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Having been sat the last three hours in a lounge at Stansted, with a Sky News screen in front of me, it has been fascinating to watch them six times cover the Grant Shapps resignation and never mention the word sex. It was all apparently just about “office bullying.” There has also been some pontification about why, over Shapps and Coulson, Cameron is such a bad judge of people.

Two things from Cameron’s background explain it very simply – neither mentioned by Sky News.

The first is that Cameron went to the type of school where for senior males to bully, blackmail or otherwise coerce junior males into sex was not particularly abnormal behaviour.

The second is that he comes from a background where you can smash up a restaurant at a Bullingdon Club function and have daddy’s cheque book buy off the trouble, or you can stick your todger in a pig’s mouth. Because you are privileged and the normal rules of social behaviour do not apply to you. Nobody will ever query the cocaine at your Chipping Norton house parties. If you are one of the group, there is an expectation of impunity and the group is confident it can defend its Coulsons, Feldmans and Shapps.

It is confident because, in the scores of incidents we don’t get to hear about, it succeeds in doing so.

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48 thoughts on “Sex and Death

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  • YouKnowMyName

    Fallon: Magic RAF high precision individually approved strike targets that haven’t scratched anyone in Iraq who isn’t a terrrist;

    British supermarkets are threatened & attacks highly likely;

    70k non-extremist unicorn foot-soldiers are confirmed available in Syria by academics & spooks.

    Need to bring the civil war to an end

    Needs to politically negotiate to get the correct gov in Syria,

    Turks defending their air-space, our planes have defensive systems (against the Turks?)

    Fallon did admit that IF the mad unicorn jihadis are planning & about to attack all British supermarkets, then they will STILL do that whether or not RAF is allowed to bomb Assad/ISIL, so it was mostly hot-air.

    Jeremy was rather sensible by comparison.

  • Anon

    The God deniers and the holohoax deniers both have either no inkling or fear of the Day of Judgement. The sphincters of Hague & Co have all had to presumably come through this school of hard cocks too, only then are they allowed to progress in this evil sub-culture. The judges who brazenly seal “inquiry” materials for 70 years presumably come up along this school of hard cocks too !

    Eleven Pollsters cannot have gotten it wrong, the last election was rigged but how, if only a whistleblower of the faked BBC exit poll came forward. Or the driver of that van which crashed with the 70k ballot papers.

    Cameron has to be felled before they cull all the disabled and pension drawing elderly of the nation.

  • nevermind

    fed up mused
    “This says it all! Ever noticed criminal conduct and the rich and their conduct are awfully close and similar?

    yes I think the powdered existence of that particular Oxford setting qualifies to be included in the special priority targeting of the Kremlin, desperate Dave ought to make sure the local dads army has enough tables to hide under.

    Mark G.’s descriptive header Sex-Drugs-Death is far more appropriate when one thinks of the b/wankers at HSBC who laundered 9 billion and got away with a fine. Osborne is their b…h and he dare not do anything about tax havens and multi trillion deposits there.

    I believe that the Tory’s have a tax slash fund offshore that will make them look good at every budget announcement, they are in lieu with pirates on the ‘SS City of London Corp.’

    This from the Moosh pit that is Rowans excellent blog, love it FCA, the ‘financial complacency administration’….

    ” Well, in the Alice in Wonderland World inhabited by the ‘Financial Complacency Administration’, they may very well think that this is what happened, and by such a finding, they identify themselves as being part of the bigger problem in the perpetuation of the criminal sink which is the City of London, and proving that they are frankly ‘captured’ by the very bank they are required to supervise and regulate.

    By adopting this view, they manage to underplay the seriousness of the conduct engaged in by this Organised Criminal bank, relegating its effects to being little more than a series of understandable oversights.

    This is not the case.

    Barclays conduct has been the most deliberate and egregious exhibition of criminal behaviour, undertaken to make vast profits which they would not otherwise have made, and done to both play up to the sensibilities of a bunch of Middle Eastern clients, and to confuse and mislead anyone who had any reason to question the transactions.”

  • Pan

    I admire your fortitude – three hours of non-stop Sky News – lesser men would have succumbed to Stockholm Syndrome.

