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The dreadfully stultified pageantry of the British state has been on full display the last couple of days, all mouldy ermine, fraying gold braid and musty velvet. But forms which evolved as a vibrant display of Imperial might have transmuted into rituals of obeisance, as the nonogenerian Prince Philip stumbles behind the Chinese President along lines of men wearing decaying bears on their heads. The sickness of Britain’s monarchical system was never more bluntly revealed than by the rictus grins of the aristocratic clowns balancing their tiaras at the state banquet.

The Chinese are the imperial masters now. Cameron begs them to build a nuclear power station for which the British state guarantees it will pay double the market price for electricity produced, for twenty years. And a government which has just announced the extension of thought crime to the expression of non-violent or anti-violent thought deemed “extreme”, has no locus to talk about human rights, a concept at least as alien to Teresa May as it is to the Chinese Communist Party. Britain has its own war criminals like Blair and Straw running around, immune and very wealthy.

The British state is an immoral entity which I view with disgust. That is what drives for me the imperative to early Scottish Independence to be rid of it. Every day as a British citizen is like bathing in sewage.

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  • Ben-Outraged by the Cannabigots

    “Basically a heck of a lot of data comes in and we sensibly don’t try to process it consciously”

    We can’t , It’s impossible to effectively process 1 billion sensations per second. We have filters to silence the din of activity. Otherwise we would go barmy. Now if a skilled or talented person can divest of the dissonance ringing in the years and separate into cogent responses, then you have intuition. Females excel. Men suck. If we could release the hormones to create a level playing field, maybe men could develop those powers. Until they (men) recognize the importance of intuition, there will be few studies on the merits. It’s time.

  • Fwl

    Perhaps we do have some cogent perceptions but not ones we are very conscious of and maybe its as well i.e. maybe the solar plexus and the gut are better placed to act on the subtle perceptions then the brain.

    It is a curious possibility and one that is maybe a little disconcerting that it is where the military has met the mystical that we tend to find apparent short cuts eg cistercians and Japanese Zen, but I do not criticise such ways, which are obviously extraordinarily difficult. That is to say they are short cuts only in that they sometimes come unpackaged, for which we should be thankful.

    Silence the chatter on the surface of the mind and it is not surprising that we might begin to see further into our murky pool. This then is maybe intuition, but do we know what to do with such perceptions other than to become big heads?

    Problems may arise when the ego self sees something in the murky pool and starts to trumpet its findings. Maybe its just better for the gut and other organs to get on with their hidden work of processing. We (in our brains) are probably not up to and don’t deserve to see beyond the surface. So be it. Who can really come up to taoist standards, intuit and let it go. We intuit something others have’t openly picked up on and we think we are sliced bread………..but end up toast.

    So I agree on much, but perhaps its best to agree on such things in silence.

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  • Mochyn69

    Gosh, you guys have wandered far from Xi Dada’s state visit to the UK, haven’t you?

    I thought it was all splendid, quite splendid, really. And rather welcoming for the UK to be developing a foreign policy that isn’t pinned to the coat tails of the Great Satan!

  • Camborne & Spittle

    Is your ballroom looking dowdy? Are your Chinese guests reluctant to sit in your library? Is your butler muttering that it was time something was done, your Lordship, we have to move with the times? Now’s your chance to rejoin the oligarchs!

    Inspired by the wit and charm of a well-known commentator on trendy Craig Murray’s blog, Osborne and Spittle have sourced for your refined pleasure, a range of mural coverings based on a reptilian theme. As these lovably poisonous creatures scramble around you in this tasteful design, you will be inspired to ever-more-profitable schemes of financial prudence!

    And perchance that wealthy old relative enjoying your hospitality will wake in the night, dimly glimpse the shapes of little dragons swarming on the wall, and not to put too fine a point on it, expire from the shock!

    Camborne and Spittle, not yet by appointment, but please instruct your manservant to announce you.

  • Jim Currie

    “Like bathing in sewage” from a man that has profited greatly from the British state and who quotes from the vile Wings Scotland. You can bath in your own sewage, I’m quite happy Britain.

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