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Why are the Metropolitan Police not feeling Tory Lord Sebastian Coe’s collar and trawling his hard drives? I blogged recently about his involvement in awarding the World Athletics Championships without a vote to the hometown of his long term paymasters and sponsors, Nike. Plus the £12 million his promotions company made from VIP hospitality packages for the Olympics, the VIP tickets for which were allocated by the Organising Committee of which he was the £600,000 pa chairman.

Now we have this, from the person Coe works closest with in the IAAF and who he has now promoted to head the President’s office since Coe assumed that title:

« Dear Papa,

Following our discussion earlier I have already had some thoughts and believe that we need to do the following, in the strict confidence and control within a small circle of senior IAAF staff only. This must be very secret.

4. Finally, as soon as possible, and ‘unofficially’ PR campaign to ensure that we avoid international media scandals related to the Moscow Championships especially in the British press, where the worst of the articles is coming from. This will require specialist PR skills (working only with me directly) from London, but I believe that if we consider using CSM we can also benefit from Seb’s political influence in the UK. It is in his personal interest to ensure that the Moscow World Champs is a success and that people do not think that the media of his own country are trying to destroy it. We can work extremely hard in stopping any planed ‘attack’ on Russia from the British press in the coming weeks.

5. Finally, I need to be able to sit down with the Anti-doping department and understand exactly what Russian ‘skeleton’ we have still in the cupboard regarding doping. I think that the time to have unveiled the various athletes was a long time ago and that now we need to be smart. These athletes, of course, should NOT be part of any Russian team for these World Championships and Valentin should be pressurised to make sure this is the case. If the guilty ones are not competing then we might as well wait until the event is over to announce them. Or we announce one or two BUT AT THE SAME TIME as athletes from other countries. Also we can prepare a special dossier on IAAF testing which will show that one of the reasons why these Russian athletes come up positive is that they get tested a lot !!! In the same way, we can make the point that the WADA laboratory is the responsibility of WADA not IAAF and that if WADA decides there really is a problem, we have a plan B to do the tests in Lausanne instead (Gabriel confirmed this to me yesterday).

Papa, as soon as I have an idea of the price of this unofficial PR campaign I will let you know, but I will do everything in my power to protect the IAAF and the President.

All the best Nick »

So what does the Establishment now wish us to believe?

a) As long-term Vice President of the IAAF, Coe had no idea the organisation was massively corrupt and the President was taking huge bribes to cover-up doping scandals.
b) Coe had no idea his close associate and now head of his office Nick Davies was writing to the son of the President proposing that Coe’s company and Coe’s “political influence” be used to keep doping scandals out of the British media.
c) Coe’s meeting, while Vice President of the IAAF, with executives of his sponsor Nike, to discuss awarding the World Athletics Championships to Eugene, had no bearing at all on the decision of the President of IAAF to award the games to Eugene without a vote.

All that is even less convincing than Sepp Blatter’s declarations of innocence. Yet there is an utter difference in the British media’s treatment of Blatter and of “Lord” Coe.

I wonder why?

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  • fwl

    Node, thanks for the explanation and no need to apologise. It was educational. Made me think a bit about Mary.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    08/01/2016 9:01am

    “I reserve the right to interact with whoever I wish”

    Of course, you have that right. You are perfectly free to engage with, or to decline to engage with, anyone you like on here, as is everybody else.

    For the benefit of new(ish) contributors, as, for example, I think “Andy” might be (who has already been invited directly to engage with “Alcyone” [Villager]), or old contributors who may have missed these things or not paid much attention, it is proper to make them aware that they will be engaging with a nut whose previous online behaviour has been so bad that he or she has actually managed to get himself or herself excluded from this forum, which takes some doing.

    The events that we have been discussing are accessible by everyone and are direct evidence of what I say. The fact that he or she sneaked back on here in another guise is further evidence, which is why I suggest that people put that question directly and see what answer they receive. That argument we’re talking about was not with me. I can’t remember who it was with nor what it was about at all. But now and again “Alcyone” (Villager) remembers my existence, and then I receive several hundred words of unpleasantness before he or she gives up and moves on. Not that I care. But others have had similar experiences. Start to disagree with “Alcyone” (Villager) about his or her pet obsessions or for any other reason and you might be next, even if your first interactions have been friendly.

    That’s all, take it or leave it, just as you please.

    Kind regards,


  • fred

    “Fred and others make by being an argumentative opposition.”

    Fred got it right about fwl not being vilager.

    Fred has a good record for getting things right.

    You got it wrong yet brand me argumentative.

    Arguing with you is like playing chess with a pigeon, aa what happens the pigeon is going to shit on the board and strut around as if it won.

  • Alcyone

    ^ Lol Fred, nice one, Haven’t heard it before.

    But credit to Node, and I’m not laughing at him, for his unequivocal apology to Fwl, my newly-found twin, though more equivocal in my case. Still, I accept.

  • Alcyone

    JSD, a.k.a. KR (Kind Regards) John:

    “now and again “Alcyone” (Villager) remembers my existence, and then I receive several hundred words of unpleasantness before he or she gives up and moves on. Not that I care. ”

    You’ve been at it since 7 o’clock yesterday (Friday) morning, like a bulldog with the bit between its teeth. This, after you told us all on Thursday night that you had deadlines to meet?! I don’t know about deadlines my friend, but you most certainly seem to need a ‘lifeline’. The failed-accountant, turned psychoanalyst that you are, is in dire need of a psychoanalyst himself.