  • nevermind

    Three high ranking military ranks, two journalist and one editor under arrest in Turkey for arms smuggling to Syria, specifically to the Turkmen.
    That does not mean that they have not supplied IS in return for the oil shipments.
    According to this article, in German, ” Generalmajor Ibrahim Aydin, Brigadegeneral Hamza Celepoglu und den ehemaligen Oberst Burhanettin Cihangiroglu,’ all have been arrested by the attorney general for, get this,

    ‘stopping more than one HGV with weapons being shipped into Syria’.

    So Erdogan is arresting those who wanted to stop arms being delivered to Syria, a true collaborator.
    Maybe NATO ought to contemplate the suspension of Turkey’s membership or throw them out altogether. This and other issues do make NATO look like a rag tag outfit of turncoats.
    Or is Erdogan doing this on behalf of NATO, we can’t be sure anymore.

  • Pan

    Mark G –

    Interesting link.

    Pretty heavy subject, but Silverstein manages to incorporate a little humour:

    “I’ll bet they even classify the type of toilet paper the Mossad chief uses for fear it will reveal some hidden vulnerability.”

    Incidentally, your link led (in a convoluted way) to my discovering this:

    A map is worth a thousand words!

  • Alcyone

    “I’ll bet they even classify the type of toilet paper the Mossad chief uses for fear it will reveal some hidden vulnerability.”

    Soooooooo funnnnnneeeee!

    Shall we call it WC Pan humour?

  • Pan

    So I posted a weak joke. Who gives a damn? (You don’t count, Alcy1).

    The map link was good, though, and that’s what the troll is trying to deflect attention away from!

    So here it is again (with a description, this time):

    “The Palestine Archipelago” – a unique map, starkly illustrating how Israel has divided Palestine into ‘cantons’ –

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Thatcher’s 25th anniversary of leaving office.

    And it had nothing to do with the school boys ways, either sex or the lack of it.

    She was even worse with her covert plotting and overt lying.

    And itv was that school boy Howe who brought her down.

    RIP, Geoffrey.

  • MerkinScot

    Yes, Pan, I saw a similar map at a presentation for Medical Aid for Palestinians.
    You are basically seeing the Ghettoisation of the area as part of what can only be described as a slow genocide. BDS is something that can be done by all of us.

  • Mary


    Note Aaronovitch is attacking the veracity of what Jane’s flatmates reported in this case where Lord Brittan was accused of rape.

    Ex-flatmates support ‘Jane’ over rape claim against Leon Brittan
    By Mark Conrad | 27 November 2015

    Friends of a woman allegedly raped by the late Lord Brittan in 1967 have denied media reports that they “contradicted” her account to police.

    Two women who decades ago shared their flat in north London with the complainant, known as “Jane” to protect her identity, came forward to Exaro out of anger about the mis-reporting of the case by other media.


    Also on that website

    Jimmy Savile: BBC restricts Smith review’s terms of reference
    By David Hencke | 18 November 2015

    Questions over BBC policies on child protection have been quietly removed from the terms of reference for the broadcaster’s inquiry into paedophile Jimmy Savile. Exaro can reveal how the BBC took away this key element from the remit of the review, which is being conducted by Dame Janet Smith.

    The BBC instead commissioned an “independent assessment” of its child-protection and whistleblowing policies.

    The Smith review was launched in 2012! Still not released.

  • eddie-g

    Perhaps also worth pointing out that the fall guys in these situations are always the nouveau Torys. Coulson back then, Shapps now, these are not people from Those Schools, and whenever things get sticky, they are cut loose.

    The Bullingdon clan, the truly elite Tory gang, they always seem to get a pass. I personally think it is because they have the Shapps’s of this world – the most pernicious suckers on the planet – doing all their dirty work, so when the mud sticks, it’s on them.

    People like David Cameron get to where they are not just because of all the clubs they belong to, but because they have figured out how to keep at arm’s length from the base nastiness that underpins their hierarchy. I don’t feel sorry in any way for Shapps, but as much as anything he’s paying for the company he chose to keep. If he’d have gone to Eton/Oxbridge, he’d have survived this, but he didn’t and that sealed his fate.

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