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Young children are unlikely to recognise senior politicians. When young children are living in institutionalised “care” and suffering traumatic physical, sexual and emotional abuse they are likely to have only a very fuzzy recollection of places to which they were taken or the identities of people who were hurting them there. Thirty years on recall will be even more difficult. On top of which, people who have suffered institutionalised abuse are likely to be emotionally shaky and easily influenced.

Those are my words but I believe them to be a very fair summary of the argument which last night’s Panorama on the “VIP Paedophile Ring” was attempting to make. It was very bad journalism, with little cogent argument, merely an attempt to build up a picture that those alleging abuse are flakes. One example was the treatment of retired social worker Chris Fay who is evidently elderly and struggling in a number of ways. The camera showed his tawdry flat and furnishings and zoomed in to a tight close up shot of an apparently filthy container in which tea-bags were stored. It was a classic propaganda technique to undermine the image of a man and what he was going to say. Just an old duffer who can’t even clean his flat.

The programme built up to a climax of bad journalism with an interview of a very obviously damaged abuse victim, his voice replaced by an actor. The victim was pushed by very leading questions to say that he may have been led falsely to identify Leon Brittan. The fact the victim had apparently correctly described the birthmarks on Brittan’s face, which had led to the production of the photo he identified, was skated over. What the journalist did certainly prove is that a vulnerable victim can be led to say anything: the victim was doing it before our eyes, pushed by the BBC. But the police are expert in questioning so as not to lead, and were not pushing an agenda.

Panorama however was pushing a very obvious agenda indeed.

What was most notable was what was missing from the programme. Not all victims are such poor witnesses. There are also some other very compelling witnesses – policemen who were told to drop investigations because of VIP involvement. Panorama did not interview any of those. Nor did they interview Tom Watson, despite continually referring to his “political interference” which they implied was the only cause of the accusations. There was also a peculiar absence of Greville Janner from the story.

Nothing can excuse this amazingly biased programme. But the BBC do have a point. Those accused of sexual abuse are entitled to the presumption of innocence, and those making the accusations should not be exempt from scrutiny of the credibility of their allegations.

Except that the BBC adopts the precisely opposite principle in the case of Julian Assange. The BBC believes it would be absolutely wrong, disrespectful of the “victims” and potentially prejudicial to a trial for there to be any questioning or scrutiny of the allegations against Assange. They take an absolutely opposite view of how to treat Assange and how to treat establishment VIPs.

Indeed, the BBC has decided that, given the accusations against Assange are so risible, it would be wrong for any detail at all of the accusations to be given out. Therefore the BBC has never reported the fact that the allegation they describe as “rape” is that, during the act of consensual sex, Assange allegedly tore a condom with his fingers whilst wearing it (of which I doubt the physical possibility). The second sexual molestation accusation is that again consensual sex took place, but after they fell asleep in each others arms, Assange awoke and initiated a repeat of the sex act without requesting permission again.

Despite the fact that Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen have given press conferences in Sweden promoting their allegations, the BBC has made no attempt to interview them. The BBC has not reported that, the day after the condom splitting “rape”, Anna Ardin hosted a crayfish party for Assange and tweeted her friends from it that she was with the coolest man in the world. The BBC has not reported that Anna Ardin had invited Assange to share her flat and her bed. The BBC has not reported that Anna Ardin produced a torn condom to police but police found it had no trace of Assange’s DNA – a physical impossibility if he used it. The BBC has not reported that Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen only made accusations after the two of them got together and cooked up the story. The BBC has not reported that Stockholm’s chief prosecutor dismissed it as no case to answer, and that Ardin then took it, as Swedish law allows, to another prosecutor, Marianne Ny who has a campaigning feminist agenda.

The BBC has not reported any of that because it would be quite wrong to doubt the word of victims of sexual abuse. It would be wrong to put them under pressure, or look sceptically at the evidence for their stories, both direct and circumstantial. It would be quite wrong to prejudice possible legal proceedings.

It would be quite wrong if the accusations are against Julian Assange. But it would be absolutely right if the accusations are against Westminster VIPs.

I do so much look forward to the Panorama on the Assange sexual abuse allegations. When do you think we will see it?

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114 thoughts on “Leon Brittan vs Julian Assange

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  • Mary

    6 October 2015

    The VIP Paedophile Ring: What’s the Truth?

