167 thoughts on “The 70,000 moderate rebels are mostly cavalry. On unicorns.

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  • Anon1

    Mary writes:

    “I have just seen footage of the press hounding Jeremy Corbyn earlier. He was shown leaving his house with microphones and cameras stuck in his face accompanied by idiot questions. He even had to wait for them to move to allow him to get into his car. He did not rise to their provocation.

    I feel very sorry for the man.”


    And of course that would never happen to another politician.

  • glenn_uk

    Anon1: “On the other hand our Russian friends have quite a serious bombing campaign underway and the civilian casualties appear to be be of no concern to our Eminences and Original Trolls here.

    You’re projecting, Anon1. Just because you have depraved indifference to the millions of casualties of Western Imperial adventures, it does not follow that your opponents are as callous.

  • Anon1

    Mary also drones on:

    “Yet there is little criticism of Cameron in/on the MSM. It is all about destroying Jeremy Corbyn.”

    Except that the BBC, C4, etc., have been pretty relentless in their coverage of the Mark Clarke scandal.

  • Johnstone

    Unfortunately Pan they seem to have just appeared.. what a pity I was enjoying reading this thread without its usual disruptaurs

  • John Goss

    Hello you decent people and others.

    It strikes me the world is totally fake and few in it can be trusted. Most frightening at the moment, even more frightening than Cameron, is Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is supplying weapons to ISIS, and imprisoning those security personnel and journalists who film and condemn this. He is a madman and a loose cannon. He is of course, like Cameron, a tool of the Yanks. Gilbert Mercier believes that Turkey should be kicked out of NATO. All it needs is for Germany and France to say that if Turkey stays we go. The Yanks will drop Turkey like a hot potato. After all, they are starting to get cold feet over Ukraine.


  • John Goss

    Thanks Mary. I’ve missed you good people too.

    When my computer was brought down it taught me that I spend too long online and gave me a new lease of life doing other things. I will keep calling by from time to time, but not as frequently as before. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Tony M

    A sorry state we’re in if we’re relying on the Tories to prevent another criminally insane folly. The problem with Cameron as we know is that he’s for the gallows not least for his regime-change war crimes in Libya, he already feels he has nothing more to lose, life in a bunker or in a cell aren’t much different. Might as well be hung for a pig than a piglet.

    Corbyn, a washout, should have them 3-line whipped, then expulsions.

    What did Syria ever do to deserve neighbours and ‘friends’ like it has.

  • Fredi

    Ten Reasons Why We Are Doomed to Lose the War Against ISIS

    Air strikes in Syria are the latest chapter in the unwinnable ‘War On Terror’. Whilst we still await the Chilcot report, two governments on from the Iraq Inquiry, here are 10 lessons will still haven’t learnt from Iraq, which will doom us to fail to bring peace in Syria.

    We forget our values after a tragedy
    If you perceive the War On Terror as a clash of values (Islamism’s barbaric, intolerant, fundamentalist tyranny vs. The West’s liberty, pluralism, democracy and rule of law) then the most appropriate response to a terrorist attack should be to bolster and defend the freedom of Western citizens. This would not only be a middle finger to fundamentalism, but would illustrate that our culture doesn’t bow to terror. However, it seems that after every terrorist atrocity perpetrated in a Western country, a state of fear and submission quickly takes hold.

    During the search for the perpetrator of the Boston Marathon bombings, the city was put on lockdown. Citizens were no longer free to leave their homes, assemble, go to school, or work; as martial law took hold. The suspect was then discovered hiding in a boat after the curfew was lifted. Three people were killed by the bombing, yet the resulting lockdown cost Boston an estimated $1 billion a day. A similar week-long lockdown recently took place in Brussels to hunt terror suspects.

    This kind of knee-jerk reaction is all too common after the loss of civilian life, yet we must maintain perspective. Less than 60 people have died from terrorism in the UK in the last ten years. The British are more likely to be killed by their cars, partners, bathtubs, furniture, pets, icy pavements, or tap water. We rightly don’t allow these risks to justify an erosion of our civil liberties, and neither should the threat of terrorists whose goal is to destroy free society.


  • Robert Crawford

    John Goss.

    Good to see here again John.

    I received a strange phone call from Birmingham on Friday at 5.30pm. No one spoke and no one answers when I call back??? I am ex-directory and my number is withheld.

    It made me think of you.

  • Anon1

    There will clearly be a massive sense of disappointment here if Parliament does NOT vote to bomb Syria.

    So many of you exist purely to berate the United Kingdom, you must be begging for those bombs to rain down on Raqqa so you can jerk yourselves off at every instance of a civilian casualty.

