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I thought that was a pretty stomping article for the Guadian CiF, in response to Matt Seaton’s invitation to me to write for them again. However I don’t quite see how anybody is going to read it. Not only is there no mention of its existence on the Guardian homepage, there is not even any mention of its existence on the comment is free page.

So comment is free, but deeply buried. There is not really any chance of anyone reading it unless they see my link or stumble across it from a search engine.

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55 thoughts on “Comment Is Free, But Hidden

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  • anno


    For example, I disagree with the concept of majority as opposed to divine rule, it would be logical not to participate in what I considered to be a flawed system, but I have an absolute duty then to remove myself from it, into a system that accords with my principles, such as Shariah Law.

    But suppose I have reason to fear that racism will prejudice my existence under Shariah Law because its custodians had not fully understood their religious duty to ignore race, well, I’d be a fool to agree to that deal as well.

    Within the UK system I think that ALL citizens should make it clear to prospective candidates. If you voted for illegal war, you do not receive my legal vote. We had the whole issue of illegality/legality of war explained to us in full over the Falklands War and the former Yugoslavia. Everyone knows that to carpet bomb Afghanistan because of a small group of individuals was and is totally illegal under the Geneva Convention. The illegality of the Iraq invasion is irrefutable.

    Until international law is restored, the legislature of this country, i.e. the M.P.s are in contravention of their sworn duties. Anyone who voted for illegal war is ineligible for standing as a candidate in a UK election, because they are sworn to abide by national and international law in their jobs.

    If however, the limitations placed on M.P.s by the state have changed and they are now empowered to sign their, and therefore our, names to break international law, I have an absolute duty to leave this country, even if I only go to France, because French M.P.s refused to break international law about Iraq. France may curtail some of my civil liberties about Islamic clothes and speech. But are the live of two million Muslims to be sold for such small priveleges I have here in the UK?

    Abstinence from voting because of a principle HAS to be accompanied by self-exile on principle. Nobody cab abandon their civic responsibilities altogether. You can’t say that you are doing something on principle and then break that principle as you choose, unless you as unprincipled as the politicians you disagree with. Alternatively, if one didn’t like exile, one could stand and fight. Pick off one or two M.P.s on their electioneering rounds. They’d soon get the message that if you make war on other, innocent people, you are inviting like for like.

  • anno

    If I said that in US-slave Saudi Arabia, I’d pretty soon get the chop or a heavy prison sentence, despite the fact that Shariah Law commands me to make Hijra / self-exile and permits me to strike back, not at innocent civilians, but at the people who illegally attacked us i.e. M.P.s in the UK parliament.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    Anno said,

    ‘There should be a covenant for politicians like the Hippocratic oath’ and I totally agree with you Anno – well said!

    We trust our doctors and judges because they have sworn to protect us. Too many politicians have their own agenda – I exposed the tacky link between Cons and their Israeli friends on WebCameron and it WAS TAKEN DOWN soon afterwards.

    A vote for the Conservative Party is a vote for the Zionists of Israel, war, and more death and destruction in Iran and Gaza.

    Note Netanyahu now has ‘a rain check’ on the nuclear Security Council meeting convened for April 13th – Why? – Because Turkey and others want answers as to why they have not declared a 300 nuke arsenal with plans to deploy nukes in subs and scramjet missiles while refusing to even vote on joining the NPT.

    I strongly believe a vote for the Conservative Party condemns our kids and their kids to perpetual wars, more disinformation and more deception in a futile quest for power and money.

  • Arsalan

    I’ll say it then,

    The US slaves are ruling Saudi Arabia, they are the sons of British slaves.

    Slaves who rebelled against the ottoman Khilafah, slaves who killed their Muslim brothers and slaves who helped found the state of Israel.

    They are the enemies of Allah and the enemies of the Prophet pbh of Allah. They are the enemies of their citizens. And they will be removed.

    They will not be removed with British style elections. Because as this thread has proven, those so called elections don’t work in the UK so have no dream of working in the Muslim world.

    Even though I don’t believe the house of Saud will be removed by elections, I believe the British and their American masters are planning to remove them and replace them with something worse. The house of saud have outlived their usefulness so the Zionist of America and their Israeli masters are debating whether to chop what is now Saudi arabia in to two or three pieces.

  • anno


    One can only do what one can. Trying just to avoid what is forbidden is a big enough challenge. The Saudi Royalty have been sold the concept of the Divine Right of Kings, as tired as the very old, worn-out BOAC aeroplane that took me to Madinah in Hajj. As you know the US and UK have forced a massive re-education programme on Saudi Arabia, involving their recruiting thousands of non-Muslim English Teachers and other subjects, in order to subvert the Muslims in the Middle East. Gordon Brown is particularly smug about this subterfuge.

    If the leaders of Saudi Arabia think that their acceptance of this cultural sabotage has gone unnoticed in the Muslim world, they are deceiving themselves. The Saudi rulers are more likely to be deposed by their own people than the US. The Muslim populations of the Middle East have been been sold a new , clapped out, Western, concept, political analysis. Like a secondhand photocopier, it has a certain amount of use left. They are hoping that the re=educated Muslims will be calling for full-scale democracy, when TV political analysis idea wears out.