    Panorama investigates sensational allegations of historical child abuse and murder by some of the most prominent people in Britain: a paedophile ring at the heart of the Establishment. Why were the allegations described by police as “credible and true” with no hard evidence or corroboration? What role have senior politicians and the media played in promoting this story around the world? And what price will genuine victims of child abuse pay if it turns out not to be true?

    12 months left to watch.

  • Rob

    By 08:15 this morning, the BBC had wheeled out John (Selwyn) Gummer to corroborate their angle. He claimed to have known Leon Brittan since he – Gummer – was 18 years old and all accusations against Brittan must on account of this extended acquaintance, be false. He endorsed the idea that investigations should be carried out in secret, thereby backing up Panorama’s argument, and neatly ignoring the fact that respecting confidentiality was an important factor in the failure to unmask Saville. It seemed plausible that the BBC was working with Gummer and/or others to undermine confidence in the police enquiry.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Think it naive to think that nearly all have not already made a judgment about America somehow getting its hands on Assange, and even Edward Snowden for that matter, and probably executing them.

    Assange knows too well what happened to Gareth Williams, Gudrun Loftus et al.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    This is not about Politics. This is about human Relationships.

    This is about Clark.

    I mean FFS – This Guy is Really Intelligent. Incredibly Good Looking..and he posted something ..well Mary Linked to it – about how incredibly unhappy he is..that he wants to end it all…

    This seriously bothered me…I told my wife whilst we were on a long walk…started in a park and went on for a few miles..we didn’t know exactly where we were..but we quite enjoy getting a bit lost…and then we came across what we thought was a Child’s Birthday Celebration…and we both thought this a bit strange…There were Blow up Balloons one was 0 the other was 2..the one with 2 was still blowing in the wind with the photographs and the flowers…It would have been his 20th Birthday…

    And I asked her…was it an accident? was he murdered here.

    My wife almost burst into tears,,,

    She knew exactly what it was.

    The 19 year old kid was so depressed that he killed himself…

    Another body found in a local park..that was 2 in less than 2 weeks…

    Phone a friend. Text your Ex. Show Love. Be Nice.

    What is Happening is Not Nice..and We All Need All The Love and Support We Can Get.

    I just did that..I asked my Ex for advice. She knows I love My Wife. They have met and they will meet again..its about love and support.

    All you can do is try your best when these Evil Bastards in Control are Trying to Destroy Everything..All Beauty. All Love.

    If You just try and pull yourself out of your hole – and ny God – I have been down there…You can see the light above…With Your Friends…and Then We Have a Chance.

    Give Up, Fuck Off and Die….???

    Is Clark just another wimp??? I don’t think so…

    Come on all you twats..lets help pull him out of the pit of despair…

    It Really is not that bad. These Evil Bastards -have Filled Your Mind With Lies and Shit. They Want You To Die..Then You are Out of The Way…Just another Victim. Another One Less To Challenge Them and Bring Them To Justice.

    We are Up For it..and Want You Back on Our Side.

    You are Worth More Than That.

    I wrote that live as if I was being interviewed..I probably made some mistakes.


  • Arbed

    And, most disgracefully of all, the BBC will never mention that the statute of limitations has been allowed to run out on Ms Ardin’s allegations before Julian Assange has even been given an opportunity to give his version of events.

    Which means Ms Ardin will never be brought to justice for handing police clearly faked evidence to back her allegations.

    No DNA link to Assange in condom central to sex assault case:

    And neither will the prosecutor, for knowingly using said faked evidence as part of her bogus extradition request to question Assange in Sweden (an FOI reply from the UK Home Office confirmed that Sweden has questioned 44 suspects and witnesses in the UK since 2010). Note the 25 October 2010 date on the forensics report to police with the finding of “No DNA” on the used-looking, ripped condom collected from Ms Ardin.

    [English translation of original Swedish report from Sweden’s National Forensics lab, SKL]

  • craig Post author


    I had a long chat with Clark a couple of days ago. Many people, mostly but not all from the community on this blog, are trying to support him. Many thanks for yours and others concern, but public comments threads aren’t the best place for it.

