In Praise of Alcohol 175


Here is a record of my last few days alcohol consumption:

Wednesday 2 September Nil
Tuesday 1 September 1 Glass merlot
Monday 31 August 1 Champagne Cocktail
5 Glasses Puilly Fuisse
2 Glasses Remy Martin XO
Sunday 30 August Nil
Saturday 29 August 3 Glasses Pinot Grigio
Friday 28 August Nil
Thursday 27 August Nil

That is a pretty average week for me. Alcohol is among my pleasures. Like a great many people, I find it enhances good times and gives some solace in bad. I am therefore rather pleased that the European Court Advocate General has made observations thought to be generally unhelpful to the nanny state proposals of the Scottish government on minimum alcohol pricing. These proposals would not affect me, given what I drink. The proposal is a classical resurfacing of the middle class desire to regulate the behaviour of the working class. Life is tough enough. People should be allowed their small pleasures.

I have a great contempt for the anti-alcohol lobby, and particularly for the cultist doctrine that the only way to combat alcoholism is total abstinence. If alcohol were truly a physical addiction, why am I not addicted? I have had days where I drink 40 units over 24 hours. And I have periods particularly when writing where I don’t drink a thing for three or four weeks at a time. I can switch from one phase to the other, or any intermediate state, without ever the slightest shadow of a physical craving. My introspection tells me that the standard explanation of alcohol being physically addictive is impossible to reconcile with my personal experience. It is an imposed reality. Alcohol is very good for me. And it is very good for you too, whatever the do-gooders may say.

Slainte Mahth.

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175 thoughts on “In Praise of Alcohol

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  • Ba'al Zevul

    RobG – neglecting the fact that your link is two months old, it’s to the European Union Times. Hear what Rational Wiki has to say on the subject:

    n addition to the raging xenophobia, the European Union Times strays deeply into tinfoil hat territory. For example, it regularly re-publishes the hilarious “reports” of “Sorcha Faal”, which means that it is either subscribed (i.e., paying) for the Sorcha Faal feed, or close to the original source. If you see a headline that is really “out there” (for example, US Earthquake Weapon Test Fails Again, Destroys New Zealand City[9]), scroll to the bottom and have a look at the “Source” link. If it points to, it’s the handwork of “Sorcha”. (That article also contains a massive research fail — it quotes the Russian Space Forces command (VKS) as its source, but the link “VKS” leads to the site of a Russian industrial company,!) The EUTimes has also re-published material from Pravda Online, another site dedicated to conspiracy theories, such as a 2010 article about alien spaceships attacking Earth in 2012.[10] It’s unclear if they actually believe this stuff or they just think that their readers are gullible morons.

    The ‘source’ in this case is indeed Sorcha Faal. Risible stuff, then.

    Amd no, the Chinese economy’s troubles are nothing to do with it.

  • Republicofscotland


    It’s RationalWiki so it must be right the

    I suppose the WSJ story is way out there as well

    RationalWiki is a wiki created in response to Conservapedia. It is based on MediaWiki, like Metapedia.

    Since liberals already control the contents of Wikipedia there is little need for RationalWiki to restate the liberal arguments since they are already stated in Wikipedia. Instead, RationalWiki is characterized by attempted sarcasm against opponents (in particular against Conservapedia) and liberal community building.

    The site portrays itself as being “rational” and opposed to “pseudoscience” and “denialism” yet it often promotes exactly this such as by promoting irrational genetics denialism and race denialism. Ideologically based egalitarianism always takes precedence over empirical scientific results showing that individuals and groups are not always equal or empirical results otherwise contradicting political correctness.

    Other examples of not criticizing pseudosciences include not mentioning the many criticisms of Marxism as being an unfalsifiable pseudoscience and not criticizing the various pseudosciences associated with cultural Marxism.

    The site is anti-Christian and has many articles dedicated to criticizing Christianity. There are also some criticisms against Islam. However, there are almost no criticisms against Judaism. Instead, the article on the Talmud warns against criticisms.

    This is part of a more general pattern of a strong pro-Jewish bias. Another example of this is regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict which is explained in the article on Israel as ongoing due to “The refusal of the Arab states to absorb the Arab refugees”.

    Any form of criticism against Jews or Jewish influence is generally dismissed as anti-rational antisemitism and conspiracy theories. This bias may in part be caused by Jewish hasbara editors.

  • Tim

    Wasn’t it Jasper Carrot who asked “who would take advice on sensible drinking from a gang of ex medical students?”

  • Ba'al Zevul

    RobG – Whether Rational Wiki is a prosemitic creation of the Rothschild/Masonic/Lizards from Ickxx conspiracy or not, the extremely verifiable FACT that Sorcha Faal publishes pure invention masquerading as news wherever she can find a gullible outlet*, remains. At least Sputnik, whose grasp of effective propaganda is considerably better, gives you some truth along with its more questionable stories. Cite that if you must, but don’t make me fall about laughing at Sorcha Faal.