    The Saudi Rulers instructed the Muslims to engage in cross-religion debate, as well as political evaluation. Can they pull the wool over the eyes of their population to enter into the unchartered territory of questioning the absolute truth of Islam in the Holy Land? No. Never. Not possible. But unfortunately the fact that they have even tried this stratagem, fed to them by their US UK iS masters, shows that their authority is completely finished.

  • angrysoba

    Have you ever thought of voting for the Green Party, Arsalan?

    As far as I know they aren’t “Zionist” and they could probably do with a bit of support.

    BTW Arsalan, a little bird tells me that King Faisal was actually Jewish. Do you think that’s true? How about the Shia Muslims or the Ishmailis? I’m sure some overarching malign force must have corrupted them. There is no other possible explanation for the mutual hostility between the Sunni and Shia than say, the Jews.

  • dreoilin

    “We trust our doctors and judges because they have sworn to protect us.”

    Not too sure about the doctors, Mark.

    Large numbers of them (40% or more in these islands?) are receiving some sort of perks from Big Pharma. And they will prescribe the latest “wonder” drug from Pfizer or AstraZeneca, or whoever, and bugger the side effects. I’ve spent the last 10+ years fighting them. Who wants constant pain and the possibility of muscle degeneration when you’re on a perfectly good tablet already? Crestor has even caused deaths, and there are groups saying it should be withdrawn. Vioxx (sold in Europe as Ceoxx) was withdrawn when it was discovered that it doubled the risk of heart attack and stroke.

    Doctors are not all as scrupulous as they used to be, I’m afraid, and are even accepting the results of studies which have been funded by the pharmaceutical companies themselves. It’s become a dodgy area. Billions for the companies, and big risks for the consumer.

    “Okay, this is the first time I have had a chance to look at the Comment is Free front page and I don’t see Craig Murray’s name up there at all.”–angry

    Yes, well, if you’ve read this thread, you’ll have seen that it’s been moved. Articles dated 9 April are taking top place now. However it’s still linked, on Comment is Free, bottom of central column at the link entitled, “More election coverage from Cif at the polls”, but then you have to go to Page 2. No doubt it’ll move to Page 3 shortly …

  • Arsalan

    Angry Soba may your mother rot in hell.

    I see what you wrote as an attempt to divide us, not an attempt to find answers.

    The strife that lies between Sunni and Shia are caused by you bastards.

    Before the invasion every family in Iraq was a mixed family.

    Now there is.

    “BTW Arsalan, a little bird tells me that King Faisal was actually Jewish.”

    Well your mother is entitled to her views, isn’t she?

    I believe you bastards will cause strife between everyone, that is what you bastards are best at.

    And I don’t say the strife is caused by Jews, I say it is caused by you. You and bastards like you.

    And not just between us, you and bastards like you cause it all over the world between everyone.

    It is called divide and rule.

  • arsalan

    “We trust our doctors and judges because they have sworn to protect us.”

    I don’t trust doctors at all.

    For obvious reasons.

    Or should that be I don’t trust a doctor?

    I made mine promise she wouldn’t cook Pakistani food before I agreed to marry her, but straight after I did she started crying at the table in front of my mum, when my mum asked her why she said “I can’t cook this”, to which my mum replied, “Cook what you want, if he doesn’t eat it let him starve”.

    Oh bloody hell, I need to collect her, her shift finishes at five.

  • angrysoba

    “Angry Soba may your mother rot in hell.”

    If there is a Heaven, which there isn’t, she’ll be there. She’s a very sweet Irish lady who will charm anyone.

    But let’s leave each other’s mothers out of it, eh? It might tarnish your image as a chivalrous morally resolute champion of justice.

  • tony_opmoc

    Roger’s website is indeed very good.

    His interests are almost identical to mine, and I have already read many of the websites he links.

    Then I thought – I know this bloke…

    So I trawled through his website trying to find a photo

    It was many years ago. He ain’t half put on a lot of weight. In fact he looks completely different, so I finally came to the conclusion that it is probably another UNIX professional I knew.

    It must be the UNIX that does it….

    Motivating people to find out the truth about stuff and being disruptive.


  • Suhayl Saadi

    Tony, you are a computer expert? UNIX. Is that what you mean. You mean, Roger W not the ‘Mexican Whistler’ or the man who is always leaving Durham?

  • tony_opmoc


    Yes I knew Roger Whittacker the whistler long before, and no I am not a computer expert, and never was really.

    I did however work with some complete fucking genius’s before I retired.

    I was never in the same league.

    Our Son is far better than I could ever hope to be, but he ain’t really into music.

    Our daughter meanwhile is probably going to be a Steward at Latitude Festival with her gang of mates if she and they act quick.

    They have each got to find £200 in advance…but they get it back.. and get free entry

    A ticket costs £150

    They do have to work Three 8 hour shifts though

    Latitude is a Really Nice Festival


  • writerman

    I don’t really approve of representative democracy. For me there’s way too much emphasis on the representatives, and too little emphasis on democracy. But I can see that one can argue that democracy in a highly complex, modern, industrial, urban, society, is virtually imposssible without centralisation and democracy being channeled through representatives. And I suppose this realization, this form of democracy, so controlled, is what I don’t like, and find a kind of paradox.