  • craig Post author


    Thanks I will amend. I had intended to include the no DNA on condom fact as I was writing but accidentally skipped it

  • fred

    “I do so much look forward to the Panorama on the Assange sexual abuse allegations. When do you think we will see it?”

    I would think it’s sub judice at the moment, a warrant has been issued so until there is a trial or, as in the case of Leon Brittan, the investigation has been dropped I don’t think Panorama could do a program.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    On a lighter note, my old old mate just posted this. He is a musician used to be in a cover band called FREE with his Jewish mate..He is now making a living with the help of his friends…

    This just made me I’m sorry…If this doesn’t at least make you smile..oh dear…

    Has Dan Hodges been to see these guys?

    It’s only a Gig..Maybe Hodges doesn’t know yet..He Does seem a bit thick – got your Tickets for Massive Attack Yet?

    He seems a bit confused…

    Its only Cameron and The Headchoppers…


    I have got some mates who make me laugh…


  • craig Post author

    Fred there are no legal proceedings pending in the UK which relate to the sexual allegations against Assange

  • Courtenay Barnett


    As I see it – the interview appeared to me to be attempted journalistic ‘gang rape’ on you. Sure the name of the alleged rape victim is kept secret under UK laws, but the very alleged victims have already long since openly shown themselves and made themselves international media figures. Quite sensibly, to keep the interview going, you decently complied by not again naming those who are known to all and sundry.

    “How dare you”? Stage managed if you ask me.

    Some many moons ago when this first broke I had a very close look at the Swedish law vis-à-vis the UK equivalent on the charge and posted something on your blog about all this.

    Assange is a whistleblower and as such he is being set up officially to be “fucked”.

    Please forgive my non-forensic graphic choice of word.


  • RobG

    Did anyone seriously believe that the Establishment wouldn’t hit back against the constant allegations that top people were/are involved in child sex abuse and murder?

    These allegations also come from a number of both serving and former police officers, who were effectively gagged earlier this year…


    This summer the apologists were out in force when further allegations against Ted Heath emerged:


    There are presently three full scale police investigations into allegations of child sex abuse by VIPs, and whatever the media might tell you these investigations are ongoing.


  • Arbed

    Thanks, Craig

    Joan Smith spouting her rubbish about “Assange is expecting special treatment” is so infuriating! Twenty-two of the 44 people Sweden has interviewed in the UK during the time Assange was “expecting special treatment” by requesting Sweden do exactly the same for him were wanted in connection with GBH, murder or manslaughter – rather more serious concerns than whether or not someone was only half-awake when they consented to unprotected sex.

    FOI – MLA requests from Sweden asking for individuals to be interviewed

  • RobG

    Three years ago, David Cameron was famously confronted on live television, on ITV’s ‘This Morning’. The presenter, Philip Schofield, bluntly asked Cameron what he was going to do about institutional paedophilia carried out by VIPs…


    (Note: you won’t find this video clip on the likes of YouTube)

    Cameron’s off-foot blustering was very reminiscent of the interview he gave yesterday to Jon Snow, when asked about British government support of Islamic nutters in Syria (I believe Mary linked to this Channel 4 News piece in the previous thread).