    I have no argument with the WSJ, or what it allows me to see of the article, which states that the Pentagon is watching some Chinese ships in the Bering Strait. Neither the presence of China, which has been trying to establish a greater Pacific presence, nor the watching, are particularly surprising.

    *And has done for a decade or more

  • Ba'al Zevul

    RobG –

    Oh. And. If you’re going to c&p from Metapedia, kindly acknowledge the fact. The wording of this entry is suspiciously similar to the same as your own…

    Hear what Wikipedia saith about Metapedia:

    Metapedia is a multilingual, far-right electronic encyclopedia, which states that it focuses on European culture, art, science, philosophy and politics. It is antisemitic, containing white nationalist, white supremacist, white separatist and neo-Nazi,[2] points of view.[3][4][5]It was officially launched on 26 October 2006 with the Swedish-language edition.[6][7] The English section was launched on 28 April 2007.[6][8] …The Swedish Metapedia was founded in 2006 by Anders Lagerström, a neo-Nazi publisher from Linköping, Sweden.[10]

    “Anders Lagerström has long been involved in extreme right-wing organizations. In 2000, he was sentenced for having sprayed tear gas in the face of a police officer. In 2002 he started the Nordic publishing house, which specializes in issuing and selling Nazi literature and white power music. Lagerström is also a prominent figure in the Nordic Association. The Nazi organization wants it to form a ‘Nordic nation’. On the organization’s website it says the following about how this imaginary nation should look like: ‘It means a society populated by a people and a government and the media are completely under Nordic control.'”[11]

    I really hope you’re not sympathetic to this outfit…

  • Mary

    Jerry Hall, ex of Jagger, visits her American ancestry in Who Do You Think You Are. The Native Americans against whom one of her ancestors in Missouri fought to defend the land he had stolen from them, resisted their occupation. She is in awe of her ancestors for setting up their own militias. She kept saying ‘They must have been terrified’ referring to her ancestors being attacked by the Native Americans.

    She could almost be describing the Zionists’ exploits in their occupation of Palestine in al Naqba and only sees American settler history in simple terms through her ancestors’ eyes. We were not even told the tribal name of the indigenous people concerned. Sickening stuff.

  • Njegos

    In sympathy with your sentiments towards alcohol, Craig.

    And I take your final sentence as tongue-in-cheek rebuttal of those who constantly lecture us on the evils of alcohol. They should get a life.

  • Ian Cameron

    Well well I’m 77 and I have never drunk any booz ever. Tea yes but booz never. And my father was a Glasgow born whisky enthusiast in fact in his early eighties it sadly helped to finish him off.

  • fwl

    It was David Hockney, who gave the licensing restrictions as one of his reasons for leaving these shores for the states, explaining that they were essentially a form of class discrimination against the working man. This and gun crime in the US makes me wonder should man regulate himself or be regulated by big brother. The American libertarian might say that there is no need for much gun control, but Americans seem obsessed about control of gambling traditionally allowing it only where it can be purified by distance or proximity to water. Its interesting to see what happens in countries where drugs, guns, brothels, casinos and alcohol are freely available. Are they methods of indicating the mental and cultural health of a country? Are some countries / cultures inherently in need of more regulation eg because of weather (dark winter nights and depression). Do north European protestant countries need more alcohol control than southern med countries.

  • BrianFujisan


    I agree.. Heroic Stuff.. A warrior in yir heart… to Be Honor’ed

    Get Fee man.. Peace.

  • fedup

    Thanks BrianFujisan, I am even thinking of heading back to gym, as I start saving!! 🙂

    Take care Brian


  • Ben-Hemp Rules

    Any rational discussion of the evil GANJ must be avoided at all costs in the World of Politics.{a metaphor would be something like Liar’s Poker} The miracle plant has taken the erstwhile attempts at extinction in a casual and nuanced way, barely noticing the animosity.

    Heedless of their enemies they produce magic resins to entice us toward psycho-somatic health and spiritual growth, the bastards. The governments of the world largely unite over keeping marijuana a schedule 1 NARCOTIC! Scary, eh?

    Both the healing and preventative qualities of the Cannibinoids are slowly percolating into the scientific journals with some serious research. Local and regional governments are surrendering to their fiscal priorities by embracing the potentially rich tax base .

    It might be good for serious political neophytes to get ahead of a popular curve which is inevitable.

  • Wee Drambui

    I daresay half the population is around thanks to the amber nectars unsurpassed ability in conjuring up a quick day pass instead of awaiting a season ticket !

  • Jives

    Oh och aye eh?

    Did any of yeez see wee Freddie the other day eh? Aye..wee Freddie Forsyth..revealing he wuz an MI6 agent back in the day..

    My parents knew him in Biafra in the late 60s…

    Never out the bar of the local Hilton and NEVER up country at the business end of proceedings…he wrote some potboiling novels thereafter…

    But Freddie…ive seen you on numerous TV shows over the years…your taut jaw muscles n voice reveal a cold arrogant sneering blowhward full of hate,piss and vinegar…

    Thought u signed The Official Secret Act Freddie??

