Vote for Tim Ireland 22

You may not expect me to endorse a man standing in front of a Union Jack, but I do hope voters in mid-Bedfordshire will show some appreciation for Tim Ireland, who is standing to highlight a variety of examples of corruption and cover-up by the Conservative Party. Tim has done more than anyone to expose the lies and aliases of Grant Shapps.

Tim was the midwife of political blogging in the UK, not just on his Bloggerheads website but for the help he gave aspiring bloggers of all political persuasions. This blog would not exist without him.

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22 thoughts on “Vote for Tim Ireland

  • Dave Hansell

    Good to see Tim Ireland still being Tim Ireland.

    The theme of corruption is an interesting one. The common misconception being that corruption is about brown envelopes stuffed with money when in fact it is much wider than that,ultimately being about corruption of purpose.

    And it is at this point where the problem arises. Because that corruption which Tim talks about is not limited to the Conservatives alone.

    For sure there are numerous examples which many people would identify either from personal experience or simply bringing to mind examples they have seen in the media; be it the rotten borough politics of one party fiefdoms, that for example is currently collapsing in Scotland, like Rochdale (Old Liberal) or Rotherham (New Labour) among others which spring to mind. Or the establishment corruption encompassing all the three traditional main parties of high level sexual child abuse.

    The problem arises when there is no one locally standing who can safely be given a vote because, regardless of which gang they belong to, you will be voting for some equally corrupt chancer, as is the case in the constituency in which I reside.

    But good to Tim in what he is trying to do.

  • Daniel

    I’d never heard of the guy nor his blog. Thanks for bringing him to my attention. The world needs more people like Tim Ireland.

  • Mary

    Tim has got stamina.

    The candidates
    General Election 2015: Mid Bedfordshire
    Conservative Nadine Dorries
    Green Gareth Ellis
    Independent Tim Ireland
    Liberal Democrat Linda Jack
    Monster Raving Loony Ann Kelly
    Labour Charlynne Pullen
    UKIP Nigel Wickens

    Dorries had large majority last time. I hope Tim trounces her.

    There are 13 pages on entries on his website with links to her and her activities.

  • Jon

    Good video, and I’ve not seen Tim speak before – he’s a fine orator.

    However I am not sure there was enough of substance here except for us politics geeks who already know Shapps and Dorries are corrupt careerists. Imagine it was delivered to everyone in this constituency – what would a broadly apolitical electorate remember about the corruption of the Tories from watching it? No mention of Shapps’ second-job alias either, though I imagine in a five minute video one would struggle to put everything relevant in.

    Tim is also up against the independent problem – he doesn’t have a colour code or a logo, so he is probably stuffed. I do wish him well though.

  • Googler

    At least with the Tories you know what you are getting.

    We have so much more to fear from Labour, which simply puts a more handsome mask on the excessive reaches of corruption in British politics.

    The real enemy over the next two days are those who think there are only the two options.

    Voting Green, regardless of the result, sends the message that we are fed up and want our leaders to at least lie better.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Imagine it was delivered to everyone in this constituency – what would a broadly apolitical electorate remember about the corruption of the Tories from watching it? No mention of Shapps’ second-job alias either, though I imagine in a five minute video one would struggle to put everything relevant in.

    There’s the germ of an idea there, even so. What the electorate needs is, to borrow a meme from the devil, education, education, education.

  • Richard Bartholomew

    Not only is Tim standing against corruption, he is doing so in the face of an extraordinary campaign of intense vilification by Dorries and attempted intimidation by a couple of other individuals who have grudges against him (and who are in contact with her). For some background, see my post here and links within.

  • Techno

    Tim Ireland, good grief.

    Well, don’t get on his bad side, that’s all I can say. A recovering alcoholic from Australia, known for his obsessive compulsive behaviour against people he doesn’t like, especially the Conservative MP Nadine Dorries, who eventually had to report him to the Police. I think he was eventually issued with an order that he has to stay away from her.

    I criticised him once and he went crazy. Since then, I’ve been tempted to get his home address and give him a taste of his own medicine. I might still do that.

  • Techno

    Just seen that Dorries has written a long post on her blog on 22nd April about “my stalker”.

    Read it and draw your own conclusions about who is telling the truth.

  • Dave Hansell

    Well I’ve been reading bloggerheads for years and years and am well aware of the false accusations and smears of people like Nadine Dorris amongst others who, like all powerful bullies, gets mardy when challenged.

    It is no surprise that the sycophantic sock puppets of those who take the piss out of the citizenship by kicking the arse out their position will spread their lies on behalf of their masters and mistresses wherever they can to prevent scrutiny by citizens of the endemic corruption which exists.

    It is not people like Ireland doing the stalking, but sock puppets hiding behind pseudonyms and projecting their own behaviour onto anyone who dares to challenge those they tug their forelocks and doff their caps to.

    As Murray notes higher up this blog the idea that citizens should actively hold those who consider themselves to be our betters is anathema to both the establishment and their hangers on. Consequently, those citizens, wherever they are, are pursued with smears, lies, bullying, vilification stalking, false accusations and worse by the powerful and sycophant sock puppets hiding behind pseudonyms. Heckling, a tradition of these islands for centuries, is presented as a criminal act worthy of the terminology of terrorism. Calling out corrupt politicians and their hangers on for their behaviour, including online, is met with stalking and false accusations of stalking. Voters and citizens wanting to ensure fair play are portrayed as potential vandals no matter how polite they are.