  • Courtenay Barnett

    “Captain cocksman in the blonde country.”
    Katha Pollitt woffles in the Guardian states: –
    “Maybe it’s true That an ordinary guy, faced with similar accusations would have been allowed to slip away quietly once he left Sweden rather than’ve become the subject of an Interpol red notice. (Maybe not, though. The 11 Swedes on Interpol’s public red list include people wanted for fraud and other non-spectacular crimes. Much HAS BEEN made of the fact That Only One of These, an alleged child molester, is charged with a sex crime . But the vast Majority of wanted people are privately Listed, so actually there’s no way of knowing if Assange’s case is exceptional.) ”
    And: –
    “In fact, Swedish law does distinguish among degrees of rape, with Assange being accused on one count of the least grave cheek.”
    So I might ask Pollitt – was it mere molestation or did Assange rape the two women?
    The fellow did not call the woman the next day after he had consensual sex with her; his condom broke or he had unprotected sex with her – Which was it ?; and – a harassment charge – not a direct unequivocal rape charge – well she was raped or was not she? – Not even the woman is sure; then four days later when the second lover calls the first, then Ardin cries – rape (guess it took her a while to figure out if the sex was consensual sex desired or not). And to make matters worse he participated in two brief affairs – absolutely criminal assault with a friendly weapon.
    But, more seriously Pollitt fails to touch any of the big issues – such as When Assange sought to rely on the benefits of the Swedish media laws – the CIA threatened to stop sharing secrets with Sepo (i.e. the Swedish Secret Service). Ab initio the CIA did have a direct interest. But, the issues do not simply end there, for there are still bigger issues at stake.
    Ever thought there is that Afghanistan pipeline, the revelations of Wikileaks, and the US cosseting of President Islam Karimov might simply ask all intertwined. Is the US setting out to reach Assange by Swedish proceedings, while being fully aware of Military documents accessed by WikiLeaks that expose the consistent blind eye turned by the US in its dealings (non-dealings or intervention) with the torture, forced labor, organised crime and one man and family rule by Karimov in Uzbekistan? What would be the implications for the US if it acted in a principled way about the extensive abuses in Uzbekistan? Well, Seems to me it would immediately place in danger a key supply route into Afghanistan. Incidentally, Sweden had late troops to Afghanistan. Silence please.
    The sad truth is that it is We the People who are the voters and those in high office are not – and we ought to ask our honest Representatives. The leaks so far have been no more than the impressions of the employed diplomats who are hired to give such honest opinions as they form them about the country and individuals in the countries they have been assigned to. How horrendously dangerous for the US Empire when the people start reading the truth. The more we know about any dirty dealings in the name of the people, the more the people are empowered to stop the elected tails from wagging the electoral died – so press on WikiLeaks.
    Who takes Anna Bernardin seriously? Did she conspire with her friend / lover (?) Sofia Wilen to set Assange balls a rolling – that is the question. Ardin is the Political Secretary of the Swedish Social Democrats. Ardin was connected to the “ladies in white” who protest the Castro regime and has ties to anti-Castro groups (supported by the CIA) and she was deported from Cuba for reason of subversive activities. Lieutenant Colonel Mattias Ardin, Deputy Head of Operations, Swedish Joint Forces Land Component Command, cousin and close friend. He works with NATO Operations in Afghanistan. Is there any remote probability of a CIA link or surgery? Would the CIA be smart enough to get a feminist leftist to smear Assange … duh … huh? Her blog is called “7 Steps to legal revenge” and step one was to screw Assange. For goodness sake, she brought the man to Sweden for a conference and a fuck. Then he bestows blessings on her friend Sophia as well and she too sets out to fuck him. Is not the whole affair a load of “poppycock” – sorry – double “poppycock” intended to smear Assange upon the flimsiest of so-called evidence? At least HE HAS so far not been charged with impotence.
    Top secret – I just figured it out – Assange has a weakness for women. So, my legal advice to him is that the next Feminist Swedish woman HE HAS sex with HE Proceeds as follows: –
    A. Ask her in a calm voice if she desires to have sex with him, and ensure that the hidden recording machine is running.
    B. Next, ask her to write down the words of consent that she just verbally agreed to and include in the consent document, the following: –
    i) Names of the person about to have sex.
    Ii) Protected or unprotected sex HAS To Be Agreed.
    iii) The various positions in which the sex is permitted.
    iv) The duration of the sex – with a pre-ejaculation clause included.
    v) Whether the Kama Sutra can at any stage of the intercourse be consulted if the sex is not proving exciting enough.
    vi) Finally – what are the expressions of sexual satisfaction to be when the two climax – be it a simple Ohhhhh – or an – ahhhh – or some other pre-approved expression of appreciation.
    C. Never forget to have the consenting Swedish woman sign with the words added “I have signed this document of my own volition, without inducement, excitement, anticipation, or any other form of seductive invitation from the man with whom I am about to have sexual intercourse with – and – I have signed because indeed, I freely want to have sex with this man (insert the man’s name). “Then you can have sex and he can then insert his penis into the vagina (but only for the duration that she has pre -signed to).
    I plan to write a play about the whole affair – and it won’t be called “Captain cocksman in the blonde country”.

  • GF

    The British Establishment acts like the Mafia. If, all of a sudden, the press became free we would horrified with the revelations.

    As things stand, the emergence of any major scandal (sometimes followed by an inquiry) means there is some underlying agenda and that some powerful interest group stands to profit from it. The victims are generally mere pawns in the game.