    Like many a vain old tart you couldnt resist revealing you thought you were James Bond all those years…

    You delusional vain old fake you.

  • davidb

    Oh grief, I’ve had a week of disagreeing with every one whose blog I read.

    The idea is to prevent supermarkets loss leading drink. They sell it below cost. It encourages stockpiling and excessive overconsumption. They use the promotions to get customers in. If the cheap drink loss leading is stopped maybe they will offer cheap apples ( I know, thats not going to happen ).

    If the price is hiked by taxation, all alcohol is affected. The shops still take the loss by selling below cost. But a taxed hike affects the prices in pubs and restaurants – major employers now. That affects employment.

    I’m not much of a nanny state fan. I especially loath the plastic bag tax. But I believe the SG is correct to pursue a minimum pricing policy. Alcohol is a health damaging substance. We have a problem with it in Scotland – indeed all of north Europe. And middle class people who think they are only moderate drinkers because they drink half a bottle in a huge wine glass are kidding themselves on. When I first drank wine it was typically 6 or 7 percent alcohol. It is now typically twice that. So for many that wee glass of wine is actually nearer a wee bottle.

    Everybody thinks they are a good driver. Lots of people are great at parenting. Everyone thinks they are able to handle their drink. And as they say in 12 step programs, denial is not a river in Egypt.

  • Robert Crawford

    Good morning Fedup.

    Brian Fujisan hit the nail on the head when he said”get free man”.

    This is YOUR FREEDOM DAY!!!

    You will probably feel rotten for a few days until your body balances itself again by getting rid of the toxins you have been putting in to it.


    That goes for everyone who is feeding a little monster inside themselves, whether it be drink,fags,cannabis, gambling or anything that is controlling you.

    The really good thing is you are in control of you. The bonus is, you fuck up the Chancellor.

    If all the drinkers and smokers stopped the chancellor would have to look elsewhere for his mega tax income.


    Fedup, tells us how you got on last night. How do you feel this morning?

  • Alcyone

    Craig, I question how you are carving up the mental and physical (craving) so effortlessly. Are the mental and/or physical inherently indivisible or can they be so easily demarcated, as you are implying?

    How many people know that the word ‘individual’ is derived from the same roots as ‘indivisible’? I.E. ALL ONE! Those who cannot see the ‘all one’ are fragmented human beings. Regardless, all humans are psychosomatic.

    I recommend again that people read :
    Sarno, John E. (2006). The Divided Mind: The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders. Harper Paperbacks.

    In wiki, Dr Sarno is stated as being “Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University School of Medicine, and until his retirement in 2012 was attending physician at the Howard A. Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University Medical Center.” So, the man is 92 and still working!

    Moral of my point to Craig is ” Keep it simple, but not simplistic. “

  • Mary

    O/T It is being dragged out.

    Date fixed for Lord Janner hearing

    A judge will decide at a hearing on 7 December whether Lord Janner, who is facing child sex abuse charges spanning three decades, is fit to plead.

    The date was set at an Old Bailey hearing, which the 87-year-old, who has dementia, was excused from attending.

    If the judge decides the peer is fit to plead, a full trial may take place.

    If not, a “trial of the facts” will take place on 22 February, where a jury will decide if he committed the abuse, with no finding of guilt or conviction.

    A back-up date has been set for 5 April


  • Alcyone

    Jon, what is meditation/ Do you ‘meditate’?

    Let’s go a little further on the MIND-BODY reality and so-called ‘lifestyle’– I have come to rather dislike that word because it is used so broadly and mostly in very shallow connotations.

    Point I offer relates to our personal DNA, our genetics. We are born with a certain unique sequence; we do not die with the exact same sequence. Much of our genes are ‘evolving’ through daily life. The study of that subject is called epigenetics. In other words, the content of our DNA is a combination of destiny and ‘choices’. I use the term ‘choices’ very loosely. If you study the subject very, very deeply, you will find true ‘choice’ is limited to stuff like what colour of shirt or car do I want to buy. For in such deeper study, there is the stepping into ‘Real, pro-found (i.e. found before we made a mess of ourselves through all the conditioning of conflict, pleasure etc.) Intelligence. This Intelligence is Universal __ it is encoded in and THROUGHOUT NATURE and, throughout the Whole Universe. Such intelligence has its own response and largely operates at a sub-atomic level in dimensions yet undiscovered but inherent in the arithmetical assumptions that support the present-state best versions of String Theory.

    Craig, you’ve a long way to go to understand your ‘Self’. A long way to go to understand what’s good for yourself, before you start addressing the public that alcohol is good for them. I might encourage you to reassess your own health wholistically.

  • Robert Crawford

    John Spencer-Davis.

    Do you have a horror story that you would like to get off your chest about alcohol?

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