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Precisely why Russian action against Saudi Arabia’s proxy militias of fanatics is against western interests is something which nobody in the western elite seems to believe it is necessary to explain. That Russia is bad and evil and must be opposed is another one of those axiomatic beliefs of the governing elite, which they can’t bring themselves to believe the public do not wholeheartedly share. Equally they cannot quite understand why we the people do not see the necessity of backing the Saudi regime.

I am a stern critic of Russia’s democratic deficit, human rights record, and gangster dominated economy and government. But on all these counts it is still a thousand times better than Saudi Arabia, and I am quite certain that 99% of Europeans would be happier living in St Petersburg than Riyadh.

If the Russians turn back CIA and Saudi-backed rebels I for one shall be delighted.

Russian activity in Syria is nothing whatsoever to do with NATO. The Syrian rebels under attack by Russia are not members of NATO. Russia is not attacking Turkey and there is no chance whatsoever that Russia would deliberately attack Turkey. So the suggestion of NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg that NATO will send forces to protect Southern Turkey is absolute madness. In the Iraq War, two of the United States “pinpoint accurate” cruise missiles aimed at Baghdad actually hit Syria. At some stage Russia is going to accidentally hit something in Turkey, it is the nature of war. It is like playing football in the garden – it is inevitable the ball will go over the neighbours’ fence at some stage, however careful you are.

Increasing the amount of military hardware in Turkey – which is already extremely militarised and already full of US forces – just increases the political temperature and chances of something going disastrously wrong, with no possible gain except making the stupid western countries who messed up the Middle East feel less envious of Putin.

NATO countries have caused the crisis in the Middle East through their disastrous and criminal invasions. Russia is not and could never be strong enough to launch an actual attack on western Europe even if Russia wanted to – which Russia most certainly does not. Just like Trident missiles, NATO was no use to the United States on 9/11 and is no use against any actual challenge we face in the world. It exists to perpetuate the dominance of a neo-con elite and ensure massive income to the arms industry.

NATO’s attempts to build up forces around Syria and around the Baltic show that NATO’s over-activity poses the only viable threat of a disastrous world war. Ask yourself this question. Why does the USA, a country which faces no risk of invasion from anybody, account for 44% of the military spending of the whole world? NATO exists solely for client states to assist the projection of US military power abroad. Every decent European should be campaigning for their country to leave NATO.

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269 thoughts on “NATO: Crazed and Dangerous

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  • Alcyone

    To any experts out there: does the Free Syrian Army still exist s an actuality, independently of Al Nusra and Daesh?

  • Ishmael

    Yes, they are. Russia won’t invade anyone. The maintenance costs bankrupt countries. They are able to engage and defeat NATO right now. From October 19th the likelihood of an American/Russian high intensity battle is high.

    Putin is in Syria for business. Not for Bashar Al-Assad. Control Syrian oil negotiations and sell Russian goods to Syria.

    The game has tipped in favour of the Russian Alliance. This I’m turning off. I have come across a very serious matter that would give the Russian Alliance a method to beat NATO earlier.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    The so-called ‘Free Syrian Army’, it seems, has a fluid relationship with Jihadist paramilitaries. One minute, they are in the ‘FSA’, the next, some or other Jihadist army. The weapons have followed suit. NATO-Saudi-UAE-Qatar-Kuwait-Turkey have been supplying a panoply of groups, jostling for position. There is no prospect of the ‘FSA’ forming a governnment, even less of a prospect than there was of the various Libyan factions doing so post-2011. The ‘FSA’ is a smokescreen.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    In other words, as it has done over the past 40 years, the USA/UK et al has been using Islamist/Jihadist paramilitaries in pursuit of its strategic objectives. In Central/South America, the USA used straight militaristic fascism and/or the death squad model, in the ‘Greater Middle East’, either directly or via regional regimes, it has used a comibination of Jihadist-supporting military autocracies (as in Pakistan) or Islamist paramilitaries.

  • Alcyone

    Morning Suhayl thank you for that answer. So, as I understand it, the FSA is not a discrete, organised and identifiable force as they were at one time. The actual Syrian Army, despite odds hasn’t actually crumbled which I assume is reasonable to interpret is a sign that the Syrian people at large want to maintain, understandably, their secular nature. That must be one of the principles at stake in this horrible War.

  • Alcyone

    Suhayl, hello again, I once linked you an Elvis Presley song sung also be Cliff Richard whose title I have forgotten. It was a relatively unknown piece–would you happen to remember the title please? I have forgotten and its irritating me!

