On Being Ripped Off 96

Been rather busy in Ghana and Sierra Leone, hence not posting. Still much removed from the world of thought, but wanted to get one frustration off my chest. This laptop came with the really horrible Windows 8. I upgraded to the slightly better Windows 10.

I have now picked up a computer virus, as I am afraid happens very frequently when I visit West Africa, must be through the local servers or hotel wifi connections. I had not previously noticed that in upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 10, my Kaspersky Pure Crystal anti-virus programme had disappeared.

I therefore went to the Kaspersky website and found a helpful page indicating this was normal, and giving decent instructions on how to update Windows 10, remove all vestiges of the Kaspersky Pure Crystal Product, and replace it with Kaspersky Total Protection 2015. Only when all was completed did I notice that the replacement Kaspersky product is a one month free trial of a limited version, after which I have to pay for the thing.

Given I had paid a lot of money for the Kaspersky Crystal Pure protection quite recently (and I think it was on an automatic renewal) I feel pretty ripped off. Am I being reasonable, or is it my fault for changing the operating system?

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96 thoughts on “On Being Ripped Off

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  • Ba'al Zevul

    Canexpat – thanks for your clarification. And Clark has a point, too

    Villager –

    @ Bert: It’s profoundly ironic that while every organisation in the country is committed to keeping the latest perversion of MSDOS on its workstations, their servers are all running on Linux. I bet the government could save some of the billions it so badly needs to stay in the nuclear pissing contest, by simply making Microsoft illegal.

  • Jemand

    First, I recommend removing all Western Imperialist software, nothing good can come of it. Then, I recommend getting a 56k modem and dialling in to a non-Western equivalent of the evil Internet. Download a copy of Crappix, a delightful leftist version of Linux but completely dysfunctional because it was designed to conform with politically correct, relativist value systems. It looks and feels like DOS 2.02 but less useful. Then back up all your files by typing format c:, answering yes to all the prompts.

  • Aussie F

    Download Ubuntu or Kubuntu. They’re better operating systems than Windows, they come with a suite of applications that are compatable with excel, word,etc, and they’re entirely free.

  • Al

    Use Linux! Yes you’ve been ripped off, and it’s really your fault for still using Windows, although I do understand that you’ve been misinformed by the Powers That Be. There is a Linux Users Group in Edinburgh, they meet once a month in the back room of a pub. Someone there will help you get over your attachment to Microsoft. Please do it, it’s politically important, as well as giving you a better computing experience.

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