    Churchill’s idea that democracy is the worst system… apart from all the others, is whitty, but presupposes that democracy is what we actually have, opposed to the other systems, which are worse.

    I think there’s far too much of an obsession with voting and elections in our democracy, and not enough about the distribution of real power and influence the rest of the time. Bourgeois democracy is fine, up to a point, but I don’t think one should confuse it with real democracy, where real power resides within the people.

    Personally if I was going to believe in a utopia, I wouldn’t choose democracy, I’d prefer anarchy as my ideal.

  • anno

    Angry Pangry

    All of the teaching resources for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, for which I have CELTA certificate, introduce anti-Islamic concepts. Because students are concentrating very hard on the construction of the English, the student has to fully digest the underlining anti-Islamic concepts.

    I have been qualified since 2005, but it is impossible to practise Islam while using this subversive material.

    Like you, they never stop trying.

  • arsalan



    So have I!!!

    I haven’t found it of much use for anything though?

    Have you been able to use yours?

  • anno


    I have only got a few choices for working abroad. 1/ TEFL in a secular country where students cannot have their minds poisoned by the teaching material. Not tried it yet. 2/ Installing small air-conditioning units in hot countries. 3/ Installing photovoltaic panels in hot countries or taxi-driving anywhere by Tom-Tom. If I get lost trying to follow Chinese script road signs, hopefully the British Ambassador will be able to track me by satellite using the chip in my passport. I’m getting very prepared to exit in order to avoid living under Tory rule again. But where to go to avoid their next missile attacks? Iraq?

  • Polo

    Re Guardian Article:

    You have simply moved down to page 2 as newer articles have come on stream.

    Excellent piece. Well crafted.

  • angrysoba

    “All of the teaching resources for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, for which I have CELTA certificate, introduce anti-Islamic concepts. Because students are concentrating very hard on the construction of the English, the student has to fully digest the underlining anti-Islamic concepts.”

    What on Earth are you talking about? I’ve taken the CELTA myself and I never once saw anything remotely anti-Islamic in the teaching resources.

    Would you mind pointing to at least one example of “subversive materials”?

  • Andy Keen

    Yes, brilliant article, and I agree it should be given more prominence, BUT it is clear that there are quite a few articles each day and the average quality is high. From the comments it seems to me that the article was quite prominent, but for a very short period only, and this would be the case with any article submitted to cif.

    My suggestion is for those of us who support Craig’s views and who have the inclination to put finger to keyboard, to do so as constructively as possible. Research the situation in your own seat – who is the returning officer, how was he/she appointed, and how many people will be unnecessarily offered postal voting, eroding the principal of the secret ballot. Good quality, SHORT articles (not raging polemic) which refer to Craig’s article might get it read by those who only log on to cif every so often and missed it as it whizzed off the list under the intense competition of Jonathon Ross’s latest bout of career angst ….

    I do think that ignoring politics because there is a lot of corruption is a cop-out for the lazy. We are still extremely lucky in this country (as Craig points out, he did not write the headline of the article and would not agree with it). There are a lot of people out there with integrity, but clearly they are losing the battle, and will fare better if more of us ask more difficult questions. While stumbling around cif, I came across this which I will be using, and encouraging others to use:

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Dreoilin, I’ve already stated (how many times do I have to state this? My first post dealt specifically with the lack of need for many of the drugs that get pushed at us; most solutions to health problems lie outwith pharamcology – didn’t you read it?) that I don’t disagree with your attacks on Big Pharma.

    But in your initial post, you specifically attacked ‘doctors’, not Big Pharma. The danger of this is that it aligns with a powerful ideological right-wing agenda aimed, in the UK, at dismantling the NHS. Many people who consider themselves left-wing, etc. don’t seem to realise this.

    “96% of dentists use Colgate” is also a statistic, but no-one believes it. We should be wary of bandying about figures as weapons in a polemical debate which has far deeper agendas than simply an attack on Big Pharma.

  • dreoilin

    “But in your initial post, you specifically attacked ‘doctors’, not Big Pharma”.–Suhayl

    Correct. I’m attacking both. Including doctors who are in the job for money and prestige and not for our benefit. I know those too.

    “The danger of this is that it aligns with a powerful ideological right-wing agenda aimed, in the UK, at dismantling the NHS.”

    I don’t know why you think I should concern myself with the NHS.

    “Many people who consider themselves left-wing, etc. don’t seem to realise this.”

    Not my problem either.

    “96% of dentists use Colgate” is also a statistic, but no-one believes it.”

    If you’ve looked at the study mentioned by Tim Kendall and found it wanting, either in methodology or summation, say so. Otherwise talking about toothpaste is nothing but what you call a ‘polemical slogan’. I’m no part of anyone’s agenda and I won’t tailor what I say to suit someone else’s either – left or right.

  • Stephen Jones

    There are more articles in a day than can hit the home page. Perhaps Craig should cut down on the conspiracy theories.

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