    Where are these “several hundred words of unpleasantness” of mine? Produce them. Your obsession with this blog is a stark indicator of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. First came your barrage of posts of thousands of words on Freemasonry revealing your love for, and escape into, its highly-ritualistic, dogmatic and delusional nature.

    Then your reams of stuff on harassment which anybody could have summarised into a few words. Was the intention to impress people here on how knowledgable you are, and to endear them to you? Even crossing every thread to advertise, and draw attention to what? Your self? Note, not one comment in return! The thousands of words you have written here in the New Year are more than what Craig blogs in a year.

    Further, a while ago, you were even posting from your hospital bed and telling us about your kidney stones! Very sad indeed, if you don’t have any real friends you could/can talk to.

    The analyst surely needs an analyst! Or perhaps KR John will take a long walk alone and think about these things, away from the blog.

    “Not that I care.” I don’t either. Its your pitiable affair and you ahve reasonable intellect, but Real Intelligence and your Emotional intelligence, I’m not so sure. After all, you are an analyser.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Fred got it right about fwl not being vilager.

    Fred got it wrong about it being “one hell of a lot of trouble” to change your IP address.

    1.26 On this thread as “Node”
    1.27 On ‘Locked In’ thread as “Done”
    1.28 Back on this thread as “Node”

  • Alcyone

    So, friends, at the end of it what have got?

    -Two Liars: John Goss (racism) & Macky (police action)

    -Two Losers (maybe three depending upon whether K.R. John turns out to be a schizophrenic or not): one-bad Loser, John Spencer-Davis (a.k.a. Kind Regards John, reminiscent of Two Jags John), & one good loser, Node.

    -One Intelligent Observer; The rational Fred

    -Two Truth-sayers: Fwl and me.


    CURTAINS {{{{{{{}}}}}}

  • Alcyone

    But Node how can we know about the IP address, which is what the mods use for spotting sock-puppetry. What you did could be achieved by a simple change of the email submitted?

    Kind regards.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Villager/Alcyone : But Node how can we know about the IP address, which is what the mods use for spotting sock-puppetry. What you did could be achieved by a simple change of the email submitted?

    I usually ignore you but I reckon I owe you one, so I’ll rely on this occasion.

    The MODS’ reply to Fwl at 4.20 proves they have been reading and following this discussion. My post at 1.26 announced my intention to post under 2 different IP addresses and invited the MODS to confirm. They didn’t. Perhaps they are reluctant to publicly confirm that such a quick and easy method exists. However, if the IP addresses had been the same, they could have ticked me off for sock-puppeting and exposed me as a big-mouthed fraud. I wouldn’t have risked that if I hadn’t been confident.

  • Alcyone

    Node, thanks for your reply. I’s what I suspected but wanted your clear confirmation thereof.

    Btw, I don’t classify you at all for being a deliberate liar, unlike the the ones pointed in my earlier summary! (Btw, while KR John may not be a Liar, hence only classified as a Loser above, his paranoia I suspect can lead him to exaggerate materially.)

    I just think you are a loser, and a graceful one at that. (tongue-firmly-in-cheek, so just kidding.) 😉

    See you around and hopefully talk too. I shall try not to bite.

  • Macky

    @Alcyone/Village, I know what I saw, you posting ranting comments about involving the Police over your banning; I don’t need to and would never debase myself by lying, especially over something like this; whereas routinely lying appears to be second nature to you.

  • Alcyone

    10 Jan, 2016 – 11:06 am
    Macky whatever the rights of the argument you are trying to conduct with your protagonist, I do not see why you think anyone else would want to read it.”
    Perhaps this comment from Craig is better placed here?

    Whatever, Macky, in the interest of this wonderful blog, where we all congregate, let’s leave this subject or non-subject here.

    I wish you the best.

    And Mods, please feel free to delete this or any of my comments whatsoever, as you wish. Btw, is it just me but I’ve been finding the response from the site somewhat erratic. Best to you too and thanks for all your ongoing work.

  • YouKnowMyName

    TheGuardian Friday 15th January “Sebastian Coe admits IAAF is a ‘failed organisation’”

    no cover-up!. . .

    “The IAAF council could not have been unaware of the extent of doping in athletics and the non-enforcement of applicable anti-doping rules. There was an evident lack of political appetite within the IAAF to confront Russia with the full extent of its known and suspected doping activities.”

    The report, presented by the chairman of the independent commission of Wada, Dick Pound, said it was too easy only to blame the failures on Coe’s predecessor Lamine Diack, who along with his son Papa Massata Diack and other officials is under investigation by French police for allegedly taking money to cover up doping by athletes.

    It added: “Failure to have addressed such governance issues is an IAAF failure that cannot be blamed on a small group on miscreants. The opportunity existed for the IAAF to have addressed governance issues. No advantage was taken of that opportunity.”

  • Merlin Jiji

    Maybe Mary left because of health reasons. I doubt anyone of her moral character could be bullied by vacuous trolls. I skip their inane vendettas and read the sane ones. I do miss Mary. I hope she is well and happy.

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