    If such people want to be taken seriously they should have the balls to come out from behind their pseudonyms . If Ireland or Richard Bartholomew were really doing what Dorris claims, rather than pursuing accusations through compliant right wing newspapers and throwing their dummy out of the pram about the CPS because they have no evidence for their fantasies she and her sock puppets should put their money where their mouth is and take a civil action and test their claims in court. The fact that they have not tells every sensible and reasonable person all they need to know about the turd they and their sock puppets are trying to polish.

  • Richard Bartholomew

    I think “Techno” there proves my point.

    Police often issue informal and legally meaningless “warnings” based on receiving complaints rather than having evidence, and this was the case in this instance. See background here. The whole thing is actually a good example of the kind of corruption he’s up against.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    I’m still amazed that Grant Shapps get to be Chairman of the Conservative Party, an MP and a government minister and is pretty much never asked why he had a dodgy company doing something close to fraud which he ran under an alias. Every time he’s on someone should be asking him “What’s your real name then? Is it Grant Shapps or Michael Green or something else?”

  • Jon


    A recovering alcoholic from Australia

    Now, I think Tim Ireland is a nice chap, and I’m impressed with his video above (with the minor caveats I added earlier). However, it is also true that I don’t know the exact details of his skirmishes with Dorries – I read his blog a few times, and some of the he-said-she-said was so detailed I gave up reading. I also think Dorries is a nasty piece of work, and a house flipper to boot, so I might be somewhat biased.

    But the above comment, Techno, does not reflect well on you. I have no idea about Tim’s history with alcohol (if there is one at all). If someone has a problem with alcohol and they are known to be recovering, I think that’s a good thing. The above rather sounds too close to preventing someone having a view because, say, they have (or have had) mental health issues, which I am sure you agree would also be an unpleasant view to take.

    Play the ball, not the man. What is your view about whether Dorries is a fit and proper person to be an MP? If someone thinks she is corrupt – a popular view, I would say – should they not speak their mind?

  • Miss Castello

    Techno @6:10 pm

    “I criticised him once and he went crazy. Since then, I’ve been tempted to get his home address and give him a taste of his own medicine. I might still do that.”

    Well, you’ve certainly saved the police a job if & when you do, by making a public announcement of the fact. ‘Judgement’ always this good?

  • Mary

    Also under Tim Ireland’s eagle eye was Anne Milton MP.


    and Con party members/helpers featuring in photos on her election literature.

    She climbed the greasy conservative party pole from MP>Shadow Health Minister>Health Minister>Government whip in the Cabinet Office and then Vice Chamberlain of the Household I see on Wikipedia. (duties for the latter include writing a daily diary of HoC activities for Her Maj! YCNMIU)

    The most unforgiveable of her roles was as a Health Minister under Lansley who put through the Health and Social Care Act 2012 which enables the destruction of the NHS.

  • Tim Ireland

    There aren’t many people who wheel out the ‘alcoholic’ tag. I could count them on one hand while making a very rude gesture. I only identified myself as such to show solidarity with a stellar bloke who was struggling with alcoholism. He later committed suicide, and the brave author of this anonymous comment knows this, so it’s a class act all the way.

    (I quit alcohol very soon after I quit smoking, when I realised the chemical had managed to make itself a priority as much as nicotine had. I wasn’t going to put up with that. It’s been 7 years since I drank alcohol or smoked a cigarette so the ‘recovery’ is going well.)

    Thanks for your endorsement, Craig. It means a lot.

    And thank you all for your supportive comments.

    Now get out there and vote, and vote like you mean it.

  • technope

    Love how ‘techno’ here proves the point about how anonymous sock-puppets attack Tim Ireland because he’s exposed them in the past.

    Never commented before? Check. Feigns disinterest, but clearly searched to find this? Check. Blatantly a sock of one of Tim’s previously vanquished foes? Check.

    ‘Just found’ that blog of Dorries, that’s hilarious.

  • anarchic teapot

    Well, it didn’t take the smearing troll long to comment, did it?
    Funny, but I wasn’t aware that having any kind of illness or originally hailing from Australia disqualified you as a human being, let alone marked you as even more despicable than Dorries and her stealth Catholic integregism.

  • technope

    Here’s a wager. Anyone care to bet that ‘techno’ is not in fact a certain Mr Tabloid Troll (who was exposed by Tim) who constantly assists Bad Nad’s ever-evolving smears using this exact same slimy, disingenuous, truth-twisting, weasel-worded writing style that everyone recognises?



  • Mary

    It says it all about our ‘country’ that someone like Dorries is an MP and even chairs a debate in Westminster Hall. That’s scraping the barrel.

    Tourism Industry and VAT — [Nadine Dorries in the Chair]
    – in Westminster Hall at 2:30 pm on 17th March 2015.

    Note all the ‘late entries’ in bold in her register of interests. She must have been caught out.

    Note the large sums paid to her by Murdoch’a Sun, ITV and other members of the rotten media circus.

    Note too the visit to Israel with Conservative Friends of Israel. Does the money for those visits come direct from Tel Aviv?

    Ms Dorries certainly possesses a large amount of chutzpah.

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