    The sense of excitement is palpable. You will be scouring the Internet for anything on schools, hospitals, orphanages.

    In the meantime you will say absolutely NOTHING against Russia’s bombing campaign, which has killed scores of civilians.

    Nor will you be in the slightest bit bothered by the extremism of Islamic State.

  • glenn_uk

    Robert: It’s some telmarketers, without doubt. Did you try entering the number into a search engine? More than likely, many others have experienced the same.

  • Mary

    Syria vote on Wednesday, says PM

    UK PM David Cameron says he will call a one-day Commons debate and vote on Wednesday over air strikes in Syria

    8 minutes ago

  • Tony M

    If the City State of London were locked down, the longer the better, the rest of the Britain would rejoice, industry would flourish, tails would wag, clouds lift, the sun shine.

  • glenn_uk

    “There will clearly be a massive sense of disappointment here if Parliament does NOT vote to bomb Syria.

    Anon1 is clearly a mind-reader! How does he manage it? He knows our own thoughts far more clearly than we know them ourselves. He _knows_. Notwithstanding our clearly stated aims, our expressed wishes, what we _think_ we want, anon1 knows better. Gosh, what a gifted, amazingly insightful guy!

  • Habbbabkuk (scourge of the Original Trolls)

    There’s something that puzzles me about the war in Syria but I’m sure that those posters with expert knowledge of the situation = judging by the frequency and vociferousness of their contributions will be able to provide an explanation.

    It has often been said on here that President Assad is much loved by his people. I am inclined to believe that – after all, as has been pointed out frequently, he was reelected President by some 90% of the Syrian electorate.

    It has also been stressed from time to time that the Syrian army is numerous and very well equipped. Moreover, it is almost exclusively officered (and largely constituted) by people from President Assad’s Allawi sect; this loyalty, taken together with the love the Syrian people bear for their President, should surely make for a formidable fighting force.

    Why is it, therefore, that the Syrian army is making such a poor fist of fighting this motley crew of ISIS rebels (rebels who – if reports are to be believe – , contain a high number of fighters who are not even Syrian)?

    Such a poor fist that it seems incapable of routing ISIS without the help of bombing by various Western powers and now Russia.

    Can anyone explain this mystery?

    Could it be that the love of the Syrian people – and even of the Syrian army – for their President does not stretch to wishing to fight enthusiastically, energetically and successfully for him?

  • Tony M

    Incapable of routing ISIS due to unstinting help given to ISIS by the ‘various Western Powers’, and Saudi, Turkish Quatari, Israeli despotisms. The real axis of evil.

  • Anon1

    They done a runner, Habbabkuk.

    Nobody stands up for these regimes. They just pour into Europe and the fascist UK.

  • Habbbabkuk (scourge of the Original Trolls)

    Tony M

    “If the City State of London were locked down, the longer the better, the rest of the Britain would rejoice, industry would flourish, tails would wag, clouds lift, the sun shine”


    Tony, that is a suggestion of great insight, even pure genius.

    You are better that Mr Cameron and Mr Corbyn out together.

    Despite your name being the same as that of a previous leader, I still say : Tony M for Prime Minister!

  • glenn_uk

    Habbabkuk: “Can anyone explain this mystery?”

    Could it be that we (Western Imperialists – MI6, CIA, MOSSAD, etc. etc.) have been pouring weapons, money and training at Assad’s enemies for years? What about the well trained military of Iraq and Libya for that matter, suddenly out of a job and pretty pissed off because of it? All that money our good friends the Saudis (you know, the _good_ head-loppers) have put into fundamental Wahhabi movements – reckon there’s a chance that might give the ISIS lot a bit of a push?

    Happy to help out!

  • Anon1

    “If the City State of London were locked down, the longer the better, the rest of the Britain would rejoice, industry would flourish, tails would wag, clouds lift, the sun shine”


    It’s almost Maoist.

  • KingOfWelshNoir

    John Goss, good to see you back matey. I’m afraid you’ve missed all the fun and in your absence we have solved all the world’s problems. All that remains now is to sweep up, put the chairs on the table, and then the blog will be closing. You are right, though, we all spend too much time online.

  • Robert Crawford

    Glenn UK.

    Thanks for the info Glenn others seems to be experiencing something similar.

    If they don’t speak they are not going to manage their con.

    How did they get hold of my number?

    If they used their skills on legal enterprise it would make their lives and ours better.

  • Habbbabkuk (scourge of the Original Trolls)

    “What did Syria ever do to deserve neighbours and ‘friends’ like it has.2


    Or, indeed, the Assad dynasty.

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