  • BrianFujisan

    Alcyone…Might have been ‘ Angel ‘ cover

    Re Syria..i know many people think David Ike is Half mad, Whilst those who rule us are Fully mad, Crazed.

    Check out this talk. Some heart breaking moments in there

    Have a pleasant Sunday folks…nice weather for a wander

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Is it true that Turkey has just shot down a Russian jet and that the RAF have been told to shoot down Russian jets?

    If so, this is madness on NATO’s part. This is agame of bluff and it could very wrong so very easily.


    Alcyone, I do recall you linked to the song; like you, I’m trying to recall which one – sorry!

  • Alcyone

    Suhayl, my dear friend,

    Found it! Courtesy Fujisan indirectly, who suggested ‘Angel’ so I tubed it though i knew that wasn’t it. But, as the Universe would have it, ‘Such a Night’ showed up in the playlist on the right!!!

    I was sorely missing it. Here it is again, if you’re in the mood Rock On!!!….

    When I listen to it, i have to indulge my Compulsive Obsessions so go to and enter it there.

    Enjoy it and Enjoy the Night! It sis indeed a beautiful one. And I hope that speculation about jets being shot down here there and everywhere are wrong!

    Peace and Love

  • Alcyone

    Fujisan my friend, many thanks indeed for your care and the lead which did get me there in the end!

    More Peace and Love


  • K Crosby

    “I am a stern critic of Russia’s democratic deficit, human rights record, and gangster dominated economy and government.”

    This is the definition of the state, not a state.

  • Mary

    Hunt sent a minion, Ben Gummer, to answer the urgent question on NHS funding. He rattled through a short written statement. That’s democracy for you. Supplementary Q and As followed. Gummer was well rehearsed.

    Ben Gummer is the son of John Gummer, Thatcher’s stooge at MAFF (remember the burger for his child at the time of the BSE outbreak?) and later in DEFRA for Major.

  • Beth

    Macky 12.43pm—–Watched the film Syrian Diary although I had to cover the picture and just read for parts of it. Anyone who watches A Syrian Love Story should also watch this. I’ve actually heard people say first about Libya and now Syria that things have to get worse before they get better. In their view all this suffering has to take place so they can have a wonderful democracy like us. To me the stupidity of these people knows no bounds.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    “It has been quite a show watching panic set in at the Pentagon, White House and NATO, as the modest Russian air campaign began tearing up the terrorist infrastructure in northern Syria.” Mary

    My thoughts exactly.

    And who, one wonders did the atrocity in Ankara at the peace rally? Turkish Security state-sponsored Jihadists? Reminds of the not too dissimilar dynamics of Pakistan.

  • Macky

    Beth; “To me the stupidity of these people knows no bounds.”

    I believe that it’s mostly delibrate “stupidity”, fostered by oblivious biases or ulterior motives.

    The images coming out of Israel in the last few days defy description; I know that Zionists & their supporters get worked up with comparisons with Nazis, so I just say that it getting harder & harder to distinguish between ISIS and the IDF; the video is too harrowing to post, but as this child bled to death after being shot, somebody is screaming at him “die you son of a whore”;

  • Beth

    Macky –Will they keep getting away with it ? Do we have to keep listening to that much parroted phrase—Israel has the right to defend itself? What is the point of the UN if they don’t enforce the law that an occupying power has to protect the people of the land it is occupying?

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Beth, at 10:45pm today. Of course – sadly – they’ll keep getting away with it. Actually, the USA has the power to stop it today if they wanted. They do not want to.

  • Beth

    Macky -I saw Jo Cox being interviewed and I cannot believe the interviewer did not bring up the disaster of Libya. Hopefully, these idiots like her , Hillary Benn etc will be seen as such by the majority of the country. So disappointed with H Benn though. His father will be turning in his grave.

  • Mick McNulty

    I think David Cameron’s threats to Russia were under instruction from the US neo-cons, and until that point I wondered how the Tories had rigged the election but then it came to me; the neo-cons rigged it for them. It would explain the lack of subtlety, guile, finesse, and how the despised Lib Dems were wiped out but the even-more despised Tories were returned with a majority of 17 instead of being wiped out too. It also explains why some Tories are saying, “we have a mandate”, which if you have to keep saying it suggests that you don’t.

    They went for the numbers and the numbers were too big, having little understanding of the British voting system and the British mood. It all leads towards suspecting the neo-cons.

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