 in November, and 12 in December. On Dec 22, 2013 Haartez reported Janner’s London home had been raided—he has never been back to Parliament since.

    I wonder if that raid had to do with somebody seizing evidence, and, if Janner’s making himself scarce after that, was also a result of the raid: like somebody pressuring Janner with the evidence.

  • RobG

    @Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)
    17 Apr, 2015 – 8:11 pm

    I often attack you, so fair do if you want to attack me.

    But what you and your ilk always do is ‘play the man and not the ball’, because you are incapable of doing anything else, because you represent liars and scumbags, whilst you are up against people here who give authorative links to try and back-up what they are saying.

    I’ve never seen Habba link to anything other than very dodgy propaganda sites, which are very easily proved to be so.

    Lies, spin and propaganda; that is what Britain has now become. We are ruled by total vermin.

    I would imagine that the bods at GCHQ are having to regularly change their underpants, what with the strong performances that Sturgeon has put in recently.

    Real politics and real people? We can’t have that, old boy!

    More tax cuts for the rich and more child molestation, much as before…

    Total vermin.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Some Of Us in London and New York Found The 9/11 Attacks Somewhat Personal….Sure We Were Shocked as Hell..

    Who The FCK Could Do That To Us…??

    Now I didn’t Know, I was In Central London at The Time…but didn’t know…

    I got home and My Wife ..She Was in Tears..Have You Seen What They Have Done…

    The Twins…Their Grandmother was In One Of Them..After The First One Came In..She was Talking To Their Mum (who’s Twin Baby Kids My Wife Was Childminding)..and Then The Second One Came In..and it All Went Blank

    No Communication Between New York and London…The BANDWIDTH WAS FLOODED

    So we all thought she was dead.

    I went back across London the next day..to the Lecture..and told my Lecturer


    But I Want To Resign

    I Have Got To Find Out What Evil [email protected] Did This To Us..

    So I Did..well not immediately..I didn’t Know..but I had to Find Out..and So I Did.

    Massive Change of Life..but so wtf

    These Things Need To Be Resisted…Or We Have No Future.

    The Truth Will Win..And These Evil Cnts – well they are already exposing themselves..just look at them…crawling with parasites eating them up from inside..as if they were still parasites on our backs

    They are Not…

    Tell the American Government To Go To Hell

    We are not afraid of you anymore..You Guys Have Completely Lost The Plot.



  • John Goss

    It looks like we’ve got some Craig Murray’s in the Embassy at Moscow. Although the Foreign Office has refused to condemn the killings in Ukraine, embassy staff have stuck their necks out, probably because they know a little about NAZI history.


  • John Goss

    Thanks Macky. A good article showing a few of the opposition already killed by these evil beings. Poroshenko has talked about his fellow countrymen in the Donbas as being sub-human and while the rest of Ukraine will be fine those ‘sub-humans’ will be cowering in cellars. In the parliamentary (lower house) vote they agreed unanimously to ban Communism, anti-government reporting and posters, er, now where have I heard that before? They have not got round to gypsies and Jews yet as far as I know.

    But the worst thing of all is that the US and UK are going to train these NAZIS to be better killers. Oh my God!

  • RobG

    Tony, I was cycling across Parliament Square during the early afternoon of Tuesday 11th September 2001 (which was about 9am New York Time). Wearing a Walkman, I heard reports of a plane hitting the north tower of the WTC. I was on my way to do a site survey at an office block just by Victoria Station. The survey took a few hours, and by the time I was cycling back across Parliament Square, both WTC towers had collapsed and there was all sorts of rumours flying around, one of which was that there were hijacked planes heading for the UK Parliament.

    They closed down London airspace that day. It was the first time I’d ever seen my home city during the day without a single plane in the sky.

    On the way home I stopped into my regular pub on Peckham Rye. As I was ordering a pint the first person I bumped into was an American. I told him what had happened in New York and he didn’t believe me, in fact he laughed at me (this was in the days before Facebook, Twitter, et al). I told the American chap to go find the nearest tv set.

    9/11 was a definite divide between ‘then and now’, and people like me will tell you that it was the start of the police state.

  • lysias

    It was our Reichstag Fire.

    And there are still those who will tell you that the Nazis were not responsible for the Reichstag Fire.

  • RobG

    17 Apr, 2015 – 10:39 pm

    Agreed, the motive is definitely there, but it’s still a bugger to prove any hard evidence (although I’m sure there are plenty who would come forward if they weren’t so terrified).

    17 Apr, 2015 – 11:02 pm

    There’s been a big purge on Guardian comments just recently.

    Many long-time commentators have been zapped.

    The Guardian has now joined the NYT as being a mouthpiece of the establishment.

    We live in both sad and quite terrifying times.

  • Observer

    Before the Labour Party dumbos are conned into accepting the unemployment reductions, it is pertinent to point out a lot of trickery has gone into massaging the numbers. Eg – thousands of jobseekers allowance claimants have been given an extra few quid per week and “become” self-employed ie no longer unemployed workers.

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