  • john young

    Plenty of relevant info about paedophilia on exaronews,this contry is awash with it.

  • fred

    “Fred there are no legal proceedings pending in the UK which relate to the sexual allegations against Assange”

    I think it would be for the courts to decide relevance to legal proceedings in the UK and Panorama is broadcast to all of Europe via satellite. I don’t think you can expect Panorama to do an in depth program on the case while legal proceedings are ongoing here or in Sweden.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    The Establishment protects its own and never succumbs on any level without a fight. This is part of their attempt to shut down revelations, muddy the waters.

  • glenn

    Fred: “I don’t think you can expect Panorama to do an in depth program on the case while legal proceedings are ongoing here or in Sweden.

    Do you think legal proceedings are really “ongoing”? If they were, and you genuinely believe that, how come the Swedish police refuse to interview Assange?

    It’s very clear – to the great shame of the Swedish legal establishment – that they are only interested in gaining custody of Assange, and (to our own shame) the British Establishment are equally keen for that to happen.

    The reason for that is because they both serve the same master. Who are you serving, Fred, in consistently writing such apologia for the Establishment?

  • fred

    “Do you think legal proceedings are really “ongoing”? If they were, and you genuinely believe that, how come the Swedish police refuse to interview Assange?”

    Yes, legal proceedings are ongoing here and in Sweden.

    “The reason for that is because they both serve the same master. Who are you serving, Fred, in consistently writing such apologia for the Establishment?”

    Oh fuck off, is it not possible to discuss anything here without some retard making personal accusations against anyone who doesn’t agree with their warped point of view.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    “How can we cleanse this country?” Mary

    Very difficult. We can do what we can do. It’s the long game. Some light is better than no light.

    Unless you’re Hercules, in which case you simply divert a river to clean out the stables. The trouble is, that often leads to other horses filling the stbales with their muck.

  • Mary

    The latest headline in the Torygraph.

    Corbyn Refuses To Meet The Queen

    ‘Exclusive: Jeremy Corbyn snubs the Queen, saying he is too busy to be sworn in to the Privy Council

    Labour leader had been expected to be sworn in at the meeting, the first since he became Labour leader last month’

    What will they write next?

  • Arbed

    Fred, it’s not true that the preliminary investigation in Sweden is ongoing. It’s been in total paralysis since 15th November 2010. That’s the date of an email from the Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny to Assange’s then-lawyer in which she confirmed there was nothing left to do in the investigation but questioning Assange.


    For a full 18 months before he sought asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy Assange signed daily at a UK police station and, as I’ve linked above, it is perfectly routine and legal for a Swedish prosecutor to interview someone here in the UK using standard Mutual Legal Assistance protocols.
    In November 2014 the Swedish High Court found Ny in breach of her legal duty to progress the investigation expeditiously and at minimum inconvenience to a suspect.

    Here is a Swedish op-ed written by a former prosecutor. It reflects how most members of the Swedish legal profession see the Assange “circus” nowadays.

    The prosecutor in the Assange case should be replaced:

  • Geoff

    “John Young” just posted:-

    >>Plenty of relevant info about paedophilia on exaronews,this contry is awash with it.

    Oh no, please let this not be THE John Young, of Cryptome, who is something of a hero to me. How can such an informed person not know that Exaro is a crock, curiously funded and staffed, now visibly falling apart and systematically exposed not only by Panorama but also (if you like citizen journalism) such as for example:-


    Of course the UK has covered up elite child abuse for decades – if only by calling it “a public school education” – but Exaro is not the place to go to learn more.

  • fred

    “Fred, it’s not true that the preliminary investigation in Sweden is ongoing. It’s been in total paralysis since 15th November 2010. That’s the date of an email from the Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny to Assange’s then-lawyer in which she confirmed there was nothing left to do in the investigation but questioning Assange.”

    Then the case is ongoing in Sweden. Legal proceedings have started, they have not concluded. In the UK I’m not sure just what the position is but I would imagine Julian Assange is in contempt of court and I would be very wary about publishing anything about the matter.

    The subject of the case against Leon Brittan and Julian Assange are not the same as how you look at it which is the point I was making. I think it’s a